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Chapter 198: Fighting the City Lord

Lin Dong’s feet stepped on the blade shadow, while he carried the Ancient Halberd in his hands. He stared at that middle-aged man with a similar fervent glint in his eyes. Right now, since his previous battle with Wang Yan, his strength had grown again. Hence, he was curious to find out based on his strength alone, whether he could match up against a Creation stage practitioner!

“Haha, such a formidable aura. Truly an outstanding young man.”

As he stared at Lin Dong magnificent aura, that city lord Shi gently smiled as a hint of admiration fleeted across his eyes. Promptly, gripping his palm, an approximately three meter long jade-like longsword appeared in his hands.

This longsword was fairly long, as it was about three meters long. In fact, it seemed just like a small spear. The blade was jade-like in color and there were a jade-like glow faintly shimmering on it. Based on the formidable aura given off by that sword, it seemed like it was a Soul Treasure.

“Broken Jade Sword. Haha, it seems like city lord Shi does not dare to underestimate Lin Dong…”

Amidst the murmuring of the crowds, near the city walls, there were several figures looking at the sky. They were Xia Wanjin, grandmaster Yan and the rest.

“Ah, it’s been years since I saw the city lord Shi use his Broken Jade Sword…” Xia Wanjin softly sighed as he said.

“Why did Father suddenly make this move? Didn’t he instruct us to maintain cordial relationships with the Lin Family?” Standing beside them, Zi Yue gently furrowed her eyebrows as she said.

“Haha, city lord Shi is not a hot-headed man. If Lin Dong could match up against him, regardless of the outcome, the Lin Family will surely establish themselves in Yan City. In fact, other major factions in neighbouring cities will be afraid of plotting against them.” Grandmaster Yan gently smiled.

Even though Lin Dong killed Yue Shan and destroyed Blood Wolf Gang, that Yue Shan is merely at perfect Yuan Dan stage. However, city lord Shi is a real Creation stage practitioner. There is an extremely huge gulf between the two of them. In the eyes of many people, Creation stage is an extremely powerful stage. Hence, if Lin Dong could fight against him in front of this crowd, regardless of the outcome, it would still be beneficial for his Lin Family.

Of course, if they knew that Lin Dong had already fought against Wang Yan, who was at the pinnacle of Form Creation stage, and even managed to snatch his Qiankun bag, then today’s matter would be totally redundant…

City lord Shi gripped onto his jade sword, as an exceedingly formidable aura began to spread from his body. His aura was several times stronger than Yue Shan!

Such an powerful aura naturally caused an uproar inside the city. Creation stage, even in this entire Yan City, there was only one such practitioner!

As his Yuan Power undulated, city lord Shi stared at Lin Dong. In the next instance, just like a sudden gust of wind, the crowd felt a vibration between Heaven and Earth. Then, they saw an exceedingly powerful blade shadow flash across the horizons and ripped through the air, before it was viciously directed towards Lin Dong, who was standing on his own blade shadow!


Lin Dong was calm. As he jutted his arm, a glowing golden Yuan Power spread out on his Halberd, before it turned into a golden flash and lightning-quick countered against that powerful blade shadow. As golden Yuan Power gushed forth, it directly managed to counter against that blade shadow.

“City lord Shi, if you want to settle this match using such an attack, I am afraid that it will be an uphill battle.” After he directly countered that blade shadow with one Halberd technique, Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders. Then, tilting his Ancient Halberd, he laughed as he said.

“Yue Shan was defeated by you. Therefore, that is only logical.” City lord Shi gently smiled. From the fact that Lin Dong managed to casually counter his attack, evidently the latter’s strength far exceeds that of an ordinary perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. Hence, it was only natural for Yue Shan to die by his hands.

Just as he finished speaking, a formidable look slowly appeared in his eyes. Meanwhile, at this moment, his aura became increasingly terrifying.


As his terrifying aura gushed forth, city lord Shi’s feet suddenly jutted out, before he turned into a rainbow flash and dashed forth. On his left hand, an exceedingly bright glow exploded forth. Below it, was an exceptionally powerful Yuan Power synthesizing together.

“Great Jade Palm!”

A deep shout echoed out from above. Immediately, the crowd saw a roughly one meter wide jade-like palm print exploding forth from the city lord Shi’s hand. Thanks to that aggressive attack, explosive sounds began to emerge from the surrounding air.

As they saw this powerful attack, many people’s faces began to change. City lord Shi did not show any mercy for this attack as this blow was enough to directly destroy a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. It seems like a Creation stage practitioner is truly extraordinary.

However, this menacing blow that led many people’s faces to change, did not prompt Lin Dong to retreat. Instead, a feverish glow exploded forth in his eyes, as a golden glow simmered on his palm. Then, under the bewilderment of the crowd, it directly turned into a several meters long Yuan Power Golden Platform!


That Golden Platform materialized, before it dashed forth and heavily slammed against that Jade Palm. Instantly, an extremely forceful Yuan Power shockwave exploded forth.


When that Golden Platform and the Jade Palm collided, Yuan Power violently gushed forth. However, Lin Dong’s footsteps suddenly moved forward. As he stepped on his blade shadow, he waved the Ancient Halberd in his hand before he directly ripped past that Yuan Power shockwave. With a shimmering golden glow, he then violently stabbed at that city lord Shi.

Ding! Ding!

When blade and halberd collided, an extremely bright spark exploded forth, as Yuan Power shockwaves continuously emerged. Even bystanders at a far distance away still felt their scalps turning numb.

The two of them crossed blows extremely rapidly. In a short period of time, they had crossed blow over a dozen times. Amidst this intensive bout, the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body was being fully utilized as a bright golden Yuan Power enwrapped his body. Faintly, one could even hear a deep thunder sound echoing forth. That was Great Sun Thunder Yuan!

It must be said that the Great Sun Thunder Yuan that was refined by Great Sun Thunder Body is indeed several times more powerful than ordinary Yuan Power. In the past, if Lin Dong wanted to fight against a Creation stage practitioner, after a few bouts, he would begin to falter. However, right now, his attacks only grew in intensity as he fought on. With a feverish glint in his eyes, he waved his Ancient Halberd manically. His expression caused a look of awe to surface in city lord Shi’s eyes. Evidently, he had never expected that Lin Dong, who was only at perfect Yuan Dan stage, could match up against him.

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd techniques, Fish Scales Halberd!”

Two shadows were battling in mid-air. Lin Dong suddenly switched his Halberd techniques, as his Yuan Power vibrations began to intensify. A bright golden glow directly materialized into a hideous-looking giant fish at the tip of his Halberd, before it dashed viciously towards Shi City Governor with a menacing aura.

When they saw Lin Dong’s attack, a chorus erupted in Yan City. This was precisely the move that he used to defeat three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners!

“Perfect Yuan Dan stage, yet you are able to materialize Yuan Power objects. Truly remarkable!” As he stared at that hideous-looking giant fish filled with a menacing aura, a solemn expression fleeted across city lord Shi’s eyes. Promptly, he took two steps back, before he utilized the glow on his jade longsword, and pushed his Yuan Power to the maximum. Then, gathering all his Yuan Power at the tip of his blade, he decisively hacked back!


When that jade longsword heavily slammed against that Yuan Power giant fish, the jade-like glow on the blade swirled by and directly split that giant fish apart. It seems like the full counterattack by a Creation stage expert is truly extraordinary.

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd techniques, Python Scales Halberd!”

After his attack was countered in one move, Lin Dong was not surprised at all. As he waved his Halberd, his Yuan Power began to gush forth manically. Then, as his Yuan Power grew increasingly vicious and formidable, it directly turned into a several meters long golden giant python at the tip of his Halberd!

As they stared at the life-like giant python that was being materialized by Yuan Power in mid-air and experienced that menacing Yuan Power vibrations emitted by it, everyone was once again shocked. None of them expected that this Yuan Power giant fish was in fact not Lin Dong’s strongest move!

This time, the expression in city lord Shi’s eyes turned increasingly solemn. He could sense just how vicious and maniacal that giant golden python was. Hence, he did not dare to underestimate it. As he switched his blade techniques, the jade-like glow on his blade began to gather together, until they eventually turned into a layer of jade-like object. Faintly, one could feel an exceedingly formidable sword aura spreading out.

“Broken Jade Blade techniques!”

As they stared at that maniacal Yuan Power shockwaves in mid-air, nearby, Xia Wanjin and the rest’s facial expressions were replaced by a thick awe. After all, all of them knew that this Broken Jade Sword techniques was the most powerful martial arts that city lord Shi had. Hence, they were shocked to see that Lin Dong had actually forced him to use it!”

“Broken Jade Blade techniques, Great Jade Sword!”

A deep roar echoed out from city lord Shi. Suddenly, the speed at which he swung his jade blade began to slow down, before he gently hacked down and collided against the giant python.


The instance that they collided, an astounding Yuan Power shockwave exploded in mid-air. In fact, some unlucky fellows near the ground was directly blown away by that shockwave. They seemed extremely hideous.

As he faced that exceeding forceful shockwave, Lin Dong was also blown back. After he heavily slammed his Ancient Halberd on the ground, he was finally able to stabilize his body, before he utilized secret art to control the raging blood inside his body.

“Indeed a Creation stage practitioner!”

As he looked at that Yuan Power giant python that was gradually dissipating, a feverish glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. This was the most satisfying battle that he had thus far. With regards to his fight with Wang Yan, since the distance between the two of them were too huge, Lin Dong had been constantly under pressure and he could barely fight back with help from Symbol Puppet. However, right now, utilizing Great Sun Thunder Body and his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, he was able to match up against city lord Shi, who was at Creation stage!

“Haha, you are truly an impressive young man. Such a young age, yet you are so skilled already…”

As a feverish glow surfaced in Lin Dong’s eyes, city lord Shi began to laugh. His eyes were tightly peeled on the former, as the fighting intent in his eyes intensified. Meanwhile, the jade sword in his hand was being slowly lifted up.

“Lin Dong little brother, if you can receive this attack. Then, you shall be the victor!”

Hovering in mid-air, Lin Dong gently clutched onto his Ancient Halberd. Licking his lips, he stared right at city lord Shi as he saw a fighting intent in his eyes that did not lose out to his. Then, a heart stirring roar sounded out in mid-air!

“Please enlighten me!”

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