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Chapter 196: Great Sun Thunder Body

“Great Sun Thunder Body!”

These Ancient characters were faintly appearing on top of that glowing ball. An exceedingly forceful aura gushed forth, causing Lin Dong to stop breathing momentarily.

“This is…” Lin Dong stared right at Little Marten, with a feverish expression in his eyes.

“This should be considered as a 1st-tier secret art. Furthermore, it possess the rare ability to enhance one’s body as well. The owner of this secret art was once famed throughout the world and he used this secret art to kill several elite practitioners. He was truly a legendary figure!” Little Marten smiled as he said.

“1st-tier secret art!”

When he heard these words, the fever in Lin Dong’s eyes intensified. Even though a 2nd-tier and 1st-tier secret art was only one stage apart, the difference between the two was akin to the difference between Heaven and Earth. For a 2nd-tier secret art, Lin Dong was able to acquire it for several thousands Yang Yuan pills. However, for a 1st-tier secret art, even if he used several thousands pure Yuan pills, he would fail to acquire one.

Even for a massive faction like the Lin Clan, only the core members would be given the opportunity to acquire these type of secret art. Furthermore, once they acquired one, they would never surrender it easily. After all, once one acquires a top-tier secret art, then in the journey of cultivation, one would be able to take several “shortcuts”. Hence, this was extremely important for any practitioner.

“This Great Sun Thunder Body is split into three chapters. The first chapter is not only able to unlock forty-three inner channels, but it is also able to create a Yuan Power swirl below your skin. When you activate it, you will be able to absorb Yuan Power from Heaven and Earth into your body as a rate several times faster than before.”

“The Yuan Power crystallized by Great Sun Thunder Body is also called Great Sun Thunder Yuan. It is able to enhance your body and strengthen your bones and muscles. If you are able to successfully master the first chapter, you can then unlock the first hidden skill of known as Bronze Thunder Body!

“Bronze Thunder Body?” Lin Dong was slightly taken aback.

“This so-called Bronze Thunder Body is able to enhance your body substantially. If you are able to succeed, at that time, even a low-grade Soul Treasure is unable to penetrate your defences. In fact, you would be impenetrable to any blade and no fire or water can hurt you.” Little Marten casually smiled as he said.

“Impenetrable to any blade, no fire or water can hurt you!” Lin Dong involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air. This was the first time he had seen such an exceedingly powerful secret art. This so-called Great Sun Thunder Body was indeed extraordinary.

“There is no need to be this shocked. The Great Sun Thunder Body is split into three chapters. The first is Bronze Thunder Body, the next is Jade Thunder Body and the final is Great Sun Thunder Body. In the past, when the owner of that secret art mastered Great Sun Thunder Body, with a punch, he is able to crush a high-grade soul treasure. In fact, even a Nirvana stage practitioner does not dare to receive his attack!”

When he heard Little Marten’s words, Lin Dong was sweating involuntarily. He had personally experienced the might of a high-grade soul treasure and it was even able to directly penetrate the Soul Puppet’s solid body. However, this type of treasure was unable to survive a punch from Great Thunder Body. Hence, this kind of power was truly astonishing.

Lin Dong deeply exhaled as if he wanted to exhale all the shock in his heart. Then, he stretched out his palm as he tried to investigate the glowing golden ball in front of him.

“Buzz buzz!”

Just as Lin Dong’s palm reached in, that glowing light began to vibrate before it turned into a golden liquid and wrapped itself around Lin Dong’s palm. Then, it flowed inside his body through his pores.

When that golden liquid flowed into his body, a golden light exploded inside Lin Dong’s mind as the secret skill manual surfaced.

Lin Dong stood his ground with his eyes closed, as a soft golden light surfaced in his mind. Moment later, he slowly opened his eyes. Right now, a light golden glint was flashing across his eyes.

“This is indeed a 1st-tier secret art. If you want to master “Bronze Thunder Body”, you actually require Tempered Thunder Pieces, this…” A golden spark flowed in Lin Dong’s eye as he furrowed his eyebrows. A thunderbolt was exceedingly powerful and most ordinary people would seek to avoid it. Hence, who dared to harvest Tempered Thunder Pieces? Though this secret art seemed extremely powerful, it was extremely dangerous to cultivate in it.

“In this world, how can you expect a reward without risks? In fact, there are even risks involved when cultivating your lousy secret art. Furthermore, this is the Great Sun Thunder Body? Don’t be too greedy.” Little Marten pursed his lips as he spoke.

Lin Dong waved his hands. He naturally understood his principle as well. After he grumbled to himself, his eyes turned towards the location of the glowing shadows. At that area, a new glowing shadow had been born. Inside it body, there was a faint golden glow. That was the cultivation trajectory for Great Sun Thunder Body.

Inside that glowing shadow, that golden line began to move as it traced out all of the hidden and deep inner channels inside the human body…

Thanks to that golden line, all the new inner channels were reflected inside Lin Dong’s eyes. One line, two lines… Forty three lines…

When that forty third line was sketched out, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly opened up. He tightly stared at that golden line, which had now slowed down. He was eager to find out, whether this Mysterious Stone Talisman could refine and improve such an exceedingly powerful 1st-tier secret art..

Under Lin Dong’s tight glance, that golden line, which had slowed down, once again slowly pushed forth. Then, it finally slipped into a foreign trajectory that had not appeared on the Great Sun Thunder Body.

The forty fourth line!

When he saw that sight, a look of awe surfaced on Lin Dong’s eyes. Evidently, he did not expect that Mysterious Stone Talisman was able to refine such a powerful secret art.

From some angle, a 1st-tier secret art could be considered as nearly perfect. Hence, when the Stone Talisman traced out the forty fourth inner channel, it completely stopped. However, Lin Dong was fairly pleased with this progress. After all, he understood that this additional inner channel was able to boost his cultivation progress by two fold!

As he secretly praised the Stone Talisman’s ability inside his heart, Lin Dong promptly remembered the trajectory of every inner channel, before he left that Spiritual Domain.

Inside his room, Lin Dong has barely exited from the Spiritual Domain before he straightaway began his cultivation. With a flick of his mind, the dark golden Yuan Dan inside his Dan Tian began to swirl suddenly. Meanwhile,streams of Yuan power began to howl forth.


A thick Yuan Power began to surge inside his inner channels. With a flick of his mind, streams of Yuan Power barged into a foreign inner channel just like an enraged python, before they broke through all of the obstacles.

Right now, based on Lin Dong’s current strength, it was not difficult for him to breakthrough the obstacles obstructing his inner channels. In mere minutes, he had managed to forcefully unlock the first inner channel of Great Sun Thunder Body. Then, his Yuan power once again dashed forth as they tirelessly rushed towards his second inner channel.

“Swoosh Swoosh!”

Nearly all of the Yuan Power inside Lin Dong’s body was now being utilized. Faintly, there was a crisp water flowing sound echoing out, as his inner channels were swiftly unlocked thanks to his powerful Yuan Power wave.

However, this smooth progress did not last for a long time. Even though a 1st-tier secret arts is exceedingly powerful, it was several times more difficult to master. Though Lin Dong was able to swiftly unlock every inner channel of “Tri Sun Arts” in a short period of time, he was evidently unable to do the same for “Great Sun Thunder Body”. Hence, after Lin Dong managed to unlock the ninth inner channel, the Yuan Power in his body began to dry up.

When he detected his situation, Lin Dong did not hesitate. Rather, he directly took out several dozens of pure Yuan Pills from his Qiankun bag, before he absorbed it into his body in order to replenish his depleted Yuan Power.

With this nourishment, Lin Dong once again collected himself and began diligently unlocking all of his blocked inner channels, just like he was opening up a stairway to heaven.

When Lin Dong diligently unlocked all of these foreign inner channels, some changes began to occur to his Yuan Power. As he unlocked more inner channels, his originally dark golden Yuan Power began to glow brightly as an exceedingly formidable aura began to stealthily appear.

Great Sun Thunder Yuan!

Evidently, this enhanced Yuan Power was the Great Sun Thunder Yuan that Little Marten mentioned!

This was the power of a 1st-tier secret art as it could even strengthen one’s Yuan Power. This magical effect was something that an ordinary secret art could not accomplish. Furthermore, Lin Dong also realized that once he managed to thoroughly convert all the Yuan Power in his body into Great Sun Thunder Yuan, his battle ability would surge to a whole new level!

In fact, if he successfully mastered “Bronze Thunder Body”, he could probably match up against a Creation stage practitioner!

“Boom Boom!”

That glowing golden Yuan Power was like a tidal wave flowing through Lin Dong’s body. Faintly, just like a thunder roar, whenever these Yuan Power passed through his bones, muscles and flesh, Lin Dong could sense a trace of a electrical-like power stealthily seeping through. Thanks to this peculiar energy, Lin Dong’s body was now gradually being strengthened.

The advantages of a 1st-tier secret art was now beginning to show itself!

As he sensed the immense changes inside his body, a delight surged in Lin Dong’s heart. Evidently, he had never expected such profound changes right after he started cultivating a 1st-tier secret art. Then, without hesitation, his finger jutted forth as hundreds of pure Yuan Pills flew from his Qiankun bag, before they were turned into a stream of pure Yuan Power and was absorbed by his body. Then, they transformed into a tidal wave as they surged towards the remaining blocked inner channels!

“Bang bang bang!”

As they encountered Lin Dong’s aggressive attack, all of the hidden inner channels, were just like popcorns, as they were all swiftly unlocked with a pop sound!

As his inner channels were being unlocked, the Yuan Power inside Lin Dong’s body began to swiftly metamorphosize!

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