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Chapter 195: Activating the Stone Talisman

“Such a powerful Yuan Power undulation!”

Lin Dong wore a serious expression as he gazed at the black Yuan Dan which was emitting Yuan Power undulations. This black Yuan Dan was different from the Yuan Dans he had seen before, because within this black Yuan Dan, he was not able to sense even the slightest bit of Yin Yang power. In place of it was an extremely pure Yin power.

This kind of Yin power was extremely formidable and tyrannical. One could only imagine how domineering it would be in a battle.

“People with these types of pure Yin or pure Yang bodies are exceedingly well equipped for cultivation. In fact, they should be considered as the real pride of the Heavens. Right now, her body has not fully matured. After she has fully matured, her accomplishments will be substantial.” A look of awe flashed across Little Marten’s eyes. Even though this was not the first time he had encountered such a body type, jealousy involuntarily surfaced in his heart. People with these type of pure body structures are able to accomplish twice the amount in the same time compared to normal practitioners.

“Qingtan should have succeeded?” Lin Dong asked.

“Yes, that girl is extremely tenacious. Just now, when the Terminus Devil Qi cleansed her body, she managed to forcefully endure that excruciating pain. Thankfully, you used a large amount of Yuan Power to forcefully control that Terminus Devil Qi explosion. Else, regardless of how tenacious she is, she would not be able to endure that blow.” Little Marten nodded his head as he said.

When he heard these words, Lin Dong gently heaved a sigh of relief. With regards to Qingtan, the assistance he could provide her was rather limited. Now that he saw that the latter was safe, his heart was calm.

While Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief, below him, a thumb-sized black Yin Dan was still slowly swirling. As more and more Yin energy was absorbed by it, the Yuan Power vibration undulated by that Yin Dan became increasingly formidable.

As that black Yin Dan swirled, its body was slowly enlarging. Moments later, when it was approximately the size of a small walnut, it finally stopped.

On the surface of the Yin Dan now, it’s color had become increasingly dark and it seemed like any light reflected on it has been swallowed. From a distance, it seemed just like a black hole. Even though it was small, it gave off a heart-palpitating aura.

When that Yin Dan stopped growing, Qingtan opened her tiny mouth, before the former turned into a black flash and entered inside her body…


When that Yin Dan entered Qingtan’s body, an exceedingly powerful Yuan Power shockwave exploded forth. That exceedingly powerful shockwave directly shattered all the black ice in the yard, before they turned into mist and floated off.

“Have you succeeded…”

As she first experienced this immense power flowing through her body, a look of delight gushed forth in Qingtan’s eyes.

“In the future, the Terminus Devil Qi inside your body will not explode again…” Lin Dong’s body gradually approached Qingtan. As he stared at the latter’s smile, he gently smiled as well. Right now, Qingtan’s strength would not lose out to a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. Hence, even if he left Yan City, their Lin Family would still be quite powerful. In fact, in the future, Qingtan would likely replace him to become the strongest member of Lin Family.

“Lin Dong brother, right now I am quite strong too. Can I come with you?” Qingtan suddenly lifted her jade like hands, as a trace of black Yuan Power stealthily flowed between her long and beautiful fingertips. Then she stared somewhat eagerly at Lin Dong as she asked.

Lin Dong was slightly stunned, before he shook his head without hesitation. His journey this time was not for leisure. Furthermore, the outside world was several hundred times more dangerous than Yan City. In certain places, he was not even confident that he could protect himself. Hence, how could he risk bringing Qingtan along?

When she saw Lin Dong’s expression, Qingtan knew that there was no room for discussion. Immediately, she grunted in disappointment.

When he saw this situation, Lin Dong involuntarily smiled. Then, he lovingly stroked Qingtan’s tiny head as he said: “Don’t worry. When the Family Clan competition begins, I will be back…”

“At that time, it will be time for that fellow to repay this debts…”

Lin Dong lifted his head as he stared at that full moon. In his mind, the image of Lin Langtian staring at him just like an ant resurfaced…

Lin Langtian, in two years time, we shall meet again!


After resolving Qingtan’s problems, Lin Dong was evidently able to relax. In the following two day’s time, he felt more light-hearted. Elsewhere, he gave a portion of his pure Yuan Pills to Lin Zhentian and the rest. For the Lin Family, this amount of money was still considered rather substantial. With these resources in hand, their Lin Family’s progress would definitely be more smooth sailing.

Inside the serene room, Lin Dong was seated on his bed. A stream of Mental Energy shot out from his eyes, before a Mental Energy map surfaced in front of him.

This Mental Energy map was largely the map of Great Yan Dynasty. On the bottom left corner of the map, was a flashing red dot. That was the location of an “Ancient Symbol” and that was where Lin Dong was headed to.

On that Mental Energy map, it showed the locations of two “Ancient Symbols”. However, Lin Dong only knew the area around one of them. For the other, its surroundings seemed exceedingly foreign and it was evidently not situated in Great Yan Dynasty. Hence, Lin Dong could only target the other one.

On Lin Dong’s shoulder, Little Marten suddenly appeared as he stared at that Mental Energy map.

“During this period of time, I have been studying the map. The location of that “Ancient Symbol” should be in the Great Wilderness province situated at the west side of Great Yan Dynasty.” Lin Dong stared at that red dot as he muttered.

Great Wilderness Province was a large county situated at the western edge of Great Yan Dynasty. It’s land area was several times larger than Tiandu Province. However, since it was situated near the border, it was an extremely chaotic place dominated by several major factions. In fact, even the reputation of the Four Great Clans in Great Yan Dynasty will be heavily discounted in such a place.

That place was several times more dangerous than Yan City. A perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner may be able to cause waves in Yan City. However, at that place, he would definitely fail to do so.

Nonetheless, where danger exist, opportunity lurks around too. It is reputed that in that large area, there were countless treasure hidden within. Furthermore, there were several wise men residing in its deep mountains and all sorts of secret Martial Arts and Spiritual Arts could be found there as well. Hence, if one is able and fortunate, he could possibly transform from a carp into a dragon and become a famed practitioner in Great Yan Dynasty. Of course, if one is negligent, he could just as easily lose his life.

“The Mental Energy map only provides the general location and it does not pinpoint the exact location of the Ancient Symbol. It seems like we can only investigate when we arrive there.” Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows. He was slightly troubled about venturing into the most chaotic and dangerous place in Great Yan Dynasty. Nonetheless, he had no other alternative. Out of the two known locations of these “Ancient Symbols”, this was the only one he could go for.


Little Marten nodded his head, before he said: “So, when are you ready to leave?”

“We have lingered in Yan City for quite a while. There is no need to stay on any further, let’s depart tomorrow.” Lin Dong was silent for a moment, before he spoke without hesitation.

“That place is definitely different from this small Yan City. If you wish to successfully obtain the “Ancient Symbol”, you would need to upgrade your strength…”

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. He naturally understood this principle. Even though he was now a big shot in Yan City, when he arrived at Great Wilderness Province, he would have to keep a low profile. With regards to upgrading his strength, he was already trying his utmost best.

“Based on your current strength, you should be able to activate some parts of the Stone Talisman…”

“Activate the stone talisman?” Lin Dong was slightly stunned before a fervent feverish glint exploded forth in his eyes as he stared right at Little Marten. He knew that this Mysterious Stone Talisman had an extraordinary background and it may have possessed more hidden abilities. However, regardless of how hard he tried, he could not uncover any other additional abilities.

“On account of the fact that you helped me to obtain several Demonic Souls from the old tomb, Little Marten will assist you.” As he stared at Lin Dong’s expectant eyes, Little Marten pridefully chuckled. With a flash, his body turned into a light beam and flew inside the Stone Talisman embedded inside Lin Dong’s palm. Then, in a flick of his mind, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy swiftly followed behind.

The dark Spiritual Domain was now slightly brighter than before. The glowing shadows were still tirelessly displaying every Martial Arts that Lin Dong had learnt. In fact, even the Ancient Heavenly Scales Habard techniques and Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm were being displayed by these glowing shadows. Furthermore, they were performing these martial arts perfectly. In fact, a major reason why Lin Dong could quickly master these two new forms of martial arts was thanks to these glowing shadows.

“This Stone Talisman is exceedingly mysterious and it has been in the possession of several elite practitioners. When these practitioners pass away, they would seal some of their famed skills inside. However, right now, since you are still too weak, you are unable to obtain those skills…” Little Marten hovered inside the Spiritual Domain, as he stared at a dark area and casually said.

“Right now, based on your current strength, you are barely adequate. In terms of martial arts, only your Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd techniques and Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm amounts to something. However, your secret art skill is still lacking and that is your current weakness. If this goes on, when you fight with others, based on your current secret arts skill, it would be difficult for you to last…”

Lin Dong nodded his head. The “Tri Sun Art” that he possessed was only a second-tier secret arts. Meanwhile, the martial arts like Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd techniques and Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm were considered top-tier. Even though there were extremely formidable, they took a heavy toll on his body. Though he had pure Yuan Dan pills to support him, it was not a complete solution.”

“Since many elite practitioners have left something behind, then…” Lin Dong eyes turned to look at Little Marten.

“Heh, you are quite fortunate. Typically, only after you advance to Creation stage can you begin to break through some of these weaker seals. However, after a long period of time, some of these seals have weakened. Therefore, you can barely manage to break them now.” Little Marten released a weird smile, before he suddenly waved his claws and shouted: “Pour all of your Mental Energy into my body!”

When he heard these words, Lin Dong did not hesitate. With a flick of his mind, countless Mental Energy rushed into Little Marten’s body. As a formidable Mental Energy gushed forth, Little Marten’s body became slightly more lifelike. Promptly, streaks of purple light beams emerged from his claws. When these light streams penetrated into the dark areas of the Spiritual Domain, Lin Dong could faintly feel that at that area, an item that was hidden extremely well and slowly being taken apart.

A shockwave emerged from that dark area. Moments later, Little Marten’s claw suddenly jutted forth as a suction force gushed forth. Then, a golden shining column emerged from the darkness as it directly ripped across the dark regions. With an exceedingly forceful aura, it flew forth and hovered in front of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong stared at that golden light before he saw that a shining golden ball was hidden within as it slowly rotated. Above that shining ball, were four ancient symbols faintly appearing.

“Great Sun Thunder Body!”

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