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Chapter 194: Black Yin Dan

The terrifying Yin energy were like huge dragons, as they frantically burst out from Qing Tan’s body. In an instant, the courtyard turned biting cold, as if the flesh was being cut off your bone, while a ghastly chill filled the air.

“Ka ka!”

The stone platform where Qing Tan was seated was so chilled by the extreme cold that it emitted cracking noises, as a thick layer of frost swiftly spread outwards.

“To think that the Yin energy hidden in Qing Tan’s body is this frightening…”

Lin Dong wore a solemn expression as he gazed at this sight. This was the first time he had seen such a frightening Yin energy. Under the corrosion of such a Yin energy, even he felt the blood in his body faintly start to solidify. Immediately, he urged his Yuan Power to wrap around his entire body. Only then did the ice-cold sensation weaken substantially.

“The Terminus Devil Body was originally the most Yin. Over these years, her body has been constantly absorbing the Yin energy from around her. After settling for more than a dozen years, this Yin energy had already become exceptionally powerful. If she is able to control it, she will possess a matchless cultivation foundation. In the future, her achievements will be limitless.” Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder, as it took a look at the cold Qi which filled the courtyard before explaining.

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head. He did not care how strong Qing Tan would become, as long as she was safe, he would be satisfied.


While Lin Dong was watching with a serious expression, a pained look suddenly surfaced on Qing Tan’s face. Her body violently trembled, as the Yin energy that erupted from her body showed faint signs of turning black. Moreover, that kind of Yin energy had also become much more potent.

“The Terminus Devil Qi has been drawn out!”

Upon seeing this, Little Marten spoke out in a low voice. This was the most terrifying thing in Qing Tan’s body. If Lin Dong was infected by this Terminus Devil Qi, his Yuan Power would likely be straightaway frozen before completely shattering.

The thick black Terminus Devil Qi was like huge ropes which winded around Qing Tan. The Terminus Devil Qi tangled with each other, looking just like a humongous black storm which soared towards the clouds.


As the Terminus Devil Qi endlessly gushed out from her body, black specks surfaced in Qing Tan’s eyes, making her look extremely strange, while a pained and hoarse cry sounded out from her mouth.


The Terminus Devil Qi curled around Qing Tan’s lily-white hands, before ferociously smashing into a boulder in front of her. In the face of this power, the originally sturdy boulder had become as weak as toufu.

“Qing Tan cannot endure anymore!”

As he gazed at the Qing Tan’s trembling body and her wildly dancing hair, Lin Dong expression started to change.

“The Terminus Devil Qi has erupted too violently, it needs to be suppressed!” Little Marten was deep in thought as it said in a low voice: “Use the Pure Yuan pills, this Terminus Devil Qi is exceedingly tyrannical, you cannot touch it, or else it will be very difficult for you to survive!”

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong did not hesitate at all. His palm lifted as an endless stream of Pure Yuan pills flew out from his Qiankun bag and floated closely together in the sky. From the looks of it, there were at least a thousand of them.

After drawing out a thousand Pure Yuan pills, Lin Dong’s palm once again moved, as a faintly golden Yuan Power burst out from his palm.

As the Yuan Power spread out, the numerous Pure Yuan pills hovering in the air immediately showed signs of melting. In the end, they transformed into an extremely vigorous and pure Yuan Power.


Having transformed this one thousand Pure Yuan pills into pure Yuan Power, Lin Dong’s sleeve waved, as the Yuan Power poured down like a river, before slamming into Qing Tan’s body, and continuously infusing in.

“Ch ch!”

As the powerful Yuan Power poured in, the Terminus Devil Qi around Qing Tan’s body emitted waves of black smoke, and the increasingly violent eruption was forcibly restrained.

Although the current Lin Dong found it extremely troublesome to deal with this Terminus Devil Qi, he had a considerable amount of resources to respond to it. This one thousand Pure Yuan pills was akin to the combined force of several perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners. Hence, suppressing the unripe Terminus Devil Qi in Qing Tan’s body was not impossible.

Surging Yuan Power poured down in torrents, as the pained look on Qing Tan’s face lessened substantially. Just as she sighed in relief in her heart, Lin Dong’s shout suddenly sounded out in her ear: “Qing Tan, concentrate and win over the Terminus Devil Qi. Only when you have compressed the Terminus Devil Qi in your body into a Dan, will you gain complete control over it!”

After hearing Lin Dong’s shout, Qing Tan’s became a little more clear-headed. She hastily concentrated and did her best to control the Terminus Devil Qi which filled her body, directing all of it towards her Dantian before compressing it.

As Qing Tan focused, the Terminus Devil Qi within her body started to scream, as it swiftly travelled through her body. Every time the Terminus Devil Qi passed through her channels, muscles and bones, it caused Qing Tan’s body to tremble violently, as an acute pain like that of a knife cutting her spread out across her entire body.

However, although the Terminus Devil Qi corroded her body, and brought with it this intense pain, Qing Tan could feel that her body and organs were strengthening bit by bit under the pain…

This kind of strengthening would gradually allow Qing Tan to completely adapt to the overbearing Terminus Devil Qi!

As she felt this change, Qing Tan resolutely gritted her teeth and bitterly endured. She understood that if she managed to successfully endure this, her strength would definitely advance by leaps and bounds. This was what she needed, because she did not want to see Lin Dong carrying all the burdens of their family on his shoulders every time…

She wanted to help him and not be a burden to him. Hence, she also needed to become strong, and now…this was the most crucial step in becoming strong!

She must not fail!

A determined look flashed across Qing Tan’s limpid and quick-witted eyes. Her lily-white hands tightly clenched, and with a flick of her mind, the Terminus Devil Qi curling around her body started to surge, before being directly absorbed into her tiny mouth!

“Humm humm!”

The black mist dragons which twined around her body started to swirl frantically. Joined at head to tail around Qing Tan’s head as they screamed out, forcefully sucking in all the Yin energy in a three hundred meter radius.


When he saw this scene, Lin Dong was taken aback, as his body hastily retreated backwards. Even he dare not stay too close to this berserk Yin energy vortex.

“Although it is very late at night, this disturbance will definitely be sensed by some practitioners…” Lin Dong’s gaze slightly flickered, as he lifted his head and gazed at the sky in the distance. He could sense the appearance of some Yuan Power undulations in that direction. Evidently, this disturbance had drawn the attention of a few practitioners.

“The current Qing Tan cannot be disturbed.” Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed, as a sword flickered below his feet. He swiftly floated into the air, grasping onto his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. The halberd stamped in the skies as a powerful aura spread outwards.

In Yan City, the expressions of the practitioners, who originally intended to scout this disturbance, changed when they saw the young figure hovering in mid-air, as they conscientiously stopped in their steps. Lin Dong had a rather overwhelming reputation in Yan City now, such that quite a number of people called him the number one practitioner in Yan City. With him overseeing this affair, no one dared to rashly take a peek.

“The Lin Family is in that direction, this disturbance, it looks like someone is about to have a break through to the perfect Yuan Dan stage. This Lin Family has truly concealed many talents…”

“True, it is likely that the Lin Family will become the true leader of Yan City in the future.”


In the night, some amazed whispers quietly spread about.

At the center of Yan City, a man with a jade-like complexion lifted his head and gazed in the Lin Family’s direction. His expression was a little solemn, as he could sense the terrifying Yin energy in that area.

“This Lin Family…is truly extraordinary.”

Leaving numerous practitioners in awe, Lin Dong looked down at Qing Tan. At this moment, black waves were rippling out from her body. These black rippled were extremely formidable and tyrannical, leaving behind a layer of black frost wherever they passed.

The entire courtyard was covered in black frost. Fortunately, Lin Dong knew the disturbance this time would not be small. Hence, he intentionally found a more remote area, or else, if this cold Qi were to escape, it would cause considerable damage.

“The Terminus Devil Qi in her body is becoming more and more frightening! This lass, her willpower does not lose out to yours in the slightest. To think that she is actually able to endure the pain from the Terminus Devil Qi corrosion!” Little Marten suddenly said as it watched Qing Tan.


Just as Little Marten’s voice sounded out, Qing Tan’s eyes abruptly opened. Two strange black lights burst out from her eyes, and wherever the lights shined, countless black icicles would erupt from the ground with ‘ka ka’ sounds!

When she opened her eyes, the aura from Qing Tan’s body started to soar frantically. Heavenly Yuan early stage, middle stage, late stage…

In a short few minutes, Qing Tan had already jumped to the Heavenly Yuan late stage. She was now only a single step from the Yuan Dan stage!

When her aura reached the Heavenly Yuan late stage, Qing Tan’s small mouth slightly opened, as the black storm-like Terminus Devil Qi around her body immediately flew into that small cherry mouth.

The black Terminus Devil storm that was a dozen meters large completely entered Qing Tan’s body in a few minutes!

“Buzz buzz!”

As the last bit of Terminus Devil Qi was sucked into Qing Tan’s body, her long hair suddenly spread out. Qing Tan abruptly lifted her head, as a black light slowly rose out from her mouth!

As the black light rose, it was as if the Yin energy all around was being drawn in, and endlessly gathered towards the black light.

As more and more Yin energy was absorbed into the black light, the black light gradually grew brighter. In the end, it started to spin and slowly transformed into a deep black Dan that was about the size of a thumb!

This Yuan Dan was not large, and was covered in a deep black color. This kind of black looked as if it was able to gobble down one’s gaze, an extremely strange sight.

Just as this deep black Yuan Dan formed, Qing Tan’s aura once again crazily soared under Lin Dong and quite a few practitioner’s astonished senses!

To think that the Terminus Devil Body would be so terrifying after its awakening…

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