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Chapter 192: Fall of the Blood Wolf Gang

The news of Yue Shan’s assassination blew across the scene like wind. The Blood Wolf Gang troop’s will to fight practically vanished in an instant, together with their previous ferociousness. In their place, was an endless panic.

Everyone knew that with the loss of Yue Shan, it would be difficult for the Blood Wolf Gang to establish themselves in Yan City again. Furthermore, under the furious counter-attack of the Thousand Gold Association, it was likely that the former would be completely cleaned out from Yan City.

This top faction which had towered over Yan City for about a dozen years was now completely defeated, and the one who had caused this change was merely a youngster who was not even twenty years of age…

As they gazed at the halberd wielding figure which slowly landed on the ground, everyone could feel the solemn aura from his body. Shimmering in his eyes, was a heart palpitating and icy glint.

On his own, he could fight against three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners. With such strength, even in this entire Yan City, who could hope to match up against him?

While Lin Dong’s body landed, most of the Blood Wolf Gang troops had already started to flee for their lives, with the exception of a few resisting famed elites.

Naturally, the Thousand Gold Association would not give up this opportunity to chase them down. Their battered main entrance suddenly jutted open, as a large group of infuriated Thousand Gold Association troops gushed forth like a tidal wave. Full of killing intent, they hunted down the Blood Wolf Gang troops that were now fleeing for their lives. Some of these obstinate fighters were directly drowned by this tidal wave.

Yue Shan’s death very clearly demonstrated ‘defeat by a landslide’. That seemingly invincible Blood Wolf Gang was quickly decimated in mere minutes, suffering major casualties due to the Thousand Gold Association’s efforts.

With regards to hunting down the remaining Blood Wolf Gang members, Lin Dong was not too interested in it. After all, these matters would be deftly handled by the Thousand Gold Association. He slowly walked towards Yue Shan’s body, which was lying in a pool of blood, as he stared at the man, who was once a tyrant in Yan City, with calm eyes. He clearly understood how vicious this man was, hence, this time around, he could not afford to let him live. Else, he would encounter more problems down the road.

While Lin Dong was staring at Yue Shan’s corpse, the rest of the Lin Family members swiftly huddled over. They stared at that ice-cold corpse, as a look of awe flashed across their eyes.

“Dong-er’s abilities have far surpassed us.”

Lin Zhentian stroked his beard as he looked to his side at Lin Dong. The expression on his face could not be described by mere words. He had painstakingly worked for a good part of his life in order to establish his Lin Family in Qingyang town. However, once Lin Dong sprung up, in mere two years, their Lin Family had already managed to establish such a position for themselves in Yan City. Previously, this was something that he could not have imagined.

To one side, Lin Ken and the rest nodded their heads, before they said with a smile: “It seems like Dong-er has benefited substantially from the trip to the old tomb.”

Lin Dong chuckled. With a wave of his palm, he kept the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd into his Qiankun bag. Tilting his head towards Lin Zhentian and Lin Xiao, he mumbled to himself for a while before he said: “Grandpa, Father. This time, after the Blood Wolf Gang has been taken care of, I shall leave Yan City for a period of time.”

“Leave? Where to?” When they heard his words, Lin Zhentian and the rest were stunned.

“I will go to a place that will allow me to become even stronger.” Lin Dong was silent for a moment before he spoke. If it was not for the trip to the old tomb, perhaps he would be content to stay here and wait for the clan gathering, however… at that time, he would still be an ant in Lin Langtian’s eyes.

Even if the him at that time challenged Lin Langtian, the result would likely be similar to Lin Xiao in the past.

This was not a sight he wanted to see. After he saw how his spirited father was reduced to such a sorry state by Lin Langtian, defeating that latter had always been a goal in his mind. The matters that happened in the old tomb only served to amplify his desire to accomplish this goal.

In fact, in some ways, Lin Dong should thank Lin Langtian. That was because the latter led him to understand that there was still a huge distance between the two of them. Sometimes, it’s not terrible to learn that there is still a gap between you and your opponents. Rather, it’s scary when you only learn it after it’s too late.

Thankfully, Lin Dong managed to discover the gap between him and Lin Langtian. Hence, this gave him the opportunity to play catch-up!

Furthermore, he once swore to defeat Lin Langtian!

During the clan gathering, he will defeat this legendary figure famed throughout the entire Yan Dynasty in front of everyone. Hence, in order to accomplish this, he was prepared to pay a huge sacrifice and work extremely hard!

“Dong-er, what happened? Did they slight you during the trip to the old tomb?” As Lin Dong’s father, Lin Xiao evidently understood Lin Dong very well. His gaze flashed, as he furrowed his eyebrows and inquired.

“Father, I am fine. It’s just that Yan City no longer suits the current me.”

Lin Dong smiled as he replied. Right now, he had already grown up and should handle some issues on his own. Even if he spoke of his conflict with Lin Langtian, other than making Lin Xiao and the rest enraged, there was little else that it would accomplish.

Lin Xiao stared at Lin Dong. Moments later, his palm heavily patted the latter’s shoulder, as he slowly said: “Regardless of your decision, we will not object. However, do not forget this, wherever you are, and no matter what you have been through, as long as you return here, this is always your home. We may not be as powerful, however for you, we will do anything.”

As he looked at the solemn expression on Lin Xiao’s face, Lin Dong’s heart warmed a little. Promptly, he nodded his head and said with a smile: “Don’t worry dad, In two year, I will return in time for the clan gathering.”

“At that time, I will avenge the humiliation that you suffered!”

He did not say the last sentence out loud, rather it sounded out inside Lin Dong’s heart. On that day, he would let all the Lin Clan members, who ridiculed his father, know that the son had came to repay his father’s debts!

To one side, when Lin Ken and the rest heard of Lin Dong’s plan to leave, they were somewhat saddened. However, they did not object, but rather patted the latter’s shoulder and said a few touching words. Even though their family was not yet as powerful as some other families, they had a strong sense of camaraderie that other factions lacked.

“Little brother Lin Dong!”

While Lin Dong chatted with Lin Xiao and the rest, Xia Wanjin led several high ranking members of the Thousand Gold Association and hurriedly walked over, before they bowed solemnly at Lin Dong.

“Brother Lin Dong, we are in your debt. You have helped our Thousand Gold Association tremendously. In the future, if you require assistance from my Thousand Gold Association, we will throw our full weight behind you without question!” Xia Wanjin’s face was especially serious as he declared.

In the past, Lin Dong’s abilities and potential clearly demonstrated that he was an asset worthy of investment. However, right now, based on Lin Dong’s abilities, he had already reached a stage where Wanjin would look up to the former.

Fighting against three opponents alone, killing one and even severely injuring the other two!

This result caused his heart to skip a beat. After all, he clearly remembered that when he first met Lin Dong, the latter was merely at the Heavenly Yuan stage. However, with Lin Dong’s current abilities, even if he wanted to dominate Yan City, it would not be an impossible feat!

“Haha, chairman Xia is too kind. Initially, I received much help and assistance from the Thousand Gold Association and big sister Su. If your association encounters any troubles in future, Lin Dong will be surely do his best to help out.” Lin Dong gently smiled as he replied.

Behind Xia Wanjin, a wide smile was plastered to Xuansu’s beautiful face. The reason why the Thousand Gold Association was able to establish close ties with Lin Dong was mostly thanks to her efforts. Right now, the latter’s ability and attitude did not disappoint her at all.

“Chairman Xia, after this matter, I may leave Yan City for a while. At that time, I hope that you can look after my Lin Family.”

“Oh? You are leaving?” Upon hearing these words, Xia Wanjin was taken aback. Slight reluctance was contained in his eyes, however he did not comment. Solemnly nodding his head, he replied: “ Don’t worry, as long as my Thousand Gold Association is around in Yan City, we will be Lin Family’s closest ally!”

At this stage, no one would doubt Lin Dong’s potential. Even if he left Yan City, he would eventually return one day. At that time, his strength would have probably grown tremendously again. Therefore, for their Thousand Gold Association, this was a massive hidden ally!

“Yue Shan is dead. The Blood Wolf Gang now only exists in name. However, a dying camel is still larger than a horse, if one is negligent, one may leave behind several potential problems.” Lin Dong gently smiled, glancing at the corpse and the floor as he spoke.

“Haha, little brother Lin Dong, don’t worry. The remnants of Blood Wolf Gang will never appear in Yan City again!” Xia Wanjin was a wise man. He knew that since Lin Dong was going away for a while, he would naturally worry about his Lin Family. Now that he had destroyed the Blood Wolf Gang, the Blood Wolf Gang remnants would definitely harbour a grudge and may attempt to ambush the Lin Family. Hence, he immediately patted his chest as he reassured Lin Dong with a smile.

After hearing these words, Lin Dong gently nodded his head. With a smile, he said: “In that case, I am sorry to trouble chairman Xia. With regards to the two individuals from the Black Python Mountain, I hope that they can be cleanly taken care of…”

When he heard Lin Dong’s casual words, Xia Wanjin’s heart slightly shuddered. He could hear that Lin Dong was clearly unwilling to let Han Sheng and Han Zong escape.

“I will handle this matter.” Xia Wanjin’s eyes slightly narrowed as he softly said.

“Thank you. Now that this matter has been resolved, it’s time for me to return home. If there are any further complications, you can find me at the Lin Family.”

Lin Dong chuckled, not wanting to linger on in this chaotic area. Cupping his hands at Xia Wanjin and Xuansu, he led the Lin Family as they slowly departed. As they walked, the surrounding crowd swiftly made way for them. Right now, none of them dared to underestimate this Lin Family, which had only recently established themselves in Yan City…

The shocking strength displayed by Lin Dong today had definitely knocked several of them out of their wits.

“Let’s go. The Blood Wolf Gang is finished…”

On a distant building, the middle-aged man with jade-white skin softly chuckled, before he turned to leave. As he took a few steps, he suddenly paused.

“In future, interact more with the Lin Family. This Lin Dong holds tremendous potential and his accomplishments in the future will be astounding. A mere province or even an empire will not tie him down!”

When they heard this middle-aged man’s evaluation, a little awe surfaced in Ziyue and grandmaster Yan’s eyes.

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