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Chapter 193: Eruption of Yin energy

Yue Shan’s death and the destruction of the Blood Wolf Gang undoubtedly became the hottest topic in Yan City during this period. No one had expected that the faction which had stood strong for about a dozen years, would completely fall apart in less than a month.

Of course, as news of this spread, word of the main protagonist of this story, Lin Dong, spread like wildfire. Taking on three opponents by himself, plus, his opponents were extremely famous in Yan City and its vicinity.

However, even if this was so, the former still managed to kill one and injure the other two. With this kind of battle record, even when an ordinary person talked about it, he would feel the blood in his body start to boil a little. Such boldness truly caused one to be subdued. Moreover, when they heard that this person was not even twenty years of age, that subdued feeling would transform into a loud gasp of admiration. In the last hundred years of Yan City’s history, this kind of talent had never appeared before. The Lin Family was truly lucky to have such a descendent.

In the following half a month, the previously rather famous Blood Wolf Gang gradually faded like smoke under the Thousand Gold Association’s merciless counter-attack. Not one of the stronger practitioners in the gang was let off, as they were directly cleaned up by the Thousand Gold association. When some of the ordinary factions saw this, they quickly made themselves scarce like frightened birds and animals. Furthermore, the factions which had some ties with the Blood Wolf Gang previously hastily denied any relation to the latter, afraid that they would be implicated in this extermination.

As the Blood Wolf Gang was exterminated, the reputation of the Thousand Gold Association in Yan City also soared like the sun. Of course, compared to the unbounded Thousand Gold Association, the Lin Family were much more low-key, and did not show off or spread news of this matter, as they continued their regular daily activities. Of course, after this matter occurred, most things proceeded extremely smoothly for the Lin Family in Yan City, and there were no longer any factions which dared to obstruct them. After all, everyone knew that the biggest reason why the Thousand Gold Association were able to turn defeat into victory against the Blood Wolf Gang was due to Lin Dong of the Lin Family.

With regards to their top-class practitioner, even the Thousand Gold Association was unable to match up to the Lin Family which possessed this kind of heavyweight like Lin Dong. Who else would dare to offend them, wouldn’t that be courting death?

Thus, although the Lin Family’s overall power was most likely unable to reach the same level as the Thousand Gold Association, after the Blood Wolf Gang had been wiped out, the Lin Family had already become the new and genuine top faction in Yan City!

While Yan City was abuzz due to the purge of the Blood Wolf Gang by the Thousand Gold Association, Lin Dong did not take even half a step outside. Over this period of time, he stayed in the Lin Family because after the Lin Family younger generation knew that he would be leaving, many of them hastily tried to make the best use of their time to ask him for guidance in martial arts. In response, Lin Dong welcomed all of them. After all, if the Lin Family’s power could grow even a little, he would worry just a tiny bit less.


In a courtyard deep in the Lin Family estate, a faintly golden glow flickered in the air. A golden platform floated in mid-air, emitting an extremely oppressive aura.

The golden platform appeared faintly golden in color and was about three meters large, giving off the sensation of being as heavy as a mountain. However, this square golden platform was not as compact as the one Wang Yan had displayed, but instead somewhat more illusionary.


The golden platform flipped in mid-air, before slamming into the ground, directly turning a boulder to dust with a force so great that even cracks started forming on the ground.

As he observed this destructive power, Lin Dong only slightly shook his head, a little unsatisfied. The might of the Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm he displayed clearly fell short of Wang Yan’s

However, there was nothing wrong with this. The minimum requirement of the Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm was that one needed to reach the Form Creation stage. Or else, one would be unable to create a golden platform, and the attack power would be rather limited, unable to bring out that strong and powerful aura.

Although the current Lin Dong had advanced to the perfect Yuan Dan stage, this was after all still a distance from the Form Creation stage. While using the Heavenly Scales Halberd technique, he was able to borrow the might of the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd to bring out its power. However, this Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm needed the support of one’s innate strength.

Lin Dong being able to compact the golden platform to such a stage at the perfect Yuan Dan stage was already a fairly decent achievement. If it was not for the aid of his Mental Energy, he would definitely be unable to manipulate Yuan Power to such an extent.

Simply put, the so-called form creation was one’s level of control of Yuan Power. Only when one reached a certain degree of mastery would one be able to compact Yuan Power into various shapes, and possess the ability to greatly strengthen one’s attacks. Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was not weak, and was able to complement controlling Yuan Power rather well, helping him achieve a somewhat remarkable effect.

Of course, this kind of path where one cultivates both Mental Energy and Yuan Power was not unique to Lin Dong. Most practitioners would achieve a certain level of proficiency in both fields, however, one field would usually be deeper while the other shallower.

“Brother Lin Dong is great!”

While Lin Dong was deep in thought, a young girl’s lively laughter suddenly sounded out. Upon hearing this voice, Lin Dong softly chuckled, as he lifted his head and gazed at the beautiful young girl in light colored clothings nearby. He promptly walked over, taking a look at Qing Tan’s slightly pale face, as his eyebrows furrowed: “If you’re unwell, don’t run about too much.”

Over this period, the breakout of Yin energy in Qing Tan’s body had become increasingly difficult to deal with. However, Lin Dong was not anxious to immediately use the ‘Extreme Yin Dragon Saliva’. This was because he still needed to wait for the time when the amount of Yin energy reached its peak in a month. This time arrived tonight.

Upon hearing this, Qing Tan happily laughed, making a face at Lin Dong, before tugging at the latter’s arm. Her small and delicate face suddenly darkened a little as she said in a soft voice: “Brother Lin Dong is going to leave soon right?”

“To protect the people I want to protect, I need strength. My current strength is still not enough to protect all of you, thus, I require a greater strength, a strength that I cannot obtain in Yan City.” Lin Dong tenderly stroked Qing Tan’s fine hair as he replied.

“I also want to protect brother Lin Dong.” Qing Tan pouted a little and suddenly declared.

“Haha, that will have to wait until you surpass me first…”

Lin Dong was delighted, soon after, he rubbed his chin and said: “If we are able to subdue the Yin energy in your body tonight, in the future you will slowly be able to control the Yin energy in your body. After which, your future achievements can only be described using the word terrifying. Surpassing me will then be a very simple matter.”

“Really?” Qing Tan’s limpid eyes shined as she joyfully asked.

Lin Dong softly chuckled as he nodded his head. He was silent for a moment before he continued: “However, some matters are a little dangerous, and even fatal…”

“Brother Lin Dong, I am not afraid!” As if she sensed the hesitation in Lin Dong’s tone, Qing Tan abruptly lifted her small face and declared without the slightest hesitation.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong was once again silent, before he finally nodded his head: “Mm, you should go make proper preparations, tonight’s matter is quite important!”

Qing Tan beamed as she heard this and repeatedly nodded her head. Her footsteps were quick and light as she fluttered away like a butterfly.

As he watched Qing Tan’s leaving figure, Lin Dong’s expression turned a little solemn. On his shoulder, Little Marten appeared and said: “I should remind you that if the Yin energy in her body completely erupts and she is unable to control it, she would at best be severely injured, and at worst, die on the spot!”

“Of course, if she succeeds, it would be extremely beneficial for her. In the future, as long as she forms a Yin Dan, her strength would definitely soar. At that time, even you will find it very difficult to beat her!”

“Although one has to go through trial after trial with this kind of physique, once the restrictions are undone, one will definitely become a favored child of the heavens!”

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head, he did not care if Qing Tan became strong. He would be most happy as long as she could happily live her life.

“Even if this is so, Qing Tan’s body cannot endure for much longer. Hence, we might as well go all out and fight!”

Lin Dong had already mulled over this matter for half a month. Over this period, the frequency of the Yin energy in Qing Tan’s body erupting became more and more frequent. If this continued, Qing Tan would at most last half a year before her body becomes unable to resist the corrosion of the Yin energy.

Since the final outcome was the same, they would fight!


Deeply sucking in a breath of cold air, Lin Dong lifted his head and gazed at the gradually darkening sky, as he mumbled: “It will definitely succeed…”

Late at night, Qing Tan quietly sat on a stone platform in one of the inner courtyards within the Lin Family estate. Cold Yin energy slowly curled around her, such that even a thin layer of frost covered the stone platform.

The Yin energy in Qing Tan’s body had yet to erupt, yet it already caused these changes in her surroundings. It was difficult to imagine how terrifying it would be when it really erupted.

Below the stone platform, Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at the night sky. As the bright moon gradually dimmed, the Yin energy around them also gradually became richer. He could even sense threads of Yin energy invading Qing Tan’s body without her control.

Qing Tan’s eyes were tightly shut. As the Yin energy gushed in, the terrifying cold Qi hidden deep in her body gave indications of appearing once again, while a chill quietly flowed out.

As this chill flowed out little by little, about half an hour later, Qing Tan’s body suddenly started trembling a little. The Yin energy in her body was also triggered by the surrounding rich cold Qi.

“Humm humm!”

Yin energy gushed about in mid-air, and continuously poured into Qing Tan’s body while emitting wind noises.

Lin Dong’s eyes were tightly fixed on Qing Tan. When the Yin energy in the latter’s body reached the critical point, his eyes suddenly turned serious, as he lifted his hand and a jade box flew out from his Qiankun bag.

When the jade box opened, a black elixir that emitted an exceedingly potent and pure Yin energy slowly floated out, before finally hovering above Qing Tan’s head.


Lin Dong’s gaze flashed, as his fist suddenly clenched. The ‘Extreme Yin Dragon Saliva’ straightaway burst open, as an invisible pressure transformed it into deep black drops of viscous liquid that was filled with an inexhaustible cold Yin energy. They dripped onto Qing Tan’s head, and swiftly invaded her body.


As each drop of deep black cold Yin liquid entered Qing Tan’s body, Yin energy suddenly swept out from Qing Tan’s body like a hurricane!

In the face of this terrifying Yin energy, even Lin Dong was momentarily shocked!

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