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Chapter 191: Resolved

While keeping the small black sawtooth blade into his Qiankun bag, the brand concealed within it was also directly erased by Lin Dong’s vigorous Mental Energy.

“Moyun Blade!”

As they felt their connection with the Moyun Blade completely fade away, the Han duo instantly turned ashen-faced. Over these years, the reason why they were able to be so successful, such that even some perfect Yuan Dan practitioners dare not offend them at all, was mostly due to the Moyun Blade. Although it was only a low ranked Soul Treasure, it was extremely effective for sneak attacks. If one was not careful, even a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners would be killed in one hit!

However, the usually successful Moyun Blade seemed to have encountered some troubles today. Not only was the sneak attack sensed by Lin Dong, he had also thoroughly erased the brand within it.

Hence, they had basically lost their trump card. In response, indications of their eyes turning blood red immediately appeared.

“Kill this bastard!”

While the duo were ashen-faced, Yue Shan wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, unable to deal with shock Lin Dong’s powerful attack had on the three of them, as he sternly shouted out. He understood very well that if he failed again this time, he would truly never be able to regain his footing here.

If he struggled, there might still be some hope, but if he didn’t, it would mean certain death!


The fact that Yue Shan was able to become the sect leader of the Blood Wolf Gang meant that he had some charisma, thus he shouted out almost immediately. He clearly understood that Lin Dong’s previous attack had already caused the Han duo to become fearful in their hearts. If he shows any signs of wanting to retreat now, these two guys would likely flee even quicker than himself. At that time, without their aid, he could not possibly threaten Lin Dong at all by himself!

As Yue Shan had expected, the Han duo were currently a little red eyed from the heartache of losing the Moyun Blade, thus, when they saw him fearlessly charge forward, heat rushed to their heads. They slapped the ground and once again shot forward, vigorous Yuan Power gushing forth and once again charging towards Lin Dong.

“Bang bang!”

Though the trio were resisting, at times, in the face of true power, this so-called resistance was useless. Therefore, just as the three charging figures were several meters from Lin Dong, their sorry figures were forced back by the formidable halberd, such that even lines of wounds were left on their chests. Blood dripped from these wounds, wetting a large portion of their clothes.

One by one, gazes were filled with astonishment as they turned towards the figure which had yet to moved from the spot, but instead using the halberd in his hands to push the Yue Shan trio to such a sorry state.

Many people here still remembered how much Lin Dong had struggled just to defeat one Wei Tong. Yet, it was barely a year since then, and he now had already grown so powerful. If the departed Wei Tong knew this, he would likely have felt extremely gratified that at least his lost was only natural.


Three figures flew backwards, drawing three trails of blood which were dozens of meters long. This time, they no longer had ferocious expressions as they struggled back onto their feet again. In the depths of their eyes, dread started to surface. Their desperate combined attack were actually unable to cause Lin Dong to take even a half a step back, instead, as they resisted, the wounds on their bodies only increased.

As they gazed at the calm halberd wielding youngster, a sense of defeat surfaced in the Yue Shan trio’s hearts. Evidently, even their combined might was unable to achieve much effect against the former’s strength.

“I’ve left a disaster behind after all…”

Yue Shan’s heart was full of bitterness. Although he had long wanted to get rid of Lin Dong, he had underestimated the latter’s growth rate. Originally, he had thought that even though Lin Dong’s talent was not ordinary, he would need at least two years to reach the stage where he could threaten Yue Shan. However, the reality before him today allowed him to understand that he had overestimated this period of time by several times.

“He definitely cannot hold out for long, as long as we endure, we will definitely whittle him to death!” His gaze flickered as Yue Shan suddenly sternly said once again.

As his stern shout left his mouth, Yue Shan’s body violently shot forward again. Beside him, the Han duo also launched themselves forward as a conditioned reflex. However, as the duo reached their top speed, they suddenly realized that Yue Shan’s figure had turned around and was flying in the opposite direction.

This scene cause the Han duo to be a little taken aback. Soon after, they quickly regained their wits, as their expressions immediately turned extremely ugly.


The duo furiously cursed out, this Yue Shan obviously planned to escape, leaving the two to bring up the rear. This was one of the things the two brothers loved to do, they did not expect that they would actually be able to enjoy what it was like on the receiving end.

Though they had some ties with Yue Shan, it was far from the stage where they would die for him. Thus, when they saw Yue Shan flee, the duo also simultaneously turned around, but just as they were planning to escape, a figure swept past them from over their heads, as a formidable wind ruthlessly slammed into their chests.


A frightening power erupted in that moment, causing the Han duo to wildly vomit out a mouthful of blood, such that even their chests caved in a little, before they were blown backwards and smashed into the Thousand Gold Association headquarters. They lay on the ground, twitching and bleeding like two dead dogs.

“Tie them up!”

When he saw the duo being beaten until they were practically paralyzed, the corner’s of Xia Wanjin’s eyes twitched for a moment before he shouted out in a low voice. Immediately, a huge group of Thousand Gold Association troops rushed forward and tightly secured the Han duo.

“Lin Dong is… truly terrifying, he obtained absolute dominance even against three opponents. With such strength, who else can be his match among the perfect Yuan Dan stage?”

Upon seeing the Han duo powerless to resist as they were arrested, Xia Wanjin softly sighed in his heart. He increasingly felt that his initial investment in Lin Dong was indeed the right decision.

“Yue Shan wants to flee again!” To one side, Xuansu’s beautiful eyes concentrated at the distance as she suddenly said.

If they failed this time, the Blood Wolf Gang would definitely be unable to survive. However, if Yue Shan managed to escape, it would be rather troublesome. After all, this man had considerable influence among the black societies in a hundred mile radius around Yan City. If he successfully fled, it would be a huge problem in the future.

“Lin Dong will not let him escape.” Xia Wanjin appeared rather calm. From the methods used on Wei Tong and Gui Yan, Xia Wanjin knew that Lin Dong was a person who would never allow loose ends. Furthermore, the threat was Yue Shan was even greater than Wei Tong and the rest. Lin Dong absolutely would not allow Yue Shan to successfully escape and bring trouble again in the future.

Upon hearing this, Xuansu also softly sighed and nodded her head.

While the two of them were chatting, Yue Shan’s figure had already swiftly exited the area. While he was fleeing, the Blood Wolf Gang troops also fled in all directions. For a time, this area became extremely chaotic, while Yue Shan took this opportunity to hastily make distance.

Lin Dong gazed at the swiftly escaping figure with calm expression on his face. A sword swept under his feet as he body slowly floated. However, he stayed in mid-air and did not give any indication of chasing.

Although Lin Dong’s actions caused some people to be a little astonished, due to the overwhelming power the he had demonstrated before, they did not dare to question him.

In the chaos, Yue Shan’s figure managed to flee further and further. Moments later, only when he dashed into the chaotic crowds did he quietly sigh in relief, before leaning his head and looking at Lin Dong, who was hovering in mid-air a distance away, as a sinister look flashed across the former’s eyes.

“Shitty brat, just wait. You have destroyed my Blood Wolf Gang, I, Yue Shan, will definitely ruin you and your family!” Yue Shan’s venomously mumbled to himself. Of course, while these malicious thoughts churned in his head, his speed did not slow in the slightest. In a flash, he ran another dozen or so meters away.


However, just as Yue Shan moved several meters after exiting the chaotic crowd, the ground before him suddenly exploded. Broken rocks flew upwards, as a barely discernible black shadow flitted across the corners of his eyes, bringing the faint smell of death with it.

When that black shadow flitted across the corners of his eyes, all the hairs on Yue Shan’s body stood on end. His years of experience allowed him to desperately urge the Yuan Power in his body to form thin layers of Yuan Power membranes in front of him.

“Pop pop pop!”

As the Yuan Power membranes formed, without waiting for Yue Shan to relax, the black shadow quietly arrived. Layers of seemingly sturdy Yuan Power membranes crumbled layer by layer…

The rate at which the Yuan Power membranes crumbed was frighteningly quick. In a mere few breaths, it tore apart the last layer of Yuan Power defence and appeared before the dismayed Yue Shan.


This attack was extremely fierce and swift. As he gazed at the black shadow which rapidly enlarged in his eyes, a plea hastily sounded out from Yue Shan’s throat.


Just as the sound left his mouth, a tiny noise rang out, as the black shadow directly pierced through his throat, leaving a pillar of blood in its wake. Meanwhile, Yue Shan’s body turned rigid as it fell.


Yue Shan’s body slowly fell, before heavily slamming into the ground. A low sound caused quite a few gazes to be cast over. However, when they saw Yue Shan lying in a pool of blood, the sounds from their mouths were practically cut off in an instant…

The scene suddenly lapsed into silence. Everyone’s minds were blank as they stared at the corpse that was slowly turning stiff and cold. The top practitioner who had terrorized Yan City for about a dozen years, the sect leader of the Blood Wolf Gang, had now died in such a way?

In the silence, Lin Dong raised his palm, as the black shadow returned, before transforming into a small black sawtooth blade and appeared in his hand. This was the low ranked Soul Treasure he had snatched from the Han duo, the Moyun Blade.

“Not bad…”

Lin Dong looked down at the object in his hand, as the corners of his mouth lifted in a smile. The once greatest threat had finally been resolved today.

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