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Chapter 189: One versus Three

The figure was like a shark tearing through the waves, as it gave off an unparalleled aura of ferocity, while ripping through row after row Blood Wolf Gang troops.

Behind the figure, the troops of the Lin Family swiftly followed. However, with that single figure in front enduring all the pressure, the lines which had already been ripped apart were generally unable to stop their advance. Thus, in a short few minutes, they managed to charge through.

“Is that the Lin Family troops?”

“To think that they actually dared to interfere in this confrontation, such arrogance.”

“That person at the front is so powerful, even the advanced Yuan Dan stage Liu Chong was directly killed with a single blow of his halberd.”

“That should be Lin Dong right? I heard that he was the one who crippled Gui Yan from the Ghost Blade Sect previously. However, the Blood Wolf Gang has three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners this time, it is not very wise of him to appear now.”

“Looks like the victories he obtained the previous few times caused this kid to overestimate himself.”

In response to the numerous whispers of the crowd, the footsteps of the figure did not pause at all. His apathetically gazed at the layers of Blood Wolf Gang troops he had passed, before looking further down towards Yue Shan, who was seated on horseback with a gloomy expression, as he stared at the former.


The ancient halberd in his hand lightly waved, as it directly blew away several murderous looking Blood Wolf Gang members, causing them to vomit blood as they flew backwards. The tip of Lin Dong’s foot pushed off the ground, as his figure leapt into the air. Under the numerous gazes of the crowd, he landed in between the Blood Wolf Gang and Thousand Gold Association, as his ancient halberd heavily slammed onto the ground, causing a strong gale to swiftly spread out, directly pushing back the Blood Wolf Gang troops.

“Lin Dong!”

As expected, the person who suddenly appeared drew cheers from the Thousand Gold Association headquarters. They had seen Lin Dong’s capabilities in the Sky Flame Mountain Range before. Currently, the former was already able to contend against a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. Although the Blood Wolf Gang’s momentum was a little overwhelming, this was still a substantial help.

“Lin Dong, you’ve ruined my plans time and time again. I will not let you off so easily!” Yue Shan sternly declared as he glared at Lin Dong.

“This will be the final time.” Lin Dong chuckled and softly said: “This time, I will completely wipe out the Blood Wolf Gang.”

“Haha, arrogant fellow. My Blood Wolf Gang has three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners this time, who do you think you are!” Upon hearing these words, Yue Shan immediately sneered.

Lin Dong smiled, as he took a look at Xia Wanjin, who was being cornered by the two heads from the Black Python Mountain. Three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners, this line-up was indeed not weak. However, they were truly not too much of a threat towards him now. Though he would find it very troublesome when faced with an opponent like Wang Pan, Yue Shan and the rest were not on the same level as Wang Pan after all.

“Lin Dong has appeared as expected.”

When Lin Dong appeared, several figures were observing the situation from a tall building nearby.

Among this group were some familiar faces, which included grandmaster Yan and Ziyue. At this moment, a middle-aged man whose face was as white as jade was standing in front of Ziyue. He smiled as he watched the figures in a distance and said: “The Blood Wolf Gang has indeed gone all out this time, will Lin Dong be able to save them from this crisis?”

“Hehe, does the city lord not plan to step in? If the Blood Wolf Gang really exterminates the Thousand Gold Association, the balance in Yan City will be broken.” To one side, grandmaster Yan chuckled as he said.

In response, the middle-aged man in purple merely let out a laugh and did not reply.

“Today, I want to find out exactly where does a brat like you get his courage from!” Blood flowed everywhere. Yue Shan grabbed onto a dark broadsword, as the vigorous Yuan Power within his body gushed out like a wave.


Yue Shan’s expression was dark, wielding his bloody blade, his body leapt off his horse as a formidable blade shadow mercilessly chopped down on Lin Dong.

Faced with this powerful attack which caused the surrounding air to hum, Lin Dong did not back down even the slightest bit. The ancient halberd in his hand abruptly rose up, and thrust forward, emitting a scarlet glow as it forcibly scattered the blade shadow.

Upon seeing that his attack was actually so effortlessly dispelled by Lin Dong, Yue Shan was taken aback. However, before his mind could completely process this thought, Lin Dong suddenly took stamped off the ground, as he violently swept forward. The ancient halberd in his hand transformed into numerous halberd images which violently thrust out.

“Clang clang!”

At the sight of the assaulting halberd images, Yue Shan did not dare to be negligent, he hastily urged the Yuan Power in his body, before heavily chopping at the halberd images. However, in the instant the two forces clashed, his expression immediately turned to extreme astonishment. This was because he had felt the terrifying power within the seemingly illusionary halberd images. This kind of power was incomparable to an ordinary perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner!


After clashing against merely two of Lin Dong’s halberd images, to his horror, Yue Shan found that cracks had unexpectedly appeared on the broadsword which he had covered with Pure Yuangang energy. How could ordinary weapons be able to face Lin Dong’s Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd.

Lin Dong did not give Yue Shan too much time, he clearly wanted to speedily finish this battle. The halberd in his hand paused, and directly ripped through the air like a metal rod, ruthlessly smashing into Yue Shan’s bloody blade. Immediately, a sharp and clear sound rang out in mid-air. Under numerous astonished gazes, the bloody blade in Yue Shan’s hand was directly broken into many pieces.


Moreover, when the bloody blade was broken, an extremely powerful force travelled through the bloody blade and mercilessly slammed into Yue Shan’s chest. The latter’s complexion instantly turned white, as he violently vomited a mouthful of fresh blood, before heavily falling to the ground and cutting an exceedingly sorry figure.

The end of the battle was unexpectedly quick. When the crowd saw Yue Shan being utterly defeated after a few moves from Lin Dong, the area momentarily lapsed into silence. The numerous whispers from before also completely stopped, as gazes filled with extreme astonishment turned towards the sorry figure of Yue Shan one by one.

Defeated just like this?

Was the one known as one of the top practitioners in Yan City, the sect leader of the Blood Wolf Gang, Yue Shan, so cleanly defeated by Lin Dong?

This scene caused an feeling of absurdness to arise in many people’s hearts. Although they knew that Lin Dong already possessed the strength to fight against a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner not too long ago, the sight before their eyes was not a close fight, but a completely one-sided thrashing…

Furthermore, it was a complete loss, and even the weapon was directly smashed to bits. Was this not thorough enough?

“How is this possible?” Of course, the crowd was not the only ones who were unable to comprehend what had happened. Even the person in question, Yue Shan, had a face full of disbelief. He had personally witnessed Lin Dong defeating Song Dao in the Sky Flame Mountain Range, but it was only after a desperate battle before achieving a fluke victory. Yet, now…

Lin Dong stood atop a sword as he floated in mid-air. The ancient halberd in his hand faintly sparkled, as he calmly gazed down at the astonished face of Yue Shan. Lightly stepping forward, a powerful aura rippled outwards and slowly spread out.

“Perfect Yuan Dan stage!”

When they sensed the powerful aura that was gushing out from Lin Dong’s body, gasps immediately sounded out from below. No one expected that the former had actually advanced to the perfect Yuan Dan stage in less than a month!

“The halberd in that guy’s hands is a little strange, or else even if he has reached the perfect Yuan Dan level, he would not be able to so easily defeat me!” Yue Shan’s expression fluctuated. Soon after, his gaze suddenly shifted to the Han duo, who were suppressing Xia Wanjin, as he sternly shouted: “Brother Han Zong, there is a tough one here, we need to join hands!”

Upon hearing Yue Shan’s shout, Han Zong’s and Han Sheng’s expressions slightly changed. What kind of opponent would actually require the three of them to team up? Could it possibly be a practitioner at the Creation stage?

As this thought turned around in their minds, the duo suddenly dished out an extremely well-coordinated attack. The formidable attack directly caused the already losing Xia Wanjin to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. With a flash, the duo swept back and appeared beside Yue Shan, as their cold eyes looked towards Lin Dong.

“This brat?” When the Han duo saw that the tough one Yue Shan had spoke of seemed to be a youngster, their eyebrows involuntarily furrowed, as they somewhat suspiciously asked.

“This brat is also at the perfect Yuan Dan stage, plus, the halberd in his hands should be a Soul Treasure, it’s extremely powerful!” Yue Shan wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth as he said.

“Soul Treasure?”

Upon hearing these words, a greedy look almost instantaneously surfaced in the Han duo’s eyes, as they fervently stared at the halberd in Lin Dong’s hands. They had naturally heard of Soul Treasures before, however, this kind of item too rare, even they had never owned one before.

“Attack together and kill him first!” Han Zong darkly said. Although Lin Dong wielded a Soul Treasure, the three of them were after all three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners. It would not be difficult for them to kill the latter with their combined might.


With regards to Han Zong’s words, Yue Shan and Han Sheng did not object at all as they fiercely nodded. At the same time, three powerful undulations directly gushed forth from the trio’s bodies. This aura was extremely attention grabbing.

“Yue Shan and the rest want to gang up on him!”

“Truly marvelous, this is the first time I’ve seen such a formation, however, the fact that Yue Shan and the two heads were forced to combine forces means that Lin Dong is really powerful indeed.”

“I wonder how long Lin Dong will be able to endure under the trio’s combined might…”

This scene instantly drew an uproar from the crowd. Three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners allying against a youngster, this was the first time such a thing had occurred in Yan City.

“Little brother Lin Dong, I will help you!” When the injured Xia Wanjin saw this situation, his expression changed, as he wiped away the blood at his mouth and dashed forward.

“No need. Chairman Xia, it will be better for you to defend the headquarters. I can deal with these three.”

However, in response to Xia Wanjin’s good intentions, Lin Dong merely chuckled, as he pointed the tip of the halberd to the ground. A faint scarlet light seemed to flow on the ancient halberd.


Upon seeing that Lin Dong had actually rejected Xia Wanjin’s aid, and chose to face Yue Shan and the other two by himself, many people slowly shook their heads in their hearts.

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