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Chapter 188: Bloody Battle

Outside the Thousand Gold Association headquarters, the usually bustling atmosphere had now been replaced by a tense air. A large menacing army tightly surrounded the area. Similarly, there were a huge number of troops inside the headquarters. The scale of this event caused one to involuntarily lick one’s lips. After all, ever since the Thousand Gold Association and the Blood Wolf Gang rose to power, they had restrained one another. Hence, a fight of this scale was exceedingly rare.

Nearby, a huge crowd swarmed around to watch the action. Many people were extremely interested in the final struggle between two of Yan City’s top factions. After all, they understood that this battle would reset the pecking order in Yan City.

The Blood Wolf Gang was a vicious bunch. If they defeated the Thousand Gold Association, they would not leave them with any opportunity to survive. Moreover, once the Blood Wolf Gang defeated the Thousand Gold Association, the Blood Wolf Gang’s reputation would instantly soar.

“The Thousand Gold Association has miscalculated this time. Originally, they thought that it would be sufficient to recruit some of the other factions from the city. However, they never expected that their opponent would hire the two heads of that Black Python Mountain. Those two are after all perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners.”

“Yeah, those fellows from Yan City are all wimps. At first, they thought that the Blood Wolf Gang was weaker and agreed to help. Now that the Blood Wolf Gang has found reinforcements, all of them quickly switched to a neutral stance. These so-called allies of the the Thousand Gold Association are truly unreliable.”

“Well, you can’t blame them entirely. The fault lies with how vicious the Blood Wolf Gang was. They actually invited two perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners to assist them in an instant. It is even said that they nearly exhausted all their reserves to hire these two fellows.”

“As long as they can defeat the Thousand Gold Association, they can recoup all these losses.. Heh heh, Yue Shan is really cunning, he completely understands the principle of going all-out.”


The huge crowd flooded the area around the heavily confined Thousand Gold Association. Meanwhile, silent whispers began to spread out.

While these whispers spread, at the head of the troops surrounding the Thousand Gold Association, were three men seated on horses. One of them was Yue Shan, while the other two were dressed in black and looked somewhat similar. From the looks of it, they should have some blood relations with each other.

Right now, the two of them were smiling as they looked at that luxurious Thousand Gold Association headquarters, an unconcealable greed in their eyes. The two of them loved these so-called merchant associations. After all, these fellows were not only easy to handle, but they were extremely rich.

These two were the heads from the Black Python Mountain, and they were called Han Zong and Han Sheng. Within a few hundred mile radius of Yan City, these two individuals were considered as elites. Hence, any merchant that passed through their territory would automatically hand over the road tax. In fact, their reputation did not lose out to the top three factions in Yan City. Perhaps, due to their vicious methods, their reputations may even exceed the latter’s.

“Haha, don’t worry. The Thousand Gold Association will not survive this day. At that time, eighty percent of everything will be yours!” When he saw their expressions, Yue Shan involuntarily laughed.

As he spoke, a malicious glint flashed across Yue Shan’s eyes. Previously, his Blood Wolf Gang had been constantly bullied by the Thousand Gold Association and his territory was continuously decreasing. Thankfully, he had some connections with the underground society within a few hundred mile radius of Yan City. Though this was so, in order to hire these two fellows, he had used nearly all his wits and money. In fact, he had even promised to allocate them eighty percent of the Thousand Gold Association’s fortune. Overall, this was an extremely tempting deal.

Of course, this final measure was forced by the Thousand Gold Association!

If this was not such a critical juncture, even Yue Shan did not have the determination to burn all escape paths.

“Xia Wanjin, since you want to exterminate my Blood Wolf Gang, today, I shall destroy you first!” Yue Shan stared menacingly as the Thousand Gold Association headquarters. Today, he had absolute confidence in himself. Three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners. Even in the entire Yan City, who could match up to this lineup?

“After I destroy the Thousand Gold Association, I will exterminate the Lin Family. That kid dared to interfere in my matters so many times, I will not forgive him!” As he recalled his originally perfect ambush that was disrupted by Lin Dong, Yue Shan’s heart became enraged. If it was not for Lin Dong, how could he be forced into such a predicament.

“Sect leader, the troops are fully assembled. However, our scouts report that the Lin Family seems to have sent quite a number of helpers as well.” While the menacing glint flashed across Yue Shan’s eyes, a scout suddenly reported.

“A mere Lin Family dares to assist them. They must have swallowed a leopard’s guts. Liu Chong, bring a group of men and stop them. No need to be merciful, kill them all!” Yue Shan abruptly turned around, as he looked at one of his advanced Yuan Dan stage subordinates and commanded.


After hearing these words, that tall and sturdy man instantly grinned maliciously. With a wave of his hand, he commanded a small troop and departed immediately.

“Kill! Today, we will exterminate the Thousand Gold Association!”

After he sent out this small troop, Yue Shan’s attention once again returned to the Thousand Gold Association. With a malicious smile, he suddenly lifted his hand and viciously swung it down. An extremely powerful roar filled with murderous intent instantly set off the tension inside the ground.


After Yue Shan yelled out, the Blood Wolf Gang’s troops gushed forth like a tidal wave. War cries echoed forth, as they angrily dashed towards the Thousand Gold Association headquarters, that had been fortified like a golden soup.

As they stared at that fierce battle that had begun, several of the onlookers’ facial expression began to change. This Blood Wolf Gang is indeed ferocious.

However, even though the Blood Wolf Gang’s attack was extremely fierce, the Thousand Gold Association’s resistance was equally formidable, and they managed to forcefully keep out the Blood Wolf Gang troops without yielding a single inch.

“The two of you, it seems like the Thousand Gold Association is still quite capable. I am afraid I may require your assistance later.” When he saw the Thousand Gold Association’s tight defense, Yue Shan furrowed his eyebrows, as he cupped his hands towards the Han brothers and said.

“Haha, no problem. Since we have accepted your money, we will get rid of your troubles. Furthermore, brother Yue Shan and us go a long way back. Naturally, we will assist you!” When they heard his words, that Han duo laughed.

Yue Shan was all smiles as well. However, inside his heart he was gnashing his teeth. Even though he had managed to invite the two of them this time, they were indeed as dishonorable as their reputation claimed. Not only did the two of them not agree to willingly help because of their familiarity, they instead directly raised the required compensation several fold. Yet, at this juncture, Yue Shan did not dare to object and he could only silent grit his teeth and swallow the anger inside his heart.

“After I am finished with the Thousand Gold Association, it will be your turn!”

Even though they were despicable, they knew the importance of fulfilling one’s end of the promise after accepting payment. Furthermore, Yue Shan had promised them riches from Thousand Gold Association which would only be received after they took care of the latter. Therefore, it was pointless for them to slack off now.

Hence, after they agreed with Yue Shan, the two of them waved their hands. Immediately, hundreds of figures swiftly followed behind. These men were all carrying large sabres on the backs and looked extremely cruel. One glance and one could tell that these were no ordinary fellows.

“Brothers, draw your blades and do it. This one job is equivalent to ten years of work!” Han Zong chuckled as he immediately led the way. As he released the forceful aura of a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner, a blade shadow that was several meters wide exploded forth with a formidable wind sound and heavily slashed against the main entrance of the Thousand Gold Association headquarters.


Just as that blade shadow was about to hit the main door, another powerful force swept forth from within the Thousand Gold Association and heavily collided against it, successfully withstanding the attack.

A strong wind arose from the epicenter, as a figure stood atop the headquarters and stared coldly at the Han duo, before he shouted: “These two heads, my Thousand Gold Association had some dealings with you in the past, why must you drive us to such a sorry state?”

“Heh, blame your Thousand Gold Association for having too much wealth. We brothers are jealous and we want to take it!” Han Zong released a weird laugh as he signalled to Han Sheng, who was standing nearby. The two of them dashed forth simultaneously, one on the left and the other on the right as they surrounded Xia Wanjin. Based on their actions, the two of them wanted to kill Xia Wanjin together.

When they saw this sight, inside the headquarters, Xuansu’s, Xia Zhilan’s and the rest’s facial expressions changed. If anything happened to Xia Wanjin, the morale of the Thousand Gold Association would surely plummet.

“Boom Boom!”

Three figures crossed blows in mid-air as a powerful Yuan Power shockwave spread out like a tidal wave. Faced with the two perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners, Xia Wanjin was unable to gain much advantage. It was not long before he found himself at the losing end, barely able to cling on.

When he saw Xia Wanjin struggling, a light smile surfaced on Yue Shan’s face. Three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners. How could a mere Thousand Gold Association resist such a formidable formation?

“Hurry up and attack. Overcome the Thousand Gold Association’s defenses!” Yue Shan saw a gradual opening in the defense, as he signalled with his palm and coldly shouted out.


Just as Yue Shan roared, a sudden commotion erupted from behind him. Immediately, rows of Blood Wolf Gang troops flew backwards and landed on the ground.

“What is going on?” This sudden development shocked Yue Shan, as he shouted out with a dark expression on his face.

“Sect Leader, the Lin Family has charged in!” A person hurriedly said.

“How is that possible? What about Liu Chong?” When he heard these words, Yue Shan’s facial expression changed. He had sent so many skilled practitioners over, how could they fail to stop a mere Lin Family?

“Sinecure Liu has been killed!” That person mournfully replied.

When he heard these words, Yue Shan’s heart sank. In the Lin Family, there was no one who could kill an advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner. The only one who could do that was Lin Dong, who had already left for Sky Flame Mountain Range.

“Don’t tell me…”

Yue Shan’s eyes were dark as he slowly turned his head, and stared at the crowd in a distance. At that area, his Blood Wolf Gang troops were being crushed at an extremely quick rate.

As his Blood Wolf Gang’s troops were being destroyed, a figure carrying a long halberd was steadily walking forward. In his passing, the ground was being dyed blood-red…

“Lin Dong!”

When he saw this figure, Yue Shan’s face instantly turned green!

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