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Chapter 190: Might of the Halberd Technique

Three exceptionally vigorous auras rippled across the area. Strong Yuan Power undulations were like a tide, as wave after wave crashed forth, causing quite a number of the nearby onlookers to be oppressed until they found breathing a little difficult.

Perfect Yuan Dan stage.

In the entire Yan City, this level was at the absolute pinnacle of strength. Yet now three people at this level had a one off alliance. This sight caused quite a few people’s blood to boil.

Many wanted to know how strong the combined powers of three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners would be.

“Facing off against three people by himself, it seems that every time he appears, Lin Dong’s strength will have risen substantially…” On a building in the distance, the middle-aged man with a face that was white as jade watched as astonishment flitted across his eyes.

“This trio of Yue Shan’s are all vicious and merciless characters and their battle experience is extremely plentiful. I’m afraid that it will be somewhat difficult for Lin Dong to face all three of them alone.” Grandmaster Yan furrowed his eyebrows as he said.

“Hehe, that might not be so. Though he has yet to reach the Form Creation stage, even I feel a little danger from him…” The middle-aged man softly chuckled.

“Oh?” Upon hearing this, grandmaster Yan’s expression slightly changed. He knew that the man before him had successfully advanced to the Form Creation stage two years ago. He did not expect that even a practitioner of this calibre would say something like this. Looks like Lin Dong’s progress in the last month was extremely huge.

Behind the two of them, Ziyue’s beautiful eyes somewhat peculiarly stared at the scene. There, the youngster held his ancient halberd in the reverse direction, as he faced three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners joyfully and without fear. This kind of composure was truly admirable.

“Do we truly not need to help Lin Dong?” In the Thousand Gold Association headquarters, Xuansu gazed outside, her umber-black eyebrows knitting together as she worriedly asked.

“Lin Dong is not a reckless person. Don’t worry, if anything happens, I will definitely step in!” Xia Wanjin replied in a low voice. While he was speaking, his eyebrows also slightly furrowed. Although he had always thought extremely highly of Lin Dong, this time, the opponents were three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners…

Under countless burning gazes, three vigorous auras pushed down on Lin Dong, yet his expression remained calm. The Yuan Power undulations from his body was still gentle and did not become disorderly from nervousness in the face of the trio’s combined might.

Three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners. If this was before, perhaps Lin Dong would truly have a headache, however, after his trip to the old tomb, and after meeting Lin Langtian, Wang Yan and the rest of the practitioners who were famed even in the entire Great Yan Empire, the perfect Yuan Dan stage clearly no longer caused Lin Dong much fear. Of course, this was not blind contempt, but rather he had the ability to genuinely possess such an attitude.

Given Lin Dong’s current strength, although he would find practitioners like Wang Yan who were at the Form Creation stage especially troublesome, among the perfect Yuan Dan stage, he dared to declare that no one would be his match. Although his opponents were many this time, the final outcome…would be difficult to change.


The trio’s auras continuously surged, as the killing intent in their eyes intensified. Suddenly, all three of their expressions simultaneously turned dark, as they stepped forward and transformed into three blurry shadows. As they dashed forth, menacing attacks instantly targeted all of Lin Dong’s vital points.

As he faced the formidable attacks of the trio, Lin Dong merely chuckled, choosing not to retreat but to advance. As he waved the ancient halberd in his hand, three halberd shadows ripped apart the air, and viciously pierced towards their throats with a low sonic boom.

“Clang clang clang!”

The weapons in the trio’s hands were wrapped with an extremely rich pure Yuangang Energy. When they heavily collided against the incoming halberd shadows, sparks and a crisp sound immediately exploded forth.


Due to the simultaneous explosions coupled with the resulting extremely violent Yuan Power shockwaves, everyone in a thirty meter radius were pushed backwards as they hastily retreated. Furthermore, that formidable wind generated caused them to be unable to breath.


After forcibly intercepting Lin Dong’s attack, the facial expressions on the Yue Shan trio changed once again. Lin Dong’s ancient halberd was just like a mountain, the strength behind each of his attacks was extremely astonishing. If they had not prepared beforehand and wrapped their weapons with layer upon layer of pure Yuangang Energy, their weapons would have already been destroyed by Lin Dong.

“Mountain Fist!”

With a solemn expression, Yue Shan suddenly kept his weapons and changed to his fists. Immediately, a punch was heavily delivered as the pure Yuangang Energy inside his body erupted from his fist like a volcano. The vigorous pure Yuangang Energy faintly took the shape of a mountain, as it carried an extremely oppressive force and ruthlessly attacked the top of Lin Dong’s head.

“Ground Splitting Kill!”

When Yue Shan attacked, the Yuan Power in the Han duo also violently gushed forth, as a punch was viciously delivered to the ground before them. Vigorous Yuan Power instantly blended into the ground in a peculiar fashion, as the ground in front of them was forcefully split apart. Two Yuan Power tornados, together with large amount of soil quickly intertwined, tearing apart the ground as they dashed towards Lin Dong.

The trio’s attacks almost instantaneously became extremely formidable. One from below and the other from above. Two killing moves with extremely malicious killing intent. Evidently, they planned to finish off Lin Dong as quickly as possible!

Even though the trio were only at the perfect Yuan Dan stage, since they had advanced to that stage for quite some time, they had began to grasp some form creation abilities. Now that they had utilized their full strength, their combined attack was truly formidable and it captivated the gazes of several people in the crowd.

Lin Dong stared at that formidable attack that was growing rapidly in his pupils. However, his face remained totally calm. The ancient halberd in his hand gently tapped the ground, moments later, the halberd slowly leaned forward. With a sudden jerked of his arm, a peculiar buzzing sound echoed forth from the ancient halberd, while a scarlet red glow quietly enshrouded it.

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, fish scale halberd!”

A formidable look flashed across his calm eyes. Faced the trio’s vicious combined attack, Lin Dong did not retreat. Rather, to the crowd’s astonishment, he took a step forward as a scarlet red glow instantly exploded from the ancient halberd in his hand. Then, this the light grew brighter and directly turned into a giant vicious-looking scarlet red fish!

“Is this… the Form Creation stage?” As they stared at the sinister life-like giant fish, shocked gasps instantly exploded out from the crowd. Lin Dong’s Yuan Power form creation was several times stronger than the Yue Shan trio.

“How is this possible?!” Yue Shan was similarly shocked, as waves churned in his heart.

“It is because of the Soul Treasure in his possession. Based on his strength, he cannot materialize such an attack that can match up to a Form Creation stage practitioner!” Han Zong’s expression was dark as he shouted out.


Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, the hideous-looking giant fish that was wrapped in vigorous Yuan Power heavily slammed against the Yue Shan trio’s combined attack. Instantly, a loud sound rang out, as an exceptionally violent wind swept outwards. Several people were caught off guard, as their bodies were directly flipped over, an extremely awkward position.

“Bang bang!”

The Yue Shan trio’s combined attack did not manage to hold off that sinister life-like giant fish for long, before being forcefully blown apart. Then, the giant fish, which was now slightly dimmer and less life-like after a strenuous struggle, still carried a formidable glow as it ruthlessly slammed against the Yue Shan trio’s bodies.


When their bodies personally experienced the attack, the Yue Shan trio finally understood how terrifying it was. The defences on their bodies instantly crumbled as their Qi and blood churned in their bodies. They each vomited a mouthful of fresh blood, as their bodies were just like a kite with a broken string, which wildly flew backwards and heavily landed on the ground.


Upon seeing the Yue Shan trio unexpectedly fall after a single move from Lin Dong, a series of gasps sounded out, and morale of the troops from the Blood Wolf Gang also plummeted.


Han Zong’s sorry figure fell to the ground, a ferocious glint flitted across his eyes as he wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth.


The ancient halberd in Lin Dong’s hands touched the ground, as he gazed towards the three sorry figures that had fallen to the ground. His eyebrows suddenly furrowed, as his powerful Mental Energy sensed an extremely tiny yet dangerous attack was quickly closing in.


His gaze flickered, as the ancient halberd in Lin Dong’s hand suddenly and viciously slammed into the ground before him. A faintly golden Yuan Power shockwave that could be seen with the naked eye erupted forth, as the ground several meters before Lin Dong actually exploded. A faintly yellow glow was forcefully pushed out of the ground, transforming into a ray of light, as it tore through the air at an extremely frightening speed, emitting an aura that slightly scared even Lin Dong, and shot towards him.


The ancient halberd stabbed out, as its tip rapidly rotated, transforming into a vortex which coiled around the yellow glow, while neutralizing its power.

As the vortex dispelled the power, the yellow glow quickly dimmed, before finally transforming into a small dagger-like object, which was about the size of a thumb and completely deep yellow.

Lin Dong sensed an exceedingly sharp aura from this tiny object. This thing would have opened a bloody hole even in someone like himself if he had been shot. Most importantly, this object was almost undetectable, an excellent tool for mounting a sneak attack.

“Low ranked Soul Treasure…”

Lin Dong extended a finger and pressed onto this thumb-sized sawtooth blade, as he felt an icy sensation that caused his hand to tremble a little. Astonishment flitted across his eyes, as he smiled towards the deathly pale Han Zong and said: “I did not think that you actually had a treasure like this. Since that is so, it would be inappropriate of me not to help myself.”

As his words were spoken, his hand flipped and the sawtooth blade was kept into his Qiankun bag. When Han Zong saw this, the sight before his eyes momentarily turned black, as he once again vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. This Moyun Blade was his Black Python Mountain’s most precious treasure!

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