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Chapter 187: Harvest

On the mountain top, the pain on Lin Dong’s face gradually dissipated as he flipped through that Qiankun bag. In its place was a delighted expression. Evidently, the earnings this time were greater than his expenditure.

The wealth that Wang Yan possessed had far exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. Just the number of Pure Yuan pills inside that Qiankun bag alone, had reached twenty thousand. This gigantic fortune was enough to cause anyone to smack their lips. This Wang Clan was indeed extremely wealthy. Even a younger generation member would have such a huge sum of money on hand, a truly envious situation.

“It’s no wonder those fellows were not interested in the Pure Yuan pills inside the old tomb. Everyone indeed leads different lives…”

Lin Dong softly sighed as he kept all of these Pure Yuan pills. Then, as he continued to rummage with his hand, he found an old manual with a faint golden glow. On its yellowish cover, were a few golden words.

“Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm!”

Lin Dong blinked as he recalled that golden stage-like martial art Wang Yan had displayed, as a fire lit up in his eyes. He had personally experienced the might of the Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm, and it was truly formidable. A golden platform made from condensed Yuan Power; once it was executed, the force behind it was practically able to turn mountains and flip seas, no one would dare to block.

“Grade seven Martial Arts.”

Lin Dong flipped open that old manual as he browsed its contents, and lightly nodded his head. Grade seven, this was considered as an upper ranked Martial Arts. In fact, even though there was only a single grade of difference between a grade six and a grade seven Martial Arts, the gap between them was huge. One was middle ranked while the other was upper ranked. Hence, it was not difficult for one to deduce the disparity between them.

Furthermore, after Lin Dong had personally experienced the might of this Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm, truthfully, he was deeply yearned for it in his heart. However, he never imagined that he would actually obtain it today.

“I shall keep it!’

With regards to such a treasure, Lin Dong had no reason not to accept it. He grinned and chuckled, as he unceremoniously kept it into his clothes. As his strength grew, the Martial Arts that Lin Dong had learnt previously now seemed somewhat lacking. Even the Wonder Gate Seal was unable to accomplish much against a Creation stage practitioner.

For example, in the previous battle against Wang Yan, the Wonder Gate Seal had failed to achieve anything. Ultimately, it was still limited by the the Martial Art itself. Hence, it was difficult for it to accomplish anything against someone stronger than Lin Dong like Wang Yan.

Furthermore, even though Lin Dong had obtained a genuine upper ranked Martial Art from the tomb’s owner, this Martial Art was most effective only when used in combination with the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd.

Since Lin Dong had yet to reach the Form Creation stage, he had yet to understand the power of Form Creation. Therefore, this would affect the power of the Ancient Heavenly Scales technique. As such, this Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm would help to make up for some of his current shortcomings.

Grade seven Martial Art. Even though it was merely the beginning of upper ranked Martial Arts, it was already pretty formidable. Even amongst the entire Wang Clan, not everyone had the qualifications to learn this level of martial art.

After he kept the ‘Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm’, Lin Dong once again found some unique metal objects inside Wang Yan’s Qiankun bag. When he saw how well preserved these items were, he guessed that they were fairly rare.

“Hmm, you are pretty lucky. Some of these rare metals are the materials needed to refine the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd.” The small marten looked at them as it smiled.

“Oh, that’s right. How do I upgrade this Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd to a high-grade Soul Treasure?” When the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd was mentioned, Lin Dong suddenly remembered, as he hurriedly asked.

When he was fighting with Wang Yan, Lin Dong clearly experienced just how powerful a high-grade Soul Treasure was. In fact, even the Soul Puppet’s sturdy body was directly pierced through by it. Hence, its might was truly astonishing. This time, if it were not for the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd and the Symbol Puppet, he would have most likely died at the hands of that fellow.

“We still lack some materials. Moreover, a Soul Treasure can only be refined by a Soul Symbol Master. It will likely be a while before we can upgrade the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd to a high-grade Soul Treasure.” The small marten answered.

“Reaching the Soul Symbol Master…”

When he heard these words, Lin Dong’s face was slightly stiff as he shook his head helpless. He had no choice but to temporarily suppress this matter in his heart. After all, it would still be quite some time before he advanced to the Soul Symbol Master level.

After he kept these unique metal materials, Lin Dong continued to rummage for a while. However, he did not encounter any more extraordinary items, and soon, he decided to give up and organize everything. When he discovered the total harvest, it was still pretty decent.

“Heh, at least I did not suffer a loss!” As he patted his inflated Qiankun bag, Lin Dong smiled in satisfaction.

“Kid, just that Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm and those special metal materials are enough for you to spend all those Pure Yuan pills. Furthermore, you even received twenty thousand more Pure Yuan pills. This time, you have hugely profited.” The small marten curled its lips as it said.

Lin Dong smiled as he stood up and said: “Let’s head back to Yan City. This time, we will likely be gone for a long period of time. Some problem need to be settled first.”

The problems that he was referring to was naturally the Blood Wolf Gang. Right now, the Lin Family had already firmly established themselves in Yan City. However, they were still lacking compared to a major faction like the Blood Wolf Gang. However, the grudge between the Blood Wolf Gang and the Lin Family was quite heavy. Thus, he did not feel at ease with such a huge problem beside his Lin Family.

Since he wanted to leave, he must clean up all these problems!


Lin Dong’s foot tapped off the mountaintop, as a blade appeared below his feet. His figure swept forward as a whistle was swiftly released from his mouth. In the woods below, a tiger’s roar sounded out as a fiery-red shadow dashed out from within the woods.

Lin Dong’s figure gently floated onto Little Flame’s back. With a gentle pat, the latter was just like an arrow, as it dashed towards Yan City.

When Lin Dong had arrived at Yan City, it was already evening. Once he entered the city, he realized that the atmosphere inside was strange. Several people were rushing through the streets, and the direction there were headed in was the same. They were headed for the center of the city.

“This is going to be exciting. There will be an all-out battle between the Blood Wolf Gang and the Thousand Gold Association…

While Lin Dong was puzzled, a few stealth whispers sounded out from the passerbys.

“Have they started?” When he heard these words, Lin Dong suddenly had a flash of understanding, however, he was not too surprised. After the Blood Wolf Gang had tried to ambush the Thousand Gold Association, they would not let this matter go easily. Therefore, a huge battle was naturally bound to occur once they returned.

When regards to the war that had erupted between both parties, Lin Dong was not too worried. The Thousand Gold Association was rich and powerful. If they fought, they would not lose out to the Blood Wolf Gang. However, since they were both a part of the top three factions in Yan City, a stalemate would be unavoidable.

“It’s not going to be fun. In my opinion, the Thousand Gold Association is doomed. Based on my insider news, the Blood Wolf Gang has exhausted nearly all their financial resources to invite the two heads of Black Python Mountain this time. Both these individuals are at the perfect Yuan Dan stage. A long time ago, when Yue Shan had yet to establish the Blood Wolf Gang in Yan City, he had a reasonably good relationship with them. Furthermore, since he had paid them lavishly, these two heads from the Black Python Mountain would definitely assist him!”

“Indeed. Right now, the Blood Wolf Gang has reportedly surrounded the headquarters of the Thousand Gold Association. It seems like the Thousand Gold Association was not as well prepared as the Blood Wolf Gang. Or else, based on their financial resources, they should still be able to invite reinforcements.”

However, as this information flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, a person nearby smiled and said towards the person beside him.

“Black Python Mountain?”

When he heard these words, Lin Dong’s footsteps suddenly paused as he furrowed his eyebrows. He did not expect that Yue Shan was so well-connected and was still able to secure reinforcements at such a time. Furthermore, from the looks of it, it seems like he intended to put his life on the line for this fight. If he truly managed to defeat the Thousand Gold Association, the status of the Blood Wolf Gang in Yan City would soar.

Even the Thousand Gold Association would find it extremely difficult resist the combined forces of three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners. Although they could hire reinforcements, it would still take time to prepare. Based on the Blood Wolf Gang’s actions, it seems like Yue Shan had long finished preparations even before he attempted to ambush the Thousand Gold Association at Sky Flame Mountain Range.

This cunning fellow had even prepared for the worst case scenario. Therefore, one could only imagine the effort it took to hire the two heads from Black Python Mountain. It seems like this time around, they truly intended on struggling to the death against the Thousand Gold Association.

“This Yue Shan is truly a troublesome fellow…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. This fellow was truly crafty. Within a few hundred mile radius of Yan City, there were several powerful dark factions as well. Against this kind of opponents, even the Thousand Gold Association would find it to be pretty challenging. Most importantly, in terms of viciousness and mercilessness, merchant associations like them naturally could not compare to the Blood Wolf Gang.

However, the more troubles Yue Shan caused, the more Lin Dong could not relax and leave Yan City peacefully. Else, once he returned, this entire Yan City may have been conquered by the Blood Wolf Gang. At that time, his Lin Family would naturally suffer.

This matter was something that he could not tolerate.

“I want to see if the reinforcement you have brought this time will be enough to save your life!”

As he coldly snorted in his heart, Lin Dong’s palm lightly patted Little Flame. The latter released a roar, as the crowd in front hurriedly made way for them. Little Flame transformed into a fiery-red shadow, as it dashed lightning-quick across the broad streets. Under the astonished gazes of the crowd, the shadow quickly disappeared.

This time, Lin Dong had made up his mind to exterminate the Blood Wolf Gang. Plus, he would definitely take Yue Shan’s life!

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