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Chapter 186: Chat on the Mountaintop

The mountain winds were biting cold. Lin Dong gazed at the graceful and beautiful figure before him which stood at the edge of the cliff, as a soft breeze brushed over, causing her fine black hair to gently flutter, creating a free and elegant look.

With regards to this sudden aid, Lin Dong was evidently extremely astonished. Never did he imagine that this woman, who was full of murderous intent just a while back, would actually come and save him on her own accord.


The silence on the mountaintop lasted for a long time, before Lin Dong finally let out a dry cough and clasped his hands together: “Many thanks to miss Ling Qingzhu for helping me.”

“I saved you only because I want to kill you.”

Just as Lin Dong’s voice rang out, a soft and indifferent reply caused his expression to turn awkward. Soon after, he bitterly laughed and said: “Isn’t that overdoing it a little?”

Ling Qingzhu did not reply. She gazed at the mountains in the distance, while her clear eyes remained ice-cold. However, under that icy coldness, was an extremely faint ripple. Moments later, she turned and looked at the youngster as she said: “You are too weak.”

There was no contempt in her voice, only an undeniable fact.

“No one started out strong.” Under those clear yet cold pupils, Lin Dong sighed as he slowly said.

“Two years later, you still won’t be Lin Langtian’s match. Your challenge towards him is meaningless and merely nothing more than a loser trying to show off with some impressive final words.” Ling Qingzhu said in an indifferent manner.

Upon hearing Ling Qingzhu’s words, Lin Dong’s expression instantly darkened. Perhaps because of some unexplainable matters of the heart, he was able to remain calm despite Wang Yan’s and the rest’s disdainful sneers. However, standing before Ling Qingzhu, the first woman whom he had intimate relations of the flesh with, he was unable to bear these words.

“I will defeat him two years later!” Lin Dong deeply breathed in, staring at Ling Qingzhu as he slowly uttered each word.

Ling Qingzhu gazed at the youngster, whose eyes were filled with an incomparable stubbornness and an unwavering determination, as if she was unable to understand where he drew his confidence from. Moments later, her eyelashes moved slightly as she tilted her head and said: “I’ve saved you this time only because I want you to promise me one thing.”

“What happened in the old tomb will forever rot in your stomach, and can never be known. In fact, even you must pretend it had never happened!”

Upon hearing the coldness in Ling Qingzhu’s voice, Lin Dong did not know why but the blood in his body suddenly felt as if it was about to surge, as he clenched his fist so tightly that creaking noises sounded out. He had long anticipated this, however, the heart of a youth after all contained various kinds of unrealistic and immature fantasies.

Yet, at the same time, he also clearly understood that Ling Qingzhu was not a woman who would give her heart and body to someone who had taken her. This woman was too prideful and it was very difficult to imagine if there would ever be a man who she would fancy in this world. In fact, Lin Dong believed that the two of them would never have crossed paths, if it were not for what had happened in the old tomb.

She was a phoenix that soared in the skies, and Lin Dong was merely a young wolf, which was still running towards the path of power. Even if they somehow met by chance, he could never hope that the phoenix would pause and stay by his side.

Lin Dong clearly understood all of this, yet, even though he understood, accepting it was not easy. Although this youngster knew how to endure patiently, he likewise had an extremely strong self-esteem. He was able to bear the humiliation he had suffered under Lin Langtian, but it was very difficult for him to maintain an indifferent attitude in the face of Ling Qingzhu’s serene tone.

From a certain point of view, the latter affected him so much more.

“Because I am weak?”

“Even if you were Lin Langtian, my words would not change.” Ling Qingzhu’s eyes slightly lowered, but her tone remained undisturbed.

“If I am stronger than Lin Langtian?!” Lin Dong abruptly raised his head and firmly stared at Ling Qingzhu.

“Are you courting death?”

Ling Qingzhu’s long, shapely eyebrows slightly knitted together, as her ice-cold voice sounded out: “If you continue, I will kill you right here. Don’t think that I do not dare!”

“Don’t be under the impression that I am dishonoring you. If what happened between us was even the least bit exposed, don’t even bother mentioning yourself, even the entire Lin Clan will definitely be completely exterminated. If you are not a fool, you should know why it cannot be. No matter how much willpower you have, some things are absolutely impossible! As a person, assess your capabilities and act accordingly!”

Upon hearing Lin Qingzhu’s icy voice as she spoke those last few words, Lin Dong looked up to the sky and deeply breathed in. A long time later, he finally replied in a low voice: “I will not mention what happened between us in the tomb to anyone…perhaps you might find this beneath contempt, but the fact remains that you’ve saved my life today. This debt will be repaid by Lin Dong in the future!”

“If you want to return this debt, talk about it again when you possess the qualifications to participate in the Hundred Empire War.” Ling Qingzhu cast a glance at Lin Dong, before she elegantly turned around and gracefully left.

“Hundred Empire War?” Lin Dong was stunned.

“When you have truly surpassed Lin Langtian, you will naturally have the qualifications to know what it is. However, if you cannot even reach this point, your willpower and arguments will be nothing more than useless drivel and a joke.”

“If I can rise above the others in the Hundred Empire War, will I have the qualifications?!” Lin Dong seemed to have sensed something from Ling Qingzhu’s slight change in tone. He immediately raised his head, and stared at the exceptional figure atop the green lotus, as he said in a low voice.

He believed that Ling Qingzhu should understand what qualifications he was talking about.

Sure enough, Lin Qingzhu’s beautiful figure slightly paused. She was silent for quite some time, before she replied in an indifferent manner: “Just barely enough. However, I do not believe that you will reach that point. This is not contempt but merely being realistic. Regardless of whether you accept it, it will not change.”

Lin Dong stared unwaveringly at the beautiful figure which seemed to be made from all the spirits of heaven and earth. His eyes suddenly turned extremely passionate and unbridled: “That day will come. At that time, I will once again stand before you and tell you that, a woman that I’ve slept with will definitely be mine!”

The youngster’s suddenly fearlessness and unbridled manner directly caused the beautiful figure to turn rigid. One could imagine how wonderful the view of that absolutely beautiful face under the veil would be.


Sure enough, Lin Dong’s wanton words drew a palm of green light, which ruthlessly slammed into his chest, smashing him into a boulder, such that even a trail of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. However, Lin Dong did not seem to be in pain at all, and instead heartily laughed out.

“I will only allow such blind and foolish words before you have truly reached the stage that you have spoken of this one time. Or else the consequences will not be offset by a single palm. I have already shown the utmost mercy to you, if you push this any further, I will kill you.”

The exceptional figure on the green lotus slightly tilted her head, gazing at the youngster who was practically embedded in the boulder, whose gaze remained as passionate and stubborn as before. An extremely faint disturbance suddenly surfaced in those clear eyes.

“Lin Dong, I hope that you will not be this weak the next time we meet. A truly strong person is not all talk.”

A soft voice hovered about the mountaintop, as the green lotus started to glow. Soon after, it transformed into a green light under Lin Dong’s gaze and swept towards the horizon. In a few breaths, it completely disappeared.

Gazing at the light as it disappeared into the horizon, Lin Dong deeply breathed in, before leaping off the cliff. He spit out the bloody foam in his mouth; the woman’s palm attack seemed to be heavy, but it was clearly also within the limits. Or else, it would not be so simple as spitting out one or two mouthfuls of blood for him.

“Kid, you’ve indeed been clouded by lust. If that woman was truly angered, you would not survive even if you had nine lives.” The small marten appeared before him and let out a strange laughter.

“Then, should I hold it in? What if I explode from doing so?” Lin Dong chuckled as he stared at the spot where Ling Qingzhu had disappeared, before he said: “When I meet her next time, I will honorably tear off her veil.”

“Bold, heh. However, it is a little difficult to achieve. To honorably tear off that woman’s veil is much more difficult than defeating Lin Langtian.” The small marten straightened its claws, not holding back as it spoke: “Although I do not know the identity of that woman, it should be somewhat extraordinary. A poor brat like you is too unskilled to pick up a woman like that.”

Lin Dong softly chuckled, as he ignored the small marten’s insult. Regardless of how powerful and incredible Ling Qingzhu’s status was, he would not give up so easily.

She did not believe that he would be able to reach that step, then Lin Dong would prove her wrong in the end!

Even if this required a huge amount of sacrifice and hardwork, Lin Dong would not regret it at all. After all, everyone only gets one shot at life, if one lives life without ambition, one would have wasted it!

Hence, Lin Dong’s goal was that once he became a truly strong practitioner, he would once again stand before her. He did not want to prove anything to her out of hot bloodedness, rather he wanted to show her that the young man she had rejected years before on that mountaintop, had reversed her words!

Perhaps this kind of thinking and goal seemed too absurd for now. However, Lin Dong would not give up.

“Don’t think too far into the future. Be realistic kid. This time, in order to escape, you used eleven thousand Pure Yuan pills. Right now, you have only ten thousand left…”

While Lin Dong was staring into the horizon, the small marten’s causal words suddenly caused his face to stiffen. An extreme heartache gushed out in his heart, eleven thousand…

“That son of a b*tch!”

The number of Pure Yuan pills on his hands had shrunk. This heartache caused Lin Dong to grit his teeth as he cursed Wang Yan countless times. How could this be a battle, it was practically using money to beat others!

“Thankfully, we managed to snatch that fellow’s Qiankun bag. His status in the Wang Clan is pretty high, so he should be quite wealthy…”

While his heart was aching, Lin Dong suddenly remembered the Qiankun bag he had snatched from Wang Yan. He hurriedly took it out and started flipping through it. He wanted to find out just how wealthy that fellow was!

“You had better not cause me to suffer a loss!”

Lin Dong gritted his teeth and uttered as he opened the Qiankun bag.

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