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Chapter 184: Might of the Symbol Puppet

The earth-shattering might of the terrifying Yuan Power hurricane frantically unfurled, causing all the trees within a hundred meters to be forcefully broken apart. In that short instance, this piece of forest became exceptionally empty.


Golden and scarlet light filled the horizon, and one of the figures was blown back as it heavily landed in the forest. Along the way, it broke numerous huge trees before slowly coming to a stop.


The one that had fallen to the ground was Lin Dong. At this moment, his expression was rather pale, and in the end, he spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. However, although his situation was not very good, his eyes were especially passionate. This was the first time he had done battle with a Form Creation stage practitioner. Though it was challenging, it felt incomparably carefree.

In the air, golden light whistled as a figure was likewise jolted backwards. However, after taking about ten steps back, he suddenly shouted out, as the golden spear in his hand heavily slammed down in mid-air. Only then did he forcefully steady his body. Although his body was stable, a strong force still broke out from his body and turned a boulder behind him to dust.

“Good kid!”

There was a faint trace of green on Wang Yan’s face. His hand tightly gripped onto the Great Luo Golden Spear, as he glared at the figure in the forest a distance away. He did not expect that the latter would actually be so hard to take care of, such that even after he use the Great Luo Golden Spear, the latter could still resist to such an extent.

He was arrogant by nature and would never allow a mere perfect Yuan Dan stage brat to achieve this kind of outcome at his hand. Thus, no matter what, he must kill Lin Dong today!

“I’m interested to find out just how many spear attacks of mine you can endure today!”

Wang Yan roared, a malicious glint flashing in his eyes, as a thick killing intent poured out. Previously, Lin Dong’s attack was indeed astonishingly ferocious, such that it could even match up against him. However, Wang Yan had extremely sharp eyes, he could naturally tell that Lin Dong’s attacks were extremely draining, and based on the amount of Yuan Power he had, he would last for long.


As he shouted out, the golden spear in Wang Yan’s hands once again jerked, and its body violently swept forth. Man and spear became one as they transformed into a golden flash that streaked across the sky, emitting an extremely overbearing and formidable spear aura, as they frantically charged towards Lin Dong.

Wherever that golden flash passed by, a deep gorge would be plowed in the ground below, as if a hideous mud python was struggling within the ground.

From the looks of it, Wang Yan was evidently overflowing with the murderous intent. Lin Dong’s performance led him to understand that it was best to get rid of such a person as soon as possible. If not, Lin Dong would become a huge trouble in future.

The golden light that filled the sky quickly enlarged in Lin Dong’s pupils. However, he did not avoid it this time, and instead stared directly at that golden light.


The golden light arrived in the blink of an eye. As he stared at Lin Dong, who was standing motionless, a sinister look flashed across Wang Yan’s face, while his arm suddenly jutted forth. The golden light in his hand was just like a golden dragon, as it flew towards Lin Dong’s head while filled with a domineering aura.


The golden light swept forth and arrived in a split second. However, just as it was about to hit Lin Dong, a massive figure suddenly appeared. At the same time, a dazzling glow exploded from its bronze body, as a punch was released!


There were no gimmicks behind this punch. The only thing behind this punch was an incomparably wild Yuan Power vibration, this Yuan Power seemed to have condensed and crystallized. As this punch was released, the air nearby exploded. In fact, even the surrounding trees were blown to dust, with a loud bang.

The sudden appearance of this terrifying punch caused a look of shock to surface in Wang Yan’s eyes. Before he had time to react, the bronze punch had already fearlessly smashed against the tip of his golden spear!


A deep echo sounded out in these woods as rows and rows of trees collapse. If one was hovering in the skies, one could see that an extremely powerful shockwave was now spreading out from the epicenter in a circular manner. Wherever the shockwave passed through, the dense forest would be levelled. In fact, some unfortunate Demonic Beasts did not even have time to react, before they were forcibly squished into blood stains.


As that terrifying shockwave howled, the two figures in the center were blown back almost a hundred meters, as two deep scars were etched out on the ground.

“What is this?” After he stabilized his body, a red flush appeared on Wang Yan’s face. Then, he stared in shock at a bronze figure, as his pupils suddenly shrunk: “Symbol Puppet!”

Wang Yan was not unfamiliar with that bronze figure. He had encountered it before in the tomb. However, the four of them had allied together, before they were able to defeat it. At that time, he was quite keen on obtaining one, unfortunately, since that Symbol Puppet had been marked by the Nirvana stage practitioner, he had no choice but to give up.

Yet, never in his wildest dreams did he expect that this Symbol Puppet, which he had yearned for, would actually appear in Lin Dong’s hands!

“Just how many treasures did this kid obtain in the tomb!”

Wang Yan’s face was green, he clearly knew how powerful this Symbol Puppet was. Not only could it match up to a Form Creation stage expert, it did not feel pain at all. Hence, it was a complete killing machine and would be a formidable opponent.

Lin Dong’s feet stepped on a blade as he hovered above the Symbol Puppet, and stared coldly at the now slightly injured Wang Yan. With a wave of his hand, endless streams of Pure Yuan pills flew out from his Qiankun bag, and when these Pure Yuan pills touched the Symbol Puppet, they immediately turned into pure Yuan Power and gushed inside it.

Right now, even though the Symbol Puppet consumed a huge amount of Pure Yuan pills each time it attacked, Lin Dong no longer cared. Even if he had to go bankrupt, he would cripple or kill this son of a b*tch!

As a large amount of Pure Yuan pills turned into Yuan Power and flowed into the Symbol Puppet, the bronze glow on the latter’s body became increasingly bright. In fact, a bronze glow even began to appear in its sunken eyes.


Another two thousand Pure Yuan pills were guzzled down like water. Without time to experience any heart-ache, with a flick of his hand, the Symbol Puppet turned into a blurry figure as it dashed forth with a loud bam. Its speed was extremely terrifying. With a swish, it explosively appeared in front of Wang Yan. Without the slightly hesitation, a glowing bronze fist was directed towards him.

Punch, explode!

The Symbol Puppet’s speed once again completely exceeded Wang Yan’s expectations. Only now did he finally understand how difficult it was for him to deal with a Symbol Puppet alone. However, since he could not avoid it, he wave his hand shielded himself with his Great Luo Golden Spear.


The bronze fist was just like a mountain, as it heavily slammed against the Great Luo Golden Spear. That terrifying force actually managed to directly bend the shaft of the spear. Wang Yan’s body was blown back, ruthlessly smashing into a nearby cliff, as his body sunk deeply into it. Meanwhile, fresh blood began to flow from the corners of his mouth.


Lin Dong swiftly chased after him. With a cold expression, another two thousand Pure Yuan pills were deposited into the Symbol Puppet, as the killing machine that knew no pain or tiredness once again dashed forth.

When that Symbol Puppet dashed forth, Wang Yan lept into the air. With a hideous expression on his face, the golden spear in his hand suddenly released a dazzling golden light. With a loud roar, his golden spear flew down and mercilessly shot at the Symbol Puppet’s body.


The Great Luo Golden Spear was truly a high class Soul Treasure. It was so powerful that when its full force was delivered onto the Symbol Puppet’s body, it directly pierced through the latter.

If this was against a human opponent, this injury would likely have been fatal. However, a Symbol Puppet does not feel any pain. Even though its body had been pierced, it clenched its fist while expressionless and continued to plow forward. To Wang Yan’s horror, a fist ferociously smashed into his body.


At last, Wang Yan’s body took a direct hit. A mouthful of fresh blood was sprayed out, as the clothes on his body were reduced to dust by the gigantic force.

When Wang Yan was beaten naked, a black object was suddenly flung out. Nearby, when Lin Dong saw this situation, he hurriedly waved his hand, as a suction force immediately gushed forth, and directly sucked that black object into his hands under Wang Yan’s shocked and furious gaze. With a look, he realized that it was actually a purplish black Qiankun bag!

Judging by its color and craftsmanship, it was evidently a rare high-grade Qiankun bag!

“After all I have spent, this shall be my reward!” As he grabbed the Qiankun bag, Lin Dong unceremoniously kept it as he coldly chuckled.

Upon seeing that his Qiankun bag was taken by Lin Dong, Wang Yan was so mad that he vomited blood, and fiercely shouted: “Elder Shen, kill this brat!”

At Wang Yan’s furious shout, Lin Dong was suddenly taken aback. Did this guy still have a helper?

While his heart was in shock, Lin Dong’s reaction did not slow. He hastily raised his hand and recalled the Symbol Puppet, before his figure swiftly retreated.

“Young master Wang Yan, old Xiu has said that you can allow me to step in, but you will be in a lot of trouble.” While Lin Dong’s figure rapidly withdrew, a somewhat helpless old voice suddenly rang out in the air. Soon after, an elderly figure appeared beside Wang Yan, below the figure’s feet was a grey disc of light.

As this elderly figure appeared, a frightening aura that was not inferior to Lin Langtian’s also quietly filled the air.

“Qi Creation stage!”

As he gazed at the elderly man in grey, Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly shrunk, and his heart slowly sunk.

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