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Chapter 185: Saved

The elderly man in grey stood atop a round grey disc with his hands behind his back, and his long beard floating in the wind. A powerful heart palpitating aura slowly spread out from his body, causing the Yuan Power surrounding him to vibrate.

At this moment, Wang Yan had already received and put on some clothes from the elderly man in grey, but he still appeared a little ragged. Originally, with his strength and the might of the Great Luo Golden Spear, he would not be pushed to this sorry state by the Symbol Puppet. However, he was a little spent after the intense battle with Lin Dong previously, and most importantly, he had actually underestimated the Symbol Puppet as an ordinary opponent. His formidable spear attack had drilled through the Symbol Puppet’s heart, an attack that should have been fatal…unfortunately, the Symbol Puppet did not have a heart. It did not have the same weaknesses a human had.

Hence, in that short moment when Wang Yan relaxed, an extremely ferocious attack was released by the Symbol Puppet. Unable to protect himself, he was directly hit, and the resulting injuries were not light.

“Elder Shen, kill this brat!”

After putting on the clothes, Wang Yan’s expression was exceptionally dark. The elder beside him was sent by the clan to protect him, after all, his position in the Wang Clan was not low, hence it was normal for him to enjoy some special privileges. However, due to the agreement between the four great clans, the elder had not revealed himself in the tomb.

In his trip this time to stop Lin Dong, Wang Yan had also thought of directly letting elder Shen swiftly dispatch the former. However, after some consideration, Wang Yan decided to personally undertake this task in the end. The reason behind this was simple: he did not believe that taking care of Lin Dong would be difficult at all.

As a Form Creation stage practitioner, and with the high-grade Soul Treasure, the Great Luo Golden Spear, in his hands, even within the Form Creation stage, his battle power was extremely high. How could he possibly fail to take care of a mere perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner with this kind of strength?

Of course, the final cruel outcome gave him the answer to this question. This unremarkable looking kid was truly not easy to deal with…

Upon hearing Wang Yan’s furious voice, the elderly man known as elder Shen let out a soft chuckle. Soon after, his gaze swept over Lin Dong as he smile and said: “To think that you were actually able to push young master Wang Yan to this step at the perfect Yuan Dan stage, this the first time in many years this old man has seen such a sight.”

Lin Dong wore a severe expression, as his hand tightly gripped onto the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, while he controlled the Symbol Puppet to stand guard at his side. He had already used all his cards against Wang Yan, and this old man’s strength had reached the Qi Creation stage. If the old man stepped in, Lin Dong knew that the outcome was bleak for him.

However, no matter how difficult it was to defeat his opponent, he would at least not give up so easily!

“Hand over your Soul Treasure, bind yourself and let young master Wang Yan personally handle the rest.” The elderly man in grey stroked his beard as he smiled and dully said.

Lin Dong coldly laughed in his heart, ignoring the old man’s words, his foot stepped on the sword as he hastily retreated. While he retreated, his sleeve flung out, as another two thousand Pure Yuan pills entered the Symbol Puppet’s body.


Upon seeing that Lin Dong insisted on escaping, the elderly man in grey also softly sighed. His body flashed, as several after images appeared in the sky, while he chased Lin Dong at an extremely frightening speed.

When the elderly man gave chase, Lin Dong’s mind moved, and a bronze glow once again erupted from the Symbol Puppet, as it violently charged at the former.

“A mere middle ranked Symbol Puppet will not be able to save you!” As he watched the Symbol Puppet dashing over, the elderly man let out an icy laugh. His gnarled hands suddenly extended, as a ferocious Yuan Power gushed forth, directly transforming into a small Yuan Power mountain that was dozens of meters large, before smashing downwards, firmly crushing the Symbol Puppet to the ground.

At the sight of the Symbol Puppet being subdued in a single blow, Lin Dong felt a chill in his heart. Was this the true power of a Qi Creation stage practitioner? It was indeed way stronger than the Form Creation stage.


His figure rapidly retreated, as Lin Dong tried to control the Symbol Puppet to struggle free of the small Yuan Power mountain. At this time, the latter’s body had already dimmed once again, as it had evidently used up quite a lot of Yuan Power. Lin Dong could only softly sigh as he kept reaching into his Qiankun bag. Meanwhile his gaze rapidly flickered, and his mind furiously tried to come up with a plan of escape.

Upon seeing Lin Dong retrieve the Symbol Puppet, the elderly man in grey did not stop him. With a cold laugh, his palm extended out again. Yuan Power converged and once again formed a small Yuan Power mountain. This time however, it directly flew towards Lin Dong.

The small Yuan Power mountain whizzed downwards, bringing with it an intense sonic boom that would cause an intense pain in one’s eardrums.

This kind of attack was even more powerful than when Wang Yan used the Great Luo Golden Spear!

“Lin Dong, transform three thousand Pure Yuan pills into Yuan Power and pour it into the Stone Talisman!” At this critical moment, the small marten’s voice urgently sounded out in Lin Dong’s mind.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong gently gritted his teeth. Without any hesitation, his mind flicked as Pure Yuan pulls continuously gushed out of his Qiankun bag, before finally shooting into his palm. Meanwhile, a suction force also erupted from the Stone Talisman, which gobbled up all the the Pure Yuan pills.

As the huge number of Pure Yuan pills poured into the Stone Talisman, Lin Dong felt an extremely powerful energy shockwave swiftly spread out from within.

“Buzz buzz!”

When the shockwave spread out, a purplish black Qi suddenly gushed out from Lin Dong’s palm, before quickly gathering together in mid-air. In the blink of an eye, it transformed into a purplish black vortex that was about a dozen meters large.

“Tch ch!”

Once the vortex formed, the small Yuan Power mountain arrived. When the two forces touched, waves of terrifying corrosive power immediately dispersed from the vortex. Under this corrosive power, the small Yuan Power mountain gradually crumbled.

When he saw that even this small Yuan Power mountain formed by a Qi Creation stage expert was directly corroded by the small marten, Lin Dong was taken aback. This fellow was truly extraordinary.

“Don’t depend on me. Right now, I am still too weak and it’s too strenuous to fight against a Qi Creation stage expert. At this rate, I will be exhausted in no time. Let’s hurry and escape…” While Lin Dong was delighted, the small marten panted as its voice sounded out inside his mind.

When he heard these words, Lin Dong’s elated heart quickly turned cold, as he shook his head helplessly. It seems like the small marten was just a paper tiger…

“Oh?” The elderly man dressed in grey robes was also shocked by this situation. Promptly, he stared somewhat seriously at Lin Dong and said: “I did not expect that you still had such strange methods…”

“However, this old man want to see whether you can withstand this attack!” After he finished speaking, the elderly man leapt into mid-air, as the grey disc below his feet began to howl. Then, it started to swirl manically, as an exceptionally formidable blade of light began to spin around the disc.

“Shining Black Blade, slice through the heavens!”

As the grey disc swirled manically, even though they were separated by hundreds of feet, Lin Dong could still feel a stinging sensation on his skin. In fact, the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand also began to tremble; it must have sensed the immense incoming danger.


The elderly man in grey did not give Lin Dong any time to run away. As he stared at the latter, his finger suddenly jutted forth. Then, that black disc began to rotate at an even faster rate, before it exploded towards Lin Dong at, so fast that one could not see it with the naked eye.

Lin Dong’s eyes could only see a grey flash flit across the sky. Then, he began to feel fine cuts on his skin that seemed to be caused by the wind from that formidable force. Meanwhile, drops of fresh blood began to surface on his body.

Faced with this attack, a feeling of danger filled Lin Dong’s heart. With a flick of his mind, vigorous Mental Energy immediately gushed forth and formed layer after layer of Mental Energy barriers before him.

At the same time, some purplish black lights once again shot out from his palm. They quickly gathered together and ruthlessly collided with the glowing black disc.


When that purplish black light collided with the glowing black disc, this time, it did not achieve much effect. Its corrosive power was only able to slow down the glowing black disc slightly, before it was forcefully split apart.

“Bang bang!”

After it broke free of the purplish black light, the glowing black disc’s speed was slightly reduced. However, it still dashed towards Lin Dong at a terrifying pace. Meanwhile, the layers of Mental Energy barriers did not accomplish much as well, as they were easily destroyed in seconds.

As he stared at that glowing black disc that was rapidly magnifying in his eyes, Lin Dong tightly gripped onto the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand, as he prepared to make his final stand. However, wind suddenly echoed out beside his ear, as a green light swept forth from the corner of his eyes, before it heavily clashed against the glowing black disc.

Though that green light seemed small, when it collided with the disc, an extremely formidable energy exploded forth. The black glowing disc that Lin Dong and small marten were unable to handle together, was directly blown back by the green light.

The sudden arrival of this aid stunned Lin Dong and the elderly man dressed in grey robes. Both of them hurriedly turned to look at that green light, only to see it transform into a green lotus petal as the light scattered.

After deflecting the glowing black disc, before Lin Dong had time to react, another green light flashed forth and directly enveloped his body. Amidst the sounds of wind blowing, he could sense a faint heart palpitating fragrance stealthily emerging.

When he saw that Lin Dong was being rescued, that elderly man’s face suddenly changed. Just as he planned to give chase, Wang Yan’s voice suddenly sounded out: “There’s no need to go after them.”

The elderly man was stunned, as he turned to face Wang Yan, whose face was now a little gloomy. His eyebrows furrowed, as he asked: “Does young master Wang Yan know who that was?”

Wang Yan’s facial expression was in flux. Promptly, he turned to leave, leaving behind some ice-cold words.

“If she wants to save him, you cannot stop her!”

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