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Chapter 183: Fierce Battle with Wang Yan!

“Wang Yan!”

Lin Dong stared at the figure in gold robes that was seated on the mountaintop, as a chill arose in his eyes. This person was the true ring leader behind today’s matter!

“Hand over the Soul Treasure and I will leave your dead body intact!”

On the mountaintop, Wang Yan slowly stood up, as an exceptionally overwhelming aura erupted forth. Like a flood, it screamed downwards towards Lin Dong.

“Do you think you are Lin Langtian?!”

A pressure once again pushed down on his body, but Lin Dong’s body only slightly trembled, as he lifted his head unafraid and thickly said. He was indeed not Lin Langtian’s match, such that even after using all his cards, he would only have a twenty percent change of severely injuring or killing the latter. However, Lin Dong would not be that powerless in the face of a Form Creation stage Wang Yan.

“I’m still enough to kill you!” Wang Yan sneered, as the golden spear in his hand let out a low buzzing sound which resounded across the skies.

“Don’t dream that someone will come and save you. Even Lin Langtian is well aware of my objective this time. He merely does not wish to personally dispose of you, an insignificant member of the branch family is just an ant in the eyes of the clans.”

Wang Yan stepped through the air, every time his foot fell, tremendous Yuan Power seemed to condense till it had substance under his feet. It was just like a flight of steps that allowed him to finally come to a stop in the air before Lin Dong.

“If you want to kill me, show your true capabilities!”

Lin Dong’s voice was cold, he already had a belly full of indignation due to today’s matter. Yet, Wang Yan still refused to let it go, and once again came to oppress him. Since this was so, Lin Dong was left with no choice but to fight it out!


As his shout fell, Lin Dong’s hand grabbed and the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd flashed into appearance. Heavily stamping off the ground, an unyielding power directly caused several cracks to form on the floor.

“Kid, today I will clearly show you a Form Creation stage practitioner’s power!”

Wang Yan sneered, while the golden spear in his hand stood upright in the air. Soon after, his hand grabbed out as an exceptionally formidable golden Yuan Power gushed forth, straightaway transforming into a humongous Yuan Power hand that was dozens of meters large. It tore apart the air and punched with a bang towards Lin Dong.

The huge fist was like a mountain as it smashed downwards. Sonic booms continuously rang out and even the dry leaves on the ground were instantly turned to dust!

The Form Creation stage already possessed the power to form shapes, the Yuan Power within the body would follow one’s desire to change into any shape. This kind of power was far from comparable to the weak Yuan Power of the Yuan Dan stage!

Upon seeing Wang Yan attack, Lin Dong’s expression turned ice-cold, but his eyes were filled with seriousness. He understood the difference between the perfect Yuan Dan stage and the Form Creation stage, hence, he would naturally not be so stupid as to clash head on.


With a thought, three Mysterious Ice Swords swept forth, however, just as they touched the huge Yuan Power fist, they were directly blown away. Of course, Lin Dong did not hope that these three swords, which were made from a slightly special material, to be of much use. In that split second, his body swiftly flew backwards in retreat, as a fiery-red long sword floated beneath his feet.


The huge Yuan Power fist ferociously smashed in the place Lin Dong had occupied just moments before. A loud sound rang out, as crater that was several meters deep was directly formed on the ground.

“Planning to run?!”

Though the huge Yuan Power fist did not hit its target, Wang Yan still coldly chuckled as he spoke. His fist clenched as a huge Yuan Power fist once again screamed forth.

“Manifestation Symbol Array, manifest thousand flames!”

Lin Dong stepped on the long sword as a symbol array floated above his head. Mental Energy swiftly gathered before transforming into a tiny flame, which suddenly swept forth and heavily clashed against the huge Yuan Power fist.


As the two forces collided, an extremely powerful shockwave suddenly exploded forth. The surrounding trees were directly snapped in the middle, as a strong gale screeched and spread outwards.

“Mental Energy?”

Upon seeing the symbol array above Lin Dong’s head, astonishment flashed across Wang Yan’s eyes. Evidently, he had not expected that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had also reached such a level.

Having blocked the huge Yuan Power fist, Lin Dong’s remained ice-cold, as the three Destiny Soul Symbols in his Niwan palace also started to tremble violently at this moment. Waves of Mental Energy endlessly gushed out before pouring into the symbol array above his head.

“Manifest thousand flames!”

As Lin Dong softly shouted, the symbol array spun and this time, he forcefully condensed three flames. This was the maximum number Lin Dong could currently manifest at one go!

Three flames were quick as lightning as they swept through the air and shot towards Wang Yan.

“Mere light from fireflies!”

As he gazed at the three flames which rapidly grew bigger in his eyes, Wang Yan’s expression turned a little chilly. His huge hand suddenly pushed forward, and a resplendent Yuan Power swiftly took shape at the center of his palm.

“Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm!”

Eye-piercing golden light erupted in the skies. Soon after, the golden light gathered together and directly transformed into a square-shaped golden platform that was about a dozen meters large. With a boom sound, it pushed down on the air and ruthlessly pressed down on the three flames.


In the sky, the resplendent golden light abruptly transformed into thousands of gold rays which exploded outwards. The loud rumbling sound that followed was like thunder which boomed across the skies.


Golden light shot out, as Wang Yan’s expression suddenly turned serious. The golden platform persistently resisted the three flames, with a bang, they burst apart and transformed into nothingness.

When the three flames exploded, a muffled sound also emitted from Lin Dong’s throat, as his face turned pale. A Form Creation stage practitioner was indeed frightening.


After destroying the three flames, the cold glint in Wang Yan’s eyes intensified. With a stern shout, eh golden platform immediately whizzed forth and flew towards Lin Dong. Given the formidable force behind it, even a perfect Yuan Dan stage expert would be directly smashed to pulp.

The golden light was about a dozen meters from his body, and he could not avoid it. Lin Dong’s grip on the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd suddenly tightened, as scarlet light abruptly erupted from the top of the halberd.


The halberd flashed as it heavily jabbed at the golden platform, and actually slowed its speed.

“Buzz buzz!”

The ancient halberd forcefully withstood the golden platform, as waves of terrifying energy poured down in torrents. At this moment, the numerous scales on the ancient halberd swiftly squirmed, a scarlet glow enshrouded the halberd and quickly dispelled the encroaching energy.

“Heavenly Scales Halberd technique, fish scales halberd!”

Yuan Power whistled out from Lin Dong’s Dantian and frantically poured into the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand. Soon after, his face flushed red as he sternly shouted out.


At this moment, a scarlet light erupted from the ancient halberd. The scarlet light quickly condensed before violently sweeping forth. As the scarlet light flashed, it looked just like a sinister huge red-scaled fish!

Upper category martial art, Heavenly Scales Halberd technique!

This was the final present the master of the tomb had given Lin Dong!

Given Lin Dong’s current strength, he was naturally unable to give shape to Yuan Power. However, with the power of the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, combined with the complementing Heavenly Scales Halberd techniques, he was barely able to do this!

The sinister huge red-scaled fish rushed forth, bringing with it an impact that could rip apart huge waves, as it ruthlessly slammed into the golden platform. A formidable and devastating gale erupted outwards and directly tore apart the golden platform at the middle!

In the air, when Wang Yan saw the huge red-scaled fish tearing apart the golden platform, his expression changed. Evidently, he was shocked that Lin Dong was actually able to give shape to Yuan Power.

However, this shock merely lasted for a second, before he realized that it was all due to the ancient halberd in Lin Dong’s hands.

“Such a good Soul Treasure, from the looks of it, it must have reached the middle ranked Soul Treasure stage. However, if this is all you have, then I will take both your life and treasure today!”

Wang Yan chuckled, his hand grabbed onto the golden spear, and with a jerk, a light that was even more formidable than the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd gushed out and filled the skies.

“Kid, you are lucky that you are able to experience the power of my Wang family’s Great Luo Golden Spear before you die!” As he grasped the golden spear, Wang Yan looked like a war god. Golden light bubbled forth and a proud aura soared into the clouds.

“High level Soul Treasure!” Lin Dong gazed at the extraordinary golden spear, as his pupils slightly shrunk. From it, he felt an extremely dangerous aura.

Truth be told, Wang Yan was not willing to use the Great Luo Golden Spear against Lin Dong. This was because his pride told him that such a treasure should only be used against a practitioner at the level of Lin Langtian. Yet, he never expected that a merely perfect Yuan Dan stage Lin Dong was able to survive several of his attacks. Although it was with the aid of Mental Energy and the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, this was still something that Wang Yan could not permit.

Thus, he had no choice but to use his deadliest weapon!

With the Great Luo Golden Spear in hand, Wang Yan’s aura soared and immediately became exceedingly formidable and overbearing. He glared at Lin Dong, and without any further words, the spear jerked and smashed down like a rod.


The golden spear danced, as the Yuan Power surrounding Wang Pan seemed to explode. A golden light that was a dozen meters large straightaway screamed forth. Like a threatening golden dragon, it brought a terrifying aura it as it charged towards Lin Dong.

Golden light filled his eyes. That speed made it impossible to dodge. Lin Dong deeply inhaled, as the Yuan Power inside his Yuan Dan whizzed out and poured into the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand!

“Buzz buzz!”

As the powerful Yuan Power poured in, the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd started to shudder, and emitted a buzzing noise. Faintly, it seemed as if it was about to escape from the hand that held it.

Lin Dong tightly grabbed onto the shaft of the halberd, as it suddenly moved. Scarlet light gushed out like a rainbow as the halberd danced, and quickly gathered together. In the end, it actually transformed into a huge scarlet python that was a dozen meters long!

“Heavenly Scales Halberd technique, python scale halberd!”

The scarlet light gushed forth and spread across the horizon. Lin Dong’s expression was cold, as the Yuan Power in his body was pushed to the limit at this moment. Quickly, the ancient halberd in his hand ruthlessly swung.


The ancient halberd jolted, as the huge scarlet python also left the ancient halberd with a boom. It brought with it an exceedingly frantic and formidable undulation as it swept across the horizon, before finally smashing into the golden light which descended from the skies!

In a flash, Yuan Power screamed out, as the mountains shivered!

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