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Chapter 182: Symbol Ancestor

As Lin Dong departed, the stone hall remained silent. Everyone was shocked that Lin Dong was actually able to withstand the pressure of a Qi Creation stage practitioner. Though the perfect Yuan Dan stage was only two stages away from the Qi Creation stage, the difference between the them was like heaven and earth.

A perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner could perhaps be considered as a top tier practitioner in Yan City. However, it would not amount to much outside. Only by truly advancing to the Creation stage would one become famed in the Great Yan Empire.

A practitioner that has advanced to the first level of the Creation stage, the Form Creation stage, could easily defeat the combined forces of ten perfect Yuan Dan practitioners. This was the extent of the difference between them; difficult to make up for even with numbers.

When he was at the Heavenly Yuan stage, Lin Dong could match up against an advanced Yuan Dan practitioner, however, at the perfect Yuan Dan stage, it was very difficult for him to oppose Lin Langtian who was at Creation Stage…

Hence, when they saw that he was actually able to withstand Lin Langtian’s pressure and walk out of the stone hall, the crowd could not help but feel a trace of astonishment in their hearts. This kind of willpower was very unimaginable on an inexperienced looking youngster.

“Heh, brother Lin Langtian, it seems like you have a new challenger.” As he stared at the bloodied footprints on the ground, Wang Yan’s eyes slightly narrowed before he chuckled.

After hearing these words, Lin Langtian let out a chuckle as he casually said: “In this Great Yan Empire, there are countless people who hope to use me to become famous under the heavens, having one more means nothing to me. However, most of them are only acting out of a moment of anger. When they calm down, they will realize how ridiculous they are.”

Wang Yan smiled. However, as his eyes stared at the bloodied footprints, they slightly narrowed.


On a secluded mountain peak in the Sky Flame Mountain Range, Lin Dong was seated on a large boulder. The blood on his body had already solidified and fallen off. Even though it seemed like he had been badly injured by that pressure from before, it was not that severe. After all, Lin Langtian only wanted to demonstrate his dominance and force Lin Dong onto his knees. However, he never expected that this was something that Lin Dong would never permit.

He would kneel to heavens, he would kneel to the earth, and he would kneel to his parents, however, he would never kneel in front of Lin Langtian!

Little Flame lay flat on the ground behind Lin Dong, it knew that Lin Dong was extremely moody now, hence, it did not make any noise as it quietly lay beside him.

“Kid, you were impressive!”

In front of Lin Dong, a glowing shadow materialized, as the small marten appeared. However, it did not mock him as before, but instead raised its claws to him and spoke.

“After being humiliated in such a way, how can I be called impressive?” Lin Dong chuckled somewhat self-deprecatingly.

“Kid, if you had really disregarded your life and pulled out all the stops against him, you would be considered impressive as well. In fact, the bystanders will probably admire your courage, before they mourn your loss. However, after that, your Lin Family will fall into despair. Your parents will be heartbroken and they may even fight to the death against that guy for you. Then, the outcome will still be same and you will have also doomed the entire Lin Family. You should also understand why this is so, that is because the current you is not as valuable as that fellow.”

The small marten smiled as it somewhat sincerely said: “Sometimes, it’s best not to go all-out. A truly impressive individual knows when to endure and when to withdraw. Even if others mock him, he will ignore them. That is true courage and charisma…because, hope springs eternal as long as one is alive.”

“When you become more powerful that Lin Langtian, even if you kill him, the Lin Clan will not dare to take any action against your Lin Family. You should understand this principle. It was also why you chose the most humiliating option just now. Heh heh, your choice has earned a little of my admiration for the first time.”

Lin Dong deeply exhaled, as he stared up at the blue sky. Suddenly, he asked: “If I want to defeat him two years later, is it possible?”

“It is doable, but it will be very difficult.”

The small marten slowly nodded its head and said: “That fellow’s talent is truly terrifying. Furthermore, he has the support of the Lin Clan. Hence, he has access to all the best training resources available. While you are improving yourself, he will likely improve at an even quicker rate. Two years is truly a short time, an ordinary perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner will needs perhaps several years or even decades advance to the Form Creation stage. Furthermore, that fellow is at the Qi Creation stage!”

Lin Dong silently nodded his head. He knew how challenging this would be, however…

“Two years later, I will defeat him!”

When it heard the steely conviction in the youngster’s voice, the small marten suddenly let out a laugh and said: “Of course, it does not mean that there is no way to do so.”

Lin Dong eyes slightly flickered as he stared at the small marten.

“Ancestral Symbol.” The small marten casually replied.

“Ancestral Symbol?” Lin Dong was taken aback, as he recalled the Mental Energy map that he had obtained at the Symbol Master Tower. On the map were the locations of two Ancestral Symbols.

“You cannot imagine just how powerful an Ancestral Symbol is. In fact, even in this entire Great Yan Empire, I doubt that anyone can. From the memories that I inherited from my tribe, I know that in this world, there was once a legendary expert who ruled over the world. I cannot fully explain to you just how terrifying that figure was. However, all I can tell you is that for an existence like him, he only needed a flick of his finger to completely obliterate the entire Great Yan Empire!” For the first time, an extremely fanatical reverence appeared in the small marten’s voice.

However, Lin Dong did not feel too overwhelmed. After all, he could not imagine how anyone could wipe out an entire empire with a flick of his finger…

That still seemed too distant to him.

“That legendary dictator was later called the “Symbol Ancestor”, and he was renowned across the world.”

“Symbol Ancestor? Is he related to the Ancestral Symbols?” Lin Dong was stunned, soon after, he swiftly inquired.

“As I have mentioned before, in this world, there are eight Ancestral Symbols that were born from the laws of the world. This “Symbol Ancestor” was the owner of all the eight Ancestral Symbols. After which, these Ancestral Symbols were scattered across the world and no one has managed to gather them all since then. Nonetheless, if one is able to obtain just one of them, he will become one of the present-day’s strongest practitioners, and possess the might to flip mountains and boil oceans!”

“Therefore, if you could find an “Ancestral Symbol”, I guarantee you that two years later, in that so-called clan gathering, you will definitely thrash Lin Langtian like a sandbag! If you fail to do so, go ahead and beat me!”

When he heard those last few words, the taunt faced Lin Dong involuntarily let out a chuckle, before he promptly said: “Since this Ancestral Symbol is so powerful, it would be quite difficult to find right? Else, that senior from before would not have failed.”

“Of course. If it were so easy to find, how would you still have the opportunity.” The small marten rolled its eyes as it continued: “If you want to surpass Lin Langtian within two year, this is the most dependable method.”

Lin Dong was silent for a while, as Lin Langtian’s indifferent gaze once again flashed across his mind. Suddenly, he tightly gripped his fist, as he slowly nodded his head: “Very well, let’s go look for that Ancestral Symbol!”

“Heh heh, kid, this is the drive you need. Once you obtain the Ancestral Symbol, your future potential will be limitless. At that time, that crappy Lin Clan will be begging you to join them.” When it saw this, the small marten gleefully replied.

“Why are you instigating me to look for this Ancestral Symbol?” Lin Dong suddenly turned around as he suspiciously asked.

“Eh…” As Lin Dong stared intently at it, the small marten eye’s spun before it waved its claws in resignation and said: “Kid, this is for your own good. This Stone Talisman has an extraordinary origin. Since it has now landed in your hands, in the future, there will definitely be big problems that will come your way. If you are not powerful enough, you will end up like me. Of course those that accompanied me will naturally be doomed by my misfortune as well.”

When he saw the small marten’s expression, Lin Dong facial expression turned slightly serious as he involuntarily traced his fingers against his palm. Where exactly did this mysterious Stone Talisman come from and what could it do? Why was even this mysterious small marten so fearful.

“Don’t worry. Right now, that item is still sealed. Furthermore, you are still too weak, hence no one will discover it…” As if it was afraid that Lin Dong would be flustered, the small marten hastily reassured him.

With a pained smile, Lin Dong nodded his head. He had suddenly realized that this damned Stone Talisman was actually a hidden bomb.

“When do you plan on leaving to search for the Ancestral Symbol?” The small marten asked.

“Let’s head back to Yan City first. After we have settled all our issues, we shall go!” Lin Dong thought for a moment, before he replied.

“Alright, let’s go then.” The small marten nodded its head, before it turned into a light beam and darted into Lin Dong’s palm.

“Little Flame!”

Lin Dong called out as he stood up. Little Flame, which was nearby, immediately dashed over, as Lin Dong jumped onto its back. With a wave of his hand, Little Flame released a deep growl, which shook the forests, before it turned into a red flash and charged away from the Sky Flame Mountain Range.

At Little Flame’s full speed, it took only half a day to cross the entire Sky Flame Mountain range. It was evidently much faster than before.

A blazing shadow swept across the mountains, before it violently stopped, as it charged towards a mountain peak while roaring.

Seated on the tiger’s back, Lin Dong eyes slowly turned towards that mountain peak, only to find was a man dressed in golden seated at the top of the mountain, Under the rays of the sun, dazzling lights were reflected off. A golden spear stood in the hands of the man in gold, as an astonishing and arrogant aura shot towards the heavens and surged across the skies.

“Wang Yan!”

When he saw the figure seated on the mountaintop, Lin Dong’s glaze slowly darkened.

“Lin Langtian is conceited and refused to take notice of you. However, I do not wish to leave a potential disaster. After today’s matter, you already bear a grudge against my Wang Clan. Since that is the case, I must take your life today!”

On mountain top, the man dressed in gold slowly looked down, as he stared at Lin Dong below, his cold voice laced with killing intent.

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