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Chapter 181: Today’s Matter will be Repaid a Hundredfold

Wang Yan’s voice rang out in the stone hall, as Lin Dong’s footsteps came to a stop. He turned around and looked at the former, before casting a glance towards the sneering Wang Pan and the rest behind, furrowing his eyebrows as he said: “Is something the matter?”

“You’ve snatched my Wang Clan’s Soul Treasure, do you really think you can just leave like this?” Wang Yan replied in an indifferent voice.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong’s expression darkened. He could not help but sneer as he said: “Distinguished one, this is really too laughable. Items from the tomb are originally ownerless. Since when did they become your Wang Clan’s property? If that is so, won’t everyone who managed to obtain treasures here have to return them to you?”

“Humph, kid, don’t think of quibbling. That Soul Treasure was obtained by me first, but it was snatched away through your sneak attack!” Wang Pan coldy snorted as he said.

Upon seeing that this person would actually be so shameless, Lin Dong was so angry that he let out a laugh. This guy’s ability to turn black to white was truly marvelous.

This sudden change also caused the crowd to understand that there some gaps between what the Wang Clan and Lin Dong had said. With regards to what had actually led to this, the crowd really did not care, because everyone knew that the Wang Clan was usually arrogant and domineering. Since Lin Dong was alone today, given Wang Pan’s and the rest’s characters, they would definitely not let this issue rest so easily.

“Miss Qingzhu, this is a grudge between my Wang Clan and this person.” Wang Yan casually looked towards Lin Dong before declaring this to Ling Qingzhu.

Though he did not finish his words, Ling Qingzhu understood his intention. Without saying anything, she slowly took two steps back, indicating that she would not interfere.

Lin Dong did not find her actions unexpected. The fact that Ling Qingzhu did not stab him at this time was already an extremely excellent thing. Hoping that she would step in to help was practically impossible.

Ling Langtian and Qin Shi merely gazed at the scene from a detached point of view.

“Wang Pan, you are talking rubbish, that Soul Treasure was originally obtained by Lin Dong, since when did he mount a sneak attack on you? All of us are able to testify that everything you’ve said is a lie.” While the crowd was waiting to see a good show, a charming voice suddenly rang out. The crowd turned, only to find that it was Lin Ke-er.

Upon seeing Lin Ke-er open her mouth to speak, Wang Pan’s expression slightly changed, while Wang Yan’s eyebrows furrowed a little. He did not expect that the Lin Clan members would actually step in.

“Ke-er, stop talking nonsense, and don’t interfere in other family’s matters!” To one side, Lin Langtian’s coldly said. His eyebrows had also furrowed when he saw that Lin Ke-er had actually spoken out.

“Big brother Lin Langtian, Lin Dong is also considered as a member of my Lin Clan, how can you call it other family’s matters.” Lin Ke-er hastily said. Wang Yan was usually very bossy, today, this matter may only be solved if Lin Langtian stepped in.

“I have never seen such a person in the clan, which family does he hail from?” Lin Langtian was taken aback, his eyebrow knitted together as he looked at Lin Dong.

“He…he is from a branch family.” Lin Ke-er bit her teeth and said. She knew that in the eyes of the clan members, the status of the branch families were extremely low, so much so that many would not even acknowledge that the branch family members were part of the Lin Clan.

“Branch family…” Lin Langtian took his head, a look of indifference in his eyes. If Lin Dong was truly a member of the clan, he would perhaps reluctantly step in. However, since he was from the low status branch family, there was no need. It truly was not worthwhile to sour the relationship with the Wang Clan for a branch family member.

“You no longer need to care about this matter.” Upon hearing Lin Langtian’s indifferent tone, Lin Ke-er’s heart turned cold.

Lin Dong stood on the spot, as his fists tightly clenched. He was able to hear the contempt in Lin Langtian’s voice. Although their family names were both Lin, it was evident that the latter did not once regard him as someone from the same clan.

That indifference and contempt were like knives which cut across Lin Dong’s heart, causing his gaze to turn ice-cold.

“I did not expect that this person was actually someone from a branch family of the Lin Clan. Since this is so, I should not make things too difficult for him. Brother Lin Langtian, this matter shall be settled by you.” Wang Yan chuckled as he said.

Upon hearing this, Lin Langtian softly chuckled. His gaze turned towards Lin Dong, considering for a moment before he said: “Since you have a little relation to my Lin Clan, I will be the judge for you this time. How about this, hand over the Soul Treasure, then apologize to Wang Pan and the rest, and we shall drop this matter.”

After hearing these words, Lin Ke-er’s pretty face once again changed. Handing over the treasure and apologizing, what kind of judge was this?


Lin Dong’s tightly clenched fists emitted a bone cracking sound. His was expressionless, but the rage in his heart had never before burned so hot. He stared at Lin Langtian’s handsome face, letting out a cold laugh as he said: “Truly such a excellent judge.”

“You dare to not listen to my words?” Upon hearing Lin Dong’s laughter, Lin Langtian’s expression slowly turned icey. His status in the Lin Clan was extremely high, among the younger generation, no one dared to refute him. Even some of the older generation were rather courteous towards him, yet today, this low status member of the branch family dared to question his words?

His dignity seemed to provoked at this moment!

“I am in charge of the Lin family’s law enforcement group. Just based on that one sentence of yours, I can arrest you and bring you to the clan’s ancestral hall to receive punishment!”

“I’ll say it again, will you do as I have said!”

Lin Langtian’s expression was ice-cold, he suddenly took one step forward, as a Creation stage practitioners terrifying aura directly erupted out, before ruthlessly oppressing Lin Dong’s body like a mountain.


Under that exceedingly powerful aura, Lin Dong’s knees abruptly bent. Soon after, his eyes turned scarlet red as he forcefully resisted the pressure, while the bones in his body continuously emitted creaking sounds, as if they were bearing a heavy weight.

“Truly a little courageous!”

Upon seeing that Lin Dong was actually able to resist kneeling under his aura, the coldness in Lin Langtian’s eyes turned even chillier, while the pressure of his aura grew increasingly stronger, such that, even the ground where Lin Dong stood was forcefully broken with a bang.

The Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body frantically circulated, tenaciously resisting the pressure which caused him to be unable to move. Only now did he finally and thoroughly understand how enormous the gap between the Yuan Dan stage and the Creation stage was.

The pressure around him continuously tried to force Lin Dong down to his knees, while his gaze frantically flickered. He was measuring his strength and his cards.

However, when he finished his calculations, his heart sunk a little. The Qi Creation stage Lin Zhentian was too powerful.

“Big brother Lin Langtian!”

When she saw Lin Dong’s scarlet red face, as if the blood was about to drip out from his skin, Lin Ke-er once again worriedly said. No matter what, Lin Dong had some relations to the Lin Clan. It was too humiliating for him to be treated this way in front of so many people.

Upon hearing Lin Ke-er’s pleading tone, Lin Langtian’s eyebrows lightly furrowed. Soon after, he placed his hands behind his back, as he looked down upon Lin Dong, whose body was pushed down till it became somewhat bent, and said in an indifferent voice: “On Lin Ke-er’s account, Lin Dong, if you are able to withstand my aura and walk out of this stone hall, we can forget about this matter.”

Lin Dong’s body violently trembled under that gaze. A rage that had hit the limit caused an urge to thoroughly fight it out with Lin Langtian, although the final outcome would be Lin Dong’s death in this place!

“Lin Dong, you and me, plus that mid-ranked Symbol Puppet have a twenty percent chance of heavily injuring or killing him. If you want to do it, I will aid you.” While Lin Dong’s eyes were red with madness, the small marten’s voice was a little gloomy as it sounded out in his mind.

“Twenty percent.”

After hearing this extremely low chance, Lin Dong’s rationality, which was about to be covered up with rage, suddenly resurfaced. His blood red eyes unwaveringly stared at Lin Langtian, who was looking down upon him. Without any further words, he slowly turned around with great difficulty, before moving his heavy as a mountain feet, step by step towards the exit of the stone hall.

He knew that he was powerless to change this situation. Even if he managed to kill Lin Langtian in the end by some fluke, so what? Next, he would definitely incur the wrath of the Lin Clan. Under their rage, the Lin Family would be the first to be mercilessly eradicated, because the current Lin Dong was practically worthless compared to Lin Langtian.

The current him did not have the means to protect the Lin Family from the wrath of the Lin Clan, because, he was not strong enough!

“Lin Dong…”

After seeing that Lin Dong had chosen rationality in the end instead of impulse, a soft sigh could be heard from the little marten’s voice. It knew how difficult it was for a young man to make such a decision, even if it was the most rational course of action in this situation.

“Thud! Thud!”

Heavy footsteps rang out in the stone hall. Under that increasingly powerful pressure, drops of dark red blood oozed out from Lin Dong’s pores. Blood flowed down his body, and every step of his left behind a scarlet footprint on the ground, a ghastly sight for the eyes.

Gazing at the back of the figure who still took each mountainous step towards the exit of the stone hall while covered in blood, the stone hall suddenly became much quieter. The eyes of those who were originally waiting to see some excitement slowly turned serious. The willpower of this youngster caused them to be somewhat moved.

Ling Qingzhu was stationed at the front of the stone hall, as she gazed at the youngster, who was walking over while covered from head to toe in blood. Ripples formed on the surface of her clear pupils, she could see the youngster’s scarlet eyes and could also see the burning fire which had been buried deep in his eyes, plus a tenacity that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

Lin Dong reeked of blood as he stepped past Ling Qingzhu with great difficulty. The latter’s lily-white hands slightly clenched. Perhaps, because of great tenacity in the youth’s eyes, or maybe a rarely seen softness in her heart. In the end, she did not say anything.

Under the gazes of the crowd in the silent stone hall, Lin Dong foot stepped out of the huge bronze door, as the pressure which was heavier than a mountain finally disappeared.


At the disappearance of the pressure, Lin Dong vomited a mouthful of blood. His knees heavily slammed onto the ground, and then were firmly propped up by him. He did not look back, dragging a trail of blood as he slowly moved away. Under the setting sun, the trail of blood seemed particularly eye-piercing.

As his figure faded away from sight, a coarse and gloomy howl, like that of an injured wild beast, slowly sounded out and echoed about the stone hall.

“Lin Langtian…two years later at the clan gathering, today’s matter will be repaid a hundredfold!”

While gazing at the scarlet footprints, Lin Ke-er bit her rosy lips. The mountain-like willpower Lin Dong had displayed caused everyone to be moved.

Deeply sucking in a breath of air, Lin Ke-er gazed at Lin Langtian, whose expression remained calm, but, in her heart she knew that this responsible person, who stood at the pinnacle of the Lin Clan, had likely…already made himself a terrifying enemy.

In the clan gathering two years later…she believed that this younger would once again appear.

At that time, heaven and earth would be overturned in the Lin Clan because of him.

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