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Chapter 172: The Scramble over the Treasure

All five figures had red-hot gazes, as they dashed in a straight line towards the spear shaped Soul Treasure, which was floating in the air,

Lin Dong’s gaze swept over the other four before pausing on the left most middle-aged man. From the vigorous Yuan Power undulations that spread out from the latter’s body, Lin Dong was able to tell that the middle-aged man’s strength was at perfect Yuan Dan stage.

As for the remaining three, they were only at advanced Yuan Dan stage. Although this was not weak, they did not pose too much of a threat towards Lin Dong.

“So many experts!”

This was already the smallest group, yet, there was already one perfect Yuan Dan and three advanced Yuan Dan practitioners. This intense competition caused even Lin Dong’s heart to involuntarily gasp.

However, Lin Dong was not the slightest bit lenient as he made his move. Though Yuan Dan stage practitioners were almost able to float through the air, they were far from able to directly create various shapes and objects using Yuan Power like Lin Langtian and the rest. Thus, although they were in mid-air, their nimbleness could not compare to Lin Dong, who had the aid of Mental Energy.

The sword below his feet flashed as Lin Dong’s figure once again sped up. In an instant, he approached the spear shaped Soul Treasure, which was emitting a weak glow.

“Kid, you’re courting death!”

The four people behind were furious when they saw that Lin Dong was the first to reach. As they lifted their hands, four portions of ferocious Yuan Power gushed out and ruthlessly shot towards Lin Dong’s back.


As he sensed the strong wind which was rushing at his back, Lin Dong coldly snorted. With a flick of his mind, vigorous Mental Energy formed into a Mental Energy barrier behind him, and blocked the incoming Yuan Power attacks.


While resisting their combined attack, Lin Dong’s finger pointed out as four swords emerged from his Qiankun bag. Formidable sword auras violently shot towards the four people behind him, indiscriminately hacking and chopping, causing the four to become somewhat flustered. After all, they did not have much means to move in mid-air, causing them to look a little clumsy.

While the four were busy, Lin Dong neared the spear shaped Soul Treasure, before his hand directly grabbed at it.


Just as Lin Dong’s palm was about to touch the spear shaped Soul Treasure, an extremely powerful resistive force suddenly exploded out from it, forcibly jerking away Lin Dong’s palm.


Upon seeing that this spear shaped Soul Treasure was automatically resisting, Lin Dong was a little taken aback. As expected of a Soul Treasure, to think that it also possessed this kind of ability.


Since his first grab ended up in failure, Lin Dong was about to continue trying. However, an exceedingly ferocious Yuan Power undulation suddenly gushed towards his back again. This caused his expression to darken as he turned his head, only to find the middle-aged perfect Yuan Dan stage man staring back at him with an ominous glint in the latter’s eyes.

“Brat, beat it before this old man gets serious!”

Upon seeing the middle-aged man’s devilish look, Lin Dong could not help but let out a icy chuckle. Without further ado, his mind moved as the Manifestation Symbol Array straightaway appeared.

“Manifest, thousand flames!”

Lin Dong did not waste any time to probe the opponent’s strength, at this critical juncture, he understood that he could not afford to waste too much time with anyone. Therefore, when he attacked, he directly used the Manifestation Symbol Array’s strongest move.

A tiny flame flew out from the symbol array, and as it travelled, a series of explosions were heard. Upon witnessing this scene, that middle-aged man’s facial expression changed radically. He never expected that Lin Dong would display such a powerful attack. Immediately, he hurriedly mobilized the Yuan Power inside his body, as it swiftly condensed before him.


Just as his Yuan Power almost formed into a defensive shield, that tiny flame arrived. A deep explosion sound echoed forth, before that middle-aged man immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His body also collided heavily against the ground, the injuries that he had sustained were evidently not light.

Lin Dong was not too excited after swiftly dispatching this perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. Quickly turning his head, he once again planned to snatch that spear-like Soul Treasure. However, he suddenly realized that a suction force had exploded out nearby. Furthermore, that suction force was headed straight for that spear-like Soul Treasure.

Someone else has joined in this fight for the spear-like Soul Treasure!

When he saw this sight, Lin Dong’s expression slightly darkened. As he turned around to look, his facial expression began to change. This was because the person who had intervened, was actually Wang Pan from Wang Clan!

“That person did not go for the blade-like Soul Treasure, but instead targeted this plain looking Soul Treasure? Did he discover the secret as well?” Lin Dong’s gaze rapidly flickered while his facial expression was in flux.

Just as Lin Dong’s expression was in a flux, Wang Pan, who was standing nearby, coldy glanced at the former. The menacing glare he gave was extremely intimidating, evidently warning Lin Dong that it was best for him not to intervene.

“Damnit, I don’t care if you are from the Wang Clan. Since I want it, this Soul Treasure is mine!”

Lin Dong’s expression was dark. If this spear-like Soul Treasure indeed had the potential the small marten had described, then, it would be absolutely worth the risk. Even though Lin Dong did not know the true value of a high-grade Soul Treasure, he guessed that even among the four great clans, there were only a handful who possessed these objects.

“Small marten, hold him down. I will snatch that Soul Treasure!” Lin Dong echoed in his mind. After which, he immediately utilized a trace of Mental Energy to directly block off Wang Pan’s suction force. Then, in a flash, Lin Dong dashed towards that spear-like Soul Treasure.

“Kid, you have guts!” When he saw that Lin Dong had actually intervened, Wang Pan’s facial expression instantly darkened. With a menacing glint in his eyes, Pure Yuangang Energy gathered in front of him, before transforming into a vicious palm symbol which ruthlessly flew towards Lin Dong’s back.

However, in response to Wang Pan’s attack, there were no signs of Lin Dong even turning his head. As that palm symbol was about to hit Lin Dong’s body, a dark purple light beam shot out from his body, and turned into a dark purple vortex, which immediately swallowed Wang Pan’s formidable attack.

“Good, seems like you have some moves!”

This scene caused Wang Pan to be slightly taken aback. Promptly, he focused and with a flip of his palm, a sharp disc-shaped glowing object immediately appeared in his hand. Based on its appearance, it seemed to be a Soul Treasure.

“Buzz buzz!”

When that disc-shaped blade appeared, it began to rotate frantically. Then, an extremely glaring light began to enshroud that disc, as a formidable wind sounds echoed forth.


Wang Pan thrust his fingers out, as that disc-shaped blade swept forward at a terrifying speed. In the blink of an eye, it directly tore through the air, leaving behind a black line, in fact, most people could not even see its shadow. That disc blade appeared behind Lin Dong, its formidable force causing his scalp to feel slightly numb. Was this the power of a Soul Treasure?


Just as Lin Dong panicked and planned to turn around, a cold snort from the small marten sounded out inside his mind. Promptly, a dark purple glow shot out from Lin Dong’s body. Like a blob of sticky glue, it directly wrapped around that glowing disc blade.

“Szz szz!”

As that disc blade was wrapped by the dark purple glob of light, waves of white mist immediately erupted from its surface, as a sizzling sound faintly echoed out.

When he saw this sight, a look of shock surfaced in Wang Pan’s eyes. He could sense that the soul energy on his Soul Treasure was actually being corroded by that peculiar dark purple light. At this rate, the Soul Treasure may become completely useless.

At this thought, Wang Pan also hurriedly waved his hand to recall it. The disc blade struggled frantically, before it finally managed to escape from the dark purple light. However, when it returned to Wang Pan’s hands, the glow on its surface had dimmed quite a bit. Evidently, it had taken some damage.

“Good job!”

Lin Dong was likewise shocked by this scene. Evidently, he did not expect the small marten to possess this kind of method. Promptly, his feet hurriedly took two steps forward, as he finally managed to grab onto that spear shaped Soul Treasure again.

“Buzz buzz!”

When Lin Dong grabbed onto it, that Soul Treasure once again began to struggle. However, this time around, Lin Dong was well prepared. Yuan Power gathered at the center of his palm, and wrapped around the Soul Treasure as he firmly grabbed it.

Even though Lin Dong refused to let go, that Soul Treasure began to struggle even more violently, in fact, it seemed a little frantic.


When he saw this situation, Lin Dong’s face turned green. After expending so much effort, even holding off that Wang Pan, if he was to be thwarted by this Soul Treasure, it would be too ridiculous!

“There is a soul within every Soul Treasure, which will resist any person. Use Yuan Power to activate the Stone Talisman embedded in your palm!” While Lin Dong painfully hung on, the small marten’s voice suddenly echoed out.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong instantly activated his Yuan Power and poured it into the Stone Talisman within his palm.


When Yuan Power first gushed into the mysterious Stone Talisman, the latter vibrated slightly for a moment. Then, it released an extremely soft buzzing sound, as a peculiar shockwave flowed forth from his palm and reached the maniacally resisting Soul Treasure.

As that shockwave arrived, the spear shaped Soul Treasure immediately stopped resisting. In fact, even the glow on its surface dimmed. Lin Dong seemed to faintly detect a hint of fear from that Soul Treasure.

Right now, Lin Dong did not have the luxury of contemplating over why this Soul Treasure would feel this way. When he saw that this spear-like Soul Treasure had finally been tamed, his was delighted in his heart. With a flip of his palm, he immediately kept it into his Qiankun bag.


Obtaining a Soul Treasure for the first time in his life, Lin Dong’s heart was overwhelmed with joy, until eventually he could no longer bear it and started laughing heartily.

“Kid, you dare to damage my Soul Treasure. If you do not surrender that other Soul Treasure as compensation, I won’t let you leave this old tomb alive!”

However, as Lin Dong’s laughter ended, an extremely enraged voice slowly echoed out from nearby.

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