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Chapter 173: Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd

When he heard that cold voice, Lin Dong’s facial expression did not change. Turning around, he looked at Wang Pan, who had a grim expression on his face, as he casually uttered: “There are no rules in the fight for a treasure. It’s natural for one to get hurt.”

“Brat, you still dare to argue!”

An enraged look surfaced in Wang Pan’s eyes. However, for now, he did not dare to attack again. After that short battle previously, the Glowing Flame Blade Disc in his hand had already lost most of its soul energy. If this continued on, his Soul Treasure may become useless.

To Wang Pan, even a low-grade Soul Treasure was a highly valuable object. Though the four great clans were extremely powerful, there were also quite a few geniuses within the clan. Therefore, it was not possible for each one of them to have a Soul Treasure. Even he had expended a large amount of effort in order to obtain this Glowing Flame Blade Disc. Now that it has been damaged, how could his heart not ache?

Moreover, thanks to his keen eyesight, he could tell that the spear shaped Soul Treasure, that Lin Dong had kept into his Qiankun bag, was somewhat extraordinary. Hence, unlike most of the others, he did not directly aim for the seemingly most powerful looking blade shaped Soul Treasure, and instead chose to fight for this spear shaped Soul Treasure.

At first, he thought that based on his abilities and with aid of his Soul Treasure, it would be easy to obtain. However, the situation before his eyes caused him to fume till he almost saw stars. He had ended up even worse off than initially!

Based on Wang Pan’s character, he was evidently unable to tolerate this injustice!

Lin Dong calmly stared at Wang Pan, while he started to move the Yuan Power in his body. Then, he suddenly clenched his fist, as that spear like Soul Treasure appeared in his hand. Biting his tongue, a mouthful of essence blood sprayed out. At the same time, Mental Energy rushed forth and wrapped around that ball of essence blood, before directly fusing it into the spear shaped Soul Treasure in his hands.

“Buzz buzz!”

As the essence blood assimilated into the spear shaped Soul Treasure, the latter’s surface began to exhibit a bright red glow. The glow brightened as the originally unremarkable Soul Treasure suddenly began to emit rays of light. Meanwhile, its figure also underwent quite a change.

At first, the surface of this Soul Treasure was dark and only vaguely resembled a spear. However, it had now elongated by quite a bit, and it no longer retained its indistinct spear shape, but instead, became a long halberd!

The long halberd was entirely blood red, and its body was perfectly straight. Along the shaft of the halberd, were scale-like patterns, and at the tip of the long halberd, a forbidding glint flowed on its sharp and menacing blade. Furthermore, sinister tiny scales lined the blade, forming a row of teeth. Hence, one could imagine just how deadly a strike of that halberd would be.

Lin Dong stared at the changed Soul Treasure, as awe surfaced in his eyes. He casually swung it, and it tore apart the air with ‘wu wu’ sounds. Even though it was at a distance away from the ground, an invisible blade wind still left a mark on the solid surface.

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd!”

Lin Dong’s eyes turned to look at that long halberd. Hidden among the scales were four grand and ancient words.

“What a formidable halberd!”

As he gripped onto the halberd, a heroic feeling surfaced in Lin Dong’s heart. With such a deadly weapon in hand, even a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner would pose little threat to him!

“You bastard, how dare you leave an essence blood imprint!”

Lin Dong’s actions were extremely swift. Thus, it was only when the Soul Treasure had transformed, did Wang Pan then regain his wits. Immediately, his face turned as black as the bottom of a pan. Previously, the Ancient Heavenly Scale Halberd was an ownerless item, and whoever left behind their essence blood imprint first, would become the owner of this Soul Treasure. And now,… it was evident that Lin Dong had completely taken possession of this Soul Treasure!

Although he could still erase the imprint if he could snatch it back, it would be exceedingly troublesome.

Overwhelmed by rage, Wang Pan no longer hesitated. With a wave of his hand, that Glowing Flame Blade Disc in his hand began to swirl manically. A ring of red-hot fire surrounded it, as an exceedingly formidable and powerful undulation emerged.


Wang Pan’s face was malicious. With a wave of his hand, that frantically swirling disc above his head tore through the air with a swoosh sound, before it flew at an insane speed towards Lin Dong. The force behind this attack was so powerful that even a perfect Yuan Dan practitioner would be forced to avoid it.


When he saw that Wang Pan still refused to give up, Lin Dong coldly snorted. The Yuan Power in his gushed forth, as the Ancient Heavenly Scale Halberd in his hand jolted forward, and a dark golden glow immediately formed on its tip. Then, taking two steps forward, that ancient halberd drew a dark golden trail in mid-air, as the surrounding air continuously exploded. Without backing off, he directly swung it against the incoming Glowing Flame Blade Disc.


As both weapons collided, sparks immediately exploded forth, before a stunningly powerful shockwave gushed forth from the epicenter. That Glowing Flame Blade Disc, that was powerful enough to tear apart a perfect Yuan Dan practitioner’s defenses, was directly blown away with a swing of Lin Dong’s halberd.

That powerful aftershock flowed through the tip of the halberd, and gushed towards Lin Dong. However, when this energy reached the shaft of the halberd, the scales on its surface began to wiggle, as they directly dispelled all the energy from the aftershock.

A Soul Treasure was truly extraordinary.

Thanks to might of this ancient halberd, Lin Dong directly countered Wang Pan’s Glowing Flame Blade Disc, and, his body was was not even pushed back. Meanwhile, the mysterious dark gold from the ancient halberd caused him to become the focal point of this giant hall.

Currently, the battle for these Soul Treasure had almost concluded after an explosive fight, and all of the remaining five Soul Treasure now had their respective owners after a gruelling battle.

“Big brother Wang Pan!”

As curtain to the Soul Treasure battle dropped, the other Wang Clan members also discovered Lin Dong’s and Wang Pan’s duel. When they saw that Wang Pan’s Glowing Flame Blade Disc was swatted away by Lin Dong, a look of shock surfaced in their eyes.

“That kid has obtained a Soul Treasure too!”

That bunch of Wang Clan members stared at the rather sinister looking Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in Lin Dong’s hands, as a greedy and fervent expression surfaced in their eyes.

“Such a powerful Soul Treasure!”

Wang Pan’s eyes were likewise staring directly at the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd Lin Dong’s hands. His Glowing Flame Blade Disc was still a low tier Soul Treasure, yet, it was reduced to such a sorry state at the hands of that Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. Evidently, the latter should be a middle tier Soul Treasure like that blade shaped Soul Treasure.

At this thought, the greed in Wang Pan’s eyes intensified. If he could obtain this Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, then, amongst those of the same stage, few would be able to match up against him!

“That kid has damaged my Soul Treasure. Let’s attack and kill him together!” A vicious glint flashed across Wang Pan’s eyes as he suddenly shouted out.

Wang Pan evidently held quite a high status the other Wang Clan members’ hearts. When they heard his shout, cold lights flickered in their eyes. The Wang Clan were always rather domineering, and its younger generation members were even more insolent. Hence, it was not the first time that they had done such a deed.

As he observed the dozen of menacing glazes from the Wang Clan members, Lin Dong’s eyes also turned slightly icy. However, he was not afraid. He tightly gripped onto the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, as a formidable aura immediately spread out!

“Wang Pan, what you are planning to do?!”

However, just as Wang Pan and the rest were about engage Lin Dong using their overwhelming numbers, a cold shout suddenly rang out. Quickly, Lin Dong saw Lin Ke-er and the rest swiftly rushing over.

When Lin Ke-er and the rest arrived, their eyes initially paused on the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in Lin Dong’s hands, as a look of envy and desire surfaced on Lin Chen’s and the rest’s faces. Lin Ke-er was the only exception. Nonetheless, she was still slightly shocked that Lin Dong could actually obtain such a treasure.

“Lin Dong is a member of my Lin Clan. He is not someone you can kill just because you want to!” Lin Ke-er turned her head to look at Wang Pan, before she icily declared.

“Oh? I have never heard of a younger generation member in the Lin Clan called Lin Dong!” Upon hearing these words, that Wang Pan’s expression slightly sunk as he coldly chuckled.

“Even though he belongs to a branch family, it is still barely enough for him to be counted as part of the Lin Clan.” To one side, Lin Feng suddenly said.

“Hehe, a member of the branch family? Lin Ke-er, since when has your Lin Clan fallen so low? Even an ant-like existence such as a branch family member is now being called a main clan member?” When he heard these words, Wang Pan let out a strange laughter as he replied.

Lin Ke-er turned her head and fiercely glared at Lin Feng. Then she said in an indifferent tone: “This is none of your business. No matter what, his family name is Lin, and that should be enough. If you want to kill him in front of me, then you will have to ask permission from my blades first.”

When she spoke, Lin Ke-er lifted her lily-white hands as two blades immediately hovered beside her. The first sword was something that Lin Dong had seen before, it was the Shattered Ice Sword. Meanwhile, the other pinkish short sword was filled with an enormous amount of soul energy, which did not lose out to Lin Dong’s Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. Based on this scene, it seems like the blade shaped Soul Treasure had fallen into her hands.


As he stared at the blades before Lin Ke-er, which emitted powerful shock waves, Wang Pan’s facial expression turned exceedingly grim. He never expected that the blade-like Soul Treasure had landed in Lin Ke-er’s hands. Right now, he was no longer able to match up against Lin Ke-er, who possessed two Soul Treasures. Furthermore, to the other side, there was also Lin Dong, whose strength had surged after he obtained the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd.

Based on the current situation, they were clearly unable to gain any advantage.

“You bastard, just you wait. What is mine will not be so easily taken away!”

“Sooner or later, I will make you spit it out!”

Since the situation did not favor him, Wang Pan could only swallow the rage inside his heart, as he glanced viciously at Lin Dong. Then, he waved his sleeve as he turned and walked towards the other side of the giant hall. Behind him, the rest of the Wang Clan members were also somewhat disgruntled as they followed him unhappily.

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