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Chapter 171: The Six Soul Treasures

“Haha, this time we really had a great harvest!”

The small marten was seated on Lin Dong’s shoulder, a delighted glint in its eyes. This time, it had obtained a rather substantial number of Demonic Spirits. Furthermore, most of these Demonic Spirits were roughly the same grade as the ‘Demonic Jade Water Python’ from the Celestial Dan Pool. Hence, if it could refine all of them, perhaps, it would regain the strength of the Creation stage in a few days.

Even though this was still far from its peak, it was still much stronger than its current level.

As he saw the small marten’s delighted expression, Lin Dong rolled his eyes. He stared at the tunnel behind him, and found that there was no one who had managed to catch up. Evidently, the few awakened Demonic Spirits inside the stone chamber were causing them much trouble.

“That’s good too, having less people around will spell less troubles.”

Lin Dong chuckled at their misfortune. Even though the people behind would probably still pass through eventually, it would reduce their overall numbers for sure.

“Let’s go. Now, we can head to the main hall of this old tomb.” The small marten waved its hand as it laughed: “That is where the real treasures are kept. However, we must be careful. The defenses there should be the strongest as well.”

Lin Dong nodded his head. Speaking of treasures, his heart could not help but begin to sizzle. As he passed through a tunnel, both himself and the small marten seemed to be like caterpillars molting. Not only did they manage to obtain all the Pure Yuan pills, they even obtained nearly all of the sealed Demonic Spirits as well.

Furthermore, he also understood that the items inside these tunnels, were not the true treasures of this old tomb…

“Let’s go!”

While he suppressed the fire inside his heart, Lin Dong patted Little Flame, as the latter immediately transformed into a red shadow and dashed forth. After it previously devoured a ton of Demonic Spirits, it had evidently benefited as well. Even though it had yet to refined those Demonic Spirits, its current state seemed to reached its peak.

A man and a beast once again began to travel rapidly forward. However, this time, they did not make any more pit stops. This was because the remaining stone rooms were largely abandoned, thus, they did not have any value left.

Hence, as they travelled at full speed, approximately ten minutes later, the seemingly never-ending tunnel finally began to widen, as a loud thud and a racket greeted them like a wave.

Lin Dong commanded Little Flame to reduce its speed as they slowly walked out of the tunnel. Outside the tunnel, was an extremely extensive hall, similar to a large stadium. Along the hall, were numerous different tunnels.

Right now, there were already several figures inside this large hall. Roughly speaking, there were probably more than a dozen of them. Amongst them, Lin Dong spotted Lin Ke-er and her party, as well as the group from the Wang Clan.

“Boom boom!”

However, right now, Lin Ke-er and the rest evidently did not notice Lin Dong’s arrival. All of the people in the area were directing waves of powerful attacks towards a glowing barrier hovering in the large hall. Their combined forces caused layers of ripples to continuously emerge on that glowing barrier.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across that glowing barrier, before they stopped at the few glowing shadows dancing within. Through that faint glow, he could almost make out the glowing shadows which seemed to resemble blades, arrows, shields, etc…

“Soul Treasures!”

As he gazed at these glowing shadows, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk as he sucked in a breath of cold air. These six glowing shadows were all Soul Treasures!

“Such a massive find!”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. In the whole Yan City, one could not find even a single Soul Treasure. However, at this moment and place, there were six Soul Treasures before him. Furthermore, amongst these six glowing shadows, the one that resembled a blade, was exceptionally resplendent. Based on its glow, even Lin Ke-er’s Shattered Ice Sword was no match for it. Hence, it must at least be a mid ranked Soul Treasure!

Just the value of one mid ranked Soul Treasure alone, could probably surpass all the Pure Yuan pills that Lin Dong had obtained!

“As expected of a Nirvana stage practitioner’s tomb!”

Lin Dong tried his best to suppress his rapidly beating heart. His eyes swept across the hall, and found that practically everyone was staring at these six Soul Treasures within the glowing barrier with hungry expressions. Right now, they were combining their forces to break the glowing barrier, before they started the fight for the Soul Treasures!

When that time arrived, in order to fight for these Soul Treasures, there would definitely be a huge and horrendous battle!

To obtain these Soul Treasures, it was worthwhile to put one’s life on the line!

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes, as Yuan Power casually undulated on his hand, before he directed it towards that light barrier. At the same time, he quietly commanded Little Flame to slowly approach that light barrier.

Lin Dong’s actions did not draw much attention, because, he was not the only one with such a plan. While the rest of them were attacking the light barrier, they purposely held back as well. Once that light barrier shatters, they would instantly make their move!

When Little Flame was right below that light barrier, it decided to stop. Meanwhile, a frenzied glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes, as powerful Yuan Power gushed inside his channels just like a flood. Meanwhile, the Mental Energy inside his Niwan palace was also ready to deliver a strike.

Under the frenzied attacks of the crowd, the glowing barrier in mid-air began to dim. Based on its shaky appearance, it looked as if it was going to break at any time.

Upon witnessing this scene, the atmosphere in the large hall suddenly turned strange. At first, all of them were sticking closely together. However, now, all of them spread out simultaneously, as a vigilant look surfaced in their eyes.

Lin Dong also felt this peculiar atmosphere. However, he was not too surprised. Under the temptation of Soul Treasures, this was a normal situation.

“Lin Dong, when the scramble begins later, do not go for the blade shaped Soul Treasure. Do you see the one all the way to the right? Go for that instead!” While Lin Dong’s eyes were peeled on that glowing barrier, which was ready to crack at any moment, the small marten’s voice suddenly echoed out inside his mind.


After hearing these words, Lin Dong involuntarily asked. That blade-like Soul Treasure seemed to be the most powerful one. Why shouldn’t he go for it?

As they were conversing, Lin Dong’s eyes shifted to the right. That spot was slightly dim and a Soul Treasure that resembled a spear hovered there. It was black in color and fairly shoddy-looking, and most importantly, the glow emitted by that item was the weakest amongst the six. If one did not see that other items around it, one may not have realised that it was a Soul Treasure.

Hence, it was evidently the worst.

“Heh, such a bumpkin. Even though that blade shaped Soul Treasure is powerful, this other one does not lose out to it. In fact, this grandpa marten can tell that this Soul Treasure is only half complete. Humph, even though its half complete, its strength is already equal to that of mid ranked Soul Treasure. Once it’s fully completed, it may even match up against the Wang Clan’s golden spear!” The small marten disdainfully said.

“Half complete?” After hearing these words, Lin Dong was slightly shocked. Moments later, he replied: “I do not know how to forge it. If I want to reforge it into a complete product, who knows how many donkey years it will take. I should just go for that blade shaped Soul Treasure.”

“Don’t worry. At that time, grandpa marten will teach you how to forge it. Quit your yapping and stop b*tching around. If you want to fight to death with the others over that blade shaped Soul Treasure, then go ahead!”

After hearing these words, Lin Dong was enlightened. Inside this large hall, there were probably several highly skilled individuals who are gunning for that blade shaped Soul Treasure. With so many people fighting for it, even with aid of his Mental Energy, he may not succeed.

Furthermore, he only had one opportunity. If he tried to go for multiple items, he would likely end up with nothing.

“Alright, I shall listen to you and fight for the last one!” His gaze flickered, as Lin Dong gritted his teeth and made his decision. After all, he had some faith in the small marten’s judgement, at the very least, he knew that it was much better than his own.

“Don’t worry, it won’t disappoint you!” Upon witnessing this situation, the small marten said in satisfaction.

While the man and marten were conversing, that glowing barrier in mid-air became increasingly dim. At the same time, everyone’s hearts became increasingly nervous. In fact, some of them had even stealthily begun to unsheathe their weapons.


Suddenly, a soft cracking sound emerged. At that moment, the large hall suddenly turned silent, as everyone’s eyes were tightly peeled on that crack, which was slowly emerging on the barrier.

“Crack crack!”

The size of that crack grew rapidly in the pupils of the crowd, before it eventually covered every corner of that glowing barrier.


Crumble. Moments later, when the cracks finally extended to their limits, the barrier could no longer hold on, as it exploded, transforming into numerous glowing debris which fell from the sky.


The moment that light barrier exploded, streams of Yuan Power almost simultaneously exploded forth in the quiet large hall, as everyone’s eyes turned blood-red immediately. They leaped into the air, greedy expressions surfacing in their eyes, as they reached for the exposed Soul Treasures in mid-air!

“Let’s go!”

The instant they made their move, Lin Dong’s toes tapped off Little Flame’s back as his body flew into the air. Just as he had expected, most of them were unable to suppress the greed in their hearts and went for the strongest looking, blade-like Soul Treasure. Meanwhile, the contenders for the five other Soul Treasures were evidently a lot less.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Dong chuckled in his heart. His body turned as he dashed towards the spear-like Soul Treasure that had the least contenders.

Since the small marten claimed that this unremarkable spear-like Soul Treasure was potentially the most powerful amongst the six, then no matter what, he must obtain it today!

With this thought in mind, Lin Dong cast a glance at the four other practitioners that were also dashing towards the spear-like Soul Treasure, as a cold glint surfaced in his eyes.

He would obtain this item for sure!

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