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Chapter 170: Ransacking the Demonic Spirit Chambers

“Twenty three thousand Pure Yuan pills!”

Inside the tunnel, when Lin Dong used his Mental Energy to scan his Qiankun bag, a dizzying blissful sensation immediately gushed forth from the bottom of his heart.

Twenty three thousand Pure Yuan pills; that was equivalent to two hundred and thirty thousand Yang Yuan pills!

Converted to Yang Yuan stones, that would be … thirty three million. Even if the Lin Family completely exhausted their mining lode, one wonders if they would be able to procure such an amount. If the Blood Wolf Gang obtained such a massive fortune, their financial position would surely catch up with the Thousand Gold Association. That alone would be enough to reverse the pecking order between these two top Yan City factions. From these examples, one can see what these two hundred and thirty thousand Yang Yuan pills represented.

“Aih, what a country bumpkin. What can twenty thousand Pure Yuan Pills do? At most, you can buy a somewhat decent Soul Treasure or a top-tier martial arts manual.” While Lin Dong was elated over his gain, the small marten’s voice suddenly echoed out inside his heart.

With regards to this fellow who enjoyed bringing others down, Lin Dong was already used to it. Since he was currently elated, he could not be bothered to argue. His eyes scanned the corridor, watching the figures frantically pass by, as he asked: “Now, how should we proceed?”

“Go left. Now that you have gained something, it’s time for me to benefit.” The small marten smiled, its voice betraying a hint of impatience. In the past, this so-called cave left by a Nirvana practitioner would be beneath its notice. However, now that it had descended from a phoenix to a chicken, it could only accept reality. After all, the most crucial thing currently was to restore its strength.

“No problem.”

Lin Dong agreed without hesitation. Right now, both them were on the same boat. Furthermore, after working together for sometime, they had developed some trust between them. Moreover, the bounty gained led both parties to understand that it would be most effective for them to work together.

After agreeing, Lin Dong immediately urged on Little Flame, as they turned and quickly dashed down a tunnel to their left.

Right now, most places inside this old tomb were flooded with people and in fact, it was quite chaotic. Based on their appearances, it seemed like most people had found some decent treasures. Naturally, due to the huge crowd here, it inadvertently led to jealousy and the ultimate result was that once a treasure was obtained, a brutal fight immediately exploded. As each party called their allies, fighting till they bled, a rather sorry outcome.

However, since this old tomb was extremely spacious, there were numerous complicated and intercrossing tunnels. The small marten seemed to posses an extraordinary gift for navigating these tunnels as it directly guided Lin Dong deeper in.

“At the end of this tunnel, I can sense an exceedingly intense Demonic Spirit undulation. However, don’t worry, these Demonic Spirits are all sealed. It should have been the handiwork of that Nirvana stage practitioner.” The fiery-red shadow ran within the tunnel, as the small marten explained to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Moments later, he lifted his head to spot a stone door at the end of the tunnel. As he approached the stone door, he was shocked to discover that this was not an ordinary stone door. Instead, it was forged from a peculiar cold jade. Based on the door’s appearance, it seems like even that Nirvana stage practitioner had highly valued the items behind this door. At least, it seemed better than the previous room that Lin Dong had broken into.

“There is a seal on this jade door, and it seems pretty powerful…” Lin Dong’s footsteps stopped outside the jade door, as he glanced at the faintly visible symbols on the door and said.

“Yes, leave it to me.”

The small marten nodded its head, as it once again appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulders. Its claws swiftly danced, as a dark purple light swept out from its claws and stuck onto that jade door.

“Buzz buzz!”

That dark purple light seemed to possess an extremely powerful corrosive effect. As it came into contact with the jade door, those faintly visible symbols began to vibrate violently. Moments later, with a ‘ka-chak’ sound, all of them exploded.

“Rumble rumble!”

As the symbols split open, that tightly shut stone door also slowly began to open.


Lin Dong slightly narrowed his eyes as he looked at the slowly opening stone door. As he took his first step in, an exceedingly powerful energy undulation immediately gushed forth from behind that stone door and forcefully jolted him back a few steps.

“Don’t panic. This place has been sealed for too long and some energy has accumulated.” The small marten laughed before it impatiently dashed in, while Lin Dong and Little Flame swiftly followed.

After they stepped inside, a pretty spacious stone chamber appeared before of Lin Dong’s eyes. The four walls of the stone chamber were filled with all sorts of mysterious symbols, and there were several light balls floating inside.

“These… they are all Demonic Spirits!”

As Lin Dong looked at the hundreds of light balls, astonishment slowly surfaced in his eyes. That was because he discovered that hidden inside each of these light balls was a sleeping Demonic Spirit!

“Haha!” When it saw all these sealed Demonic Spirits, the small marten could not help but let out a hearty laughter. Then, it turned towards and tapped on the wall, as the jade door once again slowly began to close. Immediately, it pointed at a protrusion on the wall that resembled a jade sphere: “Lin Dong, I will collect these Demonic Spirits. Help me prevent others from entering.”

“The seal on the jade door has already been broken by you. When too many people arrive, I am afraid I can’t hold out for long.” Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows as he said.

“Don’t worry, once you pour Yuan Power in, you will be able to reactivate the seal. Try your best to hold on for a while!” The small marten waved its claw. Since it knew that time was of the essence, without further ado, its figure flashed as it jumped into the air. As its claws waved, a slowly spinning black hole began to surface on its palm. Once that black hole appeared, it immediately swallowed the Demonic Spirits.

After witnessing this situation, Lin Dong felt helpless and could only quietly obey, as he poured his Yuan Power into that jade ball. Then, the stone door once again slowly began rumble shut, as a faint energy barrier resurfaced.


While Lin Dong was preparing to defend, to one side, Little Flame suddenly growled deeply. Then, to the astonishment of Lin Dong, it dashed inside the stone room, opening its mouth to swallow one of the light balls containing a sealed Demonic Spirit.

“You stupid tiger, how dare you snatch this grandpa marten’s Demonic Spirits!” When the small marten saw Little Flame’s actions, its eyeballs almost popped out as it furiously said.


Little Flame growled at the small marten and ignored it. Little Flame was quite intelligent as well, hence, it naturally knew consuming these Demonic Spirits would be extremely beneficial for it.

“Quit your yapping. There are so many Demonic Spirits here, are they not enough for you? Stop wasting time, once others rush in, all the Demonic Spirits here will be taken away!” When he saw the small marten in conflict with Little Flame over these Demonic Spirits, Lin Dong did not know whether to laugh or to cry as he intervened.

“God damnit, alright, I will let this stupid tiger win.” After hearing these words, the small marten cursed out in pain. Then, ignoring Little Flame, it hurriedly collected all the Demonic Spirits. Right now, it had no time to refine them one by one. Therefore, it could only collect them first, before slowly refining them at a later time.

Thus, inside the spacious stone chamber, a marten and a tiger, were now collecting and swallowing all these sealed Demonic Spirits. To one side, Lin Dong could see that even though Little Flame was swallowing them one by one, it evidently did not refine them. Therefore, one wonders where all these swallowed Demonic Spirits had disappeared to…


This pace continued for several minutes. Just as Lin Dong could not help but want to tell them to hurry up again, that tightly shut jade door suddenly shook violently.

“Someone is outside, they are attacking the jade door!’

This sudden change caused Lin Dong to panic as he hurriedly warned them, before hastily pouring more Yuan Power into the jade ball in order to defend against these intruders.

When it heard Lin Dong’s warning, the small marten was startled as it hurriedly increased its pace.

“Boom boom!”

The large noises outside the stone door became increasingly frantic. It seemed like quite a few people were attracted by this ongoing commotion. Under this kind of pressure, the Yuan Power inside Lin Dong’s Yuan Dan continuously gushed forth like a tidal wave. At this rate, he would not hold out for long. Immediately, he gritted his teeth, and directly took out a Pure Yuan pill from his Qiankun bag before stuffing it into his mouth. Since he had obtained such a windfall, he did not mind this little expenditure.

The Pure Yuan pills obtained from the old tomb was extremely potent. Without much need for any further refining, it could be directly transformed to Yuan Power for use. Therefore, Lin Dong was barely managed to hang on through frantically gulping down Pure Yuan pills. However, based on his flushed face, his situation was not good.

“Damnit, are you guys done yet!?”

After persevering for several minutes, Lin Dong could not help but growl. Every vibration from that jade ball caused his arms to ache.

“It’s done!”

The small marten once again waved its hand, as it sucked a light ball into its black hole. Then, it retrieved the black hole with its claw and said: “Let’s head this way, we can directly exit here.”

After hearing these words, Lin Dong instantly felt a sense of relief. As he turned to run, he saw that there were still several light balls inside the stone room.

“Heh heh, these are a present for those guys…” The small marten hovered near another stone door. After breaking the door with a single blow from its claw, it jabbed out with its claw as numerous dark purple light beams swept forth and heavily slammed onto these light balls.


When that dark purple light beam hit these light balls, the seal on these light balls were instantly dissolved. Immediately, Lin Dong sensed the Demonic Spirits sealed within slowly awaken.


Just as these Demonic Spirits awakened, that continuously shaking jade door suddenly exploded, as a mass of black heads rushed in like a tidal wave.

When he saw this scene, Lin Dong’s heart began to pity these fellows who had painstakingly broken in. Then, he deftly dashed through the door, Little Flame and the small marten swiftly following behind as that stone door began to rumble shut again. Nonetheless, Lin Dong could still faintly hear a few miserable cries from inside the room.

“That fellow is simply too cruel!”

When he heard these screams, Lin Dong could not help but let out a bitter laugh as he turned to look at the small marten on his shoulder. Not only had this fellow ransacked practically all the Demonic Spirits, it had also left a massive headache for those behind.

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