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Chapter 169: Sudden Windfall

A commotion instantly exploded on the originally serene mountain top, as everyone rushed frantically towards the old tomb. However, since there were several Demonic Beasts inside these mountains, occasional screams of terrors were heard from time to time. Yet, overall, most of them managed to rush up to the mountain top within a few minutes.

Lin Dong did not rush in too quickly and chose to lag a little behind instead. Therefore, he managed to completely avoid all the Demonic Beasts along the way and safely reached the mountain top.

Once he ascended the mountain, a large stone wall that was hidden within the vegetation surfaced in front of his eyes. Currently, this extremely solid stone wall had already been forcefully smashed into debris. Based on the haughty spear aura that remained, it was very likely that this was the work of Wang Yan from Wang Clan. This man’s strength was truly violent.

Outside the stone wall, endless streams of people were rushing in red eyed. They looked like perverts who had suppressed themselves for many years before finally seeing a naked beauty in front of their eyes. A scene which gave off a maniacal feeling.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the entrance, however, he did not see Lin Ke-er and the rest. He guessed that they must have already dashed into the old tomb impatiently. Nonetheless, this situation was just what Lin Dong had yearned for. After all, he did not want to enter the old tomb with them, since they would only restrict his movements.

Even though Lin Ke-er knew a little of his true strength, he had other secrets including Stone Talisman and the tiny marten to hide. It was best not to let others know about these matters as much as possible.


As he softly exhaled, Lin Dong’s palm slapped against the tiger’s back. Little Flame roared, as it immediately leapt forth and jumped right through the entrance.

As it dashed in, a formidable pressure immediately surfaced. Even though that Nirvana stage practitioner had been dead for numerous years, his lingering aura still filled this area, causing the Yuan Power in one’s body to feel slightly sluggish.

“A Nirvana stage practitioner is truly frightening, he still possesses this level of power even in death. I can’t imagine just how terrifying he must be in his prime.”

As he felt this stifling pressure, a serious glint involuntarily flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He lifted his head, only to find a spacious giant hall with dozens of passages leading into the depths of the tomb. Currently, several people were dispersing into the different tunnels.

“Lin Dong, enter the fifth tunnel from the left!”

While Lin Dong was hesitating over which path to take, the small marten’s voice suddenly echoed out inside his heart.

Upon hearing its words, Lin Dong was slightly taken aback. Without inquiring, he patted Little Flame, before they transformed into a red flash and dashed past several people before directly darting into the fifth tunnel from the left.

Even though there were numerous tunnels, there were even more people who had ventured in. Therefore, even after the separation due to the tunnels, Lin Dong still saw the figures of greedy-looking individuals hunting for treasure among the stone huts along the sides of the tunnel.

“Ignore them, move forward!”

When he heard the small marten’s voice, Lin Dong immediately dashed forward along the path without wasting any time at these stone huts.

After travelling for several minutes at this frenzied pace, a glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He patted Little Flame, causing the latter to quickly come to a halt, while his eyes turned towards a plain-looking stone hut in front of them. Inside it, he could sense an extremely powerful Yuan Power undulation.

“There must be something good inside!”

This kind of undulation was something that he had not felt from any of the previous stone huts. Immediately, Lin Dong’s heart skipped a beat as he swiftly rushed forward. However, when his palm touched the stone door, he was violently deflected by a powerful force field.

“There is a force field here, however, it is not too powerful. There must be a mechanism behind the stone door. Use your Mental Energy to penetrate in and corrode it. It would require too much time to forcefully break through!” The small marten’s voice sounded out once again. At a moment like this, having an experienced ally was highly effective.

Lin Dong nodded his head. With a flick of his mind, Mental Energy gushed forth as it formed threads, which surrounded the stone door, before they rapidly merged with the door. Moments later, the stone door started to tremble violently, and to Lin Dong’s delight, it slowly opened with a thud.

When that stone door opened, Lin Dong immediately stepped in. A blinding flash immediately attacked his eyes, causing him to squint. At this moment, he realized that the interior of the stone hut was covered with a type of cold jade, allowing a weak cold Qi to bathe the inside of the hut.

Of course, Lin Dong’s eyes only swept once across these cold jade decorations. Promptly, his eyes moved to stare at the piles of round pills stacked on the ground.

These pills were the size of a baby’s fist. Each and every one of them were glossy like jade, indicating that they were of excellent quality. Moreover, an astonishing Yuan Power vibration emitted from within these pills.

“These are… Pure Yuan pills?”

Lin Dong foolishly stared at these pills which filled the entire room. Moments later, he could not help but violently suck in a breath of cold air. These things that were casually scattered around like beans was something that a Yuan Dan practitioner needed half a month to a month’s time to successfully condense!

The number of Pure Yuan pills inside this stone hut were at least in the tens of thousands. If they were converted to Yang Yuan pills, there would be millions of them!

Lin Dong recalled how he had painstakingly slogged to refine elixir pills, only to earn several tens of thousands of Yang Yuan pills. From this one could only imagine how shocked Lin Dong was in the face of such a windfall.

This was akin to a country bumpkin suddenly running into a mountain of gold. Furthermore, he could take as much as he wanted.

This shock only lasted for several minutes, before Lin Dong suddenly regained his wits. Without further ado, he immediately took out his Qiankun bag and spread out his Mental Energy. Under Lin Dong’s fevered gaze, all the Pure Yuan pills stacked in the room flew up and continuously flowed into his Qiankun Bag.

Tens of thousands of Pure Yuan pills. This gigantic sum was probably enough to buy even a low-grade Soul Treasure. The thought of encountering such a wonderful gift mere moments after entering the old tomb, caused the excitement inside Lin Dong’s heart to overflow.

This trip was simply too awesome!

Lin Dong’s gaze was fiery, as he concentrated on collecting all the Pure Yuan pills. To one side, Little Flame’s huge tongue flicked out as it swallowed a big pile of Pure Yuan pills. In the past, Lin Dong would be pained at such a sight, however, now that he had encountered such a windfall, he was too lazy to even take notice of it.

“Pah pah!”

As there were simply too many Pure Yuan pills inside the stone hut, even with Lin Dong’s Mental Energy, he only managed to collect half of them in several minutes. Just as he planned to collect the rest, his ears suddenly twitched as he heard soft footsteps.

When he heard the footsteps, Lin Dong’s facial expression instantly darkened as he violently turned around, only to see that outside the stone door, stood four figures. However, right now, these four people were staring, with their mouths ajar, at the Pure Yuan pills that filled the stone hut. Moments later, their eyes turned red as greed gushed forth. Then, their eyes paused on Lin Dong, who was rapidly collecting all the Pure Yuan pills inside the stone hut.

“Kid, hand over all the Pure Yuan pills!’

The four of them were evidently in cahoots. They walked inside the stone hut, sealing off the entrance, before they maliciously smiled at Lin Dong. Under the temptation of these Yang Yuan pills, even if a Creation stage elite was present, they would not give up so easily.

People would die for money. This was a true saying indeed. Often times, greed would overwhelm one’s rationality.

Lin Dong’s expression did not change. Ever since the four of them had appeared, Lin Dong had sensed that among the four of them, two were at the initial Yuan Dan stage, while the other two were at the advanced Yuan Dan stage. Their combined powers made them a pretty formidable force, however, compared to him, they were still lacking.

“Small marten, Little Flame, I’ll leave them to you!” Lin Dong laughed as he said.

After Lin Dong’s words landed, the small marten’s figure immediately appeared on his shoulder. It rolled its eyes but did not object. Even though it had agreed to ally with Lin Dong during this trip to the old tomb, it still felt slightly upset that Lin Dong had asked it to take care of these weaklings


The most obedient one was naturally little Flame. When it heard Lin Dong’s command, it immediately opened up its huge mouth. Meanwhile, the python snake tail at its back hissed, before it directly charged forward, bringing with it a bloody wind. That ferocious aura caused the four’s facial expressions to change, as they quickly utilized Yuan Power to welcome it. Evidently, they never expected Little Flame to be this formidable.

However, just as one of the initial Yuan Dan practitioners was preparing to use his Yuan Power, an extremely swift light flashed in his eyes. Immediately, he felt a sharp pain in his chest area. As he lowered his head to look, he found that a bloody hole had already appeared and fresh blood continuously gushed out.

As that light flashed past, the small marten hovered in mid-air while chuckling at the remaining trio, who were now deathly alarmed. With a wave of its claw, it once again dashed forth. Since it now had the perfect Yuan Dan stage strength, it could slaughter these guys easily.

The battle was settled surprisingly quick. With the small marten around, even Little Flame did not have to contribute much, before these four unlucky fellows fell to the ground.

When the last man fell, the final Pure Yuan pill inside the stone hut was also kept inside Lin Dong’s Qiankun bag. With a wave of his hand, he grabbed the Qiankun bag and stuffed it inside his sleeves. Finally, a relieved smile flashed across his face.

Just as Lin Dong was planning to leave with all the Pure Yuan pills, a mess of footsteps echoed out from outside the entrance. Several people stood outside the door as they stared at the four lifeless body on the ground. Immediately, their hearts shivered as they fearfully stared at Lin Dong, who was inside the stone hut.

In response to their stares, Lin Dong was expressionless as he directly walked towards the stone door. Meanwhile, Little Flame followed closely behind while emitting a bloody smell. When they saw this man and beast approaching, even though many people suspected that the two had very likely taken away the treasure, because they were not fully certain, they did not want to take the risk and attack this duo. After all, there were four bodies on the floor clearly warning them that the duo before them were certainly no virtuous souls. Thus, when they saw Lin Dong approaching, the crowd hurriedly dispersed to allow him through.

Together with Little Flame, Lin Dong walked through the crowd at an extremely steady pace. His unhurried appearance shocked the crowds and cemented their decision not to attack him.

“That was dangerous…”

Just as he turned the corner, Lin Dong’s taunt expression instantly relaxed as he deeply heaved a sigh of relief. It was fortunate that he was able to quickly collect all these Pure Yuan pills. Else, if these fellows had seen them, they would surely turn crazy. At that time, he would be in real trouble. After all, even though his party was powerful, it was a pain for them to deal with too many people.

After he heaved a sigh of relief, LIn Dong hurriedly jumped onto Little Flame’s back, as man and beast left at a frantic speed. Compared to his calm appearance from before, he seemed like an entirely different person.

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