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Chapter 166: Lin Langtian

When Lin Dong and Lin Ke-er quietly returned to the camp, it was still tranquil like before. The bonfire slowly danced, compared to the chaos previously, it was practically two different worlds.

After returning to the camp, the duo exchanged a glance before stealthily intending to return to their respective tents.


However, just as the two planned to return to their tents, a tiny cough sounded out, startling the duo. As they turned their heads, they saw old man Tao lifting his tent opening as he helplessly gazed at the two.

“Eh…old man Tao has yet to sleep at such a late hour?” Lin Dong let out a hollow laugh, and to one side, Lin Ke-er’s eyes also turned in their sockets, as if preparing an excuse.

“You two little brats, completely refusing to be peaceful…” Old man Tao helplessly shook his head. From his tone, he seemed to know what Lin Dong and Lin Ke-er had went to do.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong could only once again let out a hollow laugh.

“Forget it, go back and rest.” At this time, old man Tao could no longer say anything about this, and could only wave his hand. Seeing this, Lin Dong swiftly slipped into his tent.

“You went to deal with that group right…” Upon seeing Lin Dong slip into his tent, old man Tao walked towards Lin Ke-er and softly sighed as he said: “I really never expected that Lin Dong would actually be able to defeat even a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. Looks like he held back quite a bit in the duel with Lin Chen before.”

In response, even the proud Lin Ke-er lightly nodded her head. Her beautiful eyes glanced at Lin Dong’s tent as she said: “He is indeed very powerful, even among the younger generation of the Lin Clan, he would be top ten. In the Lin Clan gathering two years later, Lin Dong will definitely make his mark.”

“That old chap Lin Zhentian is truly fortunate to have such a grandson at his age..” Old man Tao sighed, from his words, one could tell that he was rather envious of Lin Zhentian.

“Alright, you should also go and rest, we still need to hurry on our journey tomorrow morning.”



Early the next morning, while the mountains were still shrouded in mist, Lin Dong and the rest once again set out. From Lin Chen’s and the rest’s appearances, it was clear that they did know Lin Dong and Lin Ke-er had already secretly participated in an intense battle the night before.

After another half a day of travelling, the mountain range became much quieter, while old man Tao’s and the rest’s expression turned increasingly serious. They had already reached the deeper parts of Sky Flame Mountain Range, the Demonic Beasts that run amuck here was all very formidable. A little carelessness might draw a group of Demonic Beasts, at that time, even they would have to turn to flee.

Fortunately, there was Lin Ke-er to lead to way. She seemed to be exceedingly sensitive towards the auras of these Demonic Beasts. If they were about to encounter any beasts, she would sense it beforehand, and lead the team as they very carefully took a detour. At times, even Lin Dong could not help but admire this woman, because even he would sometimes find it very difficult to discover these Demonic Beasts which were extremely talented at concealment…

The groups deep in the mountains were already very few. Lin Dong and his party had rushed for half a day, and had only found one other group. After all, it was no simple matter to pass through the obstruction of numerous Demonic Beasts to arrive here.

Of course, although Lin Ke-er had keen senses, there were always exceptions. Thus, on their journey, Lin Dong and the rest had also encountered a single Demonic Beast attack. It was from Demonic Beasts which had the strength of an advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner. Initially, the team was a little panicked by the attack, however, they quickly steadied themselves. Though an advanced Yuan Dan stage Demonic Beast was not weak, it was very hard for it to pose a fatal threat to Lin Dong and his group.

Therefore, after a battle that was not considered intense, Three Demonic Beasts were dead, and their Demonic Crystals were immediately gulped down by Little Flame, which could be considered a huge compensation.

After experiencing this attack, the team became more cautious. Luckily, another attack did not occur. When it was about afternoon time, Lin Dong and his party finally passed through the forest and appeared on the fringe of a huge mountain peak.

The mountain peak did not have sharp point, lush vegetation spread out from the mountain, and one could faintly make out traces of an ancient building, made of huge rocks, concealed among the vegetation at the top of the mountain.

“Is that where the old tomb is located…” As he gazed at the mountain top, excitement flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes as he asked.


Old man Tao chuckled as he nodded his head, sighing a little before speaking: “However, the seal exists on the mountain top, hence, entering would not be easy. A Nirvana stage practitioner’s work is indeed very refined. After so many years, the seal is still so powerful.”

Lin Dong nodded in agreement, based on his Mental Energy perception, he was able to sense an unusual undulation in the skies around the mountain top, which should be due to the seal.

“Let’s go to the foot of the mountain first. I’m afraid that there are already quite a few people waiting there.” Old man Tao chuckled.

Lin Dong’s eyes looked towards the foot of the mountain and sure enough, he saw many tents. He was inevitably somewhat surprised, he did not expect that there were already so many people who had arrived here first. There was truly nothing to say about the allure of this old tomb.

The party hastened their steps, ten minutes later, they appeared in the camp situated at the foot of the mountain. This camp was evidently formed by countless teams, after all, the deeper parts of the Sky Flame Mountain Range were very dangerous. At any time, formidable Demonic Beasts would charge out. Even a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner did not dare to set up camp by himself. Thus, everyone set up camp together, if a strong Demonic Beast were to attack, they would be able to join hands and deal with it.

Although everyone were competitors, before they saw any treasures, they did not need to fall out with one another.

The appearance of Lin Dong and his party clearly drew the attention of quite a few people in the campsite. However, when they saw the clan emblem on Lin Ke-er’s and the rest’s chests, they fearfully withdrew their gazes. The Lin Clan was considered as a colossal existence in the Great Yan Empire, ordinary factions did not have the guts to provoke them.

Thanks to the reputation of the Lin Clan, Lin Ke-er and the rest successfully entered the camping grounds. As they gazed at the bustling atmosphere within the camp, they could not help but be amazed. If it was before, no one would have imagined that such a market-like scene would appear in this extremely dangerous part of the Sky Flame Mountain Range.

“To think that the Wang Clan have also arrived.”

After entering the camp, the gazes of Lin Ke-er and the rest suddenly looked towards a high ground nearby. There were currently some people were watching them from that spot.

“The Wang Clan…”

Upon hearing this name, Lin Dong’s heart trembled a little. This Wang Clan was also part of the Great Yan Empire’s four great clans.

His eyes also looked over, only to see a group of young people standing on that piece of high ground. They were playfully staring back, and as Lin Dong’s gaze swept over them, it came to rest on a man at the center of the group.

The man wore yellow and seemed to give out a noble aura. His face was handsome and his aura was extraordinary. As he stood within the crowd, he seemed particularly prominent. And, what caught Lin Dong’s attention the most, was that he sensed a trace of Yuan Power undulations which did not lose to old man Tao, Yue Shan and the rest, from this man’s body.

“Perfect Yuan Dan stage!”

A serious look swept across Lin Dong’s eyes, these great clans were indeed extraordinary. This man’s age was likely only around twenty five or six, yet, he had already reached this level. One could tell that even among the younger generation of the Wang Clan, this person was no ordinary character.

Plus, this was also the first time that Lin Dong had seen such a young perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner.

“I did not think that even Wang Pan had come this time…” As he gazed at that man in yellow, Lin Chen’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Don’t bother about them, let’s set up our tents and rest.” Lin Ke-er casually said. Based on her tone, it seemed like she did not like these Wang Clan members.

The rest of them also nodded their heads, before they instructing for the tents to be set up.

“How many groups of people did the four great clans sent over this time?” Lin Dong approached Lin Ke-er and asked.

“For groups similar to our own, only the Wang Clan sent over their younger generation members, to take this as an experience. However, each of the four great clans will send over their true elite practitioners.” Lin Ke-er explained.

“Since this old tomb is so valuable, wouldn’t it be easier for the heads of these four great clans to directly intervene?”

“Do you think these people will make a move so lightly? Furthermore, if one of them intervenes, the other parties will surely stop them. At the end of the day, it will just be a waste of their time. According to my knowledge, the elite practitioners sent by our four great clans should be the finest younger generation members. Hehe, these guys are truly monsters. Even in the entire Great Yan Dynasty, they are considered as exceedingly dazzling existences.”

Lin Dong silently nodded his head. The four of them were indeed incredible geniuses. In fact, they represented the pinnacle of the younger generation members of the Great Yan Dynasty!

“Big brother Lin Langtian and the rest should arrive here by tomorrow. At that time, this seal will naturally be broken.” Lin Ke-er lifted her beautiful eyes, as she stared at the somewhat distorted sky, before she laughed and said.

Lin Dong was silent, as his eyes faintly shimmered. Tomorrow, he would finally meet that man…

It was a night without conversation in these ancient woods deep within the mountains. The fact that so many people were crowded together provided some degree of comfort. Even though growls from wild beasts echoed out quite often during the night, overall, it was still relatively peaceful.

When dawn of the second day arrived, the camp ground became rowdy once again. However, most people today were very excited. Evidently, most of them knew that the seal would be forcefully broken today. Even though they had no chance to obtain the most precious item in the old tomb, any loot they obtained would make this trip worthwhile.

Lin Dong sat on a giant boulder, with both of his eyes shut. Below him, Lin Chen and the rest constantly looked up towards the skies, eager looks filling their eyes.

As they waited eagerly, time slowly flowed by. Just as the sun had reached the middle of the sky, from the distant horizon, the sound of wind suddenly rumbled forth.

Just as the sound of wind rang out, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly jutted open. He could feel that all the Yuan Power inside these lands were now faintly gravitating towards that direction.

“Lin! Lang! Tian!”

Lin Dong lifted his head to look at the northern part of the skies. There, he saw a red flash streaking through the skies like a shooting star, descending from the heavens…

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