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Chapter 167: the Four Top Young Practitioners!

The red flash tore through the sky as it drew the Yuan Power from heaven and earth. That kind of aura was exceptionally terrifying.

When that red flash appeared on the edges of the horizon, everyone in the camp noticed it. Immediately, numerous gazes of amazement were cast towards it


Under the numerous curious gazes, the red flash broke through the skies at a ferocious speed. As the red flash approached, the crowd was shocked to discover that the red flash was actually an exceedingly handsome giant eagle that was colored entirely in crimson red.

That giant eagle’s speed was extremely fast, its wings shook a few times as it appeared in the skies above bringing with it the roars of wind and thunder.

While the giant eagle was slowing down, the crowd’s gazes immediately concentrated on the back of the eagle. Clothed in green with his hands behind his back and his long hair drifting in the wind, he appeared to be extremely free and at ease. A look which subdued many of the onlookers.

Atop the giant eagle, the man in green slightly tilted his head down as his calm as water gaze swept over the camp below. He then withdrew his gaze, because, there was nothing worthy of his attention in that place.

“Big brother Lin Langtian has arrived!”

As they gazed at the figure in green atop the giant eagle, Lin Chen and the rest immediately cried out joyfully, excitement in their eyes.

“So, he is Lin Langtian…”

Lin Dong’s eyes stared unblinkingly at the man in green, who stood atop the giant eagle while looking down at the land. From the latter’s gaze, Lin Dong could see how flatly the man viewed the people below, or perhaps, it might be a type of disregard.

Of course, with his strength, he did seem to possess this right.

Based on that figure alone, even Lin Dong could not help but admit that this Lin Langtian was indeed a rarely seen handsome man, and that kind of aura was also one of a kind.

“The eagle below his feet…” Lin Dong’s gaze was glued onto the figure in green, it was quite a while before his gaze slowly shifted to the crimson red giant eagle below. Immediately, his pupils shrunk.

“That was made by him using Yuan Power, and is not real. However, this giant eagle seemed to possess not only form, but also a little of a true eagle’s majesty. If I am not wrong, this guy is already at the Qi Creation stage of the three Creation stages!”

“Heh heh, reaching the Qi Creation stage at such an age. Lin Dong, this opponent of yours is abnormally powerful.” The little marten’s voice also sounded out in Lin Dong’s mind at this moment.

“Qi Creation stage!”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly shrunk. He very clearly understood what this level represented. Even in the entire Great Yan Empire, those of the Qi Creation stage were truly first class practitioners!

Lin Dong tightly pursed his lips, stubbornly staring at the figure in green, before his gaze slowly lowered. At that time when he had first become sensible, he had declared that one day, he would take back the dignity of his father, which had once been trampled on.

Perhaps, Lin Langtian had already long forgotten about the branch family member he had casually crippled during the clan gathering that year, but, Lin Dong would never dare to forget!

This memory had not weakened under the passage of time, instead, it was gradually branded deeply onto his soul. Thus, no matter how strong this opponent was, he would never give up!

Of course, at the moment, he still needed to firmly suppress the hatred in his heart, because he was still currently incapable of contending against this pride of the Lin Clan!

Lin Chen and the rest did not see Lin Dong’s expression, their gazes were completely fixed on the sky. In the Lin Clan, Lin Langtian’s influence had practically surpassed some of the clan elders. In the hearts of the younger generation like them, Lin Langtian was even more like a war god that would never lose in battle!

Under the brilliance of Lin Langtian, the rest of the Lin Clan younger generation members were dull and colorless.

“Haha, Lin Langtian, you’ve managed to beat me by one step!”

While the crowd was in awe of Lin Langtian’s aura, a hearty thunder-like laughter suddenly rumbled from the horizon. They crowd watched as a golden ray streaked across the skies, while a formidable aura also rippled out.

This aura was filled with haughtiness, yet, in response to this kind of haughtiness, no one dared to be resentful against it.

The golden light broke through the skies, causing the Yuan Power to surge, as it finally came to float in the horizon, transforming into a huge golden spear that was a dozen meters long. Atop the spear stood a figure in gold with long hair that draped over his shoulders. A domineering aura soared into the skies, as if it was a unique wild spear which towered over the land.

The crowd stared at the figure in gold, which stood atop the huge golden spear, as envious looks were revealed on many of their faces. If one could look this mighty and impressive in one’s life, one’s bitter training would have paid off.

“Big brother Wang Yan is also here!”

Several from the Wang Clan stared at the figure atop the huge golden spear in the sky, as delight surfaced on their faces.

“To think that the one from the Wang Clan this time is actually Wang Yan.” Lin Ke-er and the rest watched the huge golden spear in the sky, slightly astonished as they said.

“Should it not be him?” Lin Dong was startled as he asked.

“There are two exceptional geniuses from the Wang Clan. One of them is Wang Yan, while the other is even stronger, Wang Yan’s older brother, Wang Zhong. Even big brother Lin Langtian fears this person the most. Over the years, the two have fought several times, but have yet to determine the victor among them.” Lin Ke-er smiled and said.

“Wang Yan’s strength should be at the Form Creation stage, a level below Lin Langtian. However, the huge golden spear below his feet is no ordinary item, it is probably a high-grade Soul Treasure. With the aid of such a Soul Treasure, he would be able to do battle even with a Qi Creation stage practitioner.” The small marten’s voice sounded out in Lin Dong’s mind.

“High grade Soul Treasure.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong’s eyes involuntarily twitched. He already knew that Soul Treasures were divided into three categories, and the Shattered Ice Sword in Lin Ke-er’s hands was a low-grade Soul Treasure. He did not expect that this Wang Yan was even more grand, directly stepping on a high-grade Soul Treasure. Even if the entire Yan City was excavated, a treasure like this would not be found.

“These people from the great clans are truly treated lavishly.” Lin Dong bitterly laughed in his heart. Since he was born, he had never even touched a low-grade Soul Treasure, while these people were actually able to possess one each.

“Haha, I did not expect that you would be the one to come this time…” In the skies, Lin Langtian’s gaze also swept over the huge golden spear below Wang Yan’s feet, before the former softly chuckled and said.

“Why? Do you look down on me?” Upon hearing this, Wang Yan’s eyebrows immediately raised as he laughed and said: “This time, my brother is at a critical juncture of his closed door cultivation. If he came, the treasures from the old tomb will all belong to my Wang Clan.”

“Haha, Wang Yan, I’ve not seen you for a year but your words are still as arrogant as before.”

Just as Wang Yan’s laughter faded, yet another soft chuckle slowly sounded out from the horizon. Soon after, blue light filled the skies, as a rainbow flash swept over from the horizon. In the twinkling of an eye, it appeared in the skies above.

When the blue light filled the skies, the crowd swiftly cast their gazes over, only to find a mythical wind bird which was dozens of meters large, it flapped its wings as it floated in the skies. An extremely formidable aura swept forth from within the mythical wind bird’s body.

A blue clothed man lightly smiled as he stood atop the mythical wind bird. His face was bewitchingly handsome, such that in terms of looks, even Lin Langtian was inferior. He held a deep blue fan in his hand, as he slowly fanned himself, while giving off a graceful aura of nobility.

“That is the genius from the Qin Clan, Qin Shi.”

After hearing Lin Ke-er’s voice, Lin Dong once again silently nodded his head.

“Another fellow at the Form Creation stage, and that mythical wind bird of his also possesses the strength of the Form Creation stage. Tch tch, kid, don’t be too discouraged today…”

Lin Dong rolled his eyes, not feeling discouraged like the little marten had said. Though these people were all of the younger generation, they were still several years older than him. He had the confidence that he would surpass these arrogant existences in the future!

“Qin Shi, to think that an effeminate guy like you would also join in the fun here, heh, you’ve even bought your Qin Clan’s mythical wind bird, truly well prepared indeed…” Wang Yan chuckled as he shot a glance at Qin Shi.

“Didn’t you also bring your Wang Clan’s Great Luo Golden Spear. Brother Lin Langtian has already advanced to the Qi Creation stage, if you are not thoroughly prepared, you will likely be stuck picking up the leftovers.” Qin Shi waved the deep blue fan in his hand and slightly smiled.

The corner’s of Wang Yan’s mouth twitched as he turned to look towards the seal which enveloped the mountain top: “When are we going to break this seal?”

“No no need to worry, we still need to wait for one more person.” Lin Langtian casually smiled and said.

“Who are we waiting for? Didn’t the Huangpu Clan say they are not sending anyone?” Wang Yan was taken aback, his eyebrows furrowing as he asked.

“The Huangpu Clan is not planning to send anyone, but, they’ve invited an even more formidable person to come…” Lin Langtian chuckled and said.

“Oh? Who? In this Great Yan Empire, there should be few who you would call formidable.” Upon hearing this, Wang Yan quickly turned a little curious.

“Hehe, brother Lin Langtian flatters Qingzhu. With the top younger generation members of the Great Yan Empire like you guys here, Qingzhu is afraid that it would be difficult to reap any rewards.”

As Wang Yan’s voice faded, a spirited voice suddenly sounded out across the skies. That voice was extremely melodious, and seemed to contain a special magic. Immediately, an intoxicated look appeared in the eyes of several people below.

“Such a formidable person!”

Lin Dong’s mind was likewise momentarily dazed when the spirited voice sounded out, however, he quickly regained his senses, as amazement filled his eyes. Hastily lifting his head, he saw a green light sweep across the skies from a distance away before finally transforming into a green lotus.

Atop the green lotus, was a wonderfully curved figure. Although a veil covered her face, those penetrating crystal-like pupils caused this area to momentarily dim…

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