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Chapter 165: The End to the Night

Within the mountain valley, the chaotic scene dissipated as the Blade Slaughter Gang fled in defeat, and the situation gradually became clearer. Although quite a number from the Thousand Gold Association had been killed or injured in the intense battle before, the Blood Wolf Gang had likewise sustained substantial losses. Most importantly, in the wake of the Blade Slaughter Gang’s crushing defeat, the troops of the Blood Wolf Gang were so alarmed that they lost their morale. Their previously advantageous situation had practically vanished off the face of the earth in an instant.

Yue Shan was a person who was very able in assessing the situation. When Song Dao escaped in defeat, he already knew that, the situation where they were originally going to successfully dispose of the Thousand Gold Association, had already been thoroughly destroyed by Lin Dong’s appearance.

Having lost the aid of the Blade Slaughter Gang, the Blood Wolf Gang was no longer able to deal with the Thousand Gold Association with just their strength alone. Furthermore, Lin Dong and the rest were like tigers eyeing their prey as they watched from the side…

Yue Shan had seen some of the previous exchange between Lin Dong and Song Dao. Truth be told, a trace of fear had now surfaced in his heart because of this youngster, who was not even twenty years old. Song Dao was as powerful as Yue Shan, and since Lin Dong was able to force Song Dao to such a terrible state, he would likewise be able to do the same to Yue Shan.

If this was before, Yue Shan would likely snort disdainfully at this kind of outcome. When he first met Lin Dong, though he was a little astonished at the latter’s capabilities, he did not really think too much about it. An individual who had yet to reach even the Yuan Dan stage, would be easily squashed under his thumb.

However, the following events that transpired caused Yue Shan to gradually take notice of Lin Dong. This was because his rate of growth had already surpassed the boundaries of Yue Shan’s imagination. Even if he was prepared for it, when Yue Shan suddenly saw Lin Dong directly defeat Song Dao, his heart could not help but tremble a little.

Now, the youngster Yue Shan had initially scoffed at, had already grown till he became someone who could go toe to toe with Yue Shan…

The bonfires burned as the light from the fire shone on Yue Shan’s face, revealing his complicated expression. Around him, the Blood Wolf Gang troops tightly drew close. Their previous ferociousness had already completely faded, as they nervously stared at the bloodied troops from the Thousand Gold Association to their front. If Yue Shan had not spoken, they would likely have fled like the Blade Slaughter Gang.

“If I knew, I would have killed you at the Celestial Dan Pool!” Yue Shan’s face slightly trembled as he stared unwaveringly at Lin Dong, while his hoarse voice sounded out.

“Many thanks for your compliments.”

Lin Dong chuckled as his eyes swept over the troops from the Blood Wolf Gang, his eyebrows slightly furrowing. The men Yue Shan had brought were clearly the elite of the Blood Wolf Gang. They were a rather strong force, and from the looks of it, Yue Shan also did not seem to be injured.

A perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner at one hundred percent might not be difficult to beat, but would be rather problematic to kill.

“This time, my Blood Wolf Gang admits defeat.” Yue Shan deeply inhaled a breath of air. At this time, no matter how unwilling he was, he still needed to give up. With the power he currently had, it might still be enough to allow them all to retreat, but if this dragged on, they would perhaps be buried in this place.

“Yue Shan, when I return, my Thousand Gold Association will have its revenge!” Xia Wanjin coldly stared at Yue Shan. He could tell that if Lin Dong had not suddenly appeared this time, his Thousand Gold Association would truly be destroyed. This grudge and debt was truly enormous.

Anyone could imagine that when Xia Wanjin and the rest returned to Yan City, they would definitely gather all their power to deal a fatal blow to the Blood Wolf Gang.

Yue Shan’s face twitched a few times, as he felt Xia Wanjin’s chilling gaze. Pursing his lips, he promptly retorted in a cold voice: “So be it! I will accompany you till the end.”

However, though his mouth said these words, Yue Shan’s heart shivered a little. From Xia Wanjin’s gaze, he knew that in future, the Thousand Gold Association would go all out against him. Faced with the humongous financial resources of the Thousand Gold Association, he could foresee that the Blood Wolf Gang would likely have a crisis on their hands.

This was consequences of failing to completely exterminate Xia Wanjin here.

If the plan this time succeeded, they would have easily defeated the Thousand Gold Association, but, if it failed, the Blood Wolf Gang would face the Thousand Gold Association’s frantic counter-attack.


Yue Shan’s expression was rather ugly, but, he did not dare to stay any longer. Under the protection of the Blood Wolf Gang elites, Yue Shan ferociously glared at Lin Dong, as they swiftly withdrew into the forest, before borrowing the cover of the night to make their speedy escape.

As they watched the Blood Wolf Gang withdraw, the troops from the Thousand Gold Association also completely relaxed. Quite a few of them fell to the ground on the spot, the huge battle tonight was really desperate.

“You are letting him go like this?” Lin Ke-er cast a glance in the direction Yue Shan and the rest had fled in, before she smiled at Lin Dong and said.

“If he desperately escapes, we will also be unable to stop him, furthermore, most of their strength is still intact. The Thousand Gold Association in their current state will be unable to endure a desperate counter-attack from them.” Lin Dong shook his head as he explained.

“You are also not chasing that Song Dao from before?” Lin Ke-er’s umber-black eyebrows knitted together as she asked.

“My heart is willing, but my body does not have the strength.” Lin Dong casually made up an excuse. He could not possibly tell Lin Ke-er that he had already obtained Song Dao’s Yuan Dan right? After all, no matter what, taking another’s Yuan Dan was considered an extremely ruthless method. It would not be good if word of this got out.

“I’d be a fool to believe you.” Lin Ke-er rolled her eyes at Lin Dong. She could see that, although Lin Dong had not come out unscathed from this big battle, compared to Song Dao, the former was far better off.

Lin Dong chuckled and did not speak any further. After joining hands against an enemy this time, he was now somewhat fearful of this elegant woman. Even though he mostly feared the unusual Shattered Ice Sword beneath her feet, her methods also caused Lin Dong to not dare to underestimate her.

While he was fighting with Song Dao previously, many members of the Blade Slaughter Gang had their lives mercilessly taken away by Lin Ke-er. Among them, there were even the two practitioners who had reached the advanced Yuan Dan stage. In particular, the corpse of the man, that had insulted her in the day, was riddled with wounds. Evidently, he had been tormented quite extremely before his death.

This woman’s heart was completely different from her elegant looks. Lin Dong did not plan to antagonize a troublesome woman like this.

“My young friend Lin Dong, this time, it’s all thanks to you.”

While Lin Dong was talking to Lin Ke-er, Xia Wanjin walked over, wearing a gloomy expression, as he forced a smile at Lin Dong. Although the Blood Wolf Gang had been repelled tonight, the Thousand Gold Association’s losses were not small. If Lin Dong had arrived a little later, perhaps, even more would have died.

“Chairman Xia has no need for such words, I have received much care from big sister Su and the Thousand Gold Association in Yan City. It is only right for me to lend a hand.” Lin Dong understood Xia Wanjin’s mood, as he clasped his hands towards the latter and said.

“This time, we originally planned to look for some treasures in that old tomb. Yet, it now looks like we have no choice but to return home.” To one side, Xuan Su softly said.

“Next, we will directly return to Yan City. This grudge will not end here.” Xia Wanjin also nodded his head as he gnashed his teeth and said.

“After the Blood Wolf Gang has fled this time, they will definitely be even more on guard. Over this period, I will likely be at the old tomb, as for my family, please take extra care of them, chairman Xia.” Lin Dong muttered. If the Blood Wolf Gang made a move while he was not with the Lin Family, a catastrophe might occur.

“Don’t worry, as long as my Thousand Gold Association exists in Yan City, I will definitely not let anything happen to the Lin Family!” Xia Wanjin declared in a solemn voice.

“Hehe, the Lin Family still has the Symbol Master Guild and the city governor watching over them, Yue Shan does not have the guts to offend these two great factions.” Xuan Su chuckled and said.

“Many thanks.”

Lin Dong clasped his hands together in thanks. The current Lin Family could be considered to have settled in Yan City, or else, he would be incapable of leaving at ease.

“Chairman Xia, big sister Su, rest and reorganize yourselves for a while before leaving. We still have a team at another place, so we will likely have to leave first.” Casting a glance at Lin Ke-er, who was seemingly bored as she stood atop her Shattered Ice Sword and gazed at the sky, Lin Dong did not chat too much.


Xia Wanjin looked at Lin Ke-er, before his gaze concentrated on the Shattered Ice Sword beneath the latter’s feet, as a serious look flitted across his eyes. As the head of the Thousand Gold Association, he naturally had a rather discerning eye. With one look, he knew what the Shattered Ice Sword under Lin Ke-er’s feet was. This kind of treasure was not one any ordinary faction would possess.


Lin Dong nodded and with a wave of his hand, Little Flame pounced over while reeking of blood. The tip of his foot tapped off the ground and landed on the tiger’s back. After waving to Xia Wanjin and the rest, Little Flame transformed into a fiery shadow as it dashed into the forest. Behind it, Lin Ke-er was light as a feather as she closely followed while atop her Shattered Ice Sword.

For Lin Dong, stepping in this time was to return some of the friendship the Thousand Gold Association had shown him in the past. Most importantly, he had actually obtained a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner’s Yuan Dan, if this was made use of appropriately, it would result in the greatest impact!

Thus, he had obtained quite a haul this time.

As he watched Lin Dong’s and Lin Ke-er’s figures fade into the night, Xia Wanjin sighed deeply as he slowly said: “It has only been a short two or three months, to think that Lin Dong had actually grown to such a stage. With his current strength, perhaps even I will be unable to beat him.”

When they recalled Song Dao’s sorry figure, Xuansu, Xia Zhilan and the rest also lightly nodded their heads in agreement.

“This fellow, every time we meet, he will have become much stronger. However, this time, it is really all thanks to him…” Xuansu softly chuckled as she said.


Xia Wanjin nodded his head, soon after, he smiled and said: “Initially, I had slightly doubted the importance you placed in Lin Dong. Heh, now, it looks like I was the shortsighted one. What this guy achieves in future will definitely be out of our expectations.”

Gradually withdrawing his gaze, Xia Wanjin looked at the almost reorganized troops, as he waved his hand. A cold murderous intent suddenly surfaced on his face.

“Go, return to Yan City. We will thoroughly cleanse Yan City of the Blood Wolf Gang!”

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