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Chapter 164: Seizing by Force

The mysterious symbol array suddenly began to whirl rapidly after Lin Dong’s command. As it spun, an exceedingly powerful Mental Energy undulation abruptly spread forth.

“Hua hua!”

As the symbol array vibrated, a powerful Mental Energy began to gather at its center. Furthermore, as Mental Energy frantically continued to accumulate, at the heart of that symbol array, a peculiar flame suddenly sprung forth.

This flame seemed like an ordinary flame. However, strictly speaking, this was not actually fire… but, something made from Mental Energy, after reaching a certain level of compression.

This flame was merely the size of a thumb. However, the berserk Mental Energy vibrations emitted from it, caused even Lin Dong to be slightly shocked. He never expected that the full extent of the Manifest Symbol Array was actually this formidable.

This undulation was also detected by that incoming Song Dao. Immediately, shock flashed in his eyes. However, it was no longer possible for him to retreat. Hence, he could only hurriedly mobilize the Yuan Power in his Dantian into the glowing blade shadow in his hand, and attempt to use this to resist the attack.


Lin Dong’s eyes coldly stared at Song Dao, before his fingers suddenly jabbed forward. The seeming flame-like object inside symbol array suddenly trembled, with a ‘swish’ sound, it exploded forth!


As the flame swept forward, the surrounding air suddenly shook, as an invisible wave of air screeched forth, pressuring the surrounding air and generating low sonic booms. The aura of this attack was extremely terrifying.

Song Dao was similarly shocked by Lin Dong’s dreadful strike. It was now that he finally discovered that, what this young man was most proficient in, was not Yuan Power, but rather Mental Energy attacks!

At this critical juncture, there was already no way out. Song Dao was indeed the leader of these maniacal outlaws. Immediately, a dark expression surfaced in his eyes as the glowing blade in his hand suddenly brightened, before he desperately hacked downwards, furiously chopping down on that tiny flame!


When that glowing blade chopped onto that tiny flame, a loud explosion immediately echoed out. However, that seeming formidable glowing blade was almost instantaneously decimated by that flame. Meanwhile, without a decrease in velocity, that flame continued to dash towards Song Dao, while emitting berserk undulations!

When he saw the flame easily crushing his glowing blade, Song Dao’s limbs instantly began to turn cold. As he turned to look at that young man behind him, he realized that at this moment, the latter was still calm as usual. There was no hint of any pride or arrogance that he was able to push a perfect Yuan Dan practitioner to death’s doors.

“I have kicked an iron board…”

At this juncture, this thought flashed across Song Dao’s mind. Nonetheless, this fearsome individual did not intend to give up, as his eyes flashed with a mix of madness and determination.

While madness gushed in his eyes, Song Dao’s opened his mouth, as a pigeon egg- sized white Yuan Dan suddenly flew out from his mouth.


When his Yuan Dan appeared, it was as if a Yuan Power tornado had formed on the spot. Even amidst the fearsome battle, several people were forcefully drawn to look.

However, when these people saw that Song Dao had actually spat out his Yuan Dan, a look of shock surfaced on their faces. Especially the Blade Slaughter Gang members, who were even more shocked.

Everyone knew that the Yuan Dan was the most important object for one on the path of cultivation. This was the root of one’s cultivation. Regardless of the severity of a surface wound, there was always the chance of recovery. However, if one’s Yuan Dan was damaged, the possible after-effect was that one will very likely become completely invalid!

Therefore, unless it was truly a life and death situation, no Yuan Dan stage practitioner would ever rashly summon his Yuan Dan…

Due to this reason, when they saw this sight unravel before of their eyes, huge waves immediately churned in their hearts. Especially Yue Shan, who felt like his skull was practically about to explode. He could not believe that just Lin Dong alone, would be able to force Song Dao, whose strength was on par with his own, to such an extent!


Under the disbelieving gazes of the crowd, the Yuan Dan which brought a Yuan Power tornado instantly screamed. Quickly, it crashed with a loud bang against that tiny flame!

At the moment of impact, all the fighting noises in this mountain valley seemed to have weakened. Space seemed to have turned silent. In the next moment, a volcano eruption-esque shockwave exploded forth!


Lin Dong’s figure was the first to be blown away by that terrifying shock wave. He heavily collided against a large tree with a muffled thud, clearly injured by this impact.

When he landed on the ground, Lin Dong’s eyes turned to look at the epicenter of the collision, only to see that there was a deep hole there several meters in length at that spot. A look of awe flashed across his eyes.

Around the hole, several unlucky fellows were groaning. Based on their appearances, they were clearly affected by the aftershock.


Lin Dong was prepared, thus, the injuries he suffered were not too severe. However, Song Dao was most unfortunate, as he was the closest one to the epicentre. Hence, when that shockwave hit his body, his face instantly turned pale as he immediately vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood. Meanwhile, his body flew backwards, like a kite whose strings had been cut, before he landed hideously on the floor and spat out multiple mouthfuls of blood.

After enduring such punishment, Song Dao’s body was evidently severely injured. However, at this moment, he chose to endure the intense pain, as his palm hurriedly waved, and a dimly glowing Yuan Dan shot out from the dust filled air. After all, a practitioner could afford to lose a limb, yet, he must never lose his Yuan Dan!

After that massive collision, even though it successfully managed to stop Lin Dong’s deadly attack, the Yuan Dan had became much dimmer. Evidently, it had suffered some injuries as well. However, at this moment, Song Dao could not be bothered about this matter. First preserving his life now, was the most critical.

The Yuan Dan drew a faint line of light through the air as it flew quickly towards Song Dao. However, right before the Yuan Dan returned to Song Dao’s mouth, an exceedingly blurry glowing shadow suddenly appeared mysteriously. As its claw-like figure reached out, it quickly grabbed the Yuan Dan that was about to fall into Song Dao’s mouth.

When his Yuan Dan was being grabbed, Song Dao’s facial expression changed drastically, as he used every ounce of energy within him to help his Yuan Dan break free of that glowing shadow’s grasp.

“Buzz buzz”

However, the now heavily injured Song Dao was obviously unable to recall it instantly. Especially when a black hole like object appeared on the claw, and his Yuan Dan was immediately swallowed.

When his Yuan Dan was swallowed by that black hole, Song Dao’s facial expression turned inhumanely miserable, as he violently vomited numerous mouthfuls of fresh blood. At this moment, he had completely lost contact with his Yuan Dan!

With his Yuan Dan lost, an exceedingly feeble sensation burst out from his body. His originally vigorous and abundant energy quickly left his body. When he felt this sense of weakness, Song Dao knew that this time, he was finished…

“Leave! Leave now! Where is Song Que?”

The fear of death grasped Song Dao’s heart, as he grabbed at the few experts from the Blade Slaughter Gang nearby, and coarsely shouted out.

When they saw that the head of the Blade Slaughter Gang had been reduced to such a state, his followers were appalled.

“Big brother Song Que has been killed by that woman…” When he heard Song Dao’s enquiry, one of the Blade Slaughter Gang members immediately scowled as he answered fearfully.


When he heard these words, the originally feeble Song Dao almost blacked out. As he lifted his head, he saw an elegant lady dressed in white sweetly smiling in mid-air as she fired off a dozen cold lights. Every time these cold lights swept down, they would leave behind a pillar of blood.


At another area, a fiery-red beast was now manically hunting every expert from the Blade Slaughter Gang. Every time that red shadow moved, another figure would be forcefully split apart.

This was a completely one-sided massacre!

After massacring who knows how many opponents, their Blade Slaughter Gang had finally tasted this same sensation.


Using his final bit of energy, Song Dao fled for the woods. He knew that this time, not only was he finished, but his entire Blade Slaughter Gang would be buried in this Sky Fire Mountain Range.

When they saw Song Dao flee, the rest of the Blade Slaughter Gang members lost all courage to resist, as they swiftly scattered. As for the Blood Wolf Gang, right now, they had their hands full…

As he watched the Blade Slaughter Gang flee, Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows. Just as he planned to hunt them down, a blurry glowing shadow suddenly appeared and hopped onto his palm.

“No need to chase, that fellow is finished.”

When he heard the small marten’s voice, Lin Dong was stunned. Then, he suddenly realized that there was something else inside his hand. He tilted his head to look, and his pupils suddenly contracted when he realized that lying within his palm, was a pigeon egg-sized Yuan Dan!

“Song Dao’s Yuan Dan!”

When he saw this familiar Yuan Dan, Lin Dong immediately gasped deeply, before quickly he kept it into his Qiankun bag. With his Yuan Dan lost, Song Dao would probably not leave Sky Fire Mountain Range alive.

“Not bad, you actually managed to defeat that fellow…” An alluring figure flashed, as Lin Ke-er stood atop that Shattered Ice Sword and slowly floated before Lin Dong. Contained within her beautiful azure eyes, was a hint of shock. She had never expected that Lin Dong was actually able to defeat Song Dao…

Of course, the only one feeling shocked and astonished was not her alone. Xuansu, who was standing aside, had her lily-white hands over her mouth. The astonishment on her pretty face was completely unconcealable.

Alone, Lin Dong had defeated a perfect Yuan Dan elite practitioner!

Beside Xuansu, Xia Zhilan strangely stared at Lin Dong. She clearly remembered that barely half a year ago, Lin Dong was still being driven into a corner by Wei Tong. However, right now… he could actually defeat a perfect Yuan Dan practitioner!

What kind of cultivation speed was this?

Only now did Xia Zhilan completely understand why Xuansu and Xia Wanjin both valued Lin Dong so highly. It turned out that this fellow… was simply a monster!

With regards to their amazed glazes, Lin Dong chose to smile in response. He was clearly aware that if small marten had not employed a peculiar method to steal Song Dao’s Yuan Dan, the latter would probably be able to retreat successful. As for his injuries, perhaps after a period of recuperation, he would be able to fully recover.

However, now…. that fellow was finished.

Lin Dong’s palm gently felt the Qiankun bag in his sleeves. Then, his eyes turned to look at the extremely ashen-faced Yue Shan, as he smiled and said.

“Sect leader Yue Shan, do you still wish to kill me now?”

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