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Chapter 163: Manifestation Symbol Array, Third Layer

“Kid, I was kind enough to spare you. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness!” Song Dao’s eyes were cold as he glared at Lin Dong and slowly said.

As he spoke, Song Dao’s eyes began to systematically sweep across the surrounding woods. During the day, he had found out the extent of the of Lin Dong’s and his party’s abilities. If they chose to intervene at this juncture, it would be hard to say how the current situation would change.

“Haha, sect leader Song Dao, why must you be so merciless? Why not we end today’s matter at this point.” Lin Dong smiled as his palm gently stroked Little Flame’s fiery-red fur. Right now, Little Flame’s mouth was wide-open, and its massive body was slightly bent forward, ready to attack. A menacing aura slowly spread out from its body.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you obstruct my Blade Slaughter Gang?” Beside Song Dao, that advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner, who had stopped Lin Ke-er earlier that day, could not help but sneer as he said.

“Kid, if you leave now, I can pretend that this has not happened!” Song Dao stared right at Lin Dong as he solemnly warned.

“Lin Dong, quickly leave with Zhilan!” Behind Lin Dong, Xuansu hurriedly said. With the Blade Slaughter Gang and the Blood Wolf Gang working together, their combined prowess was truly formidable. Based on Lin Dong’s current strength, how could he expect to stop them.

Lin Dong gently shook his head. His eyes were similarly locked onto that menacing Song Dao. Even though the Blade Slaughter Gang was powerful, the only man that he feared was Song Dao. As long as he could defeat song Dao, he would be able to successfully resolve today’s issue.

“Since you refuse the easy way out!”

When he saw that Lin Dong still had no intention to retreat, a ferocious glint surfaced in Song Dao’s eyes. Promptly, he waved his hand violently as he coldly shouted: “Kill him!”

“Kill this son of a b*tch!”

Upon hearing these words, the troops from the Blade Slaughter Gang began to smile maliciously as Yuan Power exploded forth from their bodies. In a flash, the sharp blades in their hands hacked towards Lin Dong with a cold light.

As he faced these incoming troops from the Blade Slaughter Gang, Lin Dong did not bother with them. His eyes were solely focused on Song Dao. Just as these troops were several meters away from him, from within the forest, a violent wind sound suddenly erupted forth, as numerous twinkling cold lights burst forth.

“Plop plop!”

This sudden attack caused the Blade Slaughter Gang troops to panic, as the blades in their hands hastily danced. Meanwhile, Yuan Power was urged out from their bodies to form defensive barriers. Nonetheless, these tiny cold lights directly melted through their sharp blades, before finally bursting out from the throats of a few unfortunate fellows.

In that short instance, a dozen elite Blade Slaughter Gang members had died thanks to those glowing cold lights.

When that dazzling cold lights emerged from their throats, it carried along a column of blood. Finally, as they gathered in mid-air, they transformed into a dazzling Shattered Ice Sword. Immediately, an alluring white figure floated forth from within the woods and gently landed on that Shattered Ice Sword. Her beautiful face was smiling as she stared at the ravaged Blade Slaughter Gang’s troops below.

“As expected of a Soul Treasure…”

When he saw that the Shattered Ice Sword had instantly taken the lives of a dozen elite practitioners, Lin Dong’s heart slightly shuddered. That Shattered Ice Sword was evidently able to transform into Shattered Ice pieces to attack at any time. Furthermore, it was exceedingly formidable. When facing these ice pieces, the steel blades in those fellow’s hands were just like tofu. Even with Yuan Power as a defensive barrier, they were unable to stop it.

Based on Lin Dong’s prediction, just this Shattered Ice Sword alone was enough to allow Lin Ke-er’s strength to increase by thirty percent. The power of a Soul Treasure was truly incredible.

“You dare kill my Blade Slaughter Gang members. Good, very good!” Song Dao stared daggers at Lin Ke-er, who stood atop her Shattered Ice Sword, as he icily said.

“Blade Slaughter Gang? I have never heard of it.”

Lin Ke-er lightly smiled, before she turned to Lin Dong and lifted her eyebrows, and said: “Are you sure that you can handle him?”

“If you want, you can have him.” Lin Dong chuckled as he said.

“This kind of tiresome chore is best left to the men. Leave the rest to me and your big tiger.” Lin Ke-er somewhat deviously said. She naturally knew that this Song Dao was a tricky opponent.

“Lin Dong, I will fight Song Dao together with you!” When she heard that Lin Dong was planning to face off against Song Dao by himself, Xuansu’s facial expression slightly changed. The latter was a true-blue perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. Even though Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was extremely formidable, it would be a disaster to clash against Song Dao directly.”

“Big sister Su, just let me handle it.” Lin Dong shook his head. Based on Xuansu’s current strength, she was evidently no match for Song Dao. If she intervened, she would instead distract Lin Dong as he tried to protect her.

“You… are you sure?” When she saw Lin Dong insist, Xuansu’s eyebrows furrowed as she anxiously said.

Lin Dong chuckled. Without answering, he slowly stepped forward. His path was directly headed towards Song Dao.

“Such an ignorant brat!”

When he saw Lin Dong approaching him, a malevolent glint surfaced in Song Dao’s eyes.

“Sect leader Song Dao, that kid is with the Thousand Gold Association. Kill him too!” The commotion on this side naturally drew Yue Shan’s attention, while he dueled intensely with Xia Wanjin. However, when the former realized that there were only two of them, a murderous intent surfaced in his heart as he shouted out.

Song Dao lightly nodded his head, as his eyes fell on Lin Dong: “Since you are such a fool, don’t blame me for being merciless!”


As Song Dao’s threat fell, an exceedingly formidable Yuan Power violently gushed out from within his body. A white Yuan power, just like a giant ball of white flames, surrounded his body, as a formidable pressure began to spread forth.

Yuan Power churning, Song Dao’s foot stomped on the ground, as his figure immediately blurred. In a flash, he appeared in front of Lin Dong. His palm to chop towards Lin Dong, as a formidable Pure Yuangang energy swiftly materialized. It directly tore through the air and viciously went for Lin Dong’s throat.

“Pure Yuan Finger!”

When Song Dao attacked, a dark golden Yuan Power similarly gushed out from Lin Dong’s body. Straightening two of his fingers, Pure Yuangang energy swiftly gathered at his fingertips, before they actually formed into a solid cone and quickly thrust towards Song Dao’s palm attack.


As palm and finger collided, terrifying Yuan Power abruptly rippled outwards. The dried leaves on the ground were directly turned to dust.

“Humph, merely advanced Yuan Dan stage, yet you dare to challenge me. You’re courting death!”

Song Dao’s expression was dark, as his powerful palm attack directly decimated the Yuan Power at the tips of Lin Dong’s fingers. Just as he planned to carry on his attack, Lin Dong retreated in a extremely cunning fashion. Meanwhile, as he retreated, both of his hands began to form a series of hand-seals.

As his hand-seals changed, a dark golden Yuan Power gushed forth from within his body just like a tidal wave, before they swiftly gathered at his palm.

Wonder Gate Seal, fourth layer!

Lin Dong was keenly aware of how powerful a perfect Yuan Dan practitioner was. In terms of Yuan Power potency or endurance, Song Dao was stronger than him. Therefore, when he attacked, the martial arts that he used, were not of low rank.

When Lin Dong’s final seal ended, a dark golden Yuan Power had already swiftly condensed into a dark golden glowing seal several feet large in between his palms.

This time, the Yuan Power undulations hidden inside this dark golden glowing seal was several times stronger compared to his previous clash with Lin Chen. Furthermore, this was the first time Lin Dong had utilized his most powerful martial arts after reaching to the advanced Yuan Dan stage!


After the dark golden glowing seal took shape, Lin Dong’s arms jerked forward as the glowing seal directly flew forth. It left a dazzling dark golden light trail, as it viciously shot towards Song Dao.

As that light seal pounced towards him with an exceedingly powerful force Song Dao’s pupils slightly shrunk. He never imagined that Lin Dong could actually utilize such a powerful martial art using his advanced Yuan Dan stage abilities.

“Five Tiger Splitting Palm!”

Even though he was shocked, Song Dao was not the slightest bit merciful. White Yuan Power frantically gathered on his right palm, as a knife shape faintly appeared. Furthermore, on that knife shape, there seemed to be the outline of a tiger.

“Kid, I shall take your life with this move!”

When that knife shape appeared, Song Dao’s face turned even more malicious. He stepped forward, as his right palm furiously smashed down on that dark golden glowing seal!


The blade shadow that was formed from powerful Yuan Power heavily hacked down on the dark golden glowing seal. Immediately, an exceedingly formidable Yuan Power shock wave frantically emerged, like a storm that swept away everything. In fact, even the ground was forcefully split apart, as countless cracks began to emerge.


A maniacal yet formidable knife gushed forth. Song Dao’s face was cold as he ruthlessly swung his right palm, watching as that dark golden glowing seal was forcefully hacked apart by him.

Nearby, when Xuansu and the rest witnessed this scene, they immediately turned pale.

“Kid, you are finished!”

After gaining the upper hand with a single move, a cold expression surfaced on Song Dao’s face. With a ‘swish’ sound, he hacked at Lin Dong’s throat like lightning.

“Buzz buzz!”

As he faced Song Dao’s lethal attack, Lin Dong did not lose his calm. As his hand-seal changed, numerous Mental Energy threads hidden within that ruptured glowing seal shot out. These threads crisscrossed and interacted with each other, as they quickly formed a mysterious symbol array in front of Lin Dong.

“Manifestation Symbol Array, Manifest, Thousand Flames!”

When the symbol array was complete, Lin Dong stared at Song Dao, who was merely inches away, as the corners of Lin Dong’s lips curled up to form an ice-cold smile.

The Manifestation Symbol Array was split into three layers: Manifest Light, Manifest Azure Wave and finally the most powerful move Manifest Thousand Flames. In the past, Lin Dong did not have the ability to unleash the third move. However, now that he had reached the advanced Yuan Dan Stage, he was finally able to display the full potential of this Secret Spirit Skill!

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