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Chapter 162: Soul Treasure

When Lin Dong’s figure appeared forest to their rear, before steadily landing on Little Flame’s back, old man Tao and the rest merely looked at him once, and did not inquire about what he was doing there. After Lin Dong defeated Lin Chen, he had clearly displayed his strength. Therefore, even Lin Chen and the rest did not dare to provoke him.

“Old man Tao, those guys are too much. How can we just leave like this!” When Lin Dong rejoined the team, Lin Chen was evidently still upset over the clash with these guys, as he opened his mouth and said.

As members of Lin Clan, they usually took on the role of the bully. Therefore, if it was not for the fact that old man Tao had insisted on leaving, they would have probably started a fight just now.

“Those fellows are pretty skilled. If we fought, perhaps we might win. However, we will likely have to pay a hefty price.” Old man Tao shook his head and said: “Right now, our top priority is to rush to the old tomb. Once the other elite practitioners from the clan arrive, we can deal with them anytime.”

The tone of old man Tao’s words contained a hint of anger as well. Evidently, he was also upset with the group from before.

“At that time, we will not so easily let them off!” Lin Chen gritted his teeth as he declared.

Lin Ke-er, who was standing to one side, blinked her beautiful eyes as a chill flowed in the depths of her pupils. Then, she suddenly turned her head, looked towards Lin Dong and smiled: “Those guys will receive their just desserts, right?”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong was taken aback. He declined to comment as he replied: “Perhaps.”

Lin Ke-er smiled knowingly and she did not ask any further.

The rest of the journey was not lonely. Even though they had gradually advanced deep into the Sky Flame Mountain Range, Lin Dong and the rest still met other groups that were also venturing forth. Most of these groups were not weak. However, though most of them were similarly wary of other groups, they were thankfully not as reckless as the first group of guys. Thus, since Lin Dong’s group also looked pretty formidable, they had a relatively peaceful trip.

Besides these other teams, Lin Dong’s group hardly met any of the most ferocious local Demonic Beasts in Sky Flame Mountain Range. It seems like old man Tao had really prepared thoroughly, as he had brought some unique medicinal powders along, which were able to repel some ordinary Demonic Beasts. As for the stronger beasts, from a distance away, Lin Ke-er was able to spot them and allow the group to avoid them by taking a detour. Therefore, their trip was surprisingly smooth.

On the few rare occasions where they met with Demonic Beasts, they were not much of a hindrance.

As they hurried along, Lin Dong discovered that Lin Ke-er was actually a Symbol Master too. Though he did not see her utilise any Mental Energy attacks, based on his senses, this women’s strength was certainly not weak at all.

One day’s worth of time was mostly passed hurrying along the road. Until nightfall began to enshroud this massive Sky Flame Mountain Range, did Lin Dong and his party decided to rest and stop. After all, night time was when Demonic Beasts roamed free and hence, it was unwise for them to continue on.

After they set up camp, Lin Dong, old man Tao and the rest discussed some matters briefly, before they all returned to their respective tents and started cultivating.

Gentle moonlight poured down from the horizon, as it cast a layer of silver silk on this mountain range. From time to time, low growls of Demonic Beasts sounded out.

In the quiet campsite, a tent gently shook. A man and a beast turned into two shadows, as they stealthily dashed forth. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the woods.

When they entered the woods, Lin Dong looked once at that empty camp site behind him, as he softly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he patted Little Flame’s head while the latter was also sensible enough not to growl.

“Let’s go.” Lin Dong softly said. As he prepared to take off, his eyes suddenly concentrated as he abruptly turned around, only to see that standing on a tree branch behind him, was an elegant lady dressed in white smiling down at him.

“Lin Ke-er?” As he stared at the lady dressed in white, Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“You plan to look for those guys from today?” Lin Ke-er floated down before she softly chuckled: “Count me in as well, okay?”

Lin Dong was taken aback, before he said: “Why would you want to involve yourself in this?”

Song Dao and the rest were evidently no ordinary group. Furthermore, their murderous intent was something that was unmatched even by the Blood Wolf Gang. Hence, if this matter did not concern the Thousand Gold Association and Xuan Su, Lin Dong was truly hesitant to interfere as well. Thus, he never expected that this Lin Ke-er actually wanted to go on her own initiative…

“Don’t you know, women are the most vengeful creatures?” In response to Lin Dong’s question, Lin Ke-er answered in a baffled fashion, as she tilted her head and lightly smiled at Lin Dong.

“Is this because of that one sentence from that fellow….” The corners of Lin Dong’s lips twitched. Did all the women from these Great Clans have such a personality?

“Well, up to you.”

Even though he did not know if this was the correct answer, Lin Dong did not bother to continue inquiring. After he casually answered, he immediately jumped onto Little Flame’s back, before they transformed into a red shadow and dashed, lighting-quick into the woods.


When Lin Dong moved, the sound of something cold breaking through the air was suddenly heard from behind him. As he turned to look, he saw Lin Ke-er stepping on a unique long-sword, that seemed to have been made from numerous ice shavings condensed together. The long sword faintly glowed in the darkness of the night, while, Lin Dong sensed a palpitating sensation from this unique long sword.

“What kind of sword is this… how can it be so powerful?” Lin Dong’s heart was fairly shocked. He could tell that Lin Ke-er’s Shattered Ice Sword was no ordinary item. In comparison, his Mysterious Ice Swords and Ever-Flame Sword were practically garbage.

“That is Soul Treasure. Ai, kid, you are really too ignorant. It’s no wonder, since you were being constructed in such a small place, what could you possibly know…” While Lin Dong was shocked, the small marten’s voice suddenly echoed out in his mind.

“Soul Treasure? What is that?” After hearing these words, Lin Dong was stunned as he asked.

“Simply put, an item that possess its own soul is called a Soul Treasure. This type of item can only be crafted by a Soul Symbol Master. Therefore, in your Great Yan Empire, this Soul Treasure is considered as an extremely rare item.” The small marten casually answered.

“It takes a Soul Symbol Master to forge it…” Shock flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. This meant that even grandmaster Yan did not possess the power to craft this so-called Soul Treasure. It was wonder he had not even heard about these Soul Treasures in Yan City.

“As expected of someone from the great clans…” Lin Dong a little enviously looked at the Shattered Ice Sword hovering below Lin Ke-er’s foot. This was the major advantage of belonging to a great clan. Even these treasures that they have never heard of, could be casually brought along. In the darkness of the night, the manner in which the latter floated forth, seemed as graceful as a fairy.

“You should know their location, right?” Lin Ke-er chuckled as she said.

“Yes, after clashing with them today, I left a Mental Energy mark on their knives.” Lin Dong nodded his head. Then, watching as Lin Ke-er lifted her eyebrows, he could not help but ask in a strange manner: “You left one too?”
“I’ve said it before, women are vengeful creatures.” Lin Ke-er sweetly smiled as she said.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes. It seems like this woman had already planned to make a move on these guys. In contrast to her demure and beautiful looks, no one could tell that her methods were actually this vicious.

As he withdrew his gaze from the Shattered Ice Sword, Lin Dong’s palm patted the tiger’s back, and Little Flame’s speed increased violently. Just like a fiery red shadow, in a few leaps, they disappeared deep within the woods. Right behind them, Lin Ke-er was still leisurely following. Based on her appearance, it seemed like it did not require much Mental Energy for her to manipulate the mystical Shattered Ice Sword.

Two humans and one beast swiftly traversed across the woods. Approximately ten minutes later, their speed slowly began to decrease. Both of their Mental Energy was fairly strong, and hence they were keenly aware of their surroundings. In fact, almost simultaneously, they both discovered that there were some Yuan Power undulations and faint sounds of battle a distance ahead of them.

“Have they already started…”

When he heard these sounds of battle, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk slightly.

Currently, in the middle of this small mountain valley, bonfires burned, as hundred of figures were in the midst of a chaotic clash. Sounds of battle and blades clashing rang out, as a thick bloody smell spread forth. In the darkness of the night, it was exceedingly pungent.

“Song Dao, my Thousand Gold Association has no grudges with your Blade Slaughter Gang, why must you ally with the Blood Wolf Gang and make things difficult for us!”

Xia Wanjin’s expression was dark. As he used a palm to jolt back a Blood Wolf Gang member who recklessly charged at him, his eyes turned to look at an imposing man, who was fighting in the middle of the battlefield. This man was Song Dao, whom Lin Dong had encountered during the day!

“Since I have accepted their money, I am obliged to rid them of their troubles. Surely Chairman Xia must understand this principle?” When he heard Xia Wanjin’s words, Song Dao could not help but chuckled as he turned his hand and his blade flashed forth, carrying two streams of blood. He licked the blood stain on his face, smiling as he replied.

“Whatever the Blood Wolf Gang is paying you, my Thousand Gold Association will double it!” Xia Wanjin deeply echoed.

“Haha, Xia Wanjin. The reward that I am offering Sect Leader Song Dao is that after we exterminate your Thousand Gold Association, we will give half of the resources to the Blade Slaughter Gang. Can you afford this price?” When he heard Xia Wanjin’s words, Yue Shan could not help but laugh manically.

“If you plan to devour my Thousand Gold Association, I’ll kill you!” Xia Wanjin’s face was ice-cold as he icily replied.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Kill them all!” Yue Shan sinisterly smiled, as he waved his hand. Promptly, several elites from the Blood Wolf Gang dashed forth like tigers and wolves, red in their eyes, as they madly attacked the Thousand Gold Associations’ troops.

As the Blood Wolf Gang and the Blade Slaughter Gang went all out, the pressure faced by the Thousand Gold Association instantly multiplied. As time went by, numerous individuals from both factions were killed, as their numbers drastically fell.

“Xuansu, protect Zhilan and escape. I will cover you!” When he saw the tragic losses suffered by his Thousand Gold Association, Xia Wanjin’s eyes reddened as he growled.

Behind him, Xuansu’s beautiful face changed slightly, as a desperate expression filled her eyes. Based on the current situation, their Thousand Gold Association was definitely at a major disadvantage. Since their opponent had two perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners, based on this fact alone, it was already enough to completely destroy them. Therefore, if they did not leave now, they would definitely face certain death.

“Leave! If you guys are captured by them, you will suffer a fate worse than death!” When he saw Xuansu hesitate, Xia Wanjin once again shouted out angrily.

Xuansu bit into her rosy lips, as she abruptly nodded her head. As she turned to grab onto Xia Zhilan, she fought to escape the crowd.

“You want to leave? Haha, Manager Su, my Blade Slaughter Gang’s brothers have long admired your beauty. How can we let such a beautiful lady leave?”

When he saw that Xuansu was planning to retreat, Song Dao, who was waiting for an opportunity suddenly laughed out heartily. He waved his huge hand: “Brothers from the Blade Slaughter Gang, capture her!”


When he heard Song Dao’s laughter, the Blade Slaughter Gang members’ eyes reddened immediately. They released a beast-like growl from their mouths, and in a flash, they charged towards the Xuansu and Zhilan like a tidal wave.

As they stared at that massive incoming force, Xuansu’s beautiful face changed. Promptly, her palm hit on Xia Zhilan’s back, as she delivered a soft force to push her away: “Zhilan, run!”


When he saw this sight, Xia Wanjin was furious. His perfect Yuan Dan stage aura violently gushed forth. However, just he planned to make a move, Yue Shan’s figure swept forward and firmly blocked the former.

“Haha, Xia Wanjin, today is the day your Thousand Gold Association will be thoroughly exterminated!”

When Yue Shan intervened to obstruct Xia Wanjin, Song Dao also laughed out. In a flash, he appeared somewhere to the front of Xuansu and the rest. He stared at that woman’s figure, which only seemed to grow even more alluring amidst the reflection of the lustful fire in his eyes.

When she saw that Song Dao had personally stepped in, Xuansu’s pretty face was cold as ice. Meanwhile, a trace of despair surfaced in her heart.

“Manager Su, there is nothing to miss about the Thousand Gold Association. Why don’t you join my Blade Slaughter Gang. I, Song Dao, will personally welcome you!” Song Dao stared at Xuan Su, as he smiled and said.

Xuan Su’s beautiful face was ice-cold. As she clenched her lily-white hand, a long sword appeared within.

When he saw this, Song Dao felt somewhat helpless. Spreading out his hands, he instructed: “Capture her, but remember, do not hurt his beauty.”


When they heard Song Dao’s instructions, the troops from Blade Slaughter Gang immediately laughed in a lewd manner before they answered. Then, they somewhat orderly spread out and surrounded Xuansu and the rest.


When one man roared out, the troops from Blade Butcher Sect almost simultaneously rushed in. At the same time, Yuan Power undulations exploded forth.


When she saw this sight, Xuansu bit her teeth, as she coldly shouted out. At this juncture, besides a fight to the death, there was no other option left.


However, just as Xuansu was prepared to fight to the death with the Blade Slaughter Gang, a low beast growl suddenly rang out from within the forest. Promptly, a fiery-red shadow dashed into the scene. A red tail whizzed through the air, like a steel whip, as it directly decimated several Blade Slaughter Gang members nearby.

This sudden development caused the Blade Slaughter Gang members to panic, while a formidable cold glint burst out of Song Dao’s eyes. He stared at that giant Fire Python Tiger that had appeared, as his eyes turned to look at that figure seated on the tiger’s back: “It’s you?”

“Lin Dong?!”

Xuansu was similarly shocked by the arrival of this reinforcements. As she turned to look at that young man seated on the tiger’s back, a look of joy immediately exploded forth in her beautiful eyes.

However, this delight immediately dissipated when she realized that Lin Dong was alone. Instead, her heart turned even more ice-cold and anxious. After all, based on the current situation, with just Lin Dong alone… he was surely courting death!

After all, Song Dao was a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner that could match up against Yue Shan!

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