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Chapter 155: The Old Tomb

Upon seeing that Lin Dong was curiously inquiring, the corners of Xuan Su’s mouth slightly lifted. Soon after, she mysteriously said: “Do you know of the the mountain range in the vicinity of the few major cities?”

“Sky Flame mountain range? What has happened there?” Lin Dong was a little astonished as he asked.

“Someone has found a tomb in Sky Flame mountain range.”

“Tomb? Whose?” Lin Dong was startled, the discovery of a tomb was not an important news, he knew that crucial point was who the tomb belonged to.

“That tomb came from a rather ancient time period, however, it is said that it was left behind by a practitioner that had reached the Nirvana stage…” Xuan Su’s beautiful eyes swept one round around the room as she said in a low voice.

“Nirvana stage…”

After hearing these two simple words, Lin Dong was first stunned for a while before he fiercely inhaled a breath of cold air. Shock colored his eyes as he gazed at Xuan Su and asked: “How is that possible?”

Nirvana stage. Even in the entire Great Yan Empire, the ones who were able to advance to this level were extremely rare existences. All the Nirvana stage practitioners of the past were very renowned, how could a Nirvana stage practitioner’s tomb suddenly appear today?

“It is indeed a little hard to imagine, however, this information should be true. My Thousand Gold Association has went through a good deal of channels and asked around. It seems like practically every practitioner in the entire Tiandu province has come because of this. Plus, there are even people from the four great clans…” Xuan Su said.

“The four great clans…” Lin Dong’s eyelids twitched, as his facial expression turned serious. The tomb of a Nirvana stage practitioner was not an ordinary place. Any item left behind by that kind of practitioner would drive anyone into a craze.

“So that’s why there have been quite a number of skilled practitioners arriving in Yan City recently. It’s because of this.” Lin Dong slowly nodded his head in realization.

“Little brother Lin Dong, if you are interested, you could check it out too. If you are fortunate, perhaps you could inherit the legacy left by that Nirvana stage practitioner. Tch tch, at that time, it would truly be a carp leaping through the dragon’s gate.” Xuan Su smiled as she said.

“A Nirvana stage practitioner’s tomb. I am afraid that this fight is out of my reach.”

Lin Dong released a pained smile as he shook his head. Even though he was slightly famous in Yan City, he understood that the people fighting for the treasures in the old tomb would definitely all be elite practitioners famed throughout Tiandu province or even the Great Yan Empire. Therefore, even if he went, he would likely be unable to reap much benefits.

“Oh, thats right, little brother Lin Dong. Previously, you mentioned that you required an object of Yin nature. Perhaps, inside that old tomb, the thing you desire…” As if she suddenly recalled something, Xuan Su muttered for a moment before she spoke.


“Extreme Yin Dragon Saliva.”


When he heard that name, Lin Dong involuntarily took in a deep breath in his heart. This old tomb really deserved its reputation. After all, it actually contained such a rare Yin object. If Qing Tan could obtain that item, she should be able to thoroughly rid herself of the torment caused by the Yin energy. In fact, she may even succeed in forming an Yin Dan right away!

However… this old tomb had attracted too many powerful practitioners. Therefore, it would be difficult to obtain this “Extreme Yin Dragon Saliva.”

“Thank you big sister Su.”

Lin Dong sighed in his heart as he thanked Xuan Su. After discussing more about the old tomb for a while, he then bid her goodbye.

“Nirvana stage…”

After he exited the Thousand Gold Association, Lin Dong stared at the congested streets as he softly sighed. A practitioner at that stage still seemed like a distant goal for many and even himself. After all, once one reach that stage, he would effectively stand at the summit of this age.

After all, even the clan leader of the Lin Clan was merely at the Creation stage!

“It’s such a pity…” Lin Dong sighed as he shook his head. He knew that if he could obtain anything from that old tomb, it would be extremely beneficial for him…however, now that this old tomb had drawn the attention of countless elite practitioners, it would probably be an uphill struggle.

“Heh, kid. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t give up so easily…” Just as Lin Dong was sighing, a voice suddenly rang out inside his mind. It was the small marten.

Lin Dong shook his head helplessly. He did not want to mix in these muddy waters.

“When a Nirvana stage practitioner dies, all the Yuan Power inside his body will not so easily dissipate. Rather, as time passes by, it will gradually gather together. The end result represents the quintessence of a Nirvana stage practitioner’s entire life and is called the Nirvana Heart.

“If an ordinary individual could obtain a Nirvana Heart, as long as he was somewhat capable, he would have the potential to reach the Creation stage. However, for a talented individual, as long as he can endure that essence, reaching even the Nirvana stage would not be impossible…

“Therefore, that item would be truly magical for you…”

Lin Dong footsteps gradually stopped as his heart was in upheaval. To think that there were actually such incredible things in this world.

“Though I cannot guarantee that there will be a Nirvana Heart inside the old tomb, it is still worth a try. Meanwhile, I can also use this opportunity to look for something to cultivate my demonic soul…”

The small marten’s final words revealed its ulterior motive, to which Lin Dong could only let out a bitter laugh, but, he did not immediately make a decision. Even though the allure of the old tomb was strong, it was still very risky…

As if it knew what Lin Dong was mulling over, after it finished speaking, the small marten quietened down. Heaving a sigh of relief, Lin Dong resumed his journey back to the Lin Family.

Over the next few days, Lin Dong did not travel outside. However, he still knew that there were increasingly more elite practitioners from all over Tiandu province arriving here daily. Meanwhile, news of the old tomb in Sky Flame Mountain Range was gradually spreading across the whole Yan City…

In a secluded room, Lin Dong was seated on his bed. Right now, in his embrace, Qing Tan’s tiny body was curled up like a kitten, as shockingly cold Qi endlessly poured out from her body. Even though Lin Dong was already using the Stone Talisman to suck up the cold Qi, Qing Tan’s tiny face still looked exceptionally pale. It was a heart breaking scene.

“Brother Lin Dong, I… am fine.”

Qing Tan’s body continuously trembled, as her delicate and tiny hands tightly gripped onto Lin Dong’s sleeve. Her fingers had turned white from the huge force she exerted. However, this little lass did not want Lin Dong to worry. Therefore, she endured the pain from the cold Qi as it devoured her body, while she lifted her head and gave an extremely forced smile to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was silent as his hands gently caressed Qing Tan’s icy cold hair. Moments later, a determined glint flashed in his eyes as he muttered to himself: “Little girl, don’t worry, I will find a way to completely relieve you of this torment.”

As if she heard Lin Dong’s words, Qing Tan gently nodded her head. Then, as she slowly shut her eye, she immediately fell asleep from exhaustion.

Lin Dong carried Qing Tan to her bed before he securely wrapped her with blankets. Only then did he very carefully leave the room. Lifting his head up, he exhaled a deep breath.

“Heh heh, what’s the matter? Are you finally planning to give it a go?” On Lin Dong’s shoulder, the small marten appeared as it chuckled.

“To obtain the thing I want from within the old tomb would not be simple. Therefore, I may need your help.” Lin Dong muttered.

“No problem. However, if we encounter something that can aid me in recovering my demonic soul, you must help me fight for it too!” The small marten said without the slightest hesitation.


Lin Dong laughed as he nodded his head. Ever since it swallowed that Demonic Jade Water Python’s demonic soul, the small marten’s strength was probably now enough to match up against a perfect Yuan Dan practitioner. Furthermore, with Lin Dong’s abilities, their combined powers would allow them to not fear any opponents of the Yuan Dan stage.

After he formed an alliance with the small marten, Lin Dong felt slightly relieved. Closing the room door, he walked out of the small courtyard and headed towards the Lin Family’s training grounds.

The Lin Family’s training grounds was mostly filled younger generation members, who were diligently training. When they saw Lin Dong walk over, respect and admiration immediately filled everyone’s eyes. Right now, Lin Dong’s status in the family was exceedingly high. Furthermore, Lin Dong’s was also personally teaching martial arts to other younger generation members. Therefore, this caused even more of them to respect him.

Lin Dong smiled at the crowd before he sat down in the training ground. Soon after, a stream of younger generation members successively arrived and asked him for pointers. Lin Dong was fairly patient as he advised them. Due to the Stone Talisman, his understanding of martial arts was unparalleled in the Lin Family. That was also the reason why Lin Zhentian and the rest had assigned him to be the martial arts instructor.

As he coached them, two hours passed by rapidly. Lin Dong took a look at the sky, and just as he planned to get up, an amused laughter suddenly sounded out from nearby.

“Is this what has become of the Lin Family? They actually hired such an immature kid to be their martial arts instructor. It’s no wonder that even after so many years, they are still unable to return to the clan…”

This sudden laughter heated up the atmosphere in the training ground. Then, pairs of angry eyes turned to look in the direction of the laughter.

Lin Dong’s eyebrows likewise gently furrowed when he heard that voice. As he turned to look at the outskirts of the training grounds, his eyes slightly narrowed.

Right now, at the edge of the training grounds, four well dressed youngsters had unknowingly arrived. Smiles were plastered on their faces as they stared somewhat mockingly at the Lin Family younger generation members. They seemed exceptionally frivolous as they commented among themselves.

Lin Dong’s eyes scanned across the four of them and suddenly paused at their chests. Sewed on their chests were two embroidered patterns.

This pattern was not foreign to Lin Dong. He had seen it before on a shirt that Lin Zhentian treasured. Therefore, he clearly knew what this pattern represented…

One of the four great clans of the Great Yan Dynasty, the Lin Clan!

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