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Chapter 156: Main Clan Members

“The Lin Clan…”

As he stared at that unique embroidered pattern, Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed. This was the first time he had truly seen someone from the Lin Clan. Until now, he had only heard of this colossus which possessed an outstanding reputation in the Great Yan Empire from Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest. Yet, Lin Dong had never truly met them before.

“Why have these guys come to my Lin Family? Could it be that they are aiming for the old tomb?” Lin Dong’s heart slightly stirred, perhaps, this could be the only reason to explain why these main clan members who had always thought themselves a cut above the other branch families would have taken the initiative to come here.

“This is my Lin Family’s land, who allowed you to enter?!”

While Lin Dong was caught up in his thoughts, one of the younger generation Lin Family members had already angrily yelled the four, extremely discontented with their frivolous mannerism.

“Hehe, the four of us will go wherever we please in the Lin Family’s territory. Not considering all of you kids, even if Lin Zhentian was here, he would not dare to speak to us in such a way!” One of the four indifferently laughed as he said.

“Haha, normally, even if you invited us here, I’m afraid we would just ignore you.”

Another one also laughed as he said: “No matter what, you people are also considered as a branch of my Lin Clan. If you are really unable to afford a martial arts instructor, when I return this time, I will send someone over to properly teach you guys, so as to avoid shaming the Lin name in future.”

From their words, it was clear that the fact that Lin Dong would dare to act as a martial arts instructor at his age was extremely shameful and laughable to them. Their words undoubtedly infuriated the younger generation members of the Lin Family. After experiencing all the events that had occurred in the past year, Lin Dong’s place in their hearts had grown rather high. Thus, they were naturally unable to endure the mockery of these guys.

“No matter who you people are, since you’ve come to my Lin Family, you should respect some rules. If you look down on cousin Lin Dong teaching martial arts, I, Lin Hong, will ask for some guidance today!” Among the crowd, a person suddenly walked out as he coldly snorted.

“Oh, how courageous, since we have nothing better to do, today, we will let all of you understand why there is a main clan and a branch clan!” The one clothed in blue at the center of the group mockingly looked towards Lin Hong before waving his hand: “Lin Qiang.”

“Haha, brother Lin Feng, don’t worry.”

Upon hearing the blue clothed youngsters word’s, a conspicuously tall and sturdy youngster beside him also grinned as he took two steps forward to directly stand before Lin Hong. The former clasped his fists together as a vigorous Yuan Power undulation quietly surged out.

“Kid, in ten rounds, I will make you kneel.” Lin Qiang took a look at Lin Hong as he curled his lip and declared.”


Lin Hong was expressionless and did not reply, while the Yuan Power in his body likewise exploded out. Quickly, his figure bent as he straightaway took one step forward, a punch slamming towards Lin Qiang.

“Heavenly Yuan middle stage? Not bad.”

When he sensed the Yuan Power undulations which had burst out from Lin Hong’s body, Lin Qiang was a little surprised. Evidently, he had not expected that in this tiny branch family, there would actually be a younger generation who had reached the Heavenly Yuan middle stage at such an age.

“However, to defeat me, it’s still not enough!”

Surprise was in the end just surprise. Lin Qiang did not hesitate in the slightest as his huge hand directly reached out and caught Lin Hong’s fist. The corners of his mouth formed a disdainful grin as strong Yuan Power undulations transformed into energy which jolted back Lin Hong’s fist and caused him to retreat several steps.


Having obtained dominance in one move, Lin Qiang let out a hearty laughter as he once again advanced forward. Vigorous Yuan Power undulated on his fists as they flew, causing faint sounds of tearing through the air to sound out. One could tell that the fist technique this guy utilised was not a low level martial art.

As they gazed at Lin Hong, who was quickly at a disadvantage, the expressions of the younger generation Lin Family members on the training grounds slightly changed. Evidently, they did not expect that any random one of the four would be able to push Lin Hong this far.

“Bang bang bang!”

Two figures clashed fiercely together as strong Yuan Power undulations spread out from their collisions, causing the dirt on the ground to fly up in the air.

“Kid, you’ve lost!”

In the middle of this intense exchange, Lin Qiang suddenly chuckled. His arm suddenly became extremely slippery, and with a ‘chi’ sound, it bizarrely penetrated Lin Hong’s defense and solidly engraved itself on his chest.


A strong force transmitted from his chest as Lin Hong’s expression turned pale. Yet, a fierce glint flitted across his eyes as his left hand returned to forcibly locked Lin Qiang’s arm in place while his right fist abruptly punched out, and unceremoniously slammed onto the other party’s chest.

When the forces dispersed, the two figures unsteadily took a few steps back, however, everyone could tell that Lin Hong had come off worse from that exchange.

“Lin Qiang, you can’t even deal with one of the kids from the branch family?”

When they saw that Lin Qiang had actually been pushed back by a punch, the other two companions could not help but laugh.


Upon hearing their mocking voices, Lin Qiang’s expression darkened a little. He stared at Lin Hong and decided not to stop as the sole of his foot pushed off the ground. Like a wolf pouncing at its prey, he once again dashed forward.

When he saw that Lin Qiang was actually attacking again, Lin Hong’s expression turned a little gloomy. Just as he was about to step forward, a palm landed on his shoulder.

“Don’t fight any more.”

Lin Hong turned his head to gaze at Lin Dong, who was standing behind. After hesitating for a moment, he did not speak to oppose the latter as he nodded his head and withdrew two steps back.

“Planning to leave? It won’t be so easy.” Upon seeing that Lin Hong had given up, Lin Qiang was furious instead of delighted. He had suffered a little previously and now wanted to regain his pride. How could he so easily let Lin Hong withdraw?

Thus, his speed did not slow, instead, the Yuan Power undulation from his body grew increasingly stronger as a formidable fist charged towards Lin Dong.

“Kid, get lost!”

As they heard Lin Qiang’s shout, some of the Lin Family younger generation members were initially stunned. Soon after, joyous expressions at his misfortune was revealed on their faces.

Lin Dong indifferently gazed at Lin Qiang, who did not intend to back down. His sleeve lightly waved as a vigorous Mental Energy exploded out.


In mid-air, Lin Qiang’s pouncing figure suddenly froze, in the next moment, as if he had encountered the blow of an invisible huge sledgehammer, he was directly blown backwards before finally heavily landing on the ground. Horror almost instantly filled his face.

“Mental Energy!”

Lin Feng and the other two were also stunned by this scene. Lin Feng’s eyes flashed as his expression turned slightly serious.

“Brother Lin Dong, nice!”

Upon seeing that Lin Dong had beaten that arrogant Lin Qiang with a mere wave of his sleeve, the Lin Family younger generation members immediately burst out in cheers.

“No matter where you are from, this place belongs to the Lin Family, as the host, we naturally know how to treat our guests, but, as guests, please also respect the rules. If you are too overbearing, don’t blame my Lin Family from falling out with you!”

“Heh, such big words!”

When they heard Lin Dong’s tone, the quartet’s expressions turned somewhat ugly. As members of the main clan, they had always thought themselves superior as they looked down upon the branch clans. Now that they had received such treatment, how could they still keep their expressions from turning ugly?

“Humph, I recall that in the previous clan gathering, there was a trash who was crippled in the first match, and this trash came from your branch family!” One of the youths, who had a slightly shrewd expression, harshly sneered.

Just as this person’s words were spoken, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. His gaze turned towards Lin Dong, only to find that the latter’s expression had turned exceptionally icy.


While Lin Dong’s expression turned icy, Lin Feng’s expression also suddenly changed. He had sensed that the former had already transformed into a blurred figure and was dashing forward at an extremely violent speed.

However, just as he shouted out, that figure had already appeared before shrewd faced youth. A hand raised as a clear slapping sound suddenly rang out in the training grounds.

“Pu chi!”

Lin Dong’s slap was not the slightest bit merciful, immediately, the youth spit out a mouthful of blood, and mixed in the blood were two shattered teeth. His body was like a spinning top as it spun a few rounds in mid-air before heavily landing on the ground.

“Kid, you dare to attack?!”

As they stared at the youth who had directly fainted after a single slap from Lin Dong, Lin Feng’s expression instantly darkened as he sternly said: “Catch that fellow, to think that a branch family member dares to be so bold?”

Upon hearing Lin Feng’s shout, vicious glints surfaced in the other two’s eyes. However, before they could make a move, they felt a cold light arrive at their bodies, when they regained their wits, two sharp Mysterious Ice Swords had unknowingly placed themselves at their throats.

Lin Dong ignored the two as he turned his head and looked at Lin Feng. The former stepped forward as a powerful and dreadful Mental Energy pressure pushed down on Lin Feng like a mountain.


When he felt the might of that frightening Mental Energy, Lin Feng’s expression finally turned to one of horror. Just as he planned to use his Yuan Power to resist, the huge force gushed towards him. His knees weakened, with a loud bang, he fell to his knees on the training grounds.

“A mere initial Yuan Dan stage dares to be so impudent before me, who do you think you are?”

While Lin Feng’s legs had been forced to kneel on the ground, Lin Dong’s ice-cold voice, which seemed to cut directly into the bone, slowly sounded out.

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