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Chapter 154: Blood Vermillion Devil Fruit

After experiencing that hostile situation which had almost broken out into an all out war, the entire Yan City seemed much quieter than before. Lin Dong had likewise become much more relaxed. Now, he finally no longer needed to busy himself with being a ‘firefighter’.

Of course, though his days more leisurely, most of Lin Dong’s time was spent on cultivation. Due to the fact that he had a breakthrough in Mental Energy to the third seal Symbol Master stage not long ago, it would be very difficult to greatly increase it again for a short period of time. Thus, Lin Dong spent most of his time on Yuan Power cultivation.

While he ceaselessly trained, his Yuan Power progress was rather significant. Although he had yet to break through to the advanced Yuan Dan stage, Lin Dong could sense that he was already gradually reaching the peak of the initial Yuan Dan stage.

To be capable of achieving this in two months was already rather good. Of course, during these two months, the last Yin Yang Pearl in Lin Dong’s hands had been completely consumed by him. This item could truly be considered an outstanding Yuan Power cultivation aid, unfortunately, it was too rare. Lin Dong had once asked Xuan Su to help him purchase this kind of Yin Yang Pearl, however, it turned out an unsuccessful venture. If normal people obtained this kind of thing, who would so easily offer it up for sale.

With regards to the Yin Yang Pearl being completely used up, Lin Dong could do nothing about it. Fortunately, he still had the elixir pills which were refined from grade five elixirs. Though they were not as effective as the Yin Yang Pearl, they were still rather decent.

Of course, the effect of an elixir pill refined from a grade six elixir would be much better, however, grade six elixirs were rarely seen even in the Thousand Gold Association. This kind of elixir was highly sought after even by some perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners and ordinary people also knew their worth. Thus, even if one possessed a grade six elixir, one would seldom put it out for sale. Therefore, over these two months, Lin Dong was unable to obtain even a single grade six elixir, and this also caused him to feel a little depressed.

However, although he was unable to obtain a grade six elixir like he wanted, it could be said that though Lin Dong’s cultivation speed was not like a rocket over these two months, it was still not bad. At this speed, successfully advancing to the advanced Yuan Dan stage was only a matter of time.

Of course, if he was able to use grade six elixir pulls to sprint through that final stretch, that would naturally be the best.

In the secluded small courtyard, Lin Dong once again slowly withdrew from a cultivation state. A whistle sounded out from his mouth as a red shadow quickly dashed into the small courtyard.

“Little Flame, bring these elixir pills to Qing Tan, you are not allowed to secretly eat them!” As he gazed at the rather intimidating Little Flame in front of him, Lin Dong slightly smiled. The current Little Flame’s strength had already far surpassed the limits of an ordinary Fire Python Tiger. Under its scarlet fur, scales were slowly growing, an extremely bizarre sight.

Lin Dong predicted that with Little Flame’s current battle power, perhaps even an advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner would be unable to easily deal with it. After all, now that it possessed that layer of armor-like scales hidden under its fur, both Little Flame’s defence and offense had risen by a level.


Little Flame opened its mouth wide and caught the bottle thrown by Lin Dong, before letting out a low discontented growl.

“Gluttonous thing.” Upon seeing this, Lin Dong could not help but laugh as he flicked his finger and several elixir pills fell into Little Flame’s mouth, a little irritated as he said: “Hurry up and go!”

After swallowing all the elixir pills into its body, Little Flame intimately rubbed its huge head against Lin Dong, before turning as it swiftly left.

“This guy is becoming more and more unlike a Fire Python Tiger…” As he gazed at Little Flame’s flaming figure, Lin Dong helplessly shook his head. He had never heard of an ordinary Fire Python Tiger possessing this level of intellect.

“Some variations have already appeared in this Fire Python Tiger’s blood, it should be because it had eaten that ‘Sky Fire Wyvern’s’ demonic essence.” The small marten once again appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder as it spoke in an indifferent manner.

“Sky Fire Wyvern?” After hearing this name, Lin Dong was a little taken aback. Soon after, he recalled the mysterious beast bones they had encountered in the within the mining lode cave and asked: “Is that guy really so powerful?”

“Somewhat passable. Demonic Beasts that can condense a demonic essence are equivalent to the humans who have reached the Creation stage. These kind of Demonic Beasts also possess bloodlines and are have extremely high battle prowess. Humans of the same level will find it very difficult to beat them.” The small marten explained.

“Creation stage…”

Lin Dong was amazed, evidently, he had not expected that the beast bones had possessed such a frightening strength when it was alive. Grandpa had said that even the clan leader of the Lin Clan was only at the Creation stage right?

“Pythons, wyverns and the other powerful dragons hold the balance of power in the Demonic Beast world. Among them, some are connected by bloodlines. Although the Fire Python Tiger is considered as one of the lowest ranked, it had fortunately assimilated the ‘Sky Fire Wyvern’s’ demonic essence. After that day, it grew especially ferocious, though, how far it would go would depend on its luck.”

Lin Dong nodded his head, it seemed that Little Flame was now somewhat special, in the future, he would nurture it properly. Maybe, it would have a super evolution some day, like a carp transforming into a dragon.

“The last batch of Yin energy elixirs have been used up…”

Temporarily putting aside Little Flame, Lin Dong was silent for a while before he suddenly said: “Recently, Qing Tan’s Yin energy outbreaks have become more and more frequent, plus, they seem to be more violent than before. This should be due to absorbing Yin energy right?”

Over this period of time, Qing Tan’s complexion had become sickly which was caused by the outbreak of Yin energy in her body. Although Lin Dong was able to use the Stone Talisman to ease some of the pain, in the face of this constant torture, it was not a solution.


Upon hearing this, the small marten seemed to become a little awkward as it coughed and said: “There is nothing that can be done about this, previously, I had forgotten to tell you that for someone with a Terminus Devil Body like her, they would only gradually gain control over the Terminus Devil Qi within their bodies after condensing a Yin Dan. However, before this, they will constantly suffer the backlash from the Terminus Devil Qi, and maybe, they might even lose their minds, becoming human vegetables…”

“Why didn’t you say this earlier!”

After hearing this grave consequences, Lin Dong’s expression finally changed as he furiously replied.

“What should I do?” After Lin Dong furiously spoke out, he also calmed down. It was useless to say all this now, he needed to think of a solution.

“Find a items which are of Yin attribute to speed up the rate at which her body condenses a Yin Dan.” The small marten quickly said.

“Items of Yin nature…”

Lin Dong bitterly smiled, he had already spent all his effort just to find elixirs with Yin properties. This items of Yin nature were an even more mysterious and precious, once it appeared, countless people would fight over it. To obtain one would be easier said than done.

“*Sigh*, I’ll first go to the Thousand Gold Association. They have many connections, perhaps, they might have an idea…”

Lin Dong softly sighed, without further ado, he walked out of the small courtyard before directly exiting the Lin Family and swiftly travelling towards the Thousand Gold Association at the center of the city.

As he walked through the extremely busy Yan City, Lin Dong’s eyebrows suddenly furrowed a little. He could sense that there seemed to be quite a few foreigners, and most importantly, these foreigners were not weak.

Although felt that this was a little strange, Lin Dong did not take it to heart. After all, Yan City was one of the great cities in the Tiandu province. An influx of a huge amount of foreigners would not be considered too strange.

As he suppressed the thoughts in his heart, Lin Dong moved through a few streets before successfully reaching the Thousand Gold auction house. Currently, he was considered as a notable person in Yan City, thus, once he entered the auction house, he was immediately respectfully led to the place Xuan Su was at.

“Little brother Lin Dong, you are truly a dragon that only shows its head and never its tail, it seems like you only come and find me when you need elixirs, am I right?” Within the study, Xuan Su stretched, revealing the curves of her body. She flirtatiously rolled her eyes at Lin Dong as she spoke in a displeased voice.

Towards this beauty who was filled with grace and charm whether she smiled or frowned, Lin Dong could only let out a dry laugh: “Big sister Su, is there news about the grade six elixir?”

Xuan Su lightly snorted as an ‘as expected’ expression was revealed on her face, before she sweetly smiled and nodded.

Upon seeing this, the originally not very hopeful Lin Dong was first stunned before joy immediately surfaced on his face.

“This grade six elixir was originally going to be the key item in the auction this time, however, since you need it, after we discussed with the seller, we have directly bought it. Of course, it is not cheap.” Xuan Su chuckled as she spoke.

While she was speaking, Xuan Su’s lily-white hands lightly pressed a bell on the table. Immediately, a servant girl walked in while carrying a jade plate. Atop of the jade plate, was a red embroidered cloth, but even so, Lin Dong was still able to sense the potent and pure energy from within.

The servant girl very carefully lifted the embroidered cloth, revealing an already opened jade box under it. A fist-sized dark red fruit, which was as round as a pearl, lay within. On the smooth and round surface of the fruit, natural veined patterns were faintly discernable, causing it to have a slightly mystical aura.

At this dark red fruit’s appearance, the entire room seemed to be filled with a delicate fragrance.

“Grade six elixir, Blood Vermillion Devil Fruit.”

As he stared at this fist-sized dark red fruit, the delight in Lin Dong’s eyes grew, clearly, he was extremely satisfied with this item.

“Little brother Lin Dong, the price of this Blood Vermillion Devil Fruit has already reached sixty thousand Yang Yuan Stones. This is ten times the price of a common grade five elixir.” To one side, Xuan Su was all smiles as she said.

“I’ll buy it.”

A grade six elixir was very important to the current Lin Dong, thus, he did not have a heartache at its exceedingly costly price. With a wave of his hand, he placed a Qiankun bag on the jade plate, while also taking the jade box.

“Oh, by the way, big sister Su, could I trouble you to help me look out for elixirs or special items which are Yin in nature and let me know if you find one.” After keeping the Blood Vermillion Devil Fruit, Lin Dong’s expression turned serious as he said in a low voice.

“Yin nature…”

Upon hearing this, Xuan Su’s umber-black eyebrows lightly knitted together. These things were not easy to find. Even if the Thousand Gold Association had enough resources to purchase it, items like this would very seldom make an appearance. However, after she thought about it for a while, she still agreed.

In response, Lin Dong also sighed in relief. Just as he was about to take his leave, Xuan Su suddenly smiled gently as she said: “Little brother Lin Dong, do you know about the major event that had recently occurred in Tiandu region?”

After hearing these words, Lin Dong was stunned, he suddenly recalled the abrupt increase in foreigners within Yan City, and could not help but somewhat curiously ask.

“What happened?”

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