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Chapter 137: Robbery

In the empty space on the fifth level of the Symbol Master Tower, Lin Dong wore a calm expression as he gazed at the two who sat before the passageway to the sixth level, Liu Long and Cao Zhu. He long foresaw that this duo would not so easily let the matter rest.

“Brat, since you’ve chosen to do this the hard way, don’t blame us!” Cao Zhu sneered as he gazed at Lin Dong while a complacent look flitted across the former’s eyes. Today, Cao Zhu would finally be able to regain his pride.

Lin Dong shot a glance at Cao Zhu and Liu Long. Of the two, Liu Long was clearly the strongest, yet, he had still yet to reach the third seal Symbol Master stage. All in all, it should not be unmanageable.

“Heh heh, brother Lin Dong, the two of us don’t plan on making things overly difficult for you. As long as you return the ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’ to junior Cao Zhu, and compensate him with twenty thousand Yang Yuan Stones before leaving the Symbol Master Tower, the two of us will definitely let you go peacefully.” Liu Long smiled as he spoke.

After hearing Liu Long’s terms, Lin Dong also smiled as he replied: “Such a huge appetite, what will happen if I don’t give them back?”

“*Sigh*, then we’ll just have to destroy you here.” Liu Long sighed as he said.

“You can take one’s life here?” Lin Dong was seemingly astonished as he questioned.

“Although we are unable to take your life due to the rules, breaking your arms and legs is still permitted.” Liu Long lightly chuckled.

“Many thanks for informing me.”

Lin Dong’s expression turned solemn before he continued: “Since that is so, the two of you are invited to come and break my arms and legs.”

“Bastard, since you’re looking for death, this one will grant it!”

Upon seeing Lin Dong’s mannerism, Cao Zhu realised that the former was teasing them. Immediately, he furiously cursed out as several cold lights burst out from his sleeves and darted towards Lin Dong like lightning.

“Clang clang clang!”

Lin Dong’s body did not move as three Mysterious Ice Swords danced before him like three silver snakes and directly reflected the sharp and cold lights.

“Since you are so obstinate, don’t blame the two of us for being merciless!” Liu Long’s gaze darkened, with a wave of his hand, a fiery-red sword flew out from his Qiankun bag.

When the fiery-red sword appeared, a blazing aura filled the air. From its radiance, one could tell that it was clearly no ordinary item.

Lin Dong curiously took a look at the fiery-red longsword. Some peculiar symbols were carved on its surface, with a single look, one could tell that it was forged by a grandmaster level expert.

“These guys, as expected of those from Sky Fire City. Each and everyone of them is so wealthy.” Lin Dong was somewhat envious in his heart. His previous weapons were only a few Shattered Yuan Shrapnel made from Mysterious Shattering Yuan Metal. Compared to these guys weapons, they were a little shameful.

While Lin Dong was inwardly sighing, Liu Long and Cao Zhu had already stood up. Vigorous Mental Energy undulations gushed out from within the two’s bodies. Both of them had the potential to advance to the third seal Symbol Master stage, now that they had joined hands today, their power was even stronger than that of the eight Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City previously.


Cao Zhu’s fists clenched as vigorous Mental Energy swiftly gathered at his fists. In the blink of an eye, it condensed into two rapidly spinning Mental Energy disks. The sharp and round edges emitted a buzzing sound as they spun.


The duo were clearly very coordinated, after exchanging a glance, the fiery-red longsword and the sharp Mental Energy disks that floated in mid-air took two separate paths as they swiftly attacked Lin Dong.


As he gazed at the duo’s attack, Lin Dong’s finger flicked and three Mysterious Ice Swords shot out. Two of them split off to obstruct the fiery-red longsword, the swords flipped and turned in the air as sparks splashed off.

The other Mysterious Ice Sword went to receive Cao Zhu’s Mental Energy disks. For a time, sparks violently flew in mid-air as clear ‘clang clang’ sounds constantly echoed out.

This object manipulation duel mainly depended on the strength of each party’s Mental Energy. It was akin to two people chopping at each other with broadswords while getting rid of their sword techniques, an exchange solely based on each one’s raw power.

“Clang clang!”

Swords flipped and flew, as the exchange continued, a serious expression surfaced on Liu Long’s face. He was able to sense that every time he clashed with the Mysterious Ice Swords, the huge resulting force would disperse a little of the Mental Energy he had attached to his Ever-Flame sword. Evidently, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was even stronger than his own.

Most importantly, Lin Dong was currently facing both of them at once, yet, he still managed to achieve the upper hand against Liu Long even with his Mental Energy split.

“No wonder even Cao Zhu lost to this person, he is indeed capable.”

At this time, Liu Long finally felt a trace of unease, however, since they had already come to blows, it was pointless for him to regret. Immediately, a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

“Cao Zhu, combine our Mental Energy!”

Liu Long did not plan to prolong the fight, with a flick of his mind, the Ever-Flame Sword broke through the two Mysterious Ice Swords and once again floated before him.

After hearing Liu Long’s shout, Cao Zhu’s eyes darkened as he solemnly nodded his head. His hands moved to form a seal as portions of vigorous Mental Energy gushed out before finally pouring endlessly into the Ever-Flame Sword before them.

While Cao Zhu was infusing his Mental Energy, Liu Long likewise did not stay idle as waves of Mental Energy swiftly flew into the Ever-Flame Sword.

“Buzz buzz!”

As the duo frantically poured in their Mental Energy, a glaring red light exploded out from the Ever-Flame Sword while an intimidating aura spread out in the air.

“Ever-Flame Sword, chop!”

Liu Long’s expression was dark as he shouted out. The Ever-Flame Sword instantly transformed into a blazing sword image that was several feet long. It tore through the air bringing with it a red-hot sword Qi as it ruthlessly chopped down towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was shocked by that exceptionally formidable sword aura, he never expected that this duo had such a deep connection with each other. Immediately, he waved his palm as the three Mysterious Ice Swords tangled together like three white snakes before starting to spin, expelling a potent cold Qi as they heavily slammed into the blazing sword image.


Fire and ice interweaved was waves of ‘chi chi’ sounds burst forth. However, Liu Long and Cao Zhu clearly had the upper hand in this attack, thus, the light from the three Mysterious Ice Swords quickly became dimmer as the two powers clashed.


After seeing this scene, Liu Long and Cao Zhu were delighted. Their arms ferociously waved as the blazing sword image forcefully tore apart the three Mysterious Ice Swords’ defence as it chopped towards Lin Dong’s head.

Lin Dong lifted his head, the blazing sword image reflected in his eyes growing larger and larger. Yet, he did not dodge as expected, instead, he stretched forth his right palm as vigorous Mental Energy formed layer after layer on it.

“Courting death!”

Upon seeing Lin Dong’s action, both Liu Long and Cao Zhu immediately sneered. This sword would crush even a huge rock to pieces, yet Lin Dong actually dared to receive it with the flesh of his palm.


In a flash, the blazing sword image chopped down on Lin Dong’s palm. The layers of Mental Energy on it were quickly melted by the red-hot and formidable sword Qi. However, just as the all the Mental Energy was on the verge of being dissipated, a strange suction force abruptly exploded from the center of Lin Dong’s palm.

“Buzz buzz!”

Under that suction force, the duo’s Mental Energy which covered the Ever-Flame Sword were directly ripped from the sword before finally tunnelling into Lin Dong’s palm.

As the Mental Energy was absorbed by Lin Dong, the blazing light from the Ever-Flame Sword instantly dimmed and the formidable sword Qi also dissipated completely…

“How is this possible!?”

After seeing the originally victory blow mysteriously dissolve in such a way, astonishment surfaced in Liu Long’s and Cao Zhu’s eyes.

Lin Dong gave the shocked duo a small smile as his hand extended and grabbed the Ever-Flame Sword under Liu Long’s furious gaze. Vigorous Yuan Power exploded out from Lin Dong’s body as the tip of his foot tapped off the ground and dashed towards the duo.

“Quick, retreat!”

Upon seeing Lin Dong snatch up the Ever-Flame Sword and rush towards them, Liu Long’s and Cao Zhu’s scalps turned numb. They never imagined that even their strongest move would be unable to do any damage to Lin Dong. Immediately, they hastily withdrew in panic.

The duo’s Mental Energy was still worth mentioning, however, their Yuan Power was completely outclassed by the initial Yuan Dan stage Lin Dong. Therefore, just as the duo moved to escape, Lin Dong’s figure had already appeared in front of them. Without waiting, the Ever-Flame Sword in his hand cut out two formidable sword flashes which stabbed towards the duo as quick as lightning.

With the formidable, red-hot sword flashes about to hit their bodies, Liu Long and Cao Zhu were so startled that their souls were about to depart from their bodies. The move from before had already used up a lot of their Mental Energy, plus, they still needed resist the Mental Energy pressure of the fifth level. Thus, the duo could only draw the Yuan Power from within their bodies to form some defence before them.

Yet, this kind of defence was undoubtedly just a thin sheet of paper to Lin Dong. The sword flashes struck as the seemingly vigorous Yuan Power defence was directly torn to pieces. The remaining sword flash swept past and directly cut off a few of the duo’s fingers.


A miserable shriek sounded out as the cut fingers flew up in the air.

Liu Long and Cao Zhu were deathly white as they hugged their bleeding hands. At this time, they were no longer able to endure the Mental Energy pressure and fell to the ground on their butts. However, without waiting for them to howl out, a blazing longsword stopped at their necks.

“Lin Dong, if you kill us, Sky Fire City’s Symbol Master Guild will not let you off!”

Though their howls had stopped, Liu Long and Cao Zhu gazed at the sharp longsword before them in terror as a voice that tried to sound strong spoke.

Lin Dong slightly chuckled as he said: “Don’t worry, I will not kill you…”

After hearing these words, Liu Long and Cao Zhu quietly sighed in relief. Yet, Lin Dong’s next words caused the duo’s complexions to once again turn deathly white.

“However, if you want to buy your lives, you’ll have to pay up. I’ll give the both of you a fair price: fifty thousand Yang Yuan Stones per person, how does that sound?”

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