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Chapter 138: Chase

“Fifty thousand Yang Yuan Stones per person…”

After hearing the words that had been uttered from Lin Dong’s mouth, though they clearly knew that their lives were in Lin Dong’s hands, Cao Zhu still could not help but muster his courage and snarl: “Fifty thousand Yang Yuan Stones? Why don’t you go rob somebody?”

“Am I not doing so now?” Lin Dong lightly smiled as he waved the Ever-Flame Sword in his hand. The sharp blade brought a trace of red-hot energy with it as it slowly neared the duo’s throats.

“Stop! Stop!”

As they gazed at the blade that slowly grew larger in their eyes, Liu Long could no longer endure as he hastily cried out. After seeing that Lin Dong’s blade had stopped, Liu Long forced a smile as he said: “Brother Lin Dong, fifty thousand Yang Yuan Stones is truly too much, I’m afraid that we can’t afford it.”

“Your life or your Yang Yuan Stones, the choice is yours.”

Lin Dong had a smile on his face as he declared. The smile looked rather friendly, yet, in Liu Long’s and Cao Zhu’s eyes, it looked more like the smile of a demon. Only now did Liu Long finally understand how stupid it was for the two of them to obstruct his way and try to take revenge. This person before them possessed strength that was practically comparable to senior Zhuo Tong.

“I don’t have much time, I still need to ascend the tower. If the both of you cannot decide, then, I’ll have to help you guys make a decision right?” Lin Dong’s finger lightly tapped on the Ever-Flame Sword in his hand as he chuckled.

“Alright, I’ll give it to you!”

When he saw the a slight trace of impatience on Lin Dong’s face, Liu Long finally no longer dared to say anything else as he firmly clenched his teeth and retrieved a Qiankun bag before throwing it towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong received it and checked the contents before smiling as he nodded his head. His gaze then turned towards Cao Zhu, who had turned so deathly pale it was as if both his parents had died, and gently asked: “What about you?”

“Everything I have only adds up to forty thousand Yang Yuan Stones.”

Cao Zhu gritted his teeth as he spoke, before seeing Lin Dong reach out his hand: “Give it.”

The corners of his mouth twitched for a moment and Cao Zhu could only bleed inside as he took out a Qiankun bag before throwing it onto Lin Dong’s hand.

“Haha, many thanks for your presents.”

As he kept the two Qiankun bags, the smile on Lin Dong’s face became much brighter. He swung the Ever-Flame Sword in his hand under Liu Long’s anxious eyes while chuckling: “This sword is not bad, I’ll be keeping it.”

After saying this, without the slightest trace of politeness, Lin Dong once again kept the Ever-Flame Sword into his Qiankun bag. He clasped his hands together towards the two sorry figures on the ground as he grinned: “Many thanks to the two of you, you’re welcome to come again next time.”


Upon hearing this, the originally anxious and highly stressed duo immediately vomited a mouthful of blood as the view before their eyes started to turn a little black. This time, they had already been milked dry of all their belongings, if they were to come again, wouldn’t even their blood and skin be harvested?

Having put away his Qiankun bag, Lin Dong no longer took notice of the duo as he straightaway stepped towards the Mental Energy wall that obstructed the passageway to the sixth level.

The Mental Energy wall that blocked the sixth level was quite strong, even Liu Long and Cao Zhu were unable to cross. It was said that in the previous Tower Battle, the best result the Sky Fire City members had achieved was the sixth level, while the Yan City side had stopped at the fifth level.

Lin Dong stood before the Mental Energy wall as Mental Energy slowly wrapped around his entire body. After which, under the gazes of Liu Long and Cao Zhu, he stepped forward.

When Lin Dong’s body made contact with the wave-like Mental Energy wall, it slightly trembled as ripples spread out on its surface, while his body slowly moved through until it disappeared.

“He entered?!”

As they stared at Lin Dong’s disappearing figure, Liu Long’s and Cao Zhu’s expressions changed. An aghast expression filled their faces, during this Tower Battle, only two people had successfully entered the sixth level: Zhou Tong from Sky Fire City and Zi Yue from Yan City. Yet, from the looks of it, it seems like this Lin Dong had also entered the sixth level.

“Senior Liu Long, what do we do now?” Cao Zhu’s had a bitter and astringent look on his face. This time, their losses were truly too great.

“What else can we do? Let’s stay here for as long as possible.” Liu Long spoke as he hatefully shot a glance at Cao Zhu.

“Are we letting Lin Dong get away with those Yang Yuan Stones?” Cao Zhu was silent for a moment before he once again said in an extremely unresigned tone.

“What else can you do? That brat’s strength is likely comparable to senior Zhou Tong. Even both of us combined together were not his match. If it were not for the fact that no one was allowed to take another’s life in the Tower Battle, that guy would definitely have finished both of us off just now. If you still want to court death, don’t drag me with you!” Liu Long shouted in anger. When he recalled today’s end result, he was filled with rage. If he knew this beforehand, he would not have been tempted by Cao Zhu’s money. Such a great outcome, not only did he obtain nothing, he had even been forced to cough up all his assets.

Upon seeing the furious Liu Long, Cao Zhu gulped and no longer dared to speak any further. He could only wallow in despair like a beaten eggplant…

On the space outside the Symbol Master Tower, grandmaster Yan and the rest were all staring unblinkingly at the tall ash-colored tower. Currently, the Symbol Master Tower was emitting brilliant rays of light, if one inspected this light, one would find that it was formed by countless specks.

These specks of light gradually became dimmer from bottom to top. At the seventh level, none of the specks could be found, while there were two specks of light at the sixth level. The glow of these two specks of light were especially bright.

“Looks like Zi Yue and Zhou Tong have both entered the sixth level…” As they gazed at the two specks of light on the sixth level, a middle-aged Symbol Master at grandmaster Yan’s side spoke. From his words, it seemed like these specks of light represented the number of people.

“Looks like victory or defeat will depend on the both of them.” Another middle-aged Symbol Master also opened his mouth to speak. In the previous Tower Battle, the best result of the young Symbol Masters from Yan City was only the fifth level. This time, they could be considered to have improved.

After grandmaster Yan heard this, he did not speak. His gaze paused for a moment at the fifth level, he believed that Lin Dong would definitely be able to enter the sixth level with his strength, yet, why had he not caught up till now?

“Heh heh, Yan Xuan, looks like your Yan City has improved quite a bit from last year, it looks like whoever manages to enter the seventh level will be the victor.” Han Yun from Sky Fire City chose this moment to speak up.

Grandmaster Yan shot a glance at Han Yun, just as the former was about to reply, a cry of alarm suddenly sounded out from the side: “There is another person who entered the sixth level? Who is it?”

This alarmed cry caused grandmaster Yan to hastily turn his head. Han Yun was likewise rather shocked as his gazed turned towards the sixth level. Sure enough, they found that another speck of light had actually appeared there.

“Who is that person? Among the Symbol Masters from our Sky Fire City this time, none of them have the power to enter the sixth level right?” As they gazed at the additional speck of light, Han Yun’s eyebrows tightly furrowed together. If this person was not from his Sky Fire City, was he from Yan City?

At this thought, Han Yun shot a glance at grandmaster Yan from the corner of his eye. Sure enough, he saw a trace of joy flit across the latter’s face.

“That speck of light should be Lin Dong!” While Han Yuan’s eyebrows were still tightly knitted together, one of the middle-aged Symbol Masters from Yan City suddenly opened his mouth. Among the younger Symbol Masters in Yan City, only Lin Dong and Zi Yue could ascend to the sixth level.

“Lin Dong? That unremarkable looking brat?” Upon hearing these words, Han Yun’s eyes slightly narrowed. He had not realised that the brat who seemed to be a supporting actor beside Zi Yue actually possessed this kind of strength.

“Humph, it is useless even if you are able to enter the sixth level. My Sky Fire City is determined to obtain this Symbol Master Tower!”

Han Yun coldy snorted in his heart. From what he saw, there were no outstanding talents among the younger generation of Yan City’s Symbol Masters. Only Zi Yue might be considered half decent, yet, when compared to Zhou Tong, she was nothing. At that time, he would let Yan Xuan and the others know what a true genius was!

Compared to that kind of genius, Zi Yue and Lin Dong were merely fireflies under the moon!

In the empty sixth level of the Symbol Master Tower, heavy footsteps somewhat ear-piercingly echoed out.

Two figures were not separated by much distance as they both stepped forward with heavy steps, towards the center of the sixth level.


A short distance not even a hundred steps long had already caused Zi Yue’s fragrant sweat to pour down like rain. The Mental Energy pressure surrounding her which pervaded the air was like a huge rock as it constantly tried to overwhelm her. But in the end, it was endured by this frosty cold girl as she gritted her teeth.

“That guy, does he not feel tired?” Zi Yue lifted her head as she gazed at a figure. This figure belonged to Zhou Tong from Sky Fire City, though the latter’s footsteps were likewise heavy, he seemed to progress at a constant pace. From start to end, his pace did not slow even under the Mental Energy pressure here.

“Like this, you cannot breakthrough the Mental Energy wall on the sixth level.” Within the empty Symbol Master Tower, Zhou Tong’s calm voice suddenly sounded out.

Zi Yue bit her red lips and did not reply. She continued to walk forward step by step, utilising her Mental Energy to the limit as she felt a dizzy sensation wash over her.

Through these heavy steps, the two figures finally came to a stop before the Mental Energy wall that blocked the passageway to the seventh level.

“Sorry, your Yan City will still lose this time.”

Zhou Tong gazed at the wave-like Mental Energy wall before him. He was able to sense the strong Mental Energy undulations within it. Soon after, he turned his head and indifferently smiled at Zi Yue.

“In your dreams!” Zi Yue’s expression remained cold as ice.

Zhou Tong chuckled. Among the young Symbol Masters of Yan City, only Zi Yue was somewhat able to face him directly. However, this was her limit.

“I’ll enter the seventh level first. If you have to ability, come.”

As his words sounded out, Zhou Tong directly stepped forward. The Mental Energy wall immediately started to squirm frantically as it emitted a terrifying Mental Energy undulation, as if it wanted to push him out. Yet, in the face of this pressure, Zhou Tong’s body maintained its slow speed as he stepped into the Mental Energy wall before finally fading away…

“He succeeded…”

As she gazed at Zhou Tong’s disappearing figure, Zi Yue’s lily-white hands could not help but grasp tightly before she gritted her teeth and concentrated all of her Mental Energy around her body. Then, she also stepped towards the Mental Energy wall.


When Zi Yue’s body stepped into the Mental Energy wall, her complexion instantly turned pale. A terrifying Mental Energy undulation spread out as her body was blown back as if hit by a strong force. A mouthful of blood spat out from her mouth.

“Will we still end up losing…”

The dizziness in her mind became increasingly intense as Zi Yue stared at the Mental Energy wall which grew further and further away. Bitterness and helplessness was revealed on her frosty yet pretty face, she had truly done her best.


Just as Zi Yue prepared to close her eyes and completely give up, she suddenly felt a warm and gentle hand on her sleek, jade-like back as her figure which was flying backwards slowly landed on the ground.

This abrupt support caused Zi Yue to be stunned. Before she could regain her wits, a figure stepped past her and walked towards the Mental Energy wall obstructing the stairs to the seventh level.

“Leave everything else to me. Since I’ve been invited by grandmaster Yan, I should show a little effort. Else someone would call me useless.”

As she gazed at the back of the one who had stepped past her, she once again heard a soft chuckle echo in her ear. Zi Yue’s fine figure immediately trembled a little as she stared in shock at the figure. She did not expect that Lin Dong would actually also be able to enter the sixth level!

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