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Chapter 136: The Fifth Level

The instant Lin Dong stepped through the entrance, an extremely heavy Mental Energy pressure assaulted him. In a split moment, it wrapped around him, quickly causing his body to sink slightly downwards.

Lin Dong’s foot landed on the ground as he lifted his head to gaze at the first level of the Symbol Master Tower. The interior of the tower was about half the size of the plaza, however, the place was clearly overcrowded today.

In the air of the tower, strong Mental Energy undulations seemed to warp and take shape with substance. It felt as if one’s body was within a Mental Energy sea, causing one to feel full of reverence.

There was extremely many people in the first level, however, after most of them entered, they immediately sat down as they dripped with sweat. Evidently, they were somewhat unable to bear with the Mental Energy pressure here.

As Lin Dong gazed at the bustling first level, he helplessly shook his head before quickly looking around. He was unable to find Zhou Tong, Zi Yue and the rest, while some of the Symbol Masters who were able to endure the Mental Energy pressure of the first level were currently dashing towards the center of the tower, their faces full of excitement. The passageway to the second level was located there.

Yet, Lin Dong did not urgently try to catch up right away. Instead, he gently closed his eyes and felt the invisible undulations that washed at him from all directions.

Such an undulation was also a type of Mental Energy, it was just terrifyingly pure. These Mental Energy were akin to light rays, without missing a spot, they swept across the entire space within the tower. Thus, everyone here was embraced within the undulation.

Lin Dong allowed that undulation to sweep across his body. After a while, he found to his amazement that those undulations actually penetrated through his body and directly appeared inside the Niwan Palace in his mind!

This special undulation swept through the Niwan Palace and in passing, also swept over the two Destiny Soul Symbols within.


In the instance when the undulation swept across the two Destiny Soul Symbols, Lin Dong clearly felt a slight vibration from the Soul Symbols as they shined a little brighter. It felt as if some of the impurities that adhered to the Soul Symbol had been quietly cleansed!

Although there was no intense feeling of strengthening, Lin Dong clearly knew that his Destiny Soul Symbol had become a little more condensed…

“This should be the purifying effect of the Symbol Master Tower right? It is indeed mystical!” Lin Dong’s eyes once again opened, revealing the thick astonishment within.

“However, the cleansing effect of the first level is too weak, there seems to be no notable effect.”

At these thoughts, Lin Dong’s gaze turned towards the passageway to the second level. No longer hesitating, the top of his foot tapped off the ground as he rushed over. His speed drew the envy of many others, even taking a step here was difficult for them, yet, Lin Dong was able to run about freely. The disparity between them was truly a little large.

The space within the tower was not so vast that you could not see the end, thus, after about half a minute, Lin Dong appeared next to the first staircase. Blocking the staircase, was a layer of Mental Energy wall.

Vigorous Mental Energy gushed out from Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace and wrapped around his entire body before he stepped forward. Under numerous envious gazes, he smoothly advanced to the second level.

There were less people on the second level of the Symbol Master Tower, but it could still be considered rather lively. Lin Dong merely had a quick look around before making a beeline for the third level.

Given Lin Dong’s Mental Energy, the fourth level of the Symbol Master Tower did not hinder him the least bit. Thus, after about ten minutes, he successfully and easily advanced to the fourth level.

On the fourth level, the space inside the tower immediately turned rather empty. There were only a tiny portion of Symbol Masters who had climbed to this level. After probing the Mental Energy wall that obstructed the way to the fifth level, they could only give up and chose to stay here and accept the purifying effect of the Symbol Master Tower. No matter what, the purifying power here was already several times stronger than the lower three levels.

“To be able to endure this Mental Energy pressure, those that have ascended to the fourth level have likely already advanced to the second seal Symbol Master or are almost there. These guys can be considered as the elite of the two cities…”

Lin Dong took a look at the area. The Symbol Masters from Yan City and Sky Fire City were very distinctly seated on two sides, it seemed as if the atmosphere between them was extremely tense.

Lin Dong’s sudden arrival caused both sides to be started for a while. Their gazes hastily shot towards him and after they saw his appearance, the responses of both sides were as different as black and white.

The Symbol Masters from Yan City obviously had a very strong impression of the person who had defeated Cao Zhu two days earlier. Immediately, they heaved a sigh of relief. In contrast, the Symbol Masters from the Sky Fire City side grew nervous as their Mental Energy quietly gushed out.

Lin Dong shot a glance at them and found that out of eight of the Symbol Masters from Yan City, three of them had very chaotic Mental Energy undulations. From their complexions, they were clearly injured.

Towards this situation, Lin Dong was rather calm. He long knew that the Tower Battle would not be too peaceful, the chances of either side making a move was very large. From the looks of it, the two sides seemed to have already exchanged blows.

Yet, though this was so, Lin Dong did not have any plans to stop and help out. Instead, he walked towards the passageway to the fifth level.

After seeing his action, a trace of disappointment could be clearly seen within the eyes of the Symbol Masters of Yan City. By contrast, the Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City were secretly celebrating.

Under the gazes of both sides, Lin Dong’s footsteps paused before the Mental Energy wall that obstructed the way to the fifth level. Several were currently concentrated on his back, if one was able to reach the fourth level, one would already be considered an elite in the two cities. Then if one was able to ascend to the fifth level, one would practically be at the pinnacle among the younger generation. All of the people here had already tried, yet none of them were able to proceed.

Lin Dong ignored their gazes as Mental Energy wrapped around his body. Just as he was able to step through, a voice sounded out from behind him: “Brother Lin Dong, previously, Cao Zhu and Liu Long have already entered the fifth level. If you go up, be sure to be careful!”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong was stunned. He turned his head to find that the one who had warned him, was one of the three Yan City Symbol Masters who looked injured.

Gazing at the pale yet rather earnest expression on that Symbol Master, Lin Dong was silent for a moment. The foot which was about to step forward suddenly moved back as he spoke: “What is your name? How did all of you get injured?”

Lin Dong was one who would repay his debts many fold. If no one had warned him, he would not have hesitated as he advanced to the fifth level. As for whether these people would be driven out by those from Sky Fire City, he did not care. But since someone had actually spoken to warn him, this step was no longer as good an idea as before.

After hearing Lin Dong’s words, the Symbol Masters from Yan City were stunned. Soon after, joy appeared on their faces. The one who had spoken previously hesitated for a moment before replying: “I am known as Li Hu. Our injuries were caused by Cao Zhu and Liu Long.”

Lin Dong’s gaze slightly flickered and he quickly understood. There were eight people on the Yan City side while there were coincidentally also eight on Sky Fire City’s side. Cao Zhu and Liu Long had injured three people to break the balance between the two groups. This way, even if the two of them were to leave, the Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City would be able to easily take care of Yan City’s Symbol Masters.

“Good method.”

Lin Dong softly chuckled as he turned his head to smile at the Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City.

“Lin Dong, what are you planning?” After seeing Lin Dong’s gaze, the expressions on the Sky Fire City Symbol Masters rapidly changed as they shouted out in a stern voice.

“Those of you who are not injured, obstruct a few of them.” Lin Dong ignored them as he lifted his palm and three icy sword shadows flew out from his Qiankun bag.


Upon seeing that Lin Dong actually planned to attack, the eight Symbol Masters from Yan City celebrated as the five uninjured ones immediately replied before straightaway moving to engage the Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City.

The battle was not last for long. With Lin Dong’s current strength, plus the three ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’, dealing with some Symbol Masters who had only just reached the second seal or was close to it was extremely easy.

Thus, in about ten minutes, five of the Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City had been seriously injured by Lin Dong. When the cold Qi entered their bodies, their complexions turned green.

As he gazed at the last three resisting Sky Fire City Symbol Masters, Lin Dong beckoned with his hand and withdrew the three ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’ which were circling above their heads. He then casually said: “I’ll let you guys settle the rest.”

Five of the eight Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City had been heavily injured by Lin Dong. There remained only three with the capability to fight. In contrast, there were a total of five able members on Yan City’s side. The original situation had been immediately reversed!

“Many thanks to brother Lin Dong!”

Upon seeing Lin Dong keep his swords, the eight Yan City Symbol Masters hastily thanked him in a respectful tone. This situation was basically completely under their control.

“You should thank brother Li Hu…”

Lin Dong’s finger flicked as three elixir pills with Mental Energy recovery properties fell into the trio’s hands. Without lingering any further, he turned and straightaway stepped through the Mental Energy wall that blocked the passage to the fifth floor as his figure swiftly disappeared.

After seeing Lin Dong successfully enter the fifth level, admiration filled the eight Symbol Masters’ eyes. Soon after, their gazes turned as they maliciously looked towards the Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City. Previously, they were ridiculed and mocked, now, it was time to return their debts.

Upon seeing their gazes, the complexions of eight Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City turned deathly white. They never imagined that the previous situation would now fall upon them…

While the battle on the fourth level raged on, Lin Dong once again successfully stepped into the fifth level of the Symbol Master Tower.

When he appeared at the fifth level, his knees slightly bent. The Mental Energy pressure here had practically multiplied.


As he straightened his back, Lin Dong deeply exhaled, with heavy steps, he straightaway headed towards the passageway to the sixth level. This fifth level was not where he wanted to stay.

Heavy footsteps echoed around the empty tower. After ten minutes, Lin Dong once again saw the passageway to the sixth level, however, at the same time, he also saw two figures seated before the passageway.

Cao Zhu and Liu Long.

Currently, the duo were coldly staring at Lin Dong who had appeared in their line of sight. Cao Zhu’s fist creaked as it clenched tightly.

Liu Long was all smiles as he stared at Lin Dong, the former’s soft voice echoing about the empty space.

“Brother Lin Dong, I have warned you before. The Tower Battle is dangerous and you should be extra careful.”

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