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Chapter 135: The Tower Battle Begins

To one side, Zi Yue was similarly taken aback by Lin Dong’s suspiciously innocent reply. Promptly, the corners of her lips involuntarily turned slightly upwards. Even though she did not like this kind of rascally actions, when she saw Cao Zhu’s and Liu Long’s expressions, she was a little elated in her heart.

“Lin Dong, don’t you dare deny it!”

Cao Zhu’s face was flushed red with rage as he angrily hollered at Lin Dong. He never expected that Lin Dong would be so shameless. It had only been two days, yet he had completely forgotten about this matter.

Liu Long’s mind was evidently sharper than Cao Zhu’s. Even though he knew that Lin Dong was toying with them, the smile on his face remained as he said: “Brother Lin Dong, it is said that people get to know each other through scuffles. It’s always best to have friends rather than enemies. For the sake of merely three Mysterious Ice Swords, you end up hurting your reputation among the Symbol Masters in Sky Fire City. That doesn’t seem worthwhile.”

Though Liu Long’s tone was good-natured, his words carried an implicit threat.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong smiled once again. Promptly, he stared earnestly at Liu Long and said: “”I really do not know what you are talking about.”


Cao Zhu was fuming with rage. His eyes were almost spitting fire as he stared daggers at Lin Dong. It seemed like he would snap and attack Lin Dong at any moment.

Just as Cao Zhu was about to snap and attack Lin Dong, Liu Long extended a hand and stopped the former. With a slightly icy expression, he glared at Cao Zhu. Moments later, Liu Long slowly said: “If that is the case, I shall not force you. However, brother Lin Dong is taking part in the Tower Battle too right? Haha, the Tower Battle can be quite dangerous. You should take care.”

After he finished speaking, without further ado, he immediately turned to leave. Behind him, Cao Zhu gnashed his teeth as he looked at the small smile on Lin Dong’s face. But when Cao Zhu recalled the tragic loss that he suffered two days ago, he lost the guts to attack in the end. He could only wave his sleeve, before he spitted out a fierce ‘you just wait’ at Lin Dong before catching up to Liu Long.

“During the Tower Battle, take note to be extra careful.” To one side, Zi Yue spoke in an indifferent manner.

“We can fight inside the Symbol Master Tower?” Lin Dong smiled as he asked.

“If you are still able to fight under the Mental Energy pressure, it is not against the rules.”

“I understand…”

Lin Dong nodded his head. Just like he had expected, this so-called Tower Battle was not going to be too friendly…

Not long after Liu Long and Cao Zhu departed, a commotion erupted in the Sky Fire City Symbol Master Guild’s section. Promptly, a few figures walked out. The man leading the way, was a grey-haired elderly man with a cold expression on his face.

“This is the man leading the Sky Fire City Symbol Guild this time, Han Yun. He is also a fourth seal Symbol Master.”

When he heard Zi Yue’s clear yet cold voice, Lin Dong gently nodded his head. He could sense a Mental Energy undulation from the man’s body that did not lose out to grandmaster Yan’s.


Lin Dong eyes swept across that Han Yun, before it paused at a young man behind him. The young man was rather plain looking and a pair of thick eyebrows. However, the Symbol Masters around him treated him fairly respectfully. Even Liu Long was conscientiously standing behind that young man.

“That is our Sky Fire City Symbol Masters’ strongest opponent this time. He is the most powerful younger generation Symbol Master from Sky Fire City, Zhou Tong. It is said that he had already advanced to the second seal Symbol Master level two years ago.” While Lin Dong was staring at that man, Zi Yue’s frosty yet beautiful face turned slightly serious as she softly uttered

“He had become a second seal Symbol Master two years ago…”

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. It seems like the Sky Fire City Symbol Master Guild’s overall strength surpassed Yan City’s. It was no wonder that they had lost twice in a row.

As these words passed between the two, grandmaster Yan also led a few of Yan City’s fairly renowned Symbol Masters as they walked to welcome Han Yun and his group. Though both parties were all smiles, Lin Dong could tell that their smiles were not natural nor genuine. Of course, when faced with the bandits who aimed to steal their Symbol Master Tower, no one could be so cordial.

“Everyone, with regards to the Tower Battle, there are not too many rules. Whoever can rush to the highest level and stay there the longest will be the ultimate victor.”

“Furthermore, a word of caution. Please know your own limits, if you cannot endure any further, do not force yourself!”

Since both parties were not on friendly terms, after a customary welcome, grandmaster Yan’s clear voice sounded out.

“Of course, if you wish to battle in the tower, I hope that no one will go overboard.”

Grandmaster Yan definitely knew about the private duels that occurred within the tower. After all, he had likewise participated in these battles in the past. Therefore, he decided to give a warning beforehand.

“In a battle, injuries are almost unavoidable and rather normal.” However, in response to grandmaster Yan’s words, grandmaster Han Yun from Sky Fire City casually retorted.

“Furthermore, Yan Xuan, this is the last chance for your Yan City Symbol Master Guild. If you once again lose to our Sky Fire City, this Symbol Master Tower shall belong to our Sky Fire City.”

“Humph, speak after you win.” After hearing these words, grandmaster Yan’s expression sunk as he retorted.

Han Yun casually smiled as he said: “Any further words are pointless at this juncture. Start the Tower Battle.”

Grandmaster Yan’s facial expression was slightly ugly now. However, he could not fall out with grandmaster Han Yuan at this time. With a wave of his hand, he immediately led three middle-aged Symbol Masters and walked to the entrance of the Symbol Master Tower.

When they saw the quartet’s actions, the Symbol Masters surrounding them hastily withdrew. Soon after, they stared at that ash gray Symbol Master Tower with a heated expression in their eyes. Even though the Symbol Master Tower possessed a divine cleansing effect, even as members of the Yan City Symbol Master Guild, they only had very few opportunities to enjoy it every year.

A powerful Mental Energy undulation gushed out from grandmaster Yan and the trio like a tide. Eventually, their bodies began to gradually lift off, before they hovered around half a foot off the ground.

“Open the Symbol Master Tower!”

A deep and low roar was released from grandmaster Yan’s mouth, immediately, that powerful Mental Energy gushed towards the tightly shut Symbol Master Tower stone entrance. Then, it turned into a glowing symbol that engraved itself into a groove on the stone door.


As the symbol fit itself with the groove, the entire Symbol Master Tower began to tremble. The tightly shut stone door began to slowly crack open. Immediately, an extremely formidable Mental Energy undulation spread out from behind the stone door, causing all the Symbol Masters nearby to be jolted back.

“Such a powerful Mental Energy pressure!”

When that Mental Energy undulation gushed forth, Lin Dong was also alarmed as he felt a peculiar type of pressure emit from the Symbol Master Tower. Under that pressure, he felt as if his body was now much heavier.

Lin Dong was okay. As for some other weaker ones, their faces immediately turned flustered as they hurriedly retreated.

“As expected of the Symbol Master Tower…” Han Yun somewhat greedily stared at the Symbol Master Tower that was opening up. If his Sky Fire City could obtain it, in ten years, they would definitely surpass Tiandu City’s Symbol Master Guild!

“The Symbol Master Tower is open. Let the Tower Battle begin!”

Grandmaster Yan stared at the Symbol Master Tower before turning to look at Lin Dong and Zi Yue as he deeply echoed out.

When Grandmaster Yan’s words echoed out, just like an explosion, the eyes of every Symbol Master in the place turned feverish as they all stared fervently at the Symbol Master Tower. Eventually, one of them roared out loud as he immediately dashed towards the Symbol Master Tower.

With someone taking the lead, Symbol Masters from both factions immediately took action as well. The inner sanctum of the Symbol Master Tower had extremely beneficial tempering and purifying effects on one’s Mental Energy. Even if one could not attain a good result in the Tower Battle, hanging around inside would be nonetheless extremely beneficial.

“Zhou Tong, Liu Long, it’s time for the two of you to go.” When he saw this sight, Han Yun smiled in an indifferent manner. His gaze similarly swept across Zi Yue and Lin Dong. Of course, most of his attention was on Zi Yue.

“Among Yan City’s Symbol Masters, only Zi Yue is somewhat capable. The rest of them are mere ordinary folk. For this battle, as long as you guys take care of her, our Sky Fire City will definitely win.”

“Master Han, Lin Dong is fairly skilled as well. He was the one who snatched away my Mysterious Ice Swords.” Cao Zhu gnashed his teeth as he said.

“Lin Dong? A nameless younger generation member. With regards to the Mysterious Ice Swords… when you enter the Symbol Master Tower, take care of it yourself.” Han Yun’s face was calm as he replied.


After hearing these words, Cao Zhu somewhat excitedly nodded his head. To one side, a cold glint also flashed across Liu Long’s eyes.

“Let’s go.”

Beside Han Yun, Zhou Tong, who had yet to speak a single word, finally opened his mouth. When they saw him speak, Liu Long and Cao Zhu both nodded their head.

“Zhou Tong, it all depends on you this time.” Han Yun softly said.

Zhou Tong calmly nodded his head. As his the top of foot tapped off the ground, his body floated forth and flew directly into the Symbol Master Tower. Behind him, Liu Long and Cao Zhu swiftly followed. Just before he entered the tower, Cao Zhu turned his head as he cast a malicious and provoking look at Lin Dong.

“We should get moving as well.”

When she saw that Sky Fire City Symbol Masters had all entered the Symbol Master Tower, Zi Yue also opened her mouth to speak. Swiftly, she turned into a purple shadow as she quickly dashed into the tower.

Lin Dong stared at that towering Symbol Master Tower as an excited expression flashed across his face. He was extremely curious to find out, based on his current strength, just which floor would he manage to advance to?

Lin Dong did not loiter outside for long. When he saw Zi Yue’s alluring shadow disappear into the tower, he immediately took off, swiftly dashing towards the Symbol Master Tower.

“Lin Dong, we are depending on you this time. Be extra careful!”

Just before Lin Dong entered the Symbol Master Tower, an extremely soft voice stealthily crept into his ears. That was grandmaster Yan’s voice.

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head, however, his body did not slow down. Under the watchful gazes of grandmaster Yan and the rest, he was just like a swaying leaf as he floated into the tower.


When he saw Lin Dong’s figure disappear, Yan Xuan gently sighed. Right now, he could only await the final results…

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