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Chapter 134: Mysterious Ice Swords

The crowd stared at Lin Dong’s departing figure, a long time passed before they finally regained their senses. Immediately, gasps of admiration echoed out like a tide.

“Who is he? Such a fearsome individual, even Cao Zhu was not his match.”

“He should be a Symbol Master from our Yan City right?”

“It’s Lin Dong! I saw him at the duel arena before. He is the one who killed Wei Tong of the Blood Cloth Sect.”

“Oh, so he is that Lin Dong. He indeed lives up to his reputation…”


When he heard the soft mutterings from the crowd, Cao Zhu’s facial expression turned exceptionally ugly. One of the Symbol Master from Sky Fire City intended to help him up but was instead forcefully pushed away by him. Today, he had utterly disgraced himself. Furthermore, besides suffering a massive defeat, he had even lost his Mysterious Ice Swords, a double whammy!

“Mysterious Ice Swords…”

As he recalled his treasures, Cao Zhu felt as if he was painfully bleeding inside. Mysterious Ice Metal was extremely rare and hence very costly. In order to forge those three Mysterious Ice Swords, he had spent a total of thirty thousand Yang Yuan Stones. And now, his most precious and valued possession had been directly taken away by Lin Dong as a victory spoil. If he was not afraid of Lin Dong’s peculiar methods, he would have snatched back his ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’ on the spot even at the cost of heavy injuries!


Since his treasure had already been taken away, nothing would change no matter how much he bled in his heart. Cao Zhu could only suppress the rage in his heart as he crawled up and exited the plaza.

“Lin Dong, just wait. In a few days, my seniors from Sky Fire City will arrive, I will make you spit everything back out then!”

As they stared at Cao Zhu, who was gnashing his teeth together, as he walked away, the few Sky Fire City Symbol Masters behind him exchanged looks with each other. Right now, none of them dared to interact with him and could only follow behind him as their sorry figures left the grounds together.

As she gazed at Cao Zhu’s and rest’s sorry figures, Zi Yue gently shook her head before turning to gaze into the distance. Lin Dong’s departing glance from before made her understand that he was not happy with her actions.

This glance also caused Zi Yue to be slightly perplexed. Since young, thanks to her unique status, talents, plus her beautiful looks, she had always been viewed with loving and adoring gazes. Therefore, truth be told, this was the first time that someone had given her an intolerable look.

“Humph, if you want to show your temper in front of me, make sure you perform well at the Tower Battle first.”

As she recalled his glance, Zi Yue involuntarily snorted. With a swish of her lily-white hands, she turned to leave. She was cold and prideful by nature and there was still no younger generation member in Yan City who could meet her expectations.

Even Lin Dong was unworthy!

When Lin Dong left the Yan City Symbol Master Guild, he did not loiter around and directly returned to the Lin Family before entering into his personal small courtyard.

“Contrary to my expectations, that fellow has some good stuff.”

In the courtyard, Lin Dong stared at the three ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’ that were hovering in front of him as traces of a potent cold Qi slowly seeped out. As he exhaled, his breath unexpectedly turned into a thin layer of frost with a ‘chi chi’ sound.

As he witnessed this scene, Lin Dong nodded in satisfaction. With this haul, at least his efforts were not wasted. In the previous battle against these ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’, four of his ten Shattered Yuan Shrapnels had been corroded by the cold Qi from the Mysterious Ice Swords.

Lin Dong blinked as an invisible light beam shot out from his eyes before transforming into a glowing symbol that appeared on the three ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’. Instantly, a powerful Mental Energy gushed forth. In a blink of an eye, they wrapped around the “Mysterious Ice Swords” in an almost tyrannical fashion.

Even though Cao Zhu was not skilled enough to imprint a Mental Energy brand on the “Mysterious Ice Swords”, because he had used them for such a long time, he left some traces of his Mental Energy behind. Therefore, in order for Lin Dong to obtain complete control over these ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’, he had to thoroughly purge any remaining Mental Energy in them.

Fortunately, Cao Zhu’s Mental Energy was lacking compared to Lin Dong’s. Therefore, it was a simple task. In a few minutes, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had thoroughly cleansed the three ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’ and severed any remaining links they had to Cao Zhu.

“Swish swish!”

Mental Energy wrapped around the ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’, and with a flick of his mind, three snow-white short swords were akin to three lightning-bolts, as they furiously whirled around his body. As they spun around, they seemed to merged together. The force generated was exceedingly powerful and thanks to the cold Qi, their destructive potential was several times stronger than his Shattered Yuan Shrapnel.


As he gazed at the three white sword images, the delight on Lin Dong’s face intensified. After toying with them for half a day, he was perfectly contented as he finally kept them in his Qiankun bag.

“Cao Zhu is already a second seal Symbol Master. But according to him, he is only the third-ranked member in the Sky Fire City Symbol Master Guild. Therefore, the two ranked above him should be much more formidable.” After he kept his victory spoils, Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. This Sky Fire City seemed much stronger than Yan City, hence, it was best to be cautious.

Even though the so-called Tower Battle was based on who could advance to the highest level and remain there the longest, Lin Dong did not believe that there would be no secret plots. With two large groups of people rushing in together, having methods to stealthily finish off one’s opponents was a common-place. Hence, it was best to take some precautions.

As he thought of this point, Lin Dong solemnly nodded his head. Then, he slowly shut his eyes as his mind submerged into his Niwan Palace.

As he observed his Niwan Palace, Lin Dong was shocked to discover that his two Destiny Soul Symbols seemed much brighter compared to yesterday. The Mental Energy undulations that filled the air also seemed stronger too.

“Was it because I swallowed Cao Zhu’s Mental Energy?”

Lin Dong’s mind was shaken as he recalled the events that occurred previously, which caused his facial expression to change slightly. The ability to consume another’s Mental Energy to boost one’s strength seemed too tyrannical. This ability must not be revealed, or it would surely lead to some unexpected trouble.

Thankfully, as long as Lin Dong kept his mouth shut, no one would guess that he had the ability to absorb another’s Mental Energy. Even Cao Zhu only knew that Lin Dong had the peculiar ability to dissipate Mental Energy. However, the latter would never have expected that the dissipated Mental Energy had now become part of Lin Dong’s Mental Energy…

“What exactly is this Destiny Soul Symbol?”

Lin Dong stared intensely at the two Destiny Soul Symbols floating in his Niwan Palace as he muttered to himself. He had never imagined that the item he picked up from a roadside stall actually possessed such a miraculous ability.

Even after racking his brains, Lin Dong was unable to figure out any answers. Finally, he helpless shook his head as he exited his Niwan Palace. Then, he once again ventured into the Stone Talisman Spiritual Domain and went to the Mind Millstones to temper his Mental Energy.

With regards to the Tower Battle, Lin Dong was not too interested. However, he was exceptionally interested in the cleansing ability of the Symbol Master Tower. Furthermore, he was also extremely interested in the Qi grade Secret Spirit Skill placed on the eighth floor of the tower. Therefore, should an opportunity present itself, he would definitely try his best to obtain it. Naturally, it would be best if he could obtain it, but if he could not, it would be fine as well.

Therefore, in the two remaining days, he needed make good use of this time to temper his Mental Energy. After all, based on the performance by Cao Zhu, the young Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City seemed pretty skilled…

Two day passed in the blink of an eye.

When dawn arrived on the third day, Lin Dong had already left the Lin Family. With regards to his participation in the Tower Battle, Lin Dong did not bother to tell Lin Xiao and the rest. Right now, he was no longer a little kid and could make his own decisions. Similarly, Lin Xiao and the rest understood this principle, therefore they did not bother to restrict Lin Dong’s actions.

The Tower Battle between the two major cities should have been a pretty spectacular event. However, Lin Dong did not hear much discussion regarding this matter inside Yan City. He guessed that both parties must have deliberately kept it a secret. Except for a few big shots, most ordinary people did not know about it. Hence, on this seemingly peaceful day, an exceptionally exciting Symbol Master contest was about to begin.

When Lin Dong once again entered the Symbol Master Guild, he found that the number of people in the spacious courtyard had doubled compared to two days before. Amongst the greenery was a rowdy atmosphere.

“You are not late.”

Not long after Lin Dong entered the grounds, a slightly eye-catching purple dress appeared before his eyes. As he stared at Zi Yue icily cold yet pretty face, Lin Dong felt slightly troubled. Did this woman truly believe that the whole world owes her a living? Isn’t wearing a long face the entire day tiring?

“Lead the way.”

Lin Dong secretly sighed in his heart, before he immediately waved his hands unceremoniously. It was as though he treated Zi Yue as his guide.

When she saw Lin Dong’s attitude, Zi Yue’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, before she immediately turned and walked off. The former spread out his hands in helplessness as he slowly followed behind.

As he followed Zi Yue, they gradually ventured deeper into the Symbol Master Guild. Moments later, the Symbol Master Tower that emitted a terrifying Mental Energy undulation appeared before Lin Dong’s eyes.

Right below the Symbol Master Tower was a large spacious ground. However, right now, this ground was already packed with people. When Lin Dong saw this sight, he involuntarily released a pained laugh. It seems like every Symbol Master in Yan City was crowded in this spot today.

As his eyes scanned across this large space, Lin Dong promptly discovered that this large space had been divided into two sections. The section filled with more people naturally belonged to the Yan City Symbol Master Guild, while the other section belonged to the Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City.

Lin Dong’s eyes stopped at the Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City. At that area, he had seen Cao Zhu’s familiar face, to which he immediately chuckled.

Just as Lin Dong saw Cao Zhu, the latter evidently noticed him as well. Immediately, his facial expression turned extremely ugly as he turned to murmur softly to a handsome young man dressed in silver robes, who stood beside him.

Lin Dong somewhat intriguingly stared at this sight as he crossed his arms.

“That is Cao Zhu’s second senior, Liu Long. He is even tougher to deal with than Cao Zhu.” While Lin Dong was staring at them, to his side, Zi Yue explained in an icy voice. Within her clear voice, one could unexpectedly detect a slight warning message.

Lin Dong glanced at her in astonishment. Just as he was about to reply, he suddenly discovered that the man dressed in silver robes, together with Cao Zhu, was now walking towards him with a smile on his face.

“Haha, I guess this must be brother Lin Dong?”

The man dressed in silver robes gently smiled at Lin Dong, before his eyes paused for a moment on Zi Yue’s slender body. Then, with a smile, he said: “With regards to the events that transpired two days ago, Cao Zhu was rash. I hope brother Lin Dong can forgive us.”

“No worries, no worries.”

Lin Dong also smiled as he replied. He could tell that Liu Long was stronger than Cao Zhu. However, dogs that bite do not show their teeth. Though this man seemed like a decent person on the outside, anyone could tell that he was a treacherous person…

“Haha, if that is the case, I am relieved.”

Upon hearing these words, Liu Long seemingly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, with a slight smile on his face, he asked: “I wonder if brother Lin Dong would kindly return the ‘Mysterious Ice Swords’ to my junior?”

“Mysterious Ice Swords?”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong stood dazedly. He foolishly scratched his head as he asked: “What is that?”

When he saw Lin Dong’s actions, Cao Zhu, who was standing to one side, instantly fumed, as if fire was about to spout out from both of his eyes. Even the smile on Liu Long’s face turned slightly stiff.

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