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Chapter 123 – Initial Yuan Dan, second seal Symbol Master

Lin Dong was like a wooden stake as he dazedly stood in the room. The sudden arrival of this double fortune caused him to feel blissfully happy, as if he had been ruthlessly smashed into a meat pie. Even though he understood that these two meat pies would have come sooner or later, he had never expected that they would arrive together.

A Mental Energy breakthrough was even easier to achieve compared to condensing a Yuan Dan. After all, Lin Dong had crazily tempered himself at the Mind Millstones over this period of time and this was not without reward. The crack originally on the Destiny Soul Symbol was long ago at its limit, only being stubbornly held back by a sliver of Mental Energy.

When Lin Dong advanced to the Yuan Dan stage, his entire being had abruptly made a giant leap forward. This had also become the final key to splitting the Destiny Soul Symbol, forcefully tearing apart that final stubborn chain of Mental Energy.

As a result, the original Destiny Soul Symbol had successfully divided into two!

And Lin Dong had also finally achieved the result he needed after toiling so much and so hard.


In the room, after being in a dazed state for a long while, Lin Dong finally came to his senses as he deeply breathed out. From now onwards he was able to truly stand shoulder to shoulder with other practitioners. Given his initial Yuan Dan stage strength, the sudden breakthrough to the second seal stage, plus being equipped with Mental Energy comparable to a third seal Symbol Master, the sum of his combined abilities would not be inferior to that of Wei Tong, an advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner!

The current him truly did not fear Wei Tong, nor the Blood Cloth Sect!

In two months, he had reversed the Lin Family’s miserable situation. If Wei Tong knew about this, it was highly likely that he would regret not heartlessly exterminating the Lin Family that day.

Yet, evidently, he did not have a chance to regret and Lin Dong would not give him that chance. That day, when Wei Tong came to their doorstep, forcing the Lin Family to angrily suffer in silence, if it were not for the fact that Wei Tong was ‘restrained’ by Lin Dong, perhaps that event would have been a bloodbath.

Since Wei Tong wanted to wipe out his Lin Family, Lin Dong would naturally not show the former even the slightest mercy!

“There are still a few days left. Wei Tong, wash your neck and wait!”

In the room, Lin Dong softly murmured to himself, the cold light that flashed in his eyes was extremely icy.

Since he had made breakthroughs in Yuan Power and Mental Energy at the same time, Lin Dong no longer continued his intense closed-door training. There were only a few days left till their two-month appointment and after having shutting himself indoors to cultivate for so long, it was time to relax a little.

Therefore, after slightly tidying himself up, Lin Dong walked out of the inn and strolled about in Yan City. While he strolled, he was somewhat amazed when he found that during this month, someone had spread news of his duel to the death with Wei Tong, causing the city to be abuzz. News of this event was the most popular topic in inns and restaurants.

“Heh, seems like the Blood Cloth Sect had used this death duel as a form of advertisement for themselves.” When he realized what was happening, Lin Dong involuntarily chuckled. Besides the Blood Cloth Sect, who else would purposely do such a thing?

The reason why Wei Tong would publicize this news was likely because he felt that he victory was already set in stone. At that time, he would be able to display his strength to many people, allowing him to improve the Blood Cloth Sect’s reputation.

With regards to Wei Tong’s way of thinking, Lin Dong merely sarcastically grinned his heart. Soon after, he turned and headed towards the Thousand Gold Association.

“Little brother Lin Dong, I have not seen you for half a month. If it were not for the fact that you had already cleared your debt, I would have thought that you had ran away.” In Xuan Su’s study, Xuan Su gazed at the youngster who had walked in through the door and involuntarily revealed her lovely smile as she teased.

“The life or death duel was imminent, naturally, I was training with all my might.” Lin Dong grinned as he replied.

Upon hearing the words ‘life or death duel’, the smile on Xuan Su’s pretty face somewhat dimmed, her eyebrows slightly knitting together as she replied: “Recently, this has been the hottest topic in Yan City. Through our investigation, we found that it was the Blood Wolf Gang that has been adding fuel to the fire. Looks like they hold a grudge against you after the Celestial Dan Pool affair.”

“It was the Blood Wolf Gang?” Lin Dong’s expression changed a little. He had never expected that the barbaric-looking Yue Shan would actually turn out to be so devious.

“The Blood Wolf Gang has done their homework on you. They should know that you are part of the Lin Family, however, you need not worry too much. Our Thousand Gold Association has already sent a ‘warning’ letter to them. I doubt that Yue Shen would dare to do anything to the Lin Family.” Xuan Su softly said.

After hearing this, Lin Dong’s expression darkened a little. Soon after, he thanked her in a sincere tone: “Many thanks, big sister Su.”

“You’re the sinecure of our Thousand Gold Association and someone we’re keen on building relations with, thus it’s natural for us to show our sincerity. Big sister is merely doing a long-term investment, if little brother Lin Dong achieves meteoric success in the future, don’t forget to support our Thousand Gold Association.” Xuan Su laughed as she said.

“Don’t worry big sister Su, if there is anyway I can help in the future, Lin Dong would definitely do his best.” Lin Dong earnestly replied. Regardless of whether the Thousand Gold Association invested in him due to his potential or not, what they had done had indeed caused him to feel some good will towards them, and Lin Dong was not an ungrateful person.

Xuan Su faintly smiled as her beautiful eyes swept across Lin Dong’s body. She was suddenly stunned as she cried out in a shocked voice: “You’ve advanced to the Yuan Dan stage?”

Xuan Su was after all an advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner, and therefore rather sensitive to Yuan Power undulations. She had discovered that the undulations that emitted from Lin Dong’s body were actually several times stronger than before!

“Yea, I’ve coincidentally made a breakthrough today.” Lin Dong chuckled as he nodded his head.

“Tch tch, looks like our Thousand Gold Association’s investment was indeed the right one.” Xuan Su clicked her tongue as she spoke. She suddenly recalled that when she first saw Lin Dong, the latter only seemed to be at the Heavenly Yuan middle stage. Yet, in less than two months, the latter had now actually become a true-blue Yuan Dan stage practitioner. This kind of speed caused her heartbeat to quietly quicken a little. Apparently, her discerning eyes were excessively spot-on this time.

“With your initial Yuan Dan stage strength in addition to the Mental Energy comparable to a second seal Symbol Master, you indeed have the power to contend against Wei Tong. However, you still need to be extra careful.” Xuan Su warned. As another advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner, she clearly understood the battle power Wei Tong possessed.

“I will.” Lin Dong nodded in response, naturally, he would not make the mistake of underestimating his opponent.

“Manager Su, the ones you instructed us previously to take note of have once again come to the association…” While Lin Dong was chatting with Xuan Su, a servant girl suddenly walked near as she respectfully reported.

“Oh?” After hearing this news, Xuan Su was slightly startled. Soon after, she remembered and her beautiful eyes immediately turned to Lin Dong as she sweetly smiled: “Little brother Lin Dong, you should go meet these people…”

“Who?” Lin Dong was also startled for a moment, but after he saw Xuan Su’s teasing gaze, he suddenly regained his wits, pleasantly surprised as he asked: “Is it father and the rest?”

“Yes.” Xuan Su lightly smiled as she nodded her head.

In one of the guest rooms of the Thousand Gold Association, Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao, Lin Ken and the rest were seated. At their side was a middle-aged man who seemed to be a manager. Currently, he had a smiling expression on his face as he warmly received them.

Towards the manager who had become so cordial though he had only flatly nodded to them in the past, Lin Zhentian and the rest were clearly somewhat amazed. Previously, when they had come here to sell Yang Yuan stones, although this guy was not excessively difficult towards them, his attitude was rather cold, to which Lin Zhentian and the rest could do nothing about. After all, the Thousand Gold Association was one of the top three factions in Yan City, this kind of haughtiness was natural.

As the manager turned to instruct a servant girl, Lin Ken stealthily stretched his head forward and said in a low voice: “There seems to be something amiss.”

In the Thousand Gold Association’s eyes, their Lin Family was just an ordinary faction, what could have caused this manager to receive them so warmly? It is said that ‘when matters out of the ordinary occur, there must be something wrong’, thereful, Lin Ken and the rest could not help but be on guard.

Lin Zhentian secretly nodded in response. Just as he was about to speak, the sounds of hurried footsteps sounded out from behind the door before the door at the back of the room was pushed open.

As the door opened, a graceful beauty entered. When the manager saw this, he hastily bowed and greeted her.

“To think that it is the general manager of the Thousand Gold Association.”

When they saw Xuan Su appear, Lin Zhentian’s and the rest’s hearts shuddered, they had naturally heard of this renowned figure in the Thousand Gold Association. However, what caused them to be puzzled was: Why had the former come to discuss matters with them?

“Grandfather, father!”

While Lin Zhentian and the rest were feeling puzzled, a familiar voice was suddenly heard from behind Xuan Su. Soon after, a figure quickly walked out, revealing himself to be Lin Dong.


As they gazed at Lin Dong who had walked out from behind Xuan Su, Lin Zhentian and the rest were greatly alarmed as amazement filled their faces.

“Hehe, greetings to the grandfather Lin, the fact that the Lin Family has a genius like little brother Lin Dong is truly envious.” Xuan Su elegantly took two steps forward as she bowed towards Lin Zhentian and lightly smiled.

Lin Zhentian hastily returned a bow. Although he was a lot older than Xuan Su, the latter’s strength and position much higher than his own.

“Dong-er, why are you here?” Lin Xiao also had a joyous look on his face. Ever since Lin Dong had left for Yan City alone, his father had constantly worried.

“I’ve become a sinecure at the Thousand Gold Association.” Lin Dong replied.


After hearing this, Lin Zhentian and the rest were somewhat surprised, a sinecure of the Thousand Gold Association was not a position any ordinary person could obtain. Yet, soon after, they suddenly realised why the manager had been so cordial upon seeing them, such that even the general manager of the Thousand Gold Association had come out to meet them. It turns out that it was all because of Lin Dong.

“Most of the Lin Family matters have been dealt with, we came to Yan City this time to find you…” Lin Xiao softly said as he gazed at his son who seemed to have greatly matured over these two months.

“There are only four days till the life or death duel…if you are not prepared, don’t turn up.” Lin Xiao’s last few words were very soft, such that only Lin Dong could hear them.

As Lin Dong gazed at Lin Xiao, who had a serious look on his face, a warm feeling blossomed in Lin Dong’s heart as he gently nodded his head, an absolute sense of confidence in his calm voice.

“Father, don’t worry, I am sure.”

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