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Chapter 122: Fortune does not come alone

A vigorous energy rippled across the quiet room. Lin Dong was seated on his bed as portions of Yuan Power, which could be seen by the naked eye, curled around his body like smoke.

While Lin Dong appeared very calm on the outside, the inside of his body was the the complete opposite.

Within his Dantian, the Yuan Power Qi ball had already taken up an overwhelming majority of the space. Inside the Qi ball were two entirely different attributes, however, the Yin Yang Energy which had originally rejected each other, were now no longer resisting each other’s contact. Instead, traces of Yuan Power twined around them, constantly fusing them together.

Lin Dong’s full attention was on the slowly fusing Yuan Power Qi ball in his Dantian. Understanding what this meant, a sliver of excitement arose in his heart. However, he quickly calmed himself down and urged the Yuan Power Qi ball in his Dantian as it slowly began to spin.

“*Running water sounds*…”

As the Yuan Power Qi ball revolved, the vigorous Yuan Power inside it also started to emit a clear sound of running water as strands of moist mist-like energy continuously drifted out from within.

The Yuan Power Qi ball rotated faster and faster, so much so that it started to emit a buzzing sound. At that rate of rotation, even the entire Dantian also started to vibrate.

When the Yuan Power Qi ball’s speed gradually reached the utmost limit, the fusion rate of the Yin and Yang Energies within it also became faster and faster.

Yin and Yang harmonizes, condensing into the Yuan Dan!

This was the most important step in condensing the Yuan Dan!

At this time, Lin Dong did not dare to be even the slightest bit slow. All of his attention was concentrated on the Dantian.

While the Yuan Power Qi ball frantically spun, the originally vigorous Yuan Power inside it also started to decrease noticeably, and as the Yuan Power decreased, more and more mist-like energy seemed to fill the air.

This mist-like energy had a different attribute from the usual Yuan Power. The mist contained a perfect Yin Yang Energy, in the past, the Yin and Yang Energy would crazily reject each other after coming into contact. Yet now, they had already perfectly fused to become a newer and stronger product.


Without any signs of slowing down, Lin Dong spun the Yuan Power Qi ball at high speed as the Yuan Power within became lesser and lesser. In the end, all of the Yuan Power was thoroughly used up.

When the Yuan Power was exhausted, Lin Dong did not immediately proceed to the next step. With a flick of his wrist, a Yin Yang Pearl flashed into existence.

After going through Lin Dong’s unceasing absorption over the past month, this Yin Yang Pearl had shrunk to half its size. Even the alternating black and white colors on it had become much fainter.

Yet, though this was so, the energy contained inside this Yin Yang Pearl was still rather considerable.

Once the Yin Yang Pearl appeared, portions of pure energy were like a flood as they poured into the Yuan Power Qi ball within Lin Dong’s Dantian. Likewise, Lin Dong did not refuse this energy as he once again spun the Qi ball, turning the incoming energy into threads of mist-like energy which drifted about in his Dantian.

As the Yin Yang Pearl continuously poured in energy, Lin Dong continued this refining cycle, the mist-like energy within his Dantian growing denser and denser.


This seemingly endless absorption lasted for a long time until a tiny crack suddenly formed on the Yin Yang Pearl in Lin Dong’s hand. Quickly, the crack enlarged and the entire Yin Yang Pearl turned to dust. Evidently, the energy within it had been completely used up.

After sucking dry the Yin Yang Pearl, Lin Dong’s Dantian was nearly filled to the brim with the fused Yin Yang Energy. The amount even caused Lin Dong’s Dantian to feel a little bloated.


When he sensed the exceptionally vigorous mist-like energy in his Dantian, Lin Dong nodded his head in satisfaction. With a nudge, the Yuan Power Qi ball actually started to spin speedily in reverse as a suction force exploded outwards.


As the suction force violently gushed out, the mist-like energy flocked back into the Qi ball as if it had been pulled by some force.

Under this suction force, all the mist-like energy within the Dantian almost instantaneously squeezed into the Yuan Power Qi ball. Immediately, the high speed rotation caused the mist to swiftly dissipate as tiny drops of liquid energy actually appeared inside the ball of Qi!

In a short few minutes, the abundant mist-like energy inside the Dantian had been transformed into dozens of drops of extremely tiny liquid energy!

“Yin and Yang harmonize, Yuan Dan, condense!”

When all the mist-like energy had been concentrated into liquid energy, Lin Dong abruptly shouted out in his heart. Immediately, as if a huge invisible fist was firmly squeezing the Qi ball, the few drops of liquid energy were forcefully fused together.

“Bang bang bang!”

An invisible force continuously hammered at the Qi ball. Wave after wave of tremendous force rained down onto the liquid energy, directly causing the drops of liquid energy to be forcibly smashed together!

“Chi chi!”

As more and more of the liquid energy was forcefully condensed together, an immense pressure directly caused the liquid to slowly solidify. Immediately following, a toe-sized Dan slowly took shape!

This Dan was only half the size of a toe and was not smooth and round. However, the Yuan Power undulations that emitted from it were very palpitating.

Embryonic Yuan Dan!

Drop by drop, the liquid energy was ruthlessly shot at the embryonic Yuan Dan before swiftly fusing into it. And as the plentiful liquid energy adhered to it, lumps on the embryonic Yuan Dan slowly melted away as the Yuan Power undulation multiplied in strength.

Chi chi chi chi!

Minute sounds rang out from inside the Dantian as the numerous fused Yin Yang liquid energy were like meteors as they streaked across the Dantian before finally flying, like moths into the flame, into the embryonic Yuan Dan.

“Buzz buzz!”

Though the liquid energy in the Dantian was rather substantial, it was eventually used up and as the last drop of liquid energy fused into the embryonic Yuan Dan, Lin Dong’s body was suddenly jolted. An indescribable formidable feeling diffused out of his Dantian before finally spreading to every part of his body!

That kind of formidable power was incomparable to that of the Heavenly Yuan Late Stage. This was akin to a metamorphosis! And not merely an increase in strength!

Initial Yuan Dan Stage!

At this stage, one could call oneself a practitioner. Before this, one would only be a common expert!

This was a completely different level from the Heavenly Yuan Stage!

In the room, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes abruptly opened. Light zapped across his eyes like electricity before scattering into nothingness a split second later.


Lin Dong heavily spit out a ball of white Qi. His mouth slightly opened as a Dan gently floated out.

This was the scene of Lin Dong successfully condensing a Yuan Dan!

Currently, the Yuan Dan was only the size of a thumb and the color of this Yuan Dan was not milky white but instead faintly gold. From its appearance, one could tell that it was vastly different from the Yuan Dan Lin Zhentian had formed.

Plus, on the the round and smooth surface of the Yuan Dan were eight extremely tiny star patterns!

Eight star Yuan Dan!

Even Lin Dong could not help but be somewhat dazed as he looked at the eight star marks. It was a good time later before he finally regained his senses and gasped.

An eight star Yuan Dan. This grade was so high that it had somewhat exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. Although the Yin and Yang Energy he had absorbed when he was at the Earthly Yuan and Heavenly Yuan stages respectively were not ordinary, he did not foresee that he would actually be able to condense a Yuan Dan of such quality.

Originally, he had thought that even with the Yin Energy from Qingtan’s body and the Yang Energy from the mining cave, plus the Yin Yang Pearl later on, the final result would at most be six or seven stars. Yet, this fresh from the oven Yuan Dan was actually a genuine eight star Yuan Dan!


Gradually recovering his wits, Lin Dong could not help but be so emotionally moved that he laughed out heartily. After such a long period of cultivation, he had finally obtained a proper reward.

At long last, he had truly stepped through the doors of the Yuan Dan stage!

Lin Dong opened his mouth and retrieved the Yuan Dan into his Dantian. Just as he was about to get up, a tiny tremble was suddenly emitted from within his Niwan Palace.

This trembling first caused Lin Dong to be stunned, though soon after, his expression instantly flushed red as his body started to shudder violently. At this moment, he could sense that the Destiny Soul Symbol in his Niwan Palace was unexpectedly struggling free of that tiny Mental Energy twine and dividing into two!

Inside the Niwan Palace, the original Destiny Soul Symbol had already faded. In its place, were two similarly sized and identical Soul Symbols. They quietly floated in his Niwan Palace as chunks of strong Mental Energy was spit out from within the two Soul Symbols.

Second seal, the mark of a second seal Symbol Master!

At the same time as which he successfully advanced to the Yuan Dan stage, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had also unexpectedly achieved a breakthrough!

Initial Yuan Dan stage and a second seal Symbol Master!

People often say that ‘disaster does not strike alone and fortune never comes in pairs’. Yet, when it came to Lin Dong, it was more akin to ‘disaster never striking twice and fortune never coming alone’!

Now, Lin Dong’s strength was rapidly rising at a terrifying speed!

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