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Chapter 124: Showing his Strength

Since Lin Zhentian and the rest had arrived at Yan City, Lin Dong naturally needed to accompany them. Therefore, after briefly discussing their strategy at the Thousand Gold Association, they took off and returned to a manor that the Lin Family owned in Yan City. Even though the Lin Family came from Qingyang Town, they owned several small enterprises in Yan City. Thus, they evidently had a few places to lodge at.

With regards to the fact that Lin Zhentian and the rest were staying at Yan City, Lin Dong was not too worried about it. Right now, he no longer feared the Blood Cloth Sect. Furthermore, since they had established a pretty good relationship with the Thousand Gold Association, the Lin Family now had a rather solid footing in Yan City.

When the group returned to the manor, they immediately closed the manor doors, before all of them looked to Lin Dong, serious expressions on their faces.

“Dong-er, we have secretly shifted away the younger generation members of our Lin Family. Therefore, even if the Blood Cloth Sect decides to wipe us out, we can preserve some of our bloodlines.”

Lin Zhentian solemnly stared at the youth before him as he echoed deeply: “In another four day, the death match between you and Wei Tong will occur. If you are not certain of victory, now is the time to leave! While there is life, there is hope!”

“Wei Tong is an extremely vicious man. In this death match, should he have the opportunity, he would definitely take your life. After that, he will not show any mercy in dealing with our Lin Family!”

As he stared at the solemn expression on Lin Zhentian, Lin Dong silently nodded his head. He knew that right now, the Lin Family had staked all their hopes on him.

“Grandpa, news of this duel has been fervently spread around Yan City. If I can emerge victorious, it would be a tremendous publicity opportunity for our Lin Family. In the future, we will be able to gradually expand our operations to Yan City. Furthermore, with the aid from the Thousand Gold Association, our accomplishments here will definitely surpass those in Qingyang Town.” Lin Dong pursed his lips as he softly replied.

“I know that it would be hugely beneficial to our Lin Family if we win. However, what if we lose…?” Lin Zhentian slowly asked.

“Grandpa, I will not lose.” The youth gently shook his head. As he lifted his head up, a exceptionally determined look could be seen on his somewhat immature face.

As they stared at Lin Dong’s steely expression, Lin Zhentian and the rest looked to each other in dismay. They did not know how Lin Dong could be so confident in himself. After all, Wei Tong was an advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner.

“Receive my attack!”

Lin Zhentian stared at Lin Dong. A while later, he suddenly shouted out. At that moment, an exceedingly powerful white energy quickly wrapped around his arm. Promptly, his two fingers straightened as a powerful force immediately rippled through the air and was heavily thrust towards Lin Dong.

Based on his actions, it seems like he personally intended to test Lin Dong’s current strength!

Furthermore, Lin Zhentian did not hold back at all in this attack, as he immediately utilized the Pure Yuangang Energy that only Yuan Dan practitioners could use, and even used the Lin Family’s ‘Chunyuan Finger’.

When they saw Lin Zhentian’s formidable blow, Lin Xiao, Lin Ken and the rest’s facial expressions changed. To counter Lin Zhentian’s attack, Lin Dong would probably have to use his secret hidden weapon, Mental Energy…

Of course, reality defied their expectations. As he faced Lin Zhentian’s formidable finger-attack, Lin Dong had a calm expression on his face. Meanwhile, there was not a trace of Mental Energy undulation surrounding his body. In fact, he seemingly took no action as he calmly stood and faced Lin Zhentian’s stabbing finger attack.

Lin Dong’s actions caused Lin Xiao and the rest to be extremely alarmed. However, based on their understanding of the former, they knew that Lin Dong was not truly helpless.

This time round, their predictions were correct. Just as Lin Zhentian’s formidable finger attack was only several inches from Lin Dong, the latter suddenly raised his palm. His two fingers straightened into a sword as a similarly powerful force quickly gathered around his fingers. Faintly, one could see a trace of gold amongst that force.

“Pure Yuangang Energy!”

When they saw that familiar faintly golden energy on Lin Dong’s fingers, Lin Xiao and the rest were shocked as they involuntarily cried out.


When both of their fingers collided, a hurricane-like wind erupted from the epicenter, and directly forced Lin Xiao and the rest several steps back before they somewhat managed to regain their footing.

When the powerful wind gushed out, it directly uprooted a layer of mud in the manor. As mud splattered, Lin Xiao and the rest, who had just stabilized themselves, were shocked to see that Lin Zhentian was also being pushed back. His foot drew a long line on the ground before he finally used the stone stairs to stop himself.

“You have advanced to the initial Yuan Dan stage?!”

After his body came to a stop, Lin Zhentian lifted his head and stared at Lin Dong in disbelief. Unexpectedly, the latter was not forced to retreat even half a step back. Previously, when Lin Dong made his move, he had only used the Yuan Power in his body and had yet to utilize Mental Energy at all!

The same move under the same circumstances had clashed, yet Lin Zhentian had been forcefully blown back. This could only point to one conclusion, that Lin Dong had advanced to the initial Yuan Dan stage!

This outcome caused Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest to involuntarily suck in a breath of cold air. When Lin Dong left Qingyang Town, he was merely at Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage. However, in less than two months, he had directly advanced to the initial Yuan Dan stage. His progress was simply monstrous!

Right now, they finally understood why Lin Dong was so confident. Since he had advanced to the initial Yuan Dan stage and in addition possessed Mental Energy that could match up a second seal Symbol Master, Lin Dong now had the power to give the advanced Yuan Dan stage Wei Tong an even fight!

“I had a breakthrough a few days ago.”

As he stared at their shocked glances, Lin Dong gently smiled. He knew that if he was unable to show that he could match up against Wei Tong, Lin Zhentian and the rest would definitely prevent him from going to the death match!

“Great! Great!”

Right now, Lin Zhentian’s elderly face was flustered. The shock and disbelief in his eyes immediately turned into delight as his emotions overwhelmed him, causing him to cry out involuntarily.

Advancing to Yuan Dan stage at such a tender age. Notwithstanding Yan City, even in this entire Great Yan Empire, there were only a rare few examples. In fact, even the widely touted genius in the Lin Clan, Lin Langtian, only managed to advance to the Yuan Dan stage when he was twenty years old. Therefore, the current Lin Dong had surpassed the him of that time by two years!

Lin Xiao, Lin Ken and the rest were extremely delighted. In these past two months, the Blood Cloth Sect and Wei Tong had pressured them constantly. Even though Lin Dong’s delaying tactics had bought them two more months, during these period, they were still unable to come up with any effective solutions to counter the Blood Cloth Sect. Thus, they were already prepared to fight to their deaths against the Blood Cloth Sect during this trip to Yan City. However, before they committed themselves, they wanted to ensure Lin Dong’s safety.

In the manor, after celebrating for quite a while, Lin Zhentian gradually began to recovered his senses. Slightly tearful, he stared at Lin Dong, but soon after, a solemn expression promptly resurfaced on his face: “Right now, your strength has grown tremendously. However, Wei Tong is no walk in the park. You must not be careless. Since you have agreed to a death match with Wei Tong, we will accompany you. If you win, that would be great. However, if you lose, even at the expense of my life, I will make their Blood Cloth Sect pay!”

In a death match, only one can live. If Lin Dong lost, based on Wei Tong’s character, he will definitely not spare him. At that time, Lin Zhentian and the rest will definitely fight with the Blood Cloth Sect!

Lin Dong gently nodded his head as he saw the killing intent in Lin Zhentian’s eyes. He knew that if he lost, Lin Zhentian and the rest probably did not intend to leave Yan City alive as well.

Therefore, this time, he can only win. He must not lose!

“Wei Tong, your worthless life is mine!”

For the following four days, Lin Zhentian and the rest stayed in Yan City. They had brought several elites from the Lin Family for this trip. True to their word, if Lin Dong really lost, they would stake everything and fight against the Blood Cloth Sect till their last breaths.

Based on Blood Cloth Sect’s capabilities, they had probably guessed that Lin Zhentian would amass a significant force to accompany him to Yan City. However, they did not take any precautionary measures. From Wei Tong’s perspective, the Lin Family was merely a fish on his chopping board. After he finished Lin Dong off in the duel arena, the Lin Family would no longer pose a threat to him. At that time, all their lives would be at his sole discretion.

While both factions harboured a different perspective, four days stealthily passed.

When the dawn of the fourth day arrived, Yan City, just like usual, quickly became crowded. However, today, there were many curious individuals, who were now rushing towards the dual arena in the middle of the city. It seems like the promotional efforts of the Blood Wolf Gang had finally paid off, as many people were now excited by this death match. Many of them were eager to find out whether the youth from Lin Family was just a foolish and arrogant brat, or an elite that could match up against a man, that was fairly renowned even in Yan City, Wei Tong!

As the atmosphere outside started to heat up, inside the manor the Lin Family was staying at, a door was slowly pushed open. Lin Dong slowly walked out and lifted his head to gaze at the warm sunlight that shined down from the sky. Meanwhile, a cold smile slowly formed on his face.

“Let’s go.”

As he lowered his head, Lin Dong looked at Lin Zhentian and the rest, who were already waiting for him in the manor. Without further ado, he waved his hand as he directly exited the manor. Behind him, Lin Zhentian and the rest also waved their hands as they indicated the other Lin Family elites to follow. From the back, Lin Dong’s figure held a somewhat suave yet cold aura.

If they emerged victorious this time, their Lin Family would be able to fully establish themselves in Yan City. However, if they lost, they would merely become another mark in the Blood Cloth Sect’s bloody reputation.

Therefore, defeat was not an option for Lin Dong. This time, he would definitely take Wei Tong’s life!

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