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Chapter 121: Intensive Training

After opening the channels of ‘Tri Sun Art’, it could only be described with the words unimpeded and free from obstruction. In a single night, Lin Dong actually managed to open eight out of twenty two channels!

This speed was simply terrifying. Before, while Lin Dong was cultivating ‘Qingyuan Art’, even he had taken months before completely opening seven channels. Yet, now, he merely used a single night to open eight channels!

Of course, the greatest contributor of such a dreadful effectiveness was naturally the Yin Yang Pearl.

With the aid of the vigorous and river-like energy of the Yin Yang Pearl, the Yuan Power inside Lin Dong’s Dantian was maintained at an abundant state practically all the time. If it was not so taxing on his mind to open the channels, Lin Dong would have likely completely opened all twenty two channels in one go!

And it was due to this state of abundant Yuan Power that Lin Dong was able to open eight channels in a single day.

As the eight channels were opened, Lin Dong gradually felt some of the benefits that came with it. Whether it was in absorbing or condensing Yuan Power, the speed of the ‘Tri Sun Art’ far outclassed Qingyuan Art. Even though there were only eight channels opened now, Tri Sun Art’s effectiveness was already able to match up to Qingyuan Art at its peak.

With regards to this result, Lin Dong was extremely satisfied. The 50 000 Yang Yuan Stones were definitely well spent!

The next day, Lin Dong delivered the sixty or so elixir pills to Xuan Su. Thanks to the fact that there were quite a few elixir pills this time that were of the Yuan Power recovery type, the resulting haul was rather good. In a mere three days, every single pill was auctioned off and another 20 000 plus Yang Yuan Stones were deposited into Lin Dong’s pocket.

These 20 000 plus Yang Yuan Stones were again refined by Lin Dong for two days before they had all transformed into 6000 plus Yang Yuan pills, out of which 5000 pills were handed over to Xuan Su, allowing Lin Dong to wipe clean his debt.

After clearing his debt, Lin Dong finally let out a heavy sigh of relief. The so-called ‘free from debt’ was indeed an apt phrase.

And after having solved this debt issue, Lin Dong spent the rest of his time on cultivation. There was only about a month left of the two month deadline. He needed to increase his strength as quickly as possible over this period, or else, it would be a pain in the head to face Wei Tong’s advanced Yuan Dan stage strength.

Therefore, in the following half a month, Lin Dong rarely left the inn. Besides making trips to the Thousand Gold Association to purchase elixirs after using up his elixir pills, he spent the majority of his time immersed in cultivation.

As he completely immersed himself in his training, the progress that he achieved was also extremely pleasing.

First was the ‘Tri Sun Art’. In half a month, Lin Dong had opened twenty out of the twenty two channels, only the last channels that were the most difficult to unblock were still being mischievously resistant. Yet, based on this efficiency, completely opening them was only a matter of time.

As these twenty channels were unblocked, the ‘Tri Sun Art’s’ might also gradually started to show itself. Previously, he could only absorb the energy within the Yin Yang Pearl for at most an hour before the Yuan Power Qi ball in his Dantian would have expanded to the limit, unable to absorb any more Yuan Power.

But after twenty channels of ‘Tri Sun Art’ were opened, that mere one hour of absorption had more than tripled, while the Yuan Power Qi ball within his Dantian also grew increasingly condensed. So much so that he could faintly sense a kind of mist-like energy lingering around…

The appearance of this mist-like energy was a sign of the Yuan Dan forming!

While Lin Dong was achieving significant progress in his Yuan Power cultivation, his Mental Energy was also improving. Since he possessed such an efficient tool, the Mind Millstones, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy quietly grew each day. Meanwhile, the crack on his Destiny Soul Symbol began to enlarge, until eventually, it began to exhibit signs of splitting. Right now, only one tiny trace of Mental Energy, just like a broken lotus root, was still stubbornly resisting. However, this type of resistance was as futile as a praying mantis trying to block a car…

Everything was rapidly progressing according to Lin Dong’s expectations!

And, while Lin Dong was engaged in his training, some unknown troubles began to stealthily approach. The source of these troubles was of course the Blood Wolf Gang.

The Blood Wolf Gang was no virtuous existence in Yan City. With just himself and a knife in hand, Yue Shan had single-handedly established this faction in Yan City. Right now, he had even broken through to the perfect Yuan Dan stage and was only one step away from the Creation stage. Therefore, even in Yan City, he was considered as a legendary figure.

However, this legendary figure in Yan City continued to remain bitter after they lost the Celestial Dan Pool to the Thousand Gold Association. If they had obtained that Celestial Dan Pool, they could nurture at least two or three more Yuan Dan practitioners, and this would be a significant gain for them. After all, even in the entire Blood Wolf Gang, the number of Yuan Dan practitioners could be counted on one hand.

As the Blood Wolf Gang brooded over the sudden appearance of Lin Dong, they naturally did not forget to investigate this foreigner.

Thanks to the Blood Wolf Gang’s capabilities, it was not a difficult task for them to uncover Lin Dong’s background. In less than ten days, Yue Shan had obtained all the information regarding Lin Dong and the Lin Family.

However, when Yue Shan obtained these information, he also received a letter from the Thousand Gold Association. In Yan City, the Thousand Gold Association’s influence was definitely not inferior to that of the Blood Wolf Gang’s. In fact, with regards to obtaining information, the former definitely surpassed the Blood Wolf Gang. Therefore, the fact that the latter was investigating the Lin Family naturally did not escape their sights.

The Thousand Gold Association’s Xia Wanjin and Xuan Su were extremely fond of Lin Dong’s potential. Furthermore, the two of them were decisive people, since they wanted to rope him in, they naturally could not ignore the Blood Wolf Gang’s actions.

With regards to the letter, what was written on it was merely some words regarding the relationship between the Thousand Gold Association and the Lin Family, asking Sect Leader Yue Shan to ‘give face’. Ultimately, the letter’s true motive was to warn the Blood Wolf Gang not to secretly make a move on the Lin Family…

When he received this somewhat threatening letter from the Thousand Gold Association, Yue Shan was furious. However, even though he was angry, he did not dare to openly oppose the former just to deal with the tiny Lin Family.

Even though they were both considered as the top three factions in Yan City, truth be told, the Blood Wolf Gang was slightly inferior. After all, they were a vicious group and had made countless enemies in order to climb to the top. Right now, these factions obviously did not dare to openly go against the Blood Wolf Gang. However, should they land in a precarious position, those factions would definitely stab them in the back.

And such a precarious position would definitely occur if they decide to openly oppose a fellow top-tier faction like the Thousand Gold Association…

There were several skilled practitioners in the Thousand Gold Association. Yet the crucial thing was their wealth. Thanks to the immense lure of money, the Thousand Gold Association could definitely attract numerous allies. At that time, the Blood Wolf Gang would have a huge headache.

However, based on Yue Shan’s character, he was not a man that would easily accept such an outcome. Thus, after going through numerous pieces of information, he finally learnt about the feud between the Blood Cloth Sect and the Lin Family.

In the one of the huge halls of the Blood Wolf Gang’s headquarters, several people were seated. One of them was the one who had brought a whole troop to the Lin Family’s doorstep, the leader of Blood Cloth Sect, Wei Tong.

“Sect leader, our Blood Cloth Sect indeed has some grievances with the Lin Family. Gu Ying was killed by that boy named Lin Dong and I have scheduled a death match with him. In half a month, we will see who comes up on top in Yan City’s duel arena.” When he heard Yue Shan straightaway asked about the feud between the Blood Cloth Sect and the Lin Family, Wei Tong was first slightly shocked before he carefully answered. He had thought that Lin Family had somehow built some relations with the Blood Wolf Gang.

“It is indeed Lin Dong!” Upon hearing these words, Yue Shan’s eyes slightly narrowed.

“Sect Leader, if you have some history with Lin Dong, I can definitely let him off the hook.” After witnessing this sight, Wei Tong hurriedly said.

“Let him off the hook? Why should you do that?” Yue Shan sneered as he gazed at Wei Tong’s stunned expression. Then, his cold voice rang out: “The Lin Family has recently grown close to the Thousand Gold Association.”

“The Thousand Gold Association?” Wei Tong’s facial expression changed slightly. Even though the Blood Cloth Sect was quite powerful in Yan City, they could not match up against the Thousand Gold Association. He never expected that in just a single month, the Lin Family had actually managed to ally themselves with this huge tree. This fact caused his head to ache. If he really exterminated the Lin Family, the Thousand Gold Association would definitely pursue this matter.

“Don’t worry about the Thousand Gold Association. This was a willing death match between the two of you, no one else can interfere. My Blood Wolf Gang will ensure this. Meanwhile, I have a task for you.” Yue Shan spoke.

“Sect Leader, please instruct me!” When he heard that the Blood Wolf Gang was supporting them, Wei Tong was slightly bolstered as he hurriedly said.

“Kill that kid called Lin Dong. I want you to show absolutely no mercy!” Yue Shan coldly commanded. Since the Thousand Gold Association wanted to recruit this boy, he must make use of this opportunity to destroy him!

When he heard the callousness in Yue Shan’s words, Wei Tong’s was slightly taken aback. Promptly, with a vicious smile, he nodded his head: “Don’t worry sect leader. I will rip that boy to shreds inside the Duel Arena!”

Time steadily passed. Somehow, the news of Wei Tong and Lin Dong’s death match quietly began to spread across Yan City. With regards to the latter, most major factions in Yan City did not know about him. However, most of them had heard of Wei Tong. Even in Yan City, an advanced Yuan Dan stage elite would be fairly well known. Meanwhile, his opponent was reputed to be a mere seventeen year old boy.

This match-up caused several people to be stunned as they inwardly shook their heads. Who could this audacious young boy actually be?

While news of this matter fervently travelled across the entire Yan City, Lin Dong was still training himself intensively. Currently, he had reached the most critical juncture.

Thanks to the magical effects of the Yin Yang Pearl, in less than a month, the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s Dantian had grown tremendously, until it had eventually reached the limit. At that moment, the Yuan Power Qi ball began to swirl frantically.

Yin and Yang Energy had finally begun to exhibit signs of harmonizing!

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