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Chapter 578

Because it was Chen Xiang's pill refining competition, those who stayed in Fragrance City more or less knew about the pill matters, and at this point, they had already attracted a lot of people to watch.

It depends on who can concoct the pills. I feel that the difficulty of the pills that we are concocting now is similar to the ones we have never concocted before, so we will have to compete in rounds after rounds of competition. Every round, we will try to concoct the pills we have never concocted, and if anyone is unable to do so, we will lose. Fan Yakun laughed: "What kind of pill do you plan to refine first, I can provide you with the ingredients!"

Chen Xiang's eyebrows twitched. Starting from the rules of the competition, the requirements for Foreseeing Alchemy s were extremely high, if not, once an error was made, it would mean his loss. Once he lost, he would have to pay a heavy price.

"I'll use my own ingredients." Chen Xiang shook his head and rejected it. He had the most understanding towards his own medicinal ingredients, and when using the Foreseeing Alchemy, having an understanding towards the medicinal ingredients was also a huge benefit.

"Oh, are you worried that I don't have one? I have quite a few ingredients for a high grade profound level pill!"

Hearing Fan Yakun's words, Chen Xiang knew that the resources of the Sacred Dan Realm's medicinal herbs were abundant. If it was in a place like Mortal Wu Realm, other than a place like Yan Jing, which had a long history, it would be very difficult for one to grasp a large amount of resources of rare medicinal herbs.

"What I want to refine is the profoundyang fire Dan, you have it." Chen Xiang smiled and asked.

Fan Yakun shook his head: "I don't, this kind of high grade profound level pill is rather difficult, I would like to see it!"

With that, he took out another two seemingly inferior pill furnaces.

"In order to be fair, we all use the same pill furnace. Furthermore, during the forging process, as long as we don't succeed in forging the pills, we will lose!"

Chen Xiang took the furnace and looked at it, then frowned. This furnace was indeed very low quality, it was the kind that was easily exposed. To use it to refine a middle grade profound level pill, and to even challenge it for the first time, would be even more difficult.

Fan Yakun took the stone and said: "I want to refine the Face Preserving Pill, I have never refined such a pill!"

The Truth Stone did not emit the red light, proving that Fan Yakun was speaking the truth. Now it was Chen Xiang's turn.

When some people who knew about the Face Preserving Pill heard these words, they all exclaimed in admiration. They knew that this pill was what many women needed the most, especially those who were growing old.

Chen Xiang gripped the stone tightly: "I have never refined a profoundyang fire Dan before!"

The stone did not light up, and Chen Xiang returned it back to Fan Yakun.

The profoundyang fire Dan was a high-grade profound level pill, which was a completely foreign domain to Chen Xiang, and the Face Preserving Pill Fan Yakun wanted to refine was also a mid-grade Ground level. The two had chosen to refine pills that had never been refined before.

"That rock is really good stuff. If I had one, I would definitely let this little scoundrel hold it all day to talk to me." Hua Xiangyue laughed.

Liu Meng'er was not as relaxed as she was at the moment. She was extremely worried for Chen Xiang.

"If this round cannot be decided, then it will be the end of the round. If the two of them have equal control over the Foreseeing Alchemy, then it would be a competition of endurance." Hua Xiangyue said: "You don't have to worry about him, his grasp of the Foreseeing Alchemy is very strong, his progress is very fast, I think he is also using this competition to improve himself, he is very confident in himself!"

If Chen Xiang lost, he would have to give the pill furnace to Fan Yakun. This loss was very big, because Chen Xiang knew very well how precious the Yanlong furnace was.

Chen Xiang and Fan Yakun seriously processed the medicinal herbs.

"If we fail in refining pills in the same round, then it doesn't count. We can start over from a new beginning." Fan Yakun said.

Chen Xiang nodded. Right now, the Nine Yang Fire Fruit and Fire Soul Grass in his hands were especially dazzling, especially to those who were cultivating in flames. These two spirit medicines were like treasures, and even if he ate them all, they would be of great help to those who cultivate in flames.

As for the medicinal ingredients that Fan Yakun was currently processing, they were not very eye-catching. Even though Chen Xiang did not look at them, he knew what kind of medicinal ingredients they were, because he himself had them.

Fan Yakun was also attracted by the medicinal ingredients in Chen Xiang's hands. He had seen the profoundyang fire Dan before, but he had never seen any medicinal ingredients before. The Alchemist was always filled with curiosity towards things that he did not know about, and it was just that he was a little doubtful that Chen Xiang was not attracted by the Face Preserving Pill in his hands.

For a person from the Mortal Wu Realm to possess such precious medicinal ingredients, it was indeed a shocking matter. If Fan Yakun knew that Chen Xiang had grasped some Heaven level medicinal ingredients, he would definitely be even more shocked, because there were very few in the East and West of the Sacred Dan Realm.

The reason why medicinal plants were so precious was because they were rare. The reason for why medicinal plants were so rare was because medicinal plants took a long time to mature. Some would take tens of thousands of years to mature.

"This pill furnace is so damn rotten, I'm really worried it will explode." Chen Xiang carefully placed the medicinal ingredients into the pill furnace. He was extremely nervous right now, he did not want to lose the precious pill furnace.

The profoundyang fire Dan's main ingredient was of the fire attribute, its resistance to fire was extremely strong, and it would occasionally swallow flames to nourish itself, if the fire force was too weak, it would take on the appearance of a medicine herb. If it was too strong, it would be easy to destroy the energy inside the medicine, for this Chen Xiang had to be very precise.

Therefore, he had to unleash the Foreseeing Alchemy to its limit, and precisely to what degree of flames he needed to refine it to be suitable.

"I have to save one up. I don't think he will be able to sustain this pill furnace for long. It isn't something he can use to forge pills!"

frowned and stealthily released his power, the Magic method furnace was formed and wrapped around the low quality pill furnace. Chen Xiang was also prepared to transfer the fire and herbs in the furnace into the Magic method furnace the moment he made a mistake.

Fan Yakun was also secretly nervous now. He was refining a middle grade Ground level pill, and the requirements for the fire was much higher than what Chen Xiang would need, he had also realized that the pill furnace's endurance was very low. This kind of pill furnace was something he had casually bought on the streets, he had overestimated these inferior pill furnaces.

In the middle of the plaza, everyone was far away from Chen Xiang and Fan Yakun, because they could see that the originally gray pill furnace was now slowly turning red, and the oppressive heat was seeping out from the surface of the low quality pill furnace, looking as though it was going to explode at any moment, it was extremely scary.

"Both of them have extremely strong control over the Foreseeing Alchemy, and they were actually able to hold on with this kind of trash pill furnace for more than an hour." Hua Xiangyue stood on top of the tower, staring at the two pill furnaces, her beautiful eyes flickering.

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