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Chapter 577

Hua Qiuxia hated Chen Xiang a lot, perhaps it was due to jealousy, but of course, it was also because of the way Chen Xiang treated her during the Martial Arts Competition last time that made her brooding over this.

"There is something that you must do, that was handed down to you by the Devil-subduing College." Hua Qiuxia's expression became even colder.

"What if I don't?" Chen Xiang's voice had also become ice-cold. If it wasn't for the fact that Hua Qiuxia had a Nirvana Stage beside him, he definitely wouldn't waste his breath on her.

Hua Qiuxia did not directly answer him and continued: "When you compete with that person in refining pills, you must intentionally lose to him and gain his good impression. After that, you must hand over the Hell Ganoderma in your hands to him and tell him that there is someone in Devil-subduing College who wants to see him!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't you guys think that's absurd? Let me tell you this, I must beat him, and even make him lose very badly, and make me lose to him intentionally, and even give him the precious Hell Ganoderma. This is simply wishful thinking, you guys think that I will be like you guys, obediently become someone else's dog slave and listen to everyone else!"

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, the elder and Hua Qiuxia were furious. Just as they were about to attack Chen Xiang, the elder's throat was suddenly pressed down by a sharp white jade spear. A thin sword also appeared on Hua Qiuxia's throat.

When Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er appeared at the same time, Hua Qiuxia was so shocked that her face immediately turned white, and her forehead was covered in perspiration. She had long heard that Chen Xiang had obtained the protection of the two strongest girls in the Chen Martial Continent.

"Hmph, you actually dared to lay your hands on my first honorary Alchemist in my Dan Fragrance Pure Land's territory. You are tired of living, aren't you?" Hua Xiangyue said coldly, her voice revealed a sense of majesty, the peaceful days were completely different from the flirtatious beauties.

"What do you guys want? If you dare to attack us, Devil-subduing College will not let you go." He himself was someone who had experienced the seventh tribulation of Nirvana Stage, but after sensing Hua Xiangyue and her aura, he could not help but break out in cold sweat, feeling that he was no match for these two women.

"Elder Yun Yan, arrest them and imprison them in the death cell!"

As Hua Xiangyue's voice fell, a tall and sturdy old man suddenly appeared behind him, followed by a few other elders and old women. All of them had powerful Qi, they were all at the top of the Dan Fragrance Pure Land, although they could not concoct pills, but they could rely on Hua Xiangyue's pills, as they were powerful and loyal to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land.

Chen Xiang was Hua Xiangyue's master, of course Hua Xiangyue had to ensure Chen Xiang's safety in the Fragrance City, he had to send experts to follow him at all times, and this time she was going to watch Chen Xiang concoct pills with the man from the Sacred Dan Realm, so she followed behind Chen Xiang. She did not expect to see the people from the Devil-subduing College making their move against Chen Xiang.

"These guys are way too daring." Hua Xiangyue coldly snorted.

Chen Xiang smiled at them and continued walking towards the plaza.

Fan Yakun had been waiting here for a long time. Seeing Chen Xiang coming with such confidence on his face, he laughed and said, "I thought you wouldn't dare to come!"

"What are you saying? Although I am not able to concoct any high level pills yet, I am very confident in my alchemy skills. I don't know how I should compare them." Chen Xiang asked.

I have been here in the Mortal Wu Realm for a period of time. I have asked around about you, people like you are truly rare, I know that you must understand Foreseeing Alchemy, and during the competition, you will be able to display your full strength, this is also equivalent to challenging your limits. Fan Yakun laughed.

Chen Xiang also agreed with Fan Yakun's words. When he first used the Foreseeing Alchemy, because it was extremely urgent, he succeeded on his first try, but because it was not a competition in the future, he would fail many times when using the Foreseeing Alchemy.

"In order to increase the pressure, I think it's best if we bet something." Fan Yakun's eyes flashed, and said: "If I win, what about you give me your pill refining furnace?!"

Chen Xiang was shocked, he never thought that this Fan Yakun would actually know what kind of trash his pill concocting furnace was. He frowned, thought for a moment, and then, used his divine sense to send a sound transmission to Fan Yakun: "If I defeat you, bring me to Sacred Dan Realm!"

"No problem, as long as we can compete in pill refining under a fair competition, as long as we can win, we are qualified to enter the Sacred Dan Realm. Otherwise, no matter how strong he is, whether he is a Divine Son or an immortal, he would dream of entering the Sacred Dan Realm." Fan Yakun also responded back with his consciousness. He obviously knew that entering the Sacred Dan Realm was every Alchemist's dream.

Chen Xiang did not expect Fan Yakun to agree so straightforwardly, causing him to be excited, but he had to win against Fan Yakun.

Hearing Fan Yakun mention the God Child, Chen Xiang knew that the mysterious God Child in Devil-subduing College had come to find Fan Yakun. However, Fan Yakun did not buy it.

As long as you hold this stone in your hand and speak the truth, the stone will not light up. If you lie, it will shine with a red light, and this is a treasure of our Sacred Dan Realm, then you and I will respectively hold the stone and prove that we did not refine any of those pills!

Fan Yakun held a transparent stone in his hand and said, "I have never refined a Heaven Profound Yellow Pellet before!"

Fan Yakun smiled slightly, "This means that I am lying. Actually, I know how to refine the Heaven Origin Yellow Pellet!"

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat, and the spectators around the plaza all started to exclaim in surprise, because the Sky Origin Profound Yellow Pellet was a middle grade Ground level, it was a very useful pellet.

This Fan Yakun looked so young, but he actually knew how to refine mid-grade Ground level pills.

Hehe, don't overestimate me, I was only able to refine it by chance. Other than that one time, I tried a few more times but to no avail. The stone in his hand did not light up a red light, proving that he was not lying.

Fan Yakun threw the stone towards Chen Xiang and said: "Try it!"

Chen Xiang took the stone and said: "I don't know how to refine Chunyuan gold Dan!"

Red light flashed from the stone, indicating that he was lying.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Right now, I am only at the middle profound level level, I want to challenge high profound level level pills!"

Fan Yakun did not laugh at Chen Xiang, but nodded and said, "Being able to reach such a level at your age is considered a rare genius within the Sacred Dan Realm. If you want to refine a high grade profound level pellet, I have medicinal ingredients for you to practice with!"

Chen Xiang now had a whole new level of respect for Fan Yakun. Before, his impression of Fan Yakun was still very bad, but now, looking at how Fan Yakun spoke, he was not that kind of arrogant person.

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