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Chapter 579

Chen Xiang secretly cursed Fan Yakun in his heart. He was actually so stingy when choosing a pill furnace to make such a trash, forget about refining the profound level Pills, even the Spiritual level Pills were extremely difficult to refine.

However, Fan Yakun himself wanted to refine a middle grade Ground level pill, so when Chen Xiang unintentionally looked at Fan Yakun's expression, he saw that Fan Yakun was the same as him, cursing this kind of trash pill furnace.

Because of the furnace, the two of them progressed very slowly, slowly burning the stubborn ingredients inside. If they increased the intensity of the fire, the fragile pill furnace would immediately melt if it was unable to withstand the heat, which would also mean failure.

What made Fan Yakun feel at ease was that he believed that Chen Xiang would definitely fail because of the pill furnace as well. At that time, there would only be two results, one of them being a failure and the other one being a failure.

At this time, Chen Xiang's pill furnace had already started shaking, and was shaking at an extremely great distance, causing the spectators in the surroundings to discuss in panic. They were worried that a large ball of flames would suddenly burst out, because the fire Qi released by Chen Xiang's pill furnace was extremely oppressive, bringing with it a strong and overbearing aura, it exploded out wave after wave, sweeping across the entire plaza.

Just the aura alone was enough to make the furnace feel strong, if this kind of flame appeared, even if it came in contact with one, it would not be good. Now, everyone admired Chen Xiang greatly, because under the condition of using this kind of flame, he could prevent the Pill Refining Furnace from being melted.

On the other hand, the aura of fire that Fan Yakun was releasing was extremely gentle, it did not make people feel uncomfortable at all. However, the danger that Fan Yakun was facing right now was the same as Chen Xiang.

At this time, both of them were using up all their mental energy, using Foreseeing Alchemy at the same time while paying attention to the pill refining furnace, which allowed them to reach a level beyond their limits. Right now, they only had one thought in their minds, which was to successfully refine the pill while preserving the furnace.

This was also due to him being under a lot of pressure. Now that he knew that refining pills was the same as training in the martial arts, he had to compete with others in order to improve at a superb speed and be able to display his superior talent in times of distress.

Two hours had passed. The pill furnace that people thought was about to explode had been persisted until now. However, it was becoming more and more red. It was like a piece of red-hot iron that was emitting a gorgeous red light.

Chen Xiang and Fan Yakun never thought that they would be able to last until now. Although they thought that they would die soon, they, who did not want to lose, played every aspect to their limits and endured it bit by bit.

Although Chen Xiang's furnace was shaking all the time, it was indeed Chen Xiang's intention. He did this so that the furnace would be able to release a certain amount of heat and not fuse with the furnace, causing it to tremble. It was because he had problems with the furnace during the process of refining that the furnace had become unstable, and there were signs of it exploding.

"That guy is about to die." Su Meiyao said. She was anxious too, she wanted Chen Xiang to win in one round, especially when this round would be disadvantageous to both sides.

If both of them did not succeed in this round, then Fan Yakun would definitely be more careful when the next round begins. At that time, it would be even more difficult to win.

Suddenly, a loud explosion followed by a burning Qi wave struck over. Chen Xiang was shocked, he anxiously used his power to form a protective shield, protecting himself and the Pill Refining Furnace, it was caused by Fan Yakun's explosion.

In that moment, Fan Yakun's furnace turned to dust, and the smoke disappeared. At the same time, Fan Yakun was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, his face pale white, his entire body covered in perspiration, he was slightly gasping for breath, his face filled with disbelief, he had actually failed.

The plaza was already in an uproar as sounds of discussion and sighs exploded out. Especially those Alchemist s, they couldn't help but feel pity as they saw the medicinal ingredients for the Face Preserving Pill disappearing just like that.

Although Chen Xiang's furnace was shaking non-stop, it was much more stable than Fan Yakun's. The quality of the medicinal ingredients inside were not as tyrannical as Fan Yakun's, but the situation was still not good.

Fan Yakun quickly recovered from his failure, he knew that his current state of mind was extremely important, he had to maintain his confidence and prepare for the next round. He believed that Chen Xiang would not succeed, he could see that Chen Xiang's furnace was on the verge of destruction, if he was careless for even a moment, it would explode like what he did just now.

Although expecting others to blow up was a weakling's mentality, Fan Yakun saw that the longer Chen Xiang stayed, the more he hoped for. Otherwise, he would fail, he was also a very proud person in his bones, it was a little hard for him to accept this kind of failure, he believed that the reason why he did not display his pill refining skills, was all because of the restrictions of the Pill Refining Furnace.

But just like him, Chen Xiang was also restricted by the furnace. If Chen Xiang succeeded, it could also be said that Chen Xiang was stronger than him.

Chen Xiang was already sweating like rain, this was not because he was being heated up by the Pill Refining Furnace, but was due to him getting too nervous due to a tense mental state. He had already burnt half of the medicinal ingredients, and a portion of the medicinal powder and Medicine aura were wreaking havoc on the top of the furnace, it was extremely tyrannical, causing him to feel that it was getting more and more troublesome.

"Now." Chen Xiang's pupils contracted suddenly, the pill furnace suddenly turned into ashes. At the same time, a red light flashed, and floated in the sky like a blazing sun.

In that instant, Chen Xiang had successfully transferred everything inside the low grade pill furnace to the Magic method furnace.

Although this transparent pill furnace could not be seen, it was still comparable to those inferior pill furnaces.

At this moment, everyone could see the medicinal ingredients in the middle layer being burned by the flames, releasing waves of dazzling red clouds, and the energy that was like a red cloud flowing water, gushing towards the top layer like a mist. The process of the medicinal ingredients turning into Medicine aura s and powder was extremely clear, and many people who had never seen this scene before could not help but be dumbstruck.

Fan Yakun, who was the closest to Chen Xiang, was tongue-tied as he stared dumbfoundedly at the beautiful red light that had erupted in front of him. He could only see this inside the furnace, but the scene inside was completely different from what he saw with his own eyes. Not to mention him, even many of the old Alchemist s were stunned by this scene.

Fan Yakun never thought that Chen Xiang would actually use such a skill. Of course, he knew that Chen Xiang could refine pills without relying on the pill furnace, but he never expected that when the original pill furnace broke down, Chen Xiang would transfer everything inside to the pill furnace that he could not see. Seeing Chen Xiang's existence, Fan Yakun felt the urge to take him as his master.

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