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Chapter 564

Right now, the halls in the Devil-subduing College referred to a few academies, which were usually used for people who had common interests to interact with. However, it had now become a place where some small powers could interact.

"Bro, do you want to join one as well?" Leng Youlan said with a smile.

"I'm not. The people who are leading these small factions definitely aren't good people. That's the way to get rid of that guy just now." Chen Xiang shook his head. He did not recommend Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan to go, but he did not try to stop them.

Xue Xianxian said: "I heard that only those who enter these halls will have people instructing them on other martial arts in the Devil-subduing College. If you can cultivate by yourself, Brother Xiao Xiang, then you don't have to enter, we are different from you!"

"Then I'll accompany you to take a look." Chen Xiang thought, he felt that the Devil-subduing College had deliberately allowed these halls to grow, since it would result in a competitive situation, allowing these halls to produce a group of elite disciples.

This hall was filled with female students. After the three Devil-subduing College s merged together, the number of students increased, and there were changes to the rules. In the past, both males and females were not allowed to be in the same hall, but now, they could, but they could choose these schools by themselves.

When he arrived at the so called Southern Fragrance Hundred Flowers Hall, Chen Xiang discovered that it had already been established a long time ago. Furthermore, it was located in the largest academy, it could be seen that it had existed since a long time ago.

"Please take out the insignia of the Hundred Flowers Hall. Only the people from the Hundred Flowers Hall are not allowed to enter." Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian were famous people in the Devil-subduing College, they themselves were exceptional beauties with outstanding innate skills. Furthermore, with their fast learning speed in Devil Subduing Method, just by taking the Devil Subduing Method as an example, they were an existence that stood out among the young students in the academy. Furthermore, when they declared to the public, they were only able to learn the fifth level.

Even if the three Devil-subduing College s were merged together now, the strongest young disciple would only be able to learn the fourth layer while the two girls could only learn the fifth layer. This, of course, would attract a lot of attention, and right now, there were people who rated them as the most outstanding beauties in the Devil-subduing College.

Through the door, Chen Xiang could see that the inside of the Hundred Flowers Hall was extremely spacious. The inside was like a huge mansion with many huge residences.

"We don't have the token, we're here to join Hundred Flowers Hall." Xue Xianxian immediately said, she wanted to be in front of Leng Youlan when she spoke, because Leng Youlan's temper was explosive, and when she spoke, she was extremely rude, if not, then there would be conflicts. Xue Xianxian would often be involved in conflicts because of this, and even if Leng Youlan was wrong, she would have to accompany Leng Youlan and beat someone else up.

Seeing the female gatekeeper's attitude, Leng Youlan's face was filled with disdain. She had started to feel that Chen Xiang was right, to be able to enter such a hall for no reason, it was simply asking for trouble. If Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian were not here, she would have already gone berserk.

Just as the female gate guard was about to answer, a cold and aloof voice came from inside the Hundred Flowers Hall: "Hundred Flowers Hall is not a place you can casually enter!"

While speaking, a yellow dressed lady suddenly flew out from inside, and landed gracefully in front of Chen Xiang and the rest. She was a tall and slender and mature woman with extremely beautiful features, but her age was approaching her, and she looked like she was in her middle years. Her brows revealed a sense of majesty, and when she saw the two young and pretty faces of Leng Youlan, a look of jealousy flashed past her eyes.

Xue Xianxian looked like a refined fairy, and Leng Youlan looked like a cold and elegant peerless devil woman. However, her cold and proud, valiant and overbearing temperament made her feel a strong desire to conquer men. In a certain way, she was even more attractive than Xue Xianxian.

On the way here, Chen Xiang had found out about the Hundred Flowers Hall Master. Her name was Hua Qiuxia, and her strength was at the peak of the Hundred refining realm. From her appearance, which was nearing middle age, it could be seen that she wasn't young anymore.

"What are the conditions for joining this Hundred Flowers Hall?" Chen Xiang asked.

Hua Qiuxia looked at Chen Xiang coldly, making him feel extremely uncomfortable. She said indifferently: "Their strength is enough, after all, they are able to cultivate to the fifth level of the Devil Subduing Method. However, this does not mean that they are qualified to enter the Hundred Flowers Hall. Our Hundred Flowers Hall has twenty of the most outstanding teachers in the Devil-subduing College.

"Therefore, if you want to enter the first stage of Hundred Flowers Hall, you must first pay one hundred million Spar …"

Hearing this amount, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were shocked. Xue Xianxian frowned slightly and said softly: "Brother Xiang, You Lan, let's go!"

The two of them meant two hundred million Spar, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were not rich like Chen Xiang, who were supposed to be, nor did they lack any cultivation resources. Naturally, they did not have that many Spar on them, but they only had eight million of them, all for setting up the formation.

Seeing that someone wanted to join the Hundred Flowers Hall, all the female students came out from the hall. When they saw Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, most of them revealed expressions of jealousy, especially when they saw that the two girls were together with Chen Xiang, this handsome and charming man.

"You can't even afford to pay a hundred million Spar, and you still dare to come to our Hundred Flowers Hall? What do you think our Hundred Flowers Hall is, it is not something a poor person like you can casually come in. Don't think that you have some looks, you just happen to cultivate to the fifth level and you already think you're powerful. A woman mocked in a sarcastic tone.

When Leng Youlan heard it, she was immediately furious: "You little slut, if you have the guts, then come stand out and fight against this old lady. I can beat you with one hand and make you scream like a ghost.

Xue Xianxian coldly snorted: "Hundred Flowers Hall is only at this level, I am glad that we did not join!"

Right now, the two of them completely agreed with Chen Xiang's words. The ones leading these small forces were not good people, and they would act in an unfair manner when they were in the wrong, even the majority of the people inside were the same.

Hundred Blossom Hall Master, Hua Qiuxia shouted out coldly: "Impudent, to actually dare insult our people in front of our Hundred Blossom Hall's entrance, aren't the two of you looking down on me too much!"

"Old demoness, didn't you hear that slut from your Hundred Flowers Hall scolded us? I was only trying to repay her." Leng Youlan immediately replied. She was a straightforward person to begin with, and was even more furious now, being as rude as she could be when she spoke.

"You're courting death." Hua Qiuxia's face immediately became pale. She hated it when others called her old, because that was her sore spot. And now, not only did Leng Youlan say it, she even used such vulgar words to insult her. This made her extremely angry.

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