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Chapter 565

Hua Qiuxia flipped her palm, releasing a green light sword that flew towards Leng Youlan with a speed so fast that it seemed as if it could split space, but Chen Xiang was even faster than her. His tiger-skin covered hand extended out like lightning, and used an unbelievable method to grab the sword.

"Hmph." Chen Xiang snorted angrily, and struck out with his palm towards Hua Qiuxia. The white Dragon Power suddenly flashed, and as the ground shook violently, there was a loud explosion, followed closely by a series of violent tremors, bringing along the Heaven Blasting Palm that was released. The might of the trembles could be said to be able to shake the earth, if not for Chen Xiang's great control over the energy, the Hundred Flowers Hall would have already collapsed.

As the shock wave crashed into the space, it produced a terrifying sound and struck Hua Qiuxia's abdomen. Hua Qiuxia raised her eyebrows and blocked it with luck, but she was still knocked back a few steps.

"It's nothing more than that." Chen Xiang said with a face full of contempt. Leng Youlan had already taken out her white greatsword, and Xue Xianxian had also taken out her jade dragon spear. Her face was full of anger, because Hua Qiuxia had used her weapon the moment she made a move, and very ruthlessly too.

Dragon Power, this was the Dragon Power, the female students saw Chen Xiang forcing their hall master to retreat with a single palm, their faces filled with shock. Chen Xiang's fame was known to everyone in Devil-subduing College, he was already viewed as a legendary figure, but the students who have seen his true strength were few.

"I'm going to hide from her." Leng Youlan bellowed, and was about to charge forward.

"Stop." Unexpectedly, it was the new Principal of the Devil-subduing College, Man Futian.

Although Man Futian had arrived, Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian did not put away their weapons, while the Hundred Flowers Hall Master kept her sword and bowed to Man Futian.

"How dare you! The dean is here! How dare you not bow?!" After they saluted, they were overjoyed to see that Chen Xiang and the rest were standing there.

Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian's master was Liu Meng'er, and they were not afraid of people as powerful as him. It was also because of their confidence and power, and Chen Xiang, as the Junior Master of the Three Great Leaders of the Super Martial School, had once played with hundreds of experts from the Nirvana Stage. Although there was a huge disparity between their strengths, the three of them were currently just too angry, and they did not really approve of the Principal.

Man Futian did not say anything, and coldly said: "I will not pursue the matters that you guys are going to do in private, if you have any matters, go and settle them on the competition grounds, then leave!"

Man Futian naturally knew what kind of trash Hundred Flowers Hall were, those who went in were all bullied in the beginning, but once they grew strong, as long as someone joined them, they would also receive the same treatment, and as long as Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian were able to resist this kind of bad luck, conflicts would inevitably arise.

"Dean, if I don't join these halls, will there be no one to guide me in practicing my Demon Fighting Techniques?" Chen Xiang looked at Man Futian and asked.

"Yes, it is because the students in the academy provided the resources that the teachers are willing to spare the precious time to guide the students." Man Futian nodded his head, "If your ability to learn by yourself is strong, then you naturally won't need Teacher's guidance!"

Hua Qiuxia laughed coldly: "Self-study, Devil Subduing Method is more than enough for them to learn. They even want to teach themselves other demonic cultivation skills!"

Hearing that, Chen Xiang punched the ground, ten thunderous booms sounded out, the powerful force shocked the entire audience, causing the faces of the female students to pale in fear, their mouths agape.

Just a moment ago, they could tell that Chen Xiang did not use a lot of Innate Qi, but after going through the transformation of the tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power, he had become this overbearing. If Chen Xiang was to complement the Dragon Power, what would happen?

Even Man Futian took in a light breath, because he had only learned the ninth level.

"The Devil Subduing Method is not only at the tenth level, I have already peeped into the most mysterious eleventh level, and it is also the realm of great perfection." The Devil Subduing Method is not only at the tenth level, I have already peeked at the most mysterious tenth level, and it is also the realm of great perfection. Chen Xiang said arrogantly.

The eleventh level of Devil Subduing Method and the great perfection level. If the tenth level was so powerful, then what about the great perfection level?

Hearing Chen Xiang's calm yet concealed arrogant voice, the entire arena was silent.

After a moment, Man Futian exhaled: "The Great Perfection Stage of the Devil Subduing Method does exist, I didn't expect you to reach such a level at such a young age, it really makes me feel that it's impossible, if there is a chance, I will definitely pay a visit and seek guidance. If you guys have any grudges, please follow the rules of the academy to settle them!"

With that, Man Futian flew away. Even the Principal had to come to ask for guidance, which made everyone doubt their hearing.

The strong can be their masters. Chen Xiang was able to cultivate the Devil Subduing Method to the peak of perfection, but those Nirvana Stage s couldn't. In this aspect, they were indeed inferior to Chen Xiang.

Seeing Chen Xiang and the others leave, Hua Qiuxia gritted her teeth. Now that she saw Chen Xiang's strength, although his cultivation could not compare to hers, the power that erupted was at the same level as hers. If she grew up again, she would definitely not be able to match up.

"Damn it, I never thought that a woman like you would be so petty and reject us. If not for the sudden appearance of that dog shit Principal, I would have definitely killed that old wicked woman called Hua Qiuxia and you would want to kill me so much." Leng Youlan said angrily after returning back to her house.

"There's plenty of opportunities, I'm afraid this woman is with Dongfang Yao. I believe that the Four Great Temples will definitely reject us using all kinds of methods, and before long, we will begin the Demon Bestowal Martial Arts Competition. At that time, we will definitely use our best results to slap these guys in the face." Chen Xiang said firmly.

"Brother, I want to return to the Icy Wind Valley with Big Sister Xianxian to cultivate. That place can help us buy more time." Leng Youlan said: "But men are not allowed to enter that place. Once they do, the array formation inside will be ineffective!"

Seeing that Leng Youlan was going to work hard to raise her strength, Chen Xiang was also gratified: "These are 500 Chunyuan gold Dan s, take them and consume them rationally. It would be best if they are under the guidance of the Elder Sister Meng'er!"

Five hundred Chunyuan gold Dan. This number scared Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian to death. It was not the first time Chen Xiang gave pills to them, but it was the first time he gave them so many in one go.

"Brother, how do you have so many of these things? I heard they're worth two or three million for one pill. These five hundred pills are worth over a billion." Leng Youlan accepted it. Although it was very precious, but she knew that her brother was extremely powerful.

"Hehe, I made some. Don't worry, I'll keep some for myself." Chen Xiang laughed.

Xue Xianxian handed the Storage bag over to Xue Xianxian for safekeeping. Xue Xianxian kissed Chen Xiang on the cheek.

"That slut still says we're poor. Right now, I really want to wave this basket of Chunyuan gold Dan in front of her to see her expression." Leng Youlan laughed.

Chen Xiang laughed involuntarily, the two girls said their goodbyes and quickly left the Devil-subduing College, and Chen Xiang immediately had Long Xueyi keep an eye on Dongfang Yao, he had to understand the movements of the enemies immediately, if there was a chance, he would kill them immediately.

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