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Chapter 563

When the students of Eastern Lie Hall saw that Chen Xiang had been enveloped by the Mysterious Sky Purple Thunder Bell, they had already relaxed, but they did not expect that Chen Xiang would suddenly break through the's famous treasure, the sudden fragment of the storm, made it hard for them to guard against, and the broken pieces were all materials for ninth phase artifacts. They were already indestructible, and their true qi was momentarily difficult to defend against.

In just a few short moments, a large portion of the students of the Eastern Lie Hall had already fallen. The red of the sun on their bodies were completely dyed red with blood.

As the hall master, Dongfang Yao had no choice but to come out now. He did not expect that Chen Xiang would actually be able to resist him multiple times.

"He actually destroyed my Mysterious Sky Purple Thunder Bell, you …"

A furious voice came out, Chen Xiang finally saw Dongfang Yao, he was a young man whose entire body was emitting an Emperor's Qi, the Spirit Qi on his body was like an emperor descending to the world, the Eastern Lie's robe was gold, on his clothes there was even a gold dragon, this gold dragon was inside the sun pattern on his chest.

Chen Xiang frowned, looking at Dongfang Yao, Dongfang Yao was indeed not simple, the aura of a ruler descending to the world, was like an emperor, but when Liu Meng'er appeared, he suddenly seemed insignificant.

Liu Meng'er had been in control of the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country for many years and was extremely strong. As a giant boss, her aura was much more terrifying than Dongfang Yao's, and the Emperor's might that she emitted was not something that Dongfang Yao could compare with.

And under the heavens, Chen Xiang was able to surrender to this generation's female emperor.

"Then what? Only trash like you can treat this trash as a treasure? This type of trash cannot even enter your daddy's eyes. You actually want to teach me a lesson?" Chen Xiang held his blade horizontally, and green light flashed on top of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. The lightning that surged out from it was even more tyrannical and tyrannical than the purple lightning on the Mysterious Sky Purple Thunder Bell.

Dongfang Yao calmed down very quickly and said coldly: "Are you trying to force me to act? I only used twenty percent of my power just now!"

I'm not afraid of you even if I use all my strength. I didn't force you to make a move, you forced me first, you kept saying that you wanted to teach someone a lesson, but didn't dare to do it yourself. If your strength is inferior to mine, then why are you teaching me a lesson? Chen Xiang's eyes contained a dense killing intent. He already had an incomparable killing intent towards Dongfang Yao.

"Hmph, I won't do anything to you today, it's too boring. Just you wait, the Fighting Demon Martial Arts Competition will be held very soon. At that time, I will ravage you in front of the tens of thousands of disciples and the higher ups of Devil-subduing College." Dongfang Yao sneered.

"Who dares to trample on me? Who doesn't know who dares to speak such arrogant words?" Chen Xiang coldly snorted.

Dongfang Yao waved his hand, and a golden light exploded out from within his palm. The golden mist surged and enveloped the injured students of the Eastern Lie Hall, and they were lifted up into the air, floating away from the small mountain.

"If Youlan likes this guy, I'll dig out my eyeballs and feed them to the dogs." Chen Xiang coldly snorted, then walked into the small house.

Liu Meng'er pouted. "Little Scoundrel, you've become so much stronger now!"

"Hehe, my ability does not stop at what you see on the surface." Chen Xiang tossed a white pearl to Liu Meng'er. Naturally, Liu Meng'er knew what this was, it was something related to her Nirvana Doom. It could help her smoothly pass through the Eight Tribulations.

Liu Meng'er had to admit that this brat Chen Xiang did indeed have a lot of ability. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to capture her heart and make a powerful Alchemist like Hua Xiangyue willingly become his slave.

Entering the small house, a refreshing fragrance filled the air. A tall girl with snow-white hair pounced over, Leng Youlan hugged Chen Xiang tightly as she laughed out loud: "I knew that big brother would be able to teach this irritating fellow a lesson. You want to marry me just because you have some ability, but if he wants to give me a hand with my shoes, I'll have to consider it!"

Xue Xianxian stuck her tongue out at Chen Xiang, then smiled sweetly: "Brother Xiao Xiang, if you are so overbearing, in the future, who would dare to marry You Lan!"

"Sister Xianxian, I won't marry anyone, I want to be brother's sister forever." Leng Youlan said naively.

"Youlan is mine." Chen Xiang thought, such a white-haired beauty, which man would not be tempted by her? Moreover, she only had him in her heart.

Xue Xianxian scoffed: "Brother Xiang, looks like you have to marry her from now on. She will follow you." She knew that her master and her disciple had all been attracted by Chen Xiang. Thinking about how she would have to serve Chen Xiang with her master and sister in the future, her beautiful face couldn't help but turn slightly red.

"Elder Sister Meng'er, why are you here?" Chen Xiang looked at Liu Meng'er and giggled.

"I was just worried about them, so I came out to see. But it just so happens that I can help them bring the Flame Dragon Eagle back to the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country to be tamed." Liu Meng'er walked over to Leng Youlan's side and tidied up Leng Youlan's slightly disheveled hair, her eyes filled with a doting light.

"Teacher, what's there to worry about? You can't always treat us like children." Leng Youlan pouted and said: "I managed to learn the tenth floor of the Devil Subduing Method!"

"I know you're amazing." Liu Meng'er smiled and pinched her mischievous face.

Because of the deterioration of the relationship between Chen Xiang and the Devil-subduing College earlier, she was worried that Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian would suffer the Devil-subduing College's cold treatment or hostility because of them. After she found out that another two Devil-subduing College s had appeared, she had no choice but to rush over to greet the new Principal of the Devil-subduing College.

Who knew that once she arrived, she would know that Chen Xiang and the Devil-subduing College had reconciled. As for the reason why, even she herself did not know, which made her immediately feel relieved. But when she arrived, she met Dongfang Yao bringing a group of people to propose marriage to him.

Liu Meng'er didn't stay for long. She chatted with Chen Xiang and the other two for a while, warned them a little, and then left.

The two Flame Dragon Eagle were placed inside the profound beast bag and brought back for Liu Meng'er to tame.

"Bro, if that guy comes again, help me beat him up. I hate him so much, pestering me all day long." Leng Youlan was gloomy.

"Who is this Dongfang Yao, he doesn't seem to be simple." Chen Xiang asked.

"I heard that he is the son of an emperor who is in charge of the entire world. His strength resides in the Hundred refining realm and he is the hall master of the Four Great Temples of the Devil-subduing College, the East Lie Sun Hall." Xue Xianxian said.

"If it wasn't for the academy's rules, I would have already beaten him up. Next time, when he comes to pester me, I definitely won't be lenient." Leng Youlan said angrily. She was very annoyed by this.

Xue Xianxian asked: "You Lan, do we also want to join the Southern Fragrance Hundred Flowers Hall, one of the four great halls?"

Leng Youlan thought for a moment, then said: "I heard that it is filled with women, they shouldn't be so annoying."

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