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Chapter 551

It was rare for him to have this kind of opportunity with these two exceptional beauties, but now these good things were actually blocked by them.

Seeing Chen Xiang's depressed expression, Su Meiyao smiled coquettishly. "Little scoundrel, to be able to make you look at me like this, you should be satisfied!"

Chen Xiang groaned deeply, "You have looked at me so many times, I have only seen you once, it is too unfair!"

Speaking of the matter of them spying on him, the two girls' faces suddenly flushed red. They had indeed seen Chen Xiang many times before.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to close his eyes and be disappointed, the two jade hands that were covering his chest suddenly pulled away, causing Chen Xiang's pupils to constrict. His line of sight was focused on the two pink points on the snow peak, and as she was soaking in the transparent tree sap, she seemed even more beautiful, causing Chen Xiang to have difficulty breathing, and he could not help but take a deep breath.

He never thought that Bai Youyou would actually be so generous, and let him see it.

"From now on, you're not allowed to say anything about me stealing glances at you." Bai Youyou coldly glared at Chen Xiang, her ice-cold face completely flushed red. This made this ice beauty appear extremely charming, and she actually had a kind of strange flirtatiousness, causing Chen Xiang to praise her repeatedly in his heart.

Seeing Chen Xiang looking greedily at the beautiful jade peak on Bai Youyou's chest, Su Meiyao suddenly felt that she was being ignored, and it was as if she had suddenly become air. She felt that she was a beauty at the same level as her senior, how could she be ignored by a man?

Since Bai Youyou was already this generous, Su Meiyao couldn't be more stingy. She felt that Chen Xiang had already seen it once in the past, so it wouldn't matter if she showed it to him again.

Just as Chen Xiang was appreciating Bai Youyou, he suddenly saw that Su Meiyao's hands had moved away as well, and there was another pair of crystal clear, smooth, beautiful and plump big jade rabbits, and the two seductive cherry red points were left on them, captivating him and causing his blood to boil once again, causing his body to burn up.

Su Meiyao was originally an enchantress who was so beautiful that it could drip water. At this moment, her charming expression made it harder for people to endure, and it made them wish that they could hug her.

Seeing Chen Xiang's short breath, Su Meiyao laughed, "Little scoundrel, you can't hold yourself back anymore, right?"

Chen Xiang suppressed the Evil Flame with luck. If he let the Evil Flame continue to burn, he would definitely do something. He let out a light breath: "Who said I could not hold it in!"

"I knew it, you have a lecherous heart but no guts." Bai Youyou sneered, her eyes full of contempt.

"What, Sister You You You, you want me to have sexual courage towards you?" Chen Xiang rubbed his hands together as he laughed, "If elder sister Youyou needs anything, I am very happy to help!"

Although Chen Xiang did not dare to do anything to these two unparalleled beauties, he decided that he must obtain them in the future. After all, he felt that his relationship with them had developed quite well.

"You'll still have to soak in it for another three days and three nights. I'm sure you'll see enough of it. Look at you. You can't wait to grow a few pairs of eyes." Su Meiyao released a burst of bell-like laughter, her chest rose up and down, the Jade Rabbit shook, and waves rippled outwards, causing Chen Xiang's heart to groan. He really wanted to reach out and grab the beautiful White Rabbit and play with it.

"Can you massage me?" Chen Xiang suddenly asked.

"No." Bai Youyou immediately answered resolutely, and continued to look at him with that ice-cold gaze.

Chen Xiang had already known that this would happen, so he did not hold much hope. Just as he was sighing, Su Meiyao's eyes widened in happiness, and said in a sweet and flirtatious voice, "Since you have worked so hard for us all these years, I will sacrifice myself for you to touch!"

When Chen Xiang heard that sweet voice that made his entire body go numb, his bones went soft. He could not believe that it was true.

He swallowed and asked, "Really?"

"Of course it's true." Su Meiyao's face was extremely rosy, but she was not embarrassed at all. Instead, her current appearance made people even more intoxicated.

Chen Xiang was so happy that he almost went mad. He hurriedly moved closer and carefully extended his hand out, placing it on one of Su Meiyao's jade peaks.

Su Meiyao felt that her chest, which she had never been touched by a man before, was being invaded, and her charming body trembled as she drooped her head down slightly. Her cheeks became even redder, completely revealing the fondness deep inside her bones.

What surprised Bai Youyou was that her Junior Sister Spirit Demon was actually touched by Chen Xiang to the point that she was gasping for breath, and looked like she was enjoying it a lot.

Chen Xiang suddenly embraced Su Meiyao closer, his mouth moving closer to her. One of his hands was tightly hugging Su Meiyao's waist, the other was rubbing Su Meiyao's chest, while his tongue was frantically twisting and flicking her tongue.

Both of them could feel each other's heartbeats at this moment, both of them were excited, wishing that they could be more intimate with each other. However, both of them were very well-coordinated, they could endure it and didn't make any further movements, just continuing to passionately and crazily kiss each other, causing the water in the pool to undulate.

Seeing Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao tightly wrapped together in front of him, naked body wrapped around, passionately kissing, Bai Youyou suddenly had an indescribable feeling in her heart, she was actually secretly jealous, and looked at Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao with a gaze full of jealousy and bitterness.

However, she did not reject him. At this moment, she was already intoxicated by this kind of crazy passion that was wrapped around her waist, and she had a wonderful feeling that this was the first time she had tasted this feeling since living so long, and it made her feel like she had lived for nothing.

It was unknown how much time had passed before the two of them finally separated, but the two of them still looked at each other deeply. That gaze was as if they hated each other to the point that they couldn't wait to eat each other, and Chen Xiang's hands were still on Su Meiyao's slender waist.

"Sister Meiyao, I like you." Chen Xiang said while grinning, but his eyes were filled with deep feelings.

"Damned little scoundrel, you dare to attack me?" Su Meiyao's eyes contained the autumn waves as she looked at Chen Xiang with a hazy gaze. Leaning on Chen Xiang's shoulder, she said in a tender voice, "Big sis, I like you too!"

He had long known that it was very easy for a lonely and mature woman like Su Meiyao to obtain victory. Furthermore, she was a woman who had never tasted anything sweet before, and because she could not recover her strength, she had fallen to a state no different from a normal person's.

"Hmph, are you happy?" She made a decision a moment ago. Although she didn't have a deep feelings for Chen Xiang, but she felt that Chen Xiang was a man that she could recognize, and a man that she and Bai Youyou had groomed together.

Since it was trained by the two of them, they would definitely nurture Chen Xiang to a very good level.

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