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Chapter 550

Broken soul tree's flowers, leaves, and fruits were all pure white without any impurities at all. They all looked extremely strange and huge, and the size of Chen Xiang's palm was no wonder it was so big.

A leaf, a flower, a drop of sap, a fruit, and a small chunk of tree root. This was the medicine used to refine the God Eroding Powder that would cause people to feel fear in their hearts. Whether it was in Heaven Realm or the Mortal Realm, as long as one talked about this kind of thing, as long as one knew of it, their faces would turn pale.

Refining the God Erosion Powder can be said to be not difficult, you have refined a White jade powder, it's basically the same as that one, maybe you will succeed in one attempt, the God Erosion Powder is a material that is very rare, for something like the Broken soul tree, once found, it will be destroyed by righteous people, and after a while, it will become extinct, and no one will dare to use it, because if they are found out, they will be faced with the endless pursuit of the Righteous Sects!

Su Meiyao said with a serious face: "I have never refined this kind of thing before, but my master told me about the refining process of the God Eroding Powder!"

The higher the quality of the Broken soul tree, the stronger the corrosive powder was, and it was impossible to guard against it. Even with an extremely strong protective armor and true qi, it was difficult to resist the corrosion of this heaven defying thing, even gods were afraid, let alone humans and immortals, so they were afraid of being held by the Alchemist s to threaten them, and so they joined forces to stop this terrifying thing.

There is a way to prevent that. You just have to soak in the tree juice of the Broken soul tree for three days and three nights, and the God Eroding Powder won't be able to corrode you. It is said that it can prevent other kinds of energy from corroding you. Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, and he laughed: We will soak together, if I soak alone, it would be too wasteful, wouldn't it be difficult to grow this tree sap?

Su Meiyao laughed and scolded: "That's reasonable, but I can consider that." She looked at Chen Xiang lovingly, and even tousled her hair flirtatiously, causing Chen Xiang's heart to throb.

There were indeed very little tree sap in the Broken soul tree and it would have to wait a period of time before it could grow them. Furthermore, the storage time was limited, and once one of them had passed the required time limit, it would become ineffective.

He had to be very careful in making the God Eroding Powder. He had to wrap it with his soul consciousness to make it hang in the air. The things he stored had to be special or else they would be corroded.

"Looks like I need to soak in the tree juice of the Broken soul tree as soon as possible, in case I run into a little bit of trouble." This was Chen Xiang's first time concocting a pill with someone as if he was facing a great enemy, causing him to be extremely nervous.

He felt that he was not the only one who had to soak in it, even his own pill furnace had to soak in it to prevent it from being corroded. This Yanlong furnace would be considered a treasure even in the Heaven Realm, even if it was destroyed, he would not be able to cry.

The Broken soul tree's tree sap was transparent, it was used to prevent the God Eroding Powder from corroding each other, and the leaves, fruits, roots and flowers itself were nothing, but once combined together, they would possess an incomparably corrosive and dissolving force, Chen Xiang had to carefully refine them right now.

These things were all on top of the same tree. Other than it being extremely difficult to melt, it was very simple to fuse them. The thing that Chen Xiang found difficult was that the control of fire was very high and required very subtle control of fire, otherwise the medicinal ingredients would be destroyed.

Chen Xiang himself possessed the Heaven and Earth Flame Soul, and had also trained in the Fire god method, so his control over fire had already reached a superb level. Therefore, when he was burning the medicinal ingredients, he was very relaxed, refining pills together with the Foreseeing Alchemy was indeed as easy as Su Meiyao had said.

Now Chen Xiang knew why the people above Heaven Realm were all so afraid of this thing, because while refining was simple, its killing power was strong. If a crappy Alchemist obtained a high quality Broken soul tree, then some of the big heads above the Heaven Realm would not be able to sleep, because this type of colorless and tasteless god etching powder, if it was quietly scattered a little, it would cause one's body to be tormented, and it would slowly dissolve.

The corrosive power was very difficult to resist and it dissolved at an extremely fast speed.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had already entered the storage ring and used the God Creation Liquid to create the tree sap, but it was very slow. From this, it could be seen how much energy Broken soul tree required.

In just four hours, Chen Xiang had refined a small box of God Erosion Powder. This powder was very exquisite, very small, and if it was just a little bit, it would simply be invisible, just like air, completely transparent.

Right now, Chen Xiang was trembling in fear, he did not dare to use it carelessly, because if his finger touched even a little bit of it, his entire hand might even be corroded in an instant.

"Actually, it's not that scary. His mana is still able to resist this sort of thing." Long Xueyi said.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had used up all the God Creation Liquid that Chen Xiang had condensed over the past few days, but they still managed to get a pool of the Broken soul tree's sap.

Looking at the transparent liquid that was emitting a strange glow in the bathtub, Su Yun rubbed his hands as he looked at Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou with fiery eyes and said, "Am I supposed to soak in it first, then wait for you two!"

"You can soak in the sap for three days and three nights, and the sap will be useless." As Su Meiyao said this, he began to take off his clothes, causing Chen Xiang to laugh wickedly in his heart.

"Do you want to strip naked?" Chen Xiang asked seriously.

"Not only is it incomplete, it will also be absorbed by the clothes." Su Meiyao's back was facing Chen Xiang and he quickly took off all his clothes.

Seeing Su Meiyao's captivating jade body, Chen Xiang fiercely swallowed his saliva, his eyes went straight, and Su Meiyao quickly jumped into the water, but her slender snow-white breasts, her perky butt, and her slim waist were deeply imprinted in his mind.

Just as he was in a daze, he heard another "putong" sound. Bai Youyou had actually taken off his clothes and jumped into the water while Su Meiyao was still in a daze.

This made Chen Xiang extremely regretful in his heart, if not he could have seen Bai Youyou's jade body. Although he could only look at his back, it was enough.

When it came to him, he wasn't afraid at all. He knew that these two beauties were bored to death in the ring. It wasn't the first time they saw his body, but it was enough to count every single hair on his body.

He also jumped into the bath. The pool was not very big, so Chen Xiang and the two girls were very close. Originally, he could have used the clear Broken soul tree juice to block the two beauties' snow white and round proud breasts, but who would have known that they would actually cover it with their hands?

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