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Chapter 552

After capturing the beauty's heart, Chen Xiang was elated. He kissed Su Meiyao's forehead and then looked at Bai Youyou. He had almost forgotten about this cold beauty.

Bai Youyou scoffed, "You guys can really mess around, you have to at least think about how other people feel!"

Chen Xiang also wanted to entangle himself with Bai Youyou a little, but he knew that Bai Youyou was unlike the spirit of Su Meiyao. Although Bai Youyou would be more open-minded than him sometimes, that was only on the basis of her principles. The last time she kissed Chen Xiang was because she had promised Chen Xiang, and now that she was showing her chest to him, it was because she frequently looked at Chen Xiang.

"Senior Sister, you're jealous." Su Meiyao leaned on Chen Xiang's chest, affectionately hugging Chen Xiang and laughed.


It was impossible for her to not pay attention to Chen Xiang. Her previously cold and heartless heart was melted by Chen Xiang, and from a certain point of view, her feelings for Chen Xiang were even deeper than Su Meiyao's.

Chen Xiang really wanted to go over and take care of Bai Youyou right now, but Su Meiyao saw through his thoughts. She stepped on him strongly, and used her consciousness to send a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "I understand Senior Sister, if you use that kind of method, only thirty percent of the time would succeed, and if you don't succeed, your relationship with Senior Sister would be extremely awkward. You have already melted her cold heart, so she definitely wouldn't be able to tolerate other men, you have to take it slowly!"

"Humph, what's more, you just got it, and now you want to take Senior Sister in consecutively? You're asking for a beating, little scoundrel!"

Su Meiyao actually showed him how to take Bai Youyou in. Chen Xiang giggled and immediately hugged the beautiful girl tightly in his arms. Although both of them were red in color … It was naked, but he didn't have any other thoughts. He only felt that this kind of embrace would allow the two of them to be extremely close to each other, and Su Meiyao enjoyed Chen Xiang's warm and comfortable embrace very much. She hugged Chen Xiang tightly, pressed her face against his chest, and closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Su Meiyao found a place to entrust her heart to, and suddenly felt a lot more relaxed. She had been wandering for so many years, but this was the first time she was able to place her feelings and everything else onto a man. The burden that was pressing down on her shoulders suddenly disappeared.

Bai Youyou's current emotions were extremely complicated, so she could only close her eyes and calm down.

Chen Xiang could walk in front of Bai Youyou with a single step, so even if he leaned against the side of the bath, he could still see Bai Youyou's flawless body.

The reason why Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were single for such a long time was because there were no men whom they took a fancy to was currently being nurtured by the two of them together, and his body was filled with the Yin Yang Divine Veins that they bestowed upon him. The martial arts that he learned was also their absolute art, and it could be said that the achievements that Chen Xiang had achieved today were all because of them.

They watched as Chen Xiang grew up, and they would also do their best to cultivate him into a Ranker that was unparalleled in the world. They had confidence in themselves, and also in Chen Xiang.

Therefore, Su Meiyao thought that Chen Xiang would definitely be a man who would satisfy her in the future. At least, she was very satisfied with Chen Xiang now.

After and the two girls soaked in the Broken soul tree juice for two days, Su Meiyao suddenly woke up. Bai Youyou also opened her eyes, but Chen Xiang frowned, because he felt a strange energy suddenly flood into his body, and quickly flowed into his limbs and bones, and into his head.

"I didn't expect to finally see an effect after soaking in it for two days." Bai Youyou said.

In the past two days, they had just felt the changes in their bodies.

"I thought you were going to sink your head." Chen Xiang felt the strange energy revolving inside his body, and laughed.

"Of course not, once this energy disappears, I'll consider it a success." When Su Meiyao made contact with her gaze, she also wanted to kiss with Chen Xiang for a while, but she and Chen Xiang knew that they had to guess how Bai Youyou would feel so they just hugged.

Su Meiyao saw that Chen Xiang was only carrying her and did nothing, and laughed: "Little scoundrel, you're actually so honest!"

"There will be plenty of chances to do bad things to you in the future, what's there to be anxious about?" Chen Xiang used a great deal of willpower to suppress the evil fire in his heart, otherwise, something that was rising in his heart would stab at Su Meiyao.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had only learned the fifth layer. Since they had not learned the Devil-suppressing kungfu, they naturally could not understand it as thoroughly as Chen Xiang had, and still had to seek advice from Chen Xiang.

Cultivating with two naked beauties, Chen Xiang felt that he had quite the luck in women. At this moment, he was also working extremely hard to guide the two girls on the cultivation of the two Devil Subduing Method.

The energy that entered their bodies took a full five days before it disappeared. The two girls were the first to walk out of the bathing pool.

Chen Xiang, who had endured for many days, could clearly see an even more deadly thing now, this made him unable to control himself, the evil fire almost exploded out, he suddenly wanted to go out quickly and find Xue Xianxian to have a good time, if not he would suffocate to death.

"Have you seen enough? If you haven't, I can take off my clothes and let you see enough!"

Bai Youyou wore a beautiful purple long dress, revealing her noble temperament. Along with her naturally cold temperament, it made her look even more noble and elegant. Although it looked like she was a thousand miles away from anyone, it made people want to get closer to her and get their hands on her.

Chen Xiang did not think that Bai Youyou would actually say such a thing, as he was becoming more and more open-minded.

"Enough." Chen Xiang took a deep breath, he had to be content with himself.

Su Meiyao laughed tenderly: "Senior Sister, will you still give this brat such a big advantage next time?!"

Bai Youyou did not say anything. She knew that there would be a second time on the first try, but after this time, she felt that it would not be a big deal if she gave Chen Xiang an advantage in the future.

Su Meiyao was the same as Bai Youyou, wearing the same set of purple luxurious dresses. However, she seemed to be extremely flirtatious and noble, her mature charm carrying an unparalleled charm, causing Chen Xiang's heart to itch.

These clothes were all bought by Chen Xiang and only some of the better looking clothes, he only bought two of them. Recalling the beautiful time he spent in the bath, Chen Xiang was elated.

Chen Xiang could not waste the Broken soul tree juice now, so he put it down. He knew that once the tree juice passed the time, it would lose its effects, and he could still feel the energy in the tree juice.

In the future, he would need to use this Yanlong furnace to refine all of the God Erosion Powder, and he would inevitably be stained with some, so he had to see if this Yanlong furnace could be like humans, and absorb the energy from the Broken soul tree.

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