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Chapter 539 Treasure Under The Lake Chen Xiang observed his surroundings for around an hour, but did not find anyone nearby. At this moment, he was slightly excited. However, considering Li Tianjun's little trick, he was worried that he would be disappointed. "Sister Meiyao, do you think Li Tianjun has any intention of spreading information about this top one Profound Realm all over the Heavenly Realm?" Chen Xiang asked, "this doesn't seem to be good for him. Could it be that he merely did this for revenge? If that's the case, then his enemy will very likely be able to obtain the medicinal herbs inside!" Chen Xiang continued on the road while discussing with Su Meiyao. "If it was me, I would definitely not leave behind a large amount of medicinal ingredients in this top one Profound Realm; at most I would only leave some that have yet to mature. Li Tianjun definitely know that Earth Level Dan is extremely useful even in the Heavenly Realm. We could learn from the two medicinal fields you obtained earlier that medicinal ingredients for Earth Rank Dan are extremely rare, so as that of Upper Grade Profound Rank Dan, thus there should not be lots of high level medicinal ingredient in this Profound Realm." Bai Youyou said. Not all of the people in the Heavenly Realm were immortals. Many of them were just born with better aptitudes than mortals and cultivated faster. Zheng Chu was a good demonstration showing that most people in the Heavenly Realm were below Nirvana Realms, though there were indeed immortals up there. "Perhaps there really is some kind of resource in here that can cause people to fight over it. I guess he is worried that no one will ever find out about the top one Profound Realm which would then be wasted. The top one Profound Realm is like a small world, rich in Spirit Qi, and has existed for a long time, so it can definitely nurture many mines." Su Meiyao said. "Maybe. If I had known earlier, I would have used the Emperor Crystal to check it out. Maybe I would have discovered some mines." Chen Xiang said regretfully. Climbing up a mountain, Chen Xiang looked down at a huge lake. This lake was filled with dense Spirit Qi, and above it was smoke condensing from Spirit Qi. The medicinal field Li Tianjun built here was under the lake. "Find out what's down there. This kind of lake is enough to give birth to a monster as big as a mountain. I don't want to be eaten down there." Chen Xiang said with fear. "We didn't find any big guys, but we did find a formation at the bottom of the lake. Water can't enter that place; it's the same as the island under the sea in the White Tiger Profound Realm." Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang jumped up from the mountain and jumped towards the lake. When he almost reached the water surface, he turned into a small fish and dived into the water, quickly swimming towards the bottom. This lake was very deep, but what surprised him was that the deeper he went, the denser the Spirit Qi was, which was indeed very helpful for the growth of precious plants. Soon, he saw a flash of white light at the bottom of the lake. When he got closer, he discovered that there was a small garden in a size of a small house. It had many lush flowers, grass, and trees. Although Chen Xiang was in a distance to the bottom, he could tell from a glance that there were lots of familiar spiritual fruit trees. He easily passed through the formation and entered the medicine garden. There was a large formation that absorbed spiritual energy as fuels to run the formation. It could also be used to grow spiritual medicines, allowing them to grow very well. "Just as we expected, there is not much of them." Even so, Chen Xiang was not disappointed. His eyes were filled with excitement because he saw some precious spiritual medicines. "Is this the Soul Breaking Tree?" Chen Xiang gently touched a pure white tree. This tree was around three people tall, and its branches looked like human bones. The leaves were like a palm, and from afar, it looked a little terrifying, like a ghost baring its fangs and claws. "This sort of thing is rare even in the Heavenly Realm." Su Meiyao said with a bit of surprise. The flowers, fruits, leaves, branches, roots and skins of Soul Breaking Tree all had different characteristics. When combined, they could be used to refine a very vicious thing called the God Corrosion Powder. As long as one touched a little bit of this powder, his or her body would be corroded. Not to mention human body, even weapons, stones, diamonds and other things would be corroded. It was extremely terrifying. If it was sprayed on a person with insufficiently strong flesh body, then he or she would be eroded instantly. God Corrosion Powder was prohibited both in Mortal and Heavenly Realm. Once it was discovered, the owner would definitely be wanted for the righteous path. "It is said that this tree will first grow to nine feet first, then suddenly grow smaller and smaller, and the smaller it is, the more powerful the God Corrosion Powder refined from it will be. When it is only the size of a finger, even an Immortal's body will be corroded, but according to legends, it will take tens of thousands of years to reach that stage." When Su Meiyao said that, she couldn't help but become excited because those things knew how to evolve. While other elixirs, no matter how powerful they were, could only be used to refine Heaven Level Dan. However, Soul Breaking Trees knew how to evolve, so the strength of the God Corrosion Powder refined from them were different in strength. Such elixirs were extremely scarce; it was even harder to observe one. "It takes thirty thousand years to mature." Chen Xiang sighed, "I didn't expect to find one. Right now, it seems like it has just matured!" "Yep, when it matures, it could only generate God Corrosion Powder in the rank of Medial Grade Profound Rank Dan!" Looking at the plants around him, Chen Xiang immediately started laughing, "those guys are coming for nothing!" "The medicinal ingredients for the Soul Stabilizing Dan must be Upper Grade Profound Rank Dan. After a person dies, his soul will dissipate, but if he swallows a Soul Stabilizing Dan in time, his soul can gather together. If you need to stabilize your soul while cultivating, you can also take it. Any Dan that is beneficial to souls is extremely rare." Chen Xiang looked at the small white grass and flowers. They were Soul Stabilizing Grass and Spirit Calming Flower. The medicinal plants in this medicinal field were all very inclusive. In other words, most of them could gather a Dan formula. It was obvious that someone had done this on purpose. "Transfiguration Dan, Upper Grade Profound Rank; profound beasts that take it could probably turn into humans. It is also rare. Face Preserving Dan, Upper Grade Earth Rank; it is the legendary pellet that can make a person's face stay unchanged forever, ladies' favorite. Longevity Dan, Upper Grade Profound Rank; it can increase a person's lifespan by fifty years, the most desirable thing of those old fellows. Superior Longevity Dan, Lower Grade Earth Rank; it can increase a person's lifespan by five hundred years, also the old men's favorite. Nine Apertures Body Strengthening Dan, Lower Grade Earth Rank; it can strengthen a person's physical body; Life Recovery Dan, Foundation Building Dan, Five Elements True Essence Dan, Profound Sun Fire Dan, and Primordial Spirit Dan …" Chen Xiang had obtained many of these medicinal ingredients, but he was not bothered of having more. "What is this? It's so strange." Chen Xiang stroked a black flower that was only the size of a pinky. What made he curious was that there was no living plants within three feet from this small black flower, which illustrated how extraordinary the small flower was. "Flying Nine Death Flower." Su Meiyao let out a delicate cry and shouted.
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